The Candyman Can(’t)

12 03 2008

Juelz Santana was busted driving in New Jersey with a suspended license, some pot, hollow-point bullets and a gang of candy. This just can’t be a good combination.

Rapper Juelz Santana is expected to appear in municipal court in New Jersey on Wednesday after police pulled him over for driving with a suspended license and found marijuana and hollow-point bullets in his Bentley, the Daily News has learned.

Santana, 26, whose real name is LaRon James, was arrested last week as he approached the entrance of his home in the gated Glenpointe community in Teaneck.

“This is bull—-,” Santana yelled when pulled over, Officer John Abraham said.

Abraham said he smelled marijuana and saw a green leafy substance on the center console as well as marijuana roaches and Dutch Master and White Owl cigars used to make blunts.

Santana, who was born in Harlem, also had a hand-rolled cigar laced with marijuana in his shoe, cops said.

In the trunk, police said they found 29 hollow-point bullets wrapped in a sock and $19,500 rolled in small bundles and hidden in a plastic bag filled with “hundreds of Jolly Rancher” candies.

Police also found a plastic sandwich bag of marijuana in the backseat of the cruiser, where Santana had been sitting after he was arrested. (Source)

Damn, where was Juelz going, to murk the candy lady who sells Tootsie Pops for a nickel a piece? Was she moving in on his market? I know times are hard since DipSet is breaking up or whatever but I never pictured him turning to the black market candy trade.

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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Arnold

27 02 2008

Gary Coleman and new wife Shannon Price came on “The Today Show” and got interviewed by Al Roker. You know it’s a time-filler when the weatherman is interviewing your ass. I’m dead at him saying he wishes people recognized him for better things than “Diff’rent Strokes”, like an ONLINE PROMOTION FOR “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER”.

Shannon looks dazed and confused. Either she really didn’t know he was famous when she decided to get married or she’s dumb as hell, because I think I might make as much money in a year as Gary Coleman does.

Props to Jessica for the heads up.

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Soulja Boy In 5 Years = Coolio As A Fish Now

31 01 2008

I don’t need Sylvia Browne & Montel Williams to predict Soulja Boy’s future — Coolio is the living legend who already serves as the template LOL. Jibbs, Mims, Arab, Pop It Off Boyz, Jason Fox, Shawty Lo…invest that money right or you’ll be on an Internet TV channel looking like a Chuck E. Cheese character very, very soon.

Seriously, you know what? Where are his friends? It ain’t even Red Lobster paying him to look like that!

*Warms up some butter and garlic sauce*

If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em!

Spotted at XXL

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Lil’ Kim To Atlantic Records: “Give Us Free!”

22 01 2008


The Plastic One has gotten a release from her contract and some are speculating she is debating signing to Imperial Records, the same “indie” label arm of Capitol Records that Fat Joe is signed to:

Rapper Lil’ Kim has left Atlantic Records and intends to release her upcoming as-yet-untitled album independently.

On DJ Kay Slay’s Sirius Satellite Radio show “Streetsweeper Radio” last week, Kim shared that she harbors no ill feelings toward Atlantic. She said she was afraid to release her music independently several years ago but is now more comfortable in her knowledge of the music business to work her project.

It’s rumored that the MC will join Capitol Music Group’s independent arm, Imperial Records, however Kim’s management was unavailable for comment. Fat Joe is also signed to Imperial.

Lil Kim’s upcoming album, which was originally slated for February, is now tentatively set for April or May 2008.
Kim’s Atlantic swan song, 2005’s “The Naked Truth,” has sold 394,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Source)

394K? Dang, that’s it!? I thought “Lighters Up” was a hood anthem or some ish. I guess not. People put the lighters up and kept their money in their pockets evidently LOL.

Can Kim recapture her lyricism and ferocity on the mic, or will she be doing Remy Ma disses for the next 3 months on “mixtapes”? I don’t know.

Between her indie release and Foxy’s indie release, Khia’s new record deal and Trina’s new album, is 2008 the “Year of The Return of the Female Rapper”? I think all these chicks should just get in one big group and cut some hot posse records with them all rolling around in black tar Christina Milian style on the cover LOL. Meh.

I won’t be happy until Kang Latifah gives me a jazzy hip-hop album a la Guru’s “Jazzmatazz” series. I think that would be hot.

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Marion Jones To Appear On “Oprah”

15 01 2008

Leave it Oprah to bag the exclusive. Expect lots of crying! Maybe Oprah will give her a car?

Marion Jones will visit the “Oprah Winfrey Show” Wednesday (1/16) to discuss the legal issues that led to her six-month jail sentence for lying about steroid use and committing check fraud. (source)

While at first I felt bad for Marion, I quickly lost that loving feeling when the truth came out that she had been lying the whole time. I mean, really. If she had just admitted it all up front, they probably wouldn’t have been as harsh, which I think I remember someone saying. When they took her medals and suspended her, I’m pretty sure they were like “well, it was bad, but the broad LIED the whole time, and that made it even worse.”

I hope Dr. Dre, Wyclef & whoever else just admit they been getting “the clear” if they really did LOL. Though Wyclef hasn’t really made any music that the masses has liked for a while, and Dr. Dre has been holed up in his home gym getting pumped up like The Governator — he’s almost become a mythical figure LOL. Apparently Mary has already denied the reports that she ever used STEROIDS, but she said nothing about the human growth hormone. Hmmmm…that ponders me. ROFL.

This whole thing is a mess.

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Elliott Wilson Fired From XXL

8 01 2008

In a move about five years overdue, Harris Publications fired Elliott Wilson as Editor-in-Chief from XXL Magazine, citing they wanted to expand the magazine’s potential, according to AHH.

Good, now all they need to do is fire Danyel Smith’s wack ass from Vibe and maybe some of these magazines can get back to where they used to be. The Source can get thrown to the wolves with Murder Dog for all I care. That shit ain’t never getting hype again.

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FYI: Biggest Songs of the Year, According 2 The Bootleggers (Ya’ll/Us)

3 01 2008

DJ Unk. He’ll be on a Hip-Hop Milk Carton by June, mark my words. If I didn’t caption this, you probably wouldn’t know who it was, would you!?

I thought this was interesting.

If you want a true snapshot of what people are watching and whom they’re listening to online, look no further than the file-sharing underground.

With Hollywood sweating over piracy and record labels crying over losses, activity on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks has emerged as the most reliable barometer for determining what’s hot and what’s not among the most tech-savvy media consumers.

Top Songs of 2007
1. Shop Boyz, “Party Like A Rock Star”
2. Akon, “I Wanna Luv U”
3. Sean Kingston, “Beautiful Girls”
4. Mims, “This Is Why I’m Hot”
5. Akon, “Don’t Matter”
6. T-Pain, “Bartender”
7. Soulja Boy, “Crank Dat Soulja Boy”
8. Justin Timberlake, “My Love”
9. DJ Unk, “Walk It Out”
10. Jim Jones, “We Fly High”

This confirmed my fondest wish of the new year: most of these folks will be going away soon, fading into obscurity with the other girl from 3LW, 3T, etc. If I don’t ever hear a “Party Like A Rockstar” ever again, I would be happier than Rick Ross in a $2 white tee sale. The majority of folks on that list didn’t even go GOLD besides Akon & Justin. These were also ringtone artists if you notice. BTW, who is purchasing Akon albums? Mr. T is on the way to your house right now to practice his Alpine yodeling. You need to be cropdusted off the planet IMMEDIATELY!

One of the top artists of the year was Snoop Dogg, LOL, but you know that’s YT people just now discovering “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” True story - a lady asked me the other day if I had ever heard that song. YEAH, 50-11 YEARS AGO.

LOL @ DJ Unk — what, don’t tell me you expected us to PAY for that ish! “Now walk it out, walk it out, walk it out, now walk it out.” He sound like my gym teacher during cool-downs in middle school gym after a strenuous game of flag football. Boy stop!

Me PAY for Sean Kingston’s cheek full o’ gravy sanging?!


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Damon Dash Is Checking His Couch For Change

20 11 2007

Damon Dash owes NYC $2.09 million dollars in back taxes. That’s a lot of pawned Roc-A-Fella platinum plaques Eeyore (doesn’t Damon look like Eeyore from “Winnie the Pooh”? I’m just saying.)! See the list here:

Dozens of other boldface Big Apple names pepper the state’s list of tax deadbeats, according to the most up-to-date records from the state Tax Department obtained by The Post.

The records show that hip-hop mogul Damon Dash - whose estimated $50 million fortune bought him a chauffeur-driven $400,000 Maybach sedan, diamond-encrusted watches and more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers - owes the state more than $2 million.

Dash, 36, is one of almost 225,000 city debtors who together have shortchanged the city and state more than $1 billion in income taxes, penalties and interest, the records show. (source)

Damon, I got an idea. You should sign the ‘Chocolate Rain’ dude to a deal and sell some ringtones, Soulja Boy style! I think that should cover his debt, y/n?

He better lace up a pair of once-worn ice whites and go shake down some white folks, hip-hop style in his fur-lined puffy coat that he’s wearing in that picture. “Break yoself YT man!”

Or maybe he can call his pimp Jay-Z for a loan. Jay-Z made $2.5 million dollars last night patting Beyonce’s weave “Get Me Bodied” style. Snap for the kids!

And LOL @ Ben Vereen being on that list. For shame!! FOR SHAME!

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Mya Should Save Her Career While She’s At It

2 11 2007

Click for full-size pictures

Mya, Mya, Mya…I see she been dippin’ into Auntie Lil’ Richard’s Pancake 35, Light Edition. Why make your face lighter when you are already pretty light-skinned? This is from some masquerade ball she was at. She should have masqueraded as a #1 Hit Artist ROFL.

In other news, “Liberation” has been released in Japan. If you care, you can change your iTunes country to Japan and hear snippets. Or, you can just pop in an old Mya album and reminisce! Your choice. The latest “release” date is December 11th, 2007, but Baby Jesus will probably have grown up and have had Sweet Minty Baby Jesus’ before Mya gets another shot at a single.


More pics after the jump, if you really care.

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Da Brat Gettin’ Brolic At JD’s Club

1 11 2007

JD lets her in his club and THIS is how she thanks him? Ungrateful…you know he somewhere, swinging his legs sittin’ on his couch thinking, “I clothe her, feed her, get her braids done, give her a place to hide away with her girlfriend, and she does me like this?! In my club!?”

Female rapper Da Brat was arrested on felony aggravated assault charges early Thursday morning (November 1) after allegedly hitting a woman in the face with a bottle at Jermaine Dupri’s Studio 72 club in Atlanta. According to Atlanta’s WSBTV Channel 2, the altercation started out as a verbal disagreement but soon escalated to a shoving match. Witnesses say that the rapper then grabbed a bottle of rum and hit the victim, a waitress at the club, in the face with it. The unidentified woman was hospitalized with cuts on her face and above her eye. Da Brat was taken to the Dekalb County Jail and is believed to still be in custody. (source)

Da Brat, keep your lover’s quarrels at the house!

Nah, just kidding. See, this is why all these grown a** negroes should keep they tails at home and OUT THE CLUB. I mean REALLY. I’m sure Da Brat got a fully stocked bar at home. Invite some of your girls over, get sloshed, and watch “Set It Off.” You know she does that ANYWAY.

Go play Bidwhist or something! Spades! Roll some dice. Nah, folks get violent over dice too.

How about she take her child Hurricane Chris to a museum? They could compare their careers to the dinosaurs. Big and in charge one moment, then dead, dried up and extinct the next LOL.

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Send this straight to BET Blackbuster

26 10 2007

Somebody Help Me Trailer

From the director of YOU GOT SERVED & HOUSE PARTY 4, comes this urban horror/thriller on the order of CABIN FEVER, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and WRONG TURN. SOMEBODY HELP ME delivers a chill a minute as the story revolves around characters Brendan Young (Marques Houston) and Darryl Jennings (Omarion) as they head off with friends and their respective girlfriends for a weekend stay at a remote cabin in the woods. After the couples settle in and start to enjoy the weekend, things take an eerie turn. On trips into the local town, they start to have strange encounters with some of the townspeople who seem a bit askew. One by one of group ends up missing or dead, while the dwindling group is forced to ban together more and more to figure out who or what is behind the killings. Ultimately, they discover even more than they bargain for in a chilling reveal.


Where do I even begin? Can we talk about this?

Wow at Alexis Fields being in this! I’m not going to even use the Get That Money tag for her because she is too old for this. She should be doing real estate or whatever by now because you can only play 19 for so long. She looks good though and I want to know her secret. I didn’t expect for Omarion’s career to take a turn like this. I thought dude would be a super star by now but he’s doing these wack movies and is Bow Wow’s fluffer ( Let me hear you say O ).

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Megan Good Pregant?

2 10 2007

Heard this morning that Thomas Jones from the New York Jets was on Hot 97 this morning and confirmed that he and his girlfriend “actress” Megan Good (and I use that term loosely!) expecting. GET THAT MONEY MEGS!

Does that mean no Megan shots for the paparazzi or Megan in movies? Shoot!

He done slipped in the sauce like Ursher. At least Megan is attractive when she’s sober LOL

The celebs need to start a Future Baby Mama Foundation. Providing free condoms and advice to all the men who are ballers. YOU TOO CAN AVOID BECOMING A STATISTIC.

What would Cousin Skeeter say about all this? LOL.


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All good things come to an end, and in this case, about three years overdue

19 07 2007

MTV has announced that it has canceled “Pimp My Ride” in favor of a new car-souping show titled “Trick It Out”. The final season of “Pimp” will begin Sunday, July 22 at 10:30 pm and last 8 episodes, according to SOHH.

“Trick It Out” will revolve around competitors trying to outdo each other in making over cars, hosted by “American Idol” reject Becky O’Donohue (WHO?).

You know ya boy Xzibit is sweating right about now. This shit is his meal ticket. How they gon’ do him like this? Really, replaced by an “Idol” reject? That’s cold as ice. Maybe he should have been doing something on the side, like, oh I dunno, making music. On second thought, this was his last album:

Ummm, yeah. ‘PS, can I get a Soundscan check? Actually, never mind. I don’t even wanna know, I might cry.

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Boom Boom Kat is shopping her own show/album

11 07 2007

Well we knew it was only a matter of time before Laurie Ann Gibson had her own show, especially after getting fired by Diddy. But here’s the real “gotcha gotcha”, as she says-she’s making an album.

Let’s just say people are not exactly bending over backwards to get shorty tracks and are probably stifling back laughter when she asserts she’s going to be a “superstar”. Isn’t she about 10 years too late in the game to be starting this madness? This is what I imagine Taina would be like at age 35.

There’s no info on whether or not MTV (or anyone else) has picked up this show, but we can only pray, right? Well, me at least. I’ll be in front of the TV with bells on, ya heard?

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She probably got lazy with the head and everything.

18 06 2007

Looks like Cassie stopped fucking for tracks because Miami Greg over at The Fury stated in his blog that Cassie has been dropped from Bad Boy Entertainment. This story is still developing but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Too bad she got lazy with the head because she could have been coming out with a new album this fall. Here’s a reminder of how bad she is for the Cassie stans that have something to say:

She did something that many from Bad Boy Entertainment haven’t done: she actually got to see the studio time and I’ll give her that. I’m sure Cheri Dennis is in the corner cackling and shit because now we will REALLY get to hear her debut album. She’s only been on Bad Boy for 9 years!

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