“This Face? Not Laughing”

9 05 2008

Chrisette Michele givin’ it straight to Bryan Michael-Cox and his Jeffrey Osborne swag at the SESAC Awards. This is how I feel today because there is not a damn thing in the world interesting enough to post, and trust me, I’ve been looking! I’m too hungover for this shit, people.

The SESAC Awards must be honoring round-the-way fashions this year because that’s all I could find worth posting. Check ‘em out after the jump.

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“Ooh Girl!” (submitted by LivvinJapan)

14 04 2008

LivvinJapan says:

Hey peoples! It’s LivvinJapan here showin’ some love

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, since it has 3 and a half million views already, but just thought I’d send it to you cuz we all need a dose of realness every once in a while! Ignore the singing and listen to the lyrics(especially the brotha in the back!)

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AHM on the Come Up!

14 04 2008

(Jermaine Jackson lookin like a sweaty raisin in the face…more on him later in the day)

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Justin’s “Slow News Day” Card - 4/9/08

9 04 2008

Well…since it’s a slow news day, I think I’ll use my “slow news day” card and post this.  Now this is actually not a hot mess.  I promise you…I don’t know this dude, so I ain’t spamming y’all either.  The guy’s name is David Sides, and he is a beast on the keys.  I’m just gonna post a recent joint, and my favorite joint from him.  Check him out (and David….if you see this…cut me a check homie…no lol):

Usher - Love In The Club

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Dipset Disbanding?

4 03 2008

40 Cal” from Dipset (yeah, I don’t know, either) has realized a new track claiming that “Dipset Is Ova” in the midst of leaders Cam’ron and Jim Jones having it out, as well as Juelz Santana recently alluding to problems with Cam. Hip-hop crews need to just all dissolve because I’m sick of AHH and SOHH reporting on it everytime the weed carriers and glock holders feel like they’re getting shafted.

Over a new track recently leaked on the net, Dispet rapper 40 Cal proclaims “Dipset is Ova.” Though the camp hasn’t officially disbanded, cracks in the crew showing up everywhere.

It’s no secret that Cam’ron and Jim Jones have beef, but recently, Juelz Santana spoke out about problems he’s having with Cam too.

On Hot 97’s Angie Martinez show, when the rapper was asked what the hold up was on releasing new material, Juelz pointed to the Dipset Don as the problem.

“Me and Cam gotta work some things out, bottom line,” he said. “I came in the game when I was young right, so it’s no reason for me - to have accomplished and did as much as I did - to be getting treated the same way as I was treated when I just came in.”

Now, 40 Cal has released the new track “Dipset is Ova” onto the net, in which he blames the camp’s beef for ruining everyone’s careers but Jim and Cam’s.

“Dear Dipset the G’s not eatin/ Somebody tell Cam and Jim to please stop beefin,” 40 Cal rhymes.

Dipset member Bezel chymes in, “Cam got money, Jim getting gravy/ Dipset is ova. This sh*t is crazy.” (Source)

Damn, with rhymes like that, they’re sure to get their own deals in no time. Sit down!

I guess this means Cam will be scratching their names out of his best friends’ list in his notebook.

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Khia (Or Kiya?) Talking Some Mess

15 02 2008

Khia (or Kiya as this video calls her, LOL!) talking about a bunch of mess no one cares about. Honestly, you can just skip past this if you want, I’m posting this because it’s a slow news day and I’m bored.

Topics include: Beef with Janet and Jermaine over their misusage of “So Excited” (newsflash: That shit would have flopped any damn way it was promoted), her new album, and how she makes songs that last like “My Neck, My Back” (…). I don’t have the energy to clown on this, y’all can take it from here.

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Mathew Knowles Doesn’t Want To Talk To A Bey Bey Bout Ree-Ree.

15 02 2008


Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s dad & manager (Praise Beyaweh! May Her Mane Reign Surpreme Forever!) called out Fatback Taffy Auntie Ree-Ree! Ooooh! It’s about to be a….girlfight!

Mathew Knowles is a little upset over Aretha Franklin taking offense to his daughter Beyonce using the word “queen” during her Grammy performance with Tina Turner.

In a statement released Wednesday, Papa Knowles said he will not allow Beyonce to even comment about the uproar.

“As a manager I am not taking something this ridiculous to Beyonce,” Knowles stated. “Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as a ‘queen.’ Not queen of gospel, queen of soul, queen of blues, Queen of England. I consider my wife a queen and sometimes call her that. Does Aretha have a problem with that?”

In his statement, Mathew Knowles said: “Something this ridiculous – it’s childish, it’s unprofessional. And it’s a sad day when egos get bruised because somebody used the word king, queen, prince or princess.” (Source)

You better give Queen Tina her props, she looks like she doesn’t take kindly to pesants not giving her her respect. I have a feeling one day Mathew got crunk about doing the dishes and she hexed his forehead hair to be grey. That taught him HIS lesson!

I feel what he is saying, though, I mean it IS Aretha Franklin. It ain’t like Ciara released a statement about certain performers wearing not conflict-free Yaki and who used to be in girl groups. It’s ARETHA calling you out — she should know about that.

What if Creole Lady Marmalade Beyonce’ is rolling through her favorite Popeye’s and Aretha rolls through and there is an akward moment? Trust me, after this, it won’t be about who gets the last breast(s).

I mean we don’t see (Queen) Kang Latifah getting mad! Or the Dairy Queen. She ain’t released a statement either. Just stop.

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I Thought The Writer’s Strike Was Over!?

14 02 2008

Though VH1 is crap TV central, writer’s strike or no. If Luke gets his celebutard on like Flavor Flav, I will seriously turn in my Black Card and hop on the MJ light-skin train. I can’t take much more of this. I blame Snoop, too. We don’t care about your families really…why drag them into all this scripted mess?!

VH1 has picked up a family-oriented reality show from rap mogul [ROFL @ him being a mogul! They are nice.] Luther Campbell and will begin airing the series in July, reports Allhiphop.com.

Titled “Parental Advisory,” the hour-long show will follow Campbell at home with his children and fiancée, as well as in the office producing adult-themed content.

“Parental Advisory showcases the diversity in my life,” Campbell told AllHipHop.com. “One day I am with my kids, the next day I am in the office auditioning ‘Luke Girls’ and the next day I might be out on the road.”

The series is being produced in conjunction with Campbell’s new company, the Luke Entertainment Group (LEG). (Source)


Also, I just want you all to know that I will be casting for “IPS Girls” as well. Please send in photos, videos & resumes — but only if you look like that chick in the Kanye “Flashing Lights” video. She can beat me with a shovel anyday, holla! *fans self*

Who has the nerve to be marrying LUKE!? I got $5 on it that she was either an ex-”Luke’s Girl” or she’s been in at least 2 “music videos”.

Ugh, it’s a slow news day!

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Fat Joe Owes A Lot To The IRS

28 01 2008

I guess Fat Joe was too busy buying brownies, kicking Remy Ma out of his crew and making awful music to pay his taxes. He reportedly owes $70,000 in the state of New Jersey. (Source)

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Rihanna’s New Haircut

26 01 2008

This girl rocks new haircuts like I rock underwear I copped at Ross for $10 (Designer names for wholesale prices, WHAT!). I’m basically posting this because it’s Saturday night, it’s raining, and I’m bored. I’m sure one or two of y’all will get a kick out of this and the rest of you can just clown in the comments.

It looks good on her. She’s blessed with being able to pull off tricky haircuts.

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Rihanna Out On The Town

14 01 2008

Here are pictures of Rihanna out and about. She is accompanied by a friend, a pound of make-up, and one of Ne-Yo’s hats. It’s in Mardi Gras colors, too! How festive! Later in the evening she decided to get her 7th tattoo which could have been anything from a gummi bear to a palm tree.

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Why is Rev. Still Getting Record Deals?!

11 01 2008


I mean REALLY. I’m all for respecting our elders and giving props where it is due…but come on. I LOVE “Run’s House,” I watch it religiously (<—LOL!), but this is getting out of hand. No one is checking for a new Rev. Run record. No one is checking for a “Team Blackout” record either by his son & his weed carriers.

I honestly don’t think I’d even waste the hard drive space on downloading this. Not trying to put my mouth on “Da Mand Of Gawt” though *cough*. I’ll just watch/listen to the 30 second opening theme to “Run’s House” & looking at Vanessa. That’ll do me just fine.

Run-D.M.C.’s Rev. Run has signed a worldwide recording deal with U.K. independent label Craze Productions. His new album is being recorded in New York and is due in the first quarter; it features a guest spot by Kid Rock, with whom Run will tour this spring.

Simmons will also tape the fifth season of his MTV show “Run’s House” later this year.

Craze Productions has an extensive digital catalog of hip-hop tracks and has previously focused on Web and mobile downloads as well as ringtones. The new signing marks a move into physical releases for the London-based label, which will Run’s album in stores worldwide. (source)

Let me go get my Mr. Microphone out the closet and break out my Fruity Loops. I’m bout to blowuptuate like So Over Boy with my new hit song “Do Ya Smell Me? (Who Pooted?!)”. It’ll be on iTunes and Myspace in 25 minutes.

Oh and I was watching the show last night and noticed that Russell Simmons had a lisp! SAY WHAT!? Can I get him on 16 bars and J. Holiday on the hook? LOL. “Lisps ov da world UNITE!”

^^ Was that too much?

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Philly’s Mayor Rocks The Mic Kinda Right

10 01 2008

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

I only posted this to say that:

Philly’s Mayor > So What (Soulja) Boy

Am I right or am I right? LOL! Let me quit.

“Have you ever went over a friend’s house to eat and the food just ain’t no good? / I mean the macaroni’s soggy, the peas are mushed / And the chicken tastes like wood!”

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Corbin Takes A Break

7 01 2008

High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu took a break from looking “fabulous!” while leaving the Vancouver airport. This is the straightest I’ve ever seen him look. It looks like it’s hurting him too. You can tell he wants to break out into “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera, which he recently told Tiger Beat (LOL!) was the #1 song he couldn’t live without.

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Mariah Just Lost 50-11 Points In My Book

3 01 2008

Really!? Please tell me she didn’t go the easy route and put her whispering and cooing with T-Pain’s “I, Robot” warbling. I am so through. 2K8 is already starting off a hot mess. I’m bout to move to Tennessee and listen to Carrie Underwood all day. I can’t take these bastardizations of music! Sweet Minty Jesus wipe me down with a Temptations record. Can we resurrect Berry Gordy from retirement? Bueller? Bueller?

Hollyscoop reports the following from Mariah’s New Year’s Eve Party at TAO, Las Vegas:

Mariah closed the night by playing her new track “Migrate” which features T-Pain.

MariahDailyJournal is able to confirm that Migrate (in addition to Heat) is indeed a new song title from Mariah’s upcoming album. It is however, at this point, unknown whether or not it will be the first single.

“It’s Like That,” the first single from The Emancipation of Mimi was first played by Mariah at the New Year’s Eve 2005 Party she hosted at the PURE night club in Las Vegas on December 31, 2004. (source)

What would Tommy Mottola do (after he flipped it, smacked it, and rubbed it down)? Not this foolishness.

She needs a banger. I’m a fan, and if the song is catchy or whatever, I will probably like after a billion spins on my MP3 player. But come on folks, T-Pain is not the messiah of R&B! He is already on the radio 6 songs an hour with 6 different songs including 2 of his.

I’m not mad he’s making bank, but then people wonder why people aren’t investing in music any longer. Who wants to hear T-Pain 8 times an hour!? Let’s get real. Next thing her little doggie will be doing solo spots on DMX’s new Gospel album. I am so through with music sometimes!

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