Poak (not Pork) Chops Video

18 04 2008

A lil sumthin to ride out to as the weekend approaches:

(good look csway)

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Crank Dat Dance = Yesterday’s News. It’s all about Da WAM!

4 04 2008

I wonder if throwing something at Weezy is part of the dance too?

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Video: Pop It Off Boyz - “Crank Dat Batman”

13 01 2008

RIGHT after I posted that rant about Soulja Boy and his 3 milly rangtones, Universal Music’s greedy a-asterisk-asterisk go and unleash more tomfoolery on us. Shame on them for thinking we’d fall for this twice!

Me personally, I always thought Superman was better ANYWAY LOL. This song is like, all the crappy “fun” dance songs from ‘06/’07 thrown into Lil’ Jon’s washing machine and DJ Unk’s garbage disposal and spat out through Soulja Boy’s Demo version of Fruity Loops. Someone get these kids a clue and put them back in school! I even heard some Yung Joc & Young Dro verses thrown in for good measure *smh*

Watch me crank dat trashman!


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The IPS Rants: (Crank Dat) Royalty Money To A CD Soulja!

10 01 2008


3 million!? Really? That’s all YT people buying it off of iTunes at their jobs because the token black person in the office told them about this yesterday and they had NEVER heard of it. Wanna bet?

Soulja Boy’s smash single “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)” made digital music history this week when it exceeded 3 million downloads. The song, with its accompanying dance, became somewhat of a pop-culture phenomenon during 2006, spawning endless spinoff remixes and prompting thousands of fans to upload self made videos to Youtube. The official “Crank Dat” music video and an instructional video for the dance have together logged over 50 million views on the video sharing site alone. “Soulja Boy has set the bar for what’s possible in terms of breaking an artist online,” said Steve Berman, President of Sales and Marketing for Interscope Geffen A&M Records. “He’s been doing it since day one, before he was signed here, so I’m not surprised he’s setting a record today. Soulja Boy is out there on the frontier, showing everyone else what’s possible.” In December, the 17-year old Atlanta native received a Grammy nomination for the single in the Best Rap Song category. His debut album, Souljaboytellem.com, debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200 chart back in October and has since moved over 658,000 units. “I can’t thank my fans enough, without them all of this wouldn’t have been possible,” the rapper said in a statement. “The support they give me is beyond incredible. I have so many Soulja Boy Tell’em projects ready and I will continue to givethem what they need in 2008. Yuuuuaaaa!!” The video for Soulja Boy’s new single, “Yahhh!,” debuted on BET and Yahoo! Music this week.  (source)

More?  If “Yahhh!” and “Soulja Girl” is more of what he has to offer, it’s safe to say that he will descend as quickly as he ascended into the musical history books.

I’m really *dead* at the label acting like he is the next Common/Talib Kweli or something. Sure, he’s set the bar…but I think it’s pretty safe to say that this kind of success will never happen again. He better take that money and have them pay for his college education, word to Roxanne Shante’. She needs to do an intervention, ASAP!

Did people forget the phrase “one-hit wonder”? LOL, he’ll be on the next VH1 special in 2-3 years, tops!

Get that money though, I guess. I’ll admit to liking the song and learning the dance- 6-7 months ago when it first came out. It’s novelty folks! It’s sweet until it rots your teeth. LOL. Shame on the label for giving this boy false hope as if he will ever follow this up with another song that will be even NEARLY as successful as “Crank Dat.” Not even just him — anyone for that matter!

Every Tom, Dick and Harry have been trying to create some foolywang dance. Just ask that “Aunt Jackie” dude, Jason Fox. Where is he at?! Futilely trying to make a new “hit,” that’s where. The planets aligned for Soulja Boy, and he had the benefit of being the first. 9/10, lightning won’t strike twice unless he is truly a creative & talented individual that just rightly got their shot at fame, as opposed to some lucky child who stumbled upon FruityLoops at a Boys & Girls Club Computer lab, and then forgot how he done what he did.

(CD = Certificate of Deposit, folks!)

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Natalie Portman Does “Crank Dat”; I Want Scream Loudly.

16 11 2007

OK you know what? I know I placed a moratorium on Soulja Boy, but gosh darn it, he is wearing this song OUT. Next thing you know, Condoleeza Rice will be teaching it to the President of Iran or some ish during peace talks.

You know the YT folks are always 2-3 months behind. Too bad after no one really REALLY cares about this song, he’ll be gone faster than you can say “Laffy Taffy, CANDAYYYYY GIRLLLLLLL!”

Don’t know what that is? Exactly.

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Soulja Boy Ballet-Style!

1 11 2007

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

Wait…did ya’ll hear that? Was that the trumpet? Is Sweet Minty Jesus soon to return? I think so. The apocalypse is upon us!

What is this, Soulja Boy on Ritalin?

That’s it. It’s official. Soulja Boy is a one-hit wonder LOL. Not like we didn’t know it already, but when the lil YT kids are doing it in ballet class and trying to do it at their homecoming, then you KNOW the end has come.

This is so funny, and LOL @ ole boy GETTIN’ IT.

Someone might want to get a hold of him, he is getting it a lil’ too hard, if ya know what I mean LOL. I’d hate to see a lil’ bit of “The Zest” pop up in him.


This is the last Soulja Boy video I am going to post LOL. I can’t take it any more!

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Supersoak That Ho? Not At This Homecoming!

11 10 2007

“Crank That” by Soulja Boy has been banned at a Mason, Ohio high school’s homecoming… for promoting the death of music. No, actually it was banned because the lyrics were deemed too vulgar for a high school setting. Some student snitched (LOL!) on the lyrics to a parent, who then complained to the principal.

Mason High School principal David Allen, who printed out the lyrics to the popular song … made the decision to prevent the song from being played during the dance.

“In printing those lyrics out, there were obviously some words and some different things in the song that made that individual student or those students and those parents uncomfortable,” Allen told Ohio’s Middletown Journal. “In looking at the words of that song, I couldn’t defend playing it and say to our parents that it is indeed something I would deem appropriate. We want kids to have a good time. We don’t want kids there feeling uncomfortable because of the music.”

Students were looking forward to the opportunity to perform the dance in unison.

Earlier in the month, the student newspaper The Mason Chronicle ran an article for those teaching the dance. (Source)

I’m guessing this is a preemptive strike because upper middle class white folks were running around saying “skeet skeet skeet” in ‘03 not knowing what that mess meant so now that this record sounds a bit iffy they aren’t taking any chances. A mess at this school holding dance classes for the damn Soulja Boy. What the hell happened to Glee Club? Big Brothers & Sisters? And were they really gonna bust that shit out all together at the dance? Hey, ’80s teen movies called, they want their shtick back.

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Another Dance: Mississippi Cha Cha Slide?

23 09 2007


Why didn’t no one tell me about this!? I went to a ghettotastic wedding tonight and I tell you, they busted out every dance you could imagine. Even had ME up on the floor doin’ the “Crank Dat”! Yuuuuuuuuuuuule (Youuuuuuuu!). However, I refused to do that Cupid Shuffle tomfoolery biznazz. I do have SOME standards, thank you very much.

Grandma Gert started walking it out though and I threw a couple of dollars at her! She was knocking the dust off them depends, OK?

Anyway, they turned on this song called the Mississippi Slide, AKA The Mississippi Cha Cha Slide. I had NEVER heard of this before tonight (West Coast ya’ll), and it amazed me. After clearing the floor QUITE QUICKLY (LOL), 5-10 people stuck around to do this dance while I watched intently.

Umm, yeah, it’s the Cha Cha slide. New words, but same steps. And umm…some dude with some faux James Brown/Gospel shouting tombout some “BACK IT UP! AND JUMP!”

All I could find is a video of this.girl.getting.it.in all alone. Someone, anyone, please dance with her. LOL.

“Hands on ya knees, hands on ya knees!”

Have you heard of this dance? Do you do this on Sunday afternoon chicken fry’s? Let ME know if it’s whats hot in the skreets.

BTW, if you want to get your very own copy (*faints*) you can DL it here.

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Video: Soulja Boy - “Let Me Get ‘Em/Snap & Roll”

6 09 2007


Soulja Boy - “Let Me Get ‘Em/Snap & Roll”

While “Crank Dat” is sitting pretty at #1 on the Billboard charts, I’m pretty sure that’s the most that will ever come out of Soulja Boy’s album.

Because this? This is nothing but an abodmination before the ringtone Gods! I don’t even want this polluting my ears for 15 seconds! And this isn’t as nearly as catchy as “Crank Dat.” Plus, I can’t do this with the YT’s at work! Wait de heyel were they thinking. Maybe this is a “street” video/single? LOL @ that if it is. Anyway you slice it though, it definitely won’t be as big as “Crank Dat.”

I’ll stick with the “Crank Dat” dance. I can’t wait until Sunday because ya’ll know he performing on the VMA’s right? Britney who? It’s all about that Supaman! YUUUUUUUUUUULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

 *go stands in the corner*

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ANOTHER Dance: Dude N Nem - “Watch My Feet”

15 08 2007

Dude N Nem - “Watch My Feet”

So not only are the kids NOT reading books, but they are taking Speed in order to keep time with this song?! Help our generation LOL.

No, on the real, this song feels like ghetto house music. The queens are already making their Youtube videos to them “J-Setting”* and “Voguing” to this ish. Stay tuned!

I saw this on 106 & Park yesterday and I was like, OMG. I had the song a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t know it was a dance.

I guess, I am just tired. LOL. I ain’t got no more fight left in me!

* Sidenote: Someone please explain this J-Setting thing to me and J. We are lost ROFL. “Watch out for the big girls!”

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Now YOOOOOOOUUUUUUU Can Do The Soulja Boy!

3 08 2007

As seen by Beyonce’ & Remy Ma!


Soulja Boy with them ABC glasses has made an instructional video for his “hit dance” *gags* the “Crank Dat Soulja Boy”. IS THAT THE SAME POOL THAT THEY DANCED IN “Stomp The Yard”? Bwahahahaha!

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am gonna throw a Soulja Boy party and have some Alize’ and Fritos and we gonna crank dat tonight, loud enough to wake and shake the neighbors!

I just hope all the YT’s start doing this dance. What really kills me though is that he has that serious mug on his face ROFL.

Can someone send this to Oprah?! That would be….amazing.

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Beyoncé cranks out the “Soulja Boy”

23 07 2007

We are kinda late on this, but for those of you who missed it, Beyoncé cranked out “the Soulja Boy” at a recent show. “Cranked” is probably the most accurate description of this because she looks awkward as hell/in pain while doing it. I’m surprised she didn’t fall out like her homegirl afterward, that’s how much energy it looks like it took her.

Shout out to Ashlee for the link.

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Another Dance: Crank Dat Jump Rope

16 07 2007
Soulja Boy - “Crank Dat Jump Rope” Dance

I swear that all of these are the same dances with slightly different moves and slightly different lyrics but the same corny beat. Who sits around and comes up with this!? Next they gonna come out with the “Do That Nap Time”. Negros lyin around on the ground rolling from side to side “Walkin’ it out” in the air with their legs. I do declare!

Now, before ya’ll get to “OH WE BEEN DOIN DA TOOTSIE ROLL 4EVA!” on me, yeah, whatever!

I said that was corny in middle school too! I had good sense then I got it now!

As fun and harmless as these songs/dances may be, it’s still crappy music LOL. It’s fun, it’s mindless, but so is TV and that can also be crappy too!

This song too? It’s by the same dude that did “Soulja Boy” dance/superman that hoe. No lies here, all truth!

May Sweet Minty Jesus smile down upon Soulja Boy and all the joy he brings to the Dirty Dirty! Bean pies, alakazam, AMEN!

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ANOTHER Dance: Soulja Boy

6 07 2007


Apparently this is called the “Soulja Boy”?

“Soulja boy up in this hoe! Watch me crank it watch me roll! Superman that hoe!”

ROFL…can’t…breathe…Sweet Minty Jesus, take me out right now! I’m ready!!

If black people made as many scientific and mathematic discoveries as they do “dances of the moment” we’d be ruling America and we’d have renamed this piece Zamunda and put Kang Eddie Murphy and his Concubines Mel B., Tracey Edmonds and Nicole Murphy on our pennies, nickels and dimes.

I’ll let you decide which concubine goes on which money! ROFL

I think that part that kills me the most is the “superman that hoe!” Who comes up with this?

Expect a video to be put out by Universal Records anyday now. I smell a ringtone!

Could you imagine being in church and someone’s phone rings and it’s saying “SUPERMAN THAT HOE!”

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL today has been a slow news day but this was worth it.

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