Solange Talkin’ That Good Stuff To Jamie Lynn

18 04 2008

B.G. Creole has some words of encouragement for her sister-in-knocked-upness, Jamie Lynn Spears. I’m just getting ready for Serlang to be the new “token go-to black celeb on a Spears meltdown” like Shar Jackson was. I’m sure Shar is going to come out screaming to anyone that will listen that she had her first kid when she was in junior high, too or whatever.

Knowles, now 21, welcomed son Daniel in 2004 at the age of 18 (she split with husband, former college football player Daniel Smith, after the baby was born).

“I’m sure a lot of people perceived that I was gonna be a young, irresponsible mom,” Knowles told during a recent visit.

But Knowles pointed out, “I think that there are some moms who are 35 who are just as irresponsible.”

What advice does she have for the 17-year-old mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears?

“You just have to make the best decisions for you,” Knowles said. “You have to decide what’s best for you.

“Who are we to say what’s right and wrong for a person?”

To focus on raising her son, Knowles said she “moved to the country for a year” without any nannies or babysitters.

“My parents lived on a whole opposite part of the world,” she said. “My son has been my focus ever since the day he was born.”

“He’s been the light of my life,” she added, “the inspiration behind everything.” (Source)

And by “moved to the country without nannies or babysitters” she means she was banished to a trailer somewhere in Buttfuck, Texas. I’m sure Mat and Tina did live on an opposite part of the world. B.G. was in the cellar spinning out lacefronts with one hand and burping that baby with the other.

The inspiration behind everything, huh? It’ll be interesting to see what Baby D thinks of that comment in 10 years when he hears Solange’s music or sees Bring It On 3.

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Gloria Allred Obviously Hasn’t Seen ‘Norbit’

14 03 2008

Melanie Brown’s lawyer Gloria Allred has blasted Eddie Murphy for not visiting or being a part of the life of Angel Iris Murphy Brown, his daughter with the Spice Girl. Eddie says he thinks Mel B poked holes in the condom to which I reply that the better defense would be: “Eddie? Having sex with a woman? I rest my case.”

After a National Enquirer report that Eddie Murphy thinks ex Melanie Brown tricked him into getting her pregnant, Mel’s lawyer Gloria Allred tells that the actor’s continued refusal to meet daughter Angel is “inexcusable.”

Allred didn’t comment on the Enquirer’s report that a source close to Eddie claims he and Mel only slept with each other three times during their relationship, or that she told him she was on birth control. However, the powerhouse attorney exclusively told us that regardless of the couple’s past, “I think it’s sad and inexcusable that Mr. Murphy chooses to punish his baby by refusing to visit her or be involved emotionally or in person in her life. It’s shocking that he continues to refuse to be involved with his daughter and that he has intentionally missed the precious first year of her innocent life.”

Melanie and Eddie’s paternity case over baby Angel Iris is still in the discovery stages, but a hearing has been set for May 21. Eddie previously claimed that the girl was not his, but DNA tests proved otherwise. (Source)

If you ask me, if we wanna keep little Black Candice Bergen “innocent” and “precious”, it’s probably a good thing Eddie’s not in her life. Po’ thang would grow up thinking her daddy dressed in drag wearing a fatsuit was as normal as playing catch.

As long as Scary Spice gets. that. money from Eddie (guess Johnny Gill will have to put that pilates class on hold) and treats her baby right, everything should be aight. I’m sure she and… that man she’s dating will be good parents.

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Your Weekly Dose Of Ignorance: “Dat Baby Don’t Look Like Me”

14 03 2008

This is ign’ance taken to a whole ‘nother stratosphere.

The clips of “Maury” in the beginning probably cost more to license than the Playskool microphone and Casio drumset this shit was recorded on. SMDH.

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I Need A Girl Who Doesn’t Want Money

10 03 2008

I had to post this because it was just so predictable that it was surprising. Just read on and you’ll see what I mean.

R&B producer Mario Winans is reportedly refusing to support his three-year-old son, according to his ex-lover Janell Bennett.

Bennett, who was in an eight-year relationship with Winans before she had her son Jordan, claims she was removed from her family home in Miami, Florida because Winans refused to pay child support. The surprise eviction has apparently left the cocktail waitress “homeless and living with friends on the south side of Chicago”.

Two years ago the single mother was caught up in a legal battle with the music producer to prove he was the father of her son. DNA reports came back positive, and Winans was ordered to pay Bennett $4,500 per month in child support.

Bennett tells the New York Post’s PageSix, “He hasn’t paid me. I just wanted support, and I was on disability and Medicaid and welfare just to have the baby. “He stopped paying last year… by the end of August 2007, I lost the house and moved to Chicago… I just want him to do right by Jordan… It would be so simple for him to call me so we could work something out.”

The two met in 1997 through their mutual friend Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

Winans’ representatives have made no comment on the allegations. (Source)

She’s a cocktail waitress. The only thing that would be more stereotypical is if she were a go-go dancer.

LOL @ her being like “I live on the southside of Chicago!” Where was she living before, South Beach? Something tells me if you get evicted, having a kid isn’t the only reason you can’t afford to live there. Not that I don’t think Mario should pay, but ya know. Maybe he can give her the same beat he gave Diddy, Keyshia and Ashanti and she can try and make a hit record. I dunno. Something.

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Stuntin’ From The Womb

14 02 2008

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reportedly spent upwards of $120,000 on furnishing rooms for their twins on the way.

Sources tell that the nursery awaiting the forthcoming fraternal twins is an ocean-themed room stocked in English furniture and French-made cribs decked out in hand-embroidered bedding.

The tiny pair will also gaze upon 18-karat gilded trim and chandeliers in Jennifer and Marc Anthony’s Long Island home, as well as in the nurseries in their Bel Air and Fisher Island homes. The total cost of digs for two adorable babes? Over $120,000. (Source)

You know what? This really just makes you take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Is this my life?” I made it to a world-class university and have been busting my ass to try and make a real job out of my smart ass antics and all I have to show for it is this rundown ’50s-style apartment? Meanwhile some kids who aren’t even born yet will probably have to wear those Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses I’ve wanted since I was 18 to keep the glare out of their eyes from a GOLD TRIM AND CHANDELIER. Excuse me a minute, I’m gonna go self-medicate.

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Lily Allen Has Miscarriage

18 01 2008

British pop star Lily Allen has miscarried her child after announcing she was pregnant last month.

“She and her partner, Ed Simons, will be making no further comment and we ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time,” Allen’s spokesman, Jon Bills, said Friday in a statement.

Simons, 37, is a member of The Chemical Brothers. (Source)

Our condolences go out to Lily and Ed.

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Monica Welcomes Baby Boy

9 01 2008

Monica gave birth to her second son with boyfriend “Rock” yesterday. The baby’s first name is so far undecided, but he will carry the middle name Montez, after Monica’s brother.

Monica’s cousin Melinda Dancil says Mo had been in the studio previous to the birth. Something for you Mo fans to get excited for.

Congrats to Monica and Rock!


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The Stupid Are Flooding the Earth With Their Offspring

7 01 2008

Soulja Boy got some 19 year-old girl pregnant. I can’t even think of anything witty to say, I just want to throw up my hands and scream “WHY!?” When was Soulja Boy born, last Wednesday? What the hell.

“I’m not just some groupie looking for a payday, me and (Soulja Boy) have history,” the woman from Atlanta says.

“But ever since I told him that I (might be) pregnant, he stopped returning my calls and texts… If I don’t hear from him soon, I’m going to have to get a lawyer.” (Source)

That’s right, girl, get that lawyer! You better get in where you fit in because that ringtone money is not going to last forever.

Knowing the state of music, we’ll be hearing “Crank That Stroller”, “Crank That Blankie” and “Crank That Ba-Ba” in a matter of months.

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Best Rumor of the Day

21 12 2007

New York Daily News is reporting that Lil’ Romeo and Jamie Lynn Spears have been dating, and that the baby could indeed be his instead of her ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Both Romeo and Jamie Lynn have their own shows on Nickelodeon.

How hilarious would this be if it were true? Before anyone says ANYTHING, I don’t actually think it’s true, so miss me with all the “YOU NEED A RETRACTION” posts, mm’k?

Just picture the look on Mrs. Lynne Spears face if that baby came out the womb looking a little chocolatey. Priceless!

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‘Tasia Mae Preggers Too?!

19 12 2007

Claude Hammercy. There’s something in the water! PageSix reports that Fantasia is pregnant and that’s the reason why she’s been missing so many performances with The Color Purple on Broadway. She just ended her run there. Not only that, but the father is rumored to be T.I. flunky Young Dro. Jesus in Heaven.

Edit: This is not true, her rep has confirmed to US Weekly (The IPS)

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You Gain Weight When Pregnant, Who Knew!

18 12 2007

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly “freaked out” over gaining weight while pregnant with her first child.

“She is huge and freaking out. Her face has become really puffy from retaining a lot of water,” a source told international press.

The weight gain is enough to prompt Lopez to put her career on hold until her little one makes an appearance.

“She plans to do a Victoria Beckham now and hibernate for the last few months. You won’t be seeing much of her in public from now on.” (Source)

This is so predictable, I don’t even know why I’m posting it. I guess we’re supposed to miss her when she goes into “hibernation”? I think we’ve all seen enough J. Lo to last us three lifetimes.

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Usher, Tameka Welcome Baby Boy

27 11 2007

Usher and his wife Tameka Foster welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on Monday, according to People. For some reason I couldn’t get this out of my head when I heard the news. Congrats!

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D.O.E. Clarifies Timbaland Rumors

20 11 2007

D.O.E., best known for his verse on “The Way I Are”, came to the defense of his mentor Timbaland on allegations from the New York Post that he knocked up a random girl. He says the girl is in fact Tim’s girlfriend Monique Idlett and that the two are engaged to be married.

“I want to clarify a few things to the Post for trying to make [Timbaland’s] fiancée seem like some random chick he knocked up. That’s his fiancée,” D.O.E. told “I was there when he proposed to her and gave her a rock the size of Scott Storch’s head. This is the happiest I’ve ever seen big homie and I’m happy for him and his fiancée.”

“Not all Black men want to be a baby daddy. Get it right Post,” D.O.E. concluded. (Source)

OK, forget rapping, D.O.E. needs to go into Public Relations. I fell out at this! That comment about Scott Storch’s head had me on the floor because it was so unexpected. For some reason I can hear him saying “Get it right, Post!” like a second grader.

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Who’s Been F***in’ For Tracks Now?

20 11 2007


This chick better learn her place before Keri Hilson swoops down and stabs her with a million dollar Bic pen! KIDDING.

TIMBALAND is mixing business and pleasure - and is about to become a baby daddy. According to our insider, the power producer is having a baby girl with a woman who works at his record label, Mosley Music Group. The duo aren’t a couple, although Timbaland promises to be “involved in the child’s upbringing.” Our source added: “He’s very excited about the baby and has been very supportive to the mother.” The baby is due at the end of November. Timbaland’s rep did not return repeated calls for comment. (source)

Clearly he’s not watching BET’s “Rap-It-Up” Specials. It’s 2007 people! Da hail?!!!

I thought Tim mixing business with pleasure was a late night Popeye’s run during a studio session for some hot, juicy breasts and thighs.


I’ll be here until I stuff my face with turkey all week folks!

No really, who is this chick? I need pictures, evidence. Cause she MUST be lookin’ for tracks…or maybe she’s tired of carrying his coffee and Prilosec pills, and she decided it was time for a promotion!?

Or maybe Tim slipped her a Ruffie? In any case, get that money girl!! Brave soul she is.

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Lionel’s Using That “Easy Like Sunday Morning” Money on Nicole

18 10 2007

Lionel Richie is set to buy daughter Nicole and baby daddy Joel Madden a $7 million mansion in Century City. Now there’s a baby shower gift everyone can enjoy!

A source says, “She recently leased out her West Hollywood condo, and, while she likes living at Joel’s bachelor pad in Glendale, she doesn’t want to raise her baby in the Valley.

“Nicole wants to live close to both of her parents while she gets ready to have the baby. Lionel wants Nicole to be safe, and he thinks a gated community is best.” (Source)

DEAD @ her throwing shade on The Valley like that. Glendale is a nice area! I’m gonna have to go try and find her spot since Century City is mad close to where I live. It’s mostly commercial high-rises, though. Hmmm…

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