Trailer: “Meet The Browns”

24 01 2008
Props to That Grape Juice for the upload

I’m not huge on Tyler Perry and this movie really does look very cliche, but in a “heart-warming” way. And I pretty much stan for Angela Bassett so I’m sure I will end up going to see this. I had no idea Rick Fox was taking this acting thing so seriously! I still don’t understand the appeal, he looks to me like Big Foot after a day at Sunset Tan and the Earth, Wind & Fire House of Hair. I’m just hating!

Oh, and Jenifer Lewis? She is a damn fool. I know she’s gonna be funny in this. I can do without the Madea tie-ins but I guess for the purists this will be a good thing.

Will you be going to see this?

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Trailer: Will Smith’s “Hancock”

18 12 2007

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This looks pretty good actually. Kinda reminds me of that movie that came out “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” with the whole “superheroes are regular people too.”

I stans for Will though so I’ll probably see it! Though, he’s either always the “good guy” or the “funny guy.” I want to see him get his Denzel on and GET HIS HANDS DIRTY and play a villain or something!  I guess this as much of a “bad guy as he can really get though.

*pops in “Six Degrees of Seperation”*

What is Jada doing!? I swear, her kids been in more movies than her this year ROFL. Willow is buying her own school clothes, shoot. LOL.

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Two Words: HELL YEAH!

4 12 2007

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“My Kid Is The Shiznit!”

I don’t know about ya’ll, but my elementary school NEVER had bumper stickers THAT dope. My elementary school mascot was the “Wiz Kids.” Yeah, I dug a hole back then and buried myself too. Wouldn’t you?

Snoop’s new show premieres on E! on December 9th. I’m popping popcorn and bringin’ out the Fif of Hen, what ya’ll gonna bring!? LOL!

Watch his kids be all mannerable and well-educated. Black folk don’t play that Paris Hilton ish. I wish I would make a sex tape. “I’m a grown a** man” as Cedric the Entertainer say, but watch my mom & my aunts show up on my doorstep with a belt!

Probably beat me Baby Oil style like Regina did Laz Alonzo in “This Christmas.” THAT was just PAINFUL to watch, and was the best part of the Bootleg “Soul Food” movie!

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Can You Pay My Bills?

29 11 2007

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Ya’ll remember Farrah Franklin? One-time member of Destiny’s Child?

No? Yeah, basically. Please jump up behind me and scare me, because I laughed so hard at this “trailer” that I gave myself the hiccups.

Well, I guess ole girl is starring in a new “movie” that’s sure to be a hit! a straight-to-Youtube favorite!

It’s called “Single Black Female” and well…it’s too obvious what this is maybe a rip-off from.

Tony Rock, Slim Thugg, and…some other negroes are in it. I stopped when I saw fake blood and a zombie-looking woman?

Even the NY African Bootleggers won’t be putting THIS on their blankets. ROFL.

I mean, she cute and all. You know they paid her in Food stamps, Luster’s Pink Oil, “backend royalties,” and a House of Dereon gift card for a free pair of jeans and baby tee.

Good luck, Ms. Farrah! You know what, I’m tagging this as “Video hos” because honestly, Mathew switched her in and kicked her OUT. LOL.

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The Lacefront Angel Descends From On High

13 11 2007

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All Hail, She Has Arrived!

I mean, seriously, I know concerts are supposed to have grand openings and what not, but I thought Sweet Minty J. himself was about to descend and bring glad tidings and earplugs of good cheer for all of us.

Then I saw the wind machine and the flying mane of sweatshop yaki and my soul wept in exclesis deo.

I mean, one day, she gonna make one of her stage hands or backup dancers or that crazy guitar lady with the afro mad and they are gonna turn up the fan to “hurricane ay bey bey” and we will see the true glory mane of the Almighty Priestess of Creole Her Highness Beyoncesashaknowles.



“The Beyonce’ Experience” drops November 20th.

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“Righteous Kill” Trailer

8 11 2007

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Al Pacino and Robert DeNiero in one movie? I’m there.

Seeing Chintzy without a hat cracks me up. I don’t know, something about his head just makes me laugh.

Al Pacino Robert DeNiero scares me — “When you go outside, watch ya back!” Hell, I’m nervous now!

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Send this straight to BET Blackbuster

26 10 2007

Somebody Help Me Trailer

From the director of YOU GOT SERVED & HOUSE PARTY 4, comes this urban horror/thriller on the order of CABIN FEVER, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and WRONG TURN. SOMEBODY HELP ME delivers a chill a minute as the story revolves around characters Brendan Young (Marques Houston) and Darryl Jennings (Omarion) as they head off with friends and their respective girlfriends for a weekend stay at a remote cabin in the woods. After the couples settle in and start to enjoy the weekend, things take an eerie turn. On trips into the local town, they start to have strange encounters with some of the townspeople who seem a bit askew. One by one of group ends up missing or dead, while the dwindling group is forced to ban together more and more to figure out who or what is behind the killings. Ultimately, they discover even more than they bargain for in a chilling reveal.


Where do I even begin? Can we talk about this?

Wow at Alexis Fields being in this! I’m not going to even use the Get That Money tag for her because she is too old for this. She should be doing real estate or whatever by now because you can only play 19 for so long. She looks good though and I want to know her secret. I didn’t expect for Omarion’s career to take a turn like this. I thought dude would be a super star by now but he’s doing these wack movies and is Bow Wow’s fluffer ( Let me hear you say O ).

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Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” Trailer

25 10 2007

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I had heard this was a sci-fi joint, but I didn’t know it was LIKE THAT.

I love Will so I will be there to see it regardless.

What do ya’ll think?

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Video: Omarion - “Cut Off Time” Feat. Kat Deluna / “Feel The Noise” Info

12 09 2007


Omarion - “Cut Off Time” Feat. Kat Deluna

Omarion has a new shittake movie called “Feel the Noise” produced by none other than Jennifer Lopez. It’s basically the Latin version of “You Got Served” minus big headed Marques Houston. Omarion, I think you need to explore other roles before you get typecasted, ya think? Of course, he plays a rapper. A rapper! You just gotta watch the trailer.

This song is taken from the soundtrack for “Feel the Noise” which hits stores on 9/25/07. The movie hits theatres Oct. 5th.

This song straight jacked the opening of “Future Sex/Love Sounds” — I started singing it subconsciously in the first 5 seconds LOL. Kat is Omarion’s label mate, so I am sure they were like “Umm we need you to sell some records so get on this song with Omarion plz!”

Ehh…it’s alright. It ain’t rockin’ my world or nothing you know? Neither the song or the video. I could take it or leave it. Kat looks good, Omarion is just, not evolving as an artist and this should have came out during the summertime!

I’m sorry, is it just me, or is this movie about 1 year too late? I really never liked reggaeton AT ALL. But for them to be trying to capitalize on it at this point is kind of silly. N.O.R.E. put out that reggaeton album and Def Jam dropped him like a bag of early unmastered Cassie demo’s. Too little too late J. Lo! I respect her hustle though, but this just comes off as cliche and tripe from the get-go. I’m sure there will be lots of great dancing though, cause Omarion is good at that, mos def.

Synopsis of the movie & trailer after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

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Dawn Robinson from EnVogue is Broke!

6 09 2007


Trailer from her new reality show called “Come Back & Come Up.” If you didn’t know, Dawn Robinson used to be the lead singer of EnVogue and Lucy Pearl. She got the boot from both groups. I have no idea who her husband is, but he’s an up and coming singer in his own right.

Apparently, they are talking to BET & TV One about airing their show.

Quite honestly, I found it intriguing and actually would watch it. I’d rather watch this than some “Flavor of Love 3″ BS!

How can one be so successful and be so broke? I doubt Dawn Robinson wrote many of the hits she lent her voice to. I know EnVogue was a producer’s creation, so I doubt she wrote ANY of those biggest hits. And if you don’t write songs, you are cutting yourself out of a lot of long-term residual income. That’s music industry 101 LOL.

I know she had a solo record on like, Q Records, which was some failed record label that QVC (yes the shopping network!) tried to start LOL. She was probably their first and only artist/release.

Dawn can sang, I’d give her a couple of G’s to sing a hook or something!


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Trailer: Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?”

17 08 2007


I expect every A Hot Mess! denizen to go and watch this movie! Why you ask? Because I worked on it! Yay.

No really, honestly, I can guarantee this is one of his best films, and it’s a great film to boot. They have a strong black cast, great storyline and Jill Scott ALONE kills it. I was so impressed after watching her do her thing. PLEASE go and check this out when it hits theatres! October 12, 2007!

And be on the lookout for that soundtrack with my (gubment) name in it LOL!

The trailer doesn’t do the movie justice, trust me. I don’t know why they let this crappy trailer see the light of day…

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Trailer: Rush Hour 3

5 07 2007

Rush Hour 3 Trailer

This movie is coming out soon, so I decided to post up the trailer…

Have we as a people decided that we are going to see this? LOL. I’ve heard very little about it.

I, for one, think (but hope & pray not!) that the best parts of this movie are in this 2:26 minute trailer LOL.

Lord knows I love me some Chris Tucker — holla back Ruby Rod/5th Element! — but I don’t believe this is going to be good at all. I don’t BELIEVE you Chris, you need more people!

See HQ here

I am waiting for “The Bourne Ultimatum.” That joint looks good as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s going to see this?

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It’s About to be a GIRLFIGHT

11 06 2007

Cause you KNOW that this show is going to be filled with being filmed in Queens! LOL.

Well, it is Diddy’s show! KIDDING.

Making the Band 4 Preview

A) This season looks fantastic in terms of guest stars and cameos
B) It would be amazing if Jason, the “Den Mother” from last season came back! ROFL
C) Laurie “A-Boom-Kat-Kat!” Ann Gibson & Diddy fighting? HELLZ YEAH!
D) LOL, ROFL, OMGZ, ALL THAT @ fat dudes trying out for this show. Get a clue. When is the last time you saw a chubby R&B crooner on BAD BOY. For crying out loud, Diddy let Carl Thomas go!
E) I wonder how many negros are going to cry on this show on the daily? LOL R&B crooners are sensitive thugs, ya’ll ain’t know?

I for one have watched every episode (I LOVE these shows), but I must say, Diddy does a better job at putting these groups together than he does at putting his own albums together.

Soundscan Numbers as of 6/3/07:

Diddy - Press Play
Diddy - Press Play // Released 10-17-02006 = 652,701 scanned

Danity Kane - Self-Titled // 8-15-2006= 908, 298 scanned

Diddy had way more expensive videos, way more marketing, way more promotion, way more dollars spent, etc. And he still can’t outsell an album by a group that he put together on a whim, pretty much. That Danity Kane album was bangin BTW. NOT A GOOD LOOK DIDDY.

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Daddy’s Little Girls

13 12 2006

Watch The Trailer

Now when I first started watching this trailer I was getting ready to clown on Gabrielle Unions acting with my friend and talk about how stupid this movie looked but it looks…good. The music in it is cool and I actually got a bit teary eyed from watching it! I see Gabby’s been taking those acting classes down at the Y. She seemed to actually be in character. The story is about a blue collar worker (Elba) and how he loses custody of his 3 daughters to his drug dealing ex-wife. Gabrielle Union plays a big time lawyer that he hires to win them back.

Starring: Gabrielle Union, Idris Elba, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Louis Gossett, Jr. Written by Tyler Perry.

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