Throwback of the Day: (*I’m not even gonna tell y’all*)

12 04 2008

Well…in lieu of my previous post, I present to you this joint. Good luck on keeping a straight face: Read the rest of this entry »

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Throwback of the Day: ODB - “Brooklyn Zoo”

11 04 2008

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Throwback of the Day: 2nd II None - “If You Want It”

10 04 2008

I can’t believe I was listening to this on the radio at like five years old. This shit is graphic even now! Songs about a bunch of dudes tag teaming just… make me uncomfortable. The beat went hard, though. Isaac Hayes sample. Geto Boys used it, too. That’s a throwback for another day.

A mess at them driving out to Victorville to shoot this video.

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Throwback of the Day: “Crazy” - The Boys

9 04 2008

This was my jam back in the day. And the parodies…priceless. I was in the 3rd grade when this joint was out (*dang…I gave away my age…lol*). But as life progresses, people grow the hell up. Some become regular citizens, and some become the Suns of Light (*shrugs shoulders*)…at any rate…I ain’t knockin them. Here are the Suns of Light (formely The Boys): Read the rest of this entry »

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Throwback of the Day: Divine - “Lately”

8 04 2008

MizzNique knocked me on my ass with this one. This is back when music videos in the woods/swamps with plantation houses were the shit. Don’t act like you don’t remember.

I liked this song at the time it came out but listening to it now I could barely sit through these self-serious lyrics and corny organ sounds.

I’m mad at these broads leaving the COTILLON to come shoot this video. You mean to tell me the label couldn’t provide them with some wardrobe outside of their prom dresses?

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Throwback of The Day: Shaq feat. Biggie - Can’t Stop The Reign

7 04 2008

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Throwback of the Day: Charli Baltimore - “Feel It”

3 04 2008

I have NO IDEA where this came from in my head. I haven’t heard this song in at least 6-7 years. For some reason I feel like BET played it a lot even though it was not really a radio hit.

A mess at her stomping around and playing in some paint like that’s sexy.

Charli always looked like she had tourettes.” -Justin Time™. For serious, those mean mug faces and “Night at the Roxbury” bob moves are not cute. I must admit, I DID like this song, though. Teddy Riley hooked it up with that Jacksons sample.

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Throwback of the Day: Candyman - “Knockin’ Boots”

1 04 2008

This video is made of things I love: fanny packs, white airbrushed short sets and pelvic thrusts. Ladies, I dare you to tell me you’d turn me down if I hit the club wearing a painter’s hat, some overalls and started poppin’ it while I screamed “Girl, you should know I’m real!” Early ’90s videos are where I get ALL my game.

I’m dead at that boomerang satellite on the back of the Benz at the end of the video. Those things used to be a status symbol! You saw that and you know the person was rich. What was that even for? Were they getting radio stations from Jupiter on that mug?

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Throwback of the Day: Faith Evans - “You Used To Love Me”

31 03 2008

This is my song, to this day! I think it aged really well. This video, on the other hand… I’ve seen soft-core porn with better acting and dialogue. Oops, did I just blow up my own spot?

A mess at Faith being a secondary character in her own damn video. Imagine Biggie’s out-of-breath ass as a damn DJ on the slow jams hour. I’m tuning OUT! As for homegirl calling the radio station, she seems a little touched and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to kill herself if that cat actually fell out the window. She was caressing that thing like no one’s business! Ladies, never let a man drive you to becoming a cat lady because that’s how you end up with 15 litterboxes and dead sparrows and rats all over your joint. And by the time you’ve starved to death because there’s too many bags of Scoop Away blocking the entrance to the kitchen, them cats will eat your ass up. TRUST. Those animals are the devil incarnate.

“Besides” every bad boy is a bad girl? So, “other than” every bad boy there’s a bad girl? Forgive the English major for being picky but COME ON. Shit like that makes my ears bleed.

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Throwback of The Day: Christopher Williams - I’m Dreaming (+ bonus)

28 03 2008

Eff what cha heard…New Jack Swing era was da bidness and Christopher Williams was the man back in the day. He dated women from Stacey Dash to Halle Berry. Now, I don’t know if he Ike Turner’ed Halle caused Halle to go deaf or anything, but I know he isn’t dead [PROOF] (*smh…silly rumors*). I was gonna post another CW joint, but ah…all hell….it’s Friday…why not:

Christopher Williams - I Talk To Myself (1989….dammmn)

(Bobby Brown…eat your heart out!)

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Throwback of the Day: Tracie Spencer - “It’s All About You (Not About Me)”

28 03 2008

They definitely spent all of Tracie’s budget on this video. This mug is HOT but now I can see why we didn’t hear anything else from this album. Think about how much those special effects would have cost at the time.

I’m glad I don’t have a witch for an ex-girlfriend. Something about this video always creeped me out. I guess it’s the way she calmly lights his clothes on fire, busts up his car, shoots the clay jars, etc. If that’s her pissed off I don’t wanna see her when she’s really enraged.

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Throwback of the Day: Kandi - “Don’t Think I’m Not”

27 03 2008

This song ran my summer before 8th grade. Kandi and She’kspere (remember him?) really were on some other shit. Looking back, this music sounds like it came straight from the Tay Zonday collection.

This video really showed off Kandi’s non-dancing skills. I’m mad at her just standing around like that. Couldn’t they have gotten her a little two-step or somethin’ to do? On second-hand, watching her attempt some of those wack ass choreographed moves in this would have been worse.

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Throwback of the Day: J’son - “I’ll Never Stop Loving You”

25 03 2008

It’s funny watching this video now thinking about how Pretty Ricky put out a song about phone sex at the same age. I’m glad the record label didn’t try to oversex him.

The thing that makes me laugh most during this video is that ol’ girl is acting like she’s on a date with her brother! He’s squealing how he lovesher ass, taking her to the fair (LOL!) and winning her stuffed animals and all this, and she’s like “Yawn. That’s cute. I’m late for my pedicure.”

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Throwback of the Day: Changing Faces - “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.”

24 03 2008

Ooohh, P. Kelly was my MAN back in these days. I always thought he was a freaky mcnasty and a hot mess with a capital “MESS” but this is before I was disgusted with him. He produced the hell out of this joint! This is when he was rockin’ the piano somethin’ crazy.

I liked Changing Faces. For what it’s worth, they served their purpose. They were bland but they had a couple hot songs. R. and Mr. Biggs were wrong for trying to recreate and replace them with JS. Apparently nobody wanted any parts of THAT.

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Throwback of the Day: East Coast Family (Biv 10) - “All For One”

21 03 2008

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

Man…Biv10 had it on lock. It was like the new Motown. (*sigh*), but only 5% of everybody got famous. Can someone please tell me what happened? ROF @ “WhytGize” lookin like 98Degrees 30Degrees (1:00 in). Still ROF @ 10/10 being a carbon copy of KrisKross (1:24 in). *dead* @ Mark Finesse with the flowery stain glassed dress shirts (1:34 in). Big Ant and Yvette looking like BeBe and CeCe Winans’ karaoke singers (2:08 in). Man…there’s so much more I could say (i.e. “Please listen to my demo” - [3:11 in] eventho it’s 2008 and I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath on that one.)

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