Video: Dat New Urrrsher! - Love In The Club

7 04 2008

Shoutout to Sam over at ThatGrapeJuice for the joint. Apparently it leaked today, so that means this video may temporarily be up. At any rate, enjoy:

Usher - ‘Love In The Club’ Video
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Maybe Polow Was Too Busy Building His New Manor

3 04 2008

World Star Hip Hop and a kid with the Garage Band software had the scoop on how Polow Da “Meerkat” Don phoned in smoke signaled in the “Love In This Club” beat for Usher. Who knows how many upper lip waxing treatments Tameka had to miss because of how much Ush paid for this song, and to find out it was all a default beat? As Ashanti would say — “THAT’S BANANAS!”

Watch the video of how it was done here:

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“Basketball Is The One With The Hoops… Right?”

7 03 2008

Usher has become a partial owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I am excited about becoming part of this ownership group and this team,” said Usher. “I will be actively involved with the Cavaliers on many levels, including the game experience and our role in the community. I plan to spend a lot of time with the Cavaliers and look for Cleveland to be my second home town.” (Source)

I’m sure Gushers did this to reclaim whatever small bit of masculinity he had left before marrying Maneka. She probably has his ass wearing a French maid outfit with a feather duster in hand to knock the dust off that vajayjay that has pushed out about thirteen kids, the oldest of whom is probably Usher’s age.

Doesn’t this quote from him remind you of when you were in middle school and kids ran for government? Talking about they’re gonna make the food cheaper, there will be Red Kool-Aid in the drinking fountains, condoms in the bathroom, etc. etc., even though the whole damn school knows they ain’t gonna do a thing but approve or veto the streamer colors at the dance. Maybe he can pick out the fringe on the cheerleaders’ skirts?

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New Music: Janet Jackson, Usher, Bobby Valentino & Lyfe Jennings

21 02 2008

Janet Jackson - “So Much Betta”

So Discipline has leaked, and I’m not saying I heard it already or nothing *cough* but it’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. HOWEVER, after possibly flipping through it last night, I think this is my favorite song. The beat is nastayyyyyyy. It’s Janetron 2k8 and I think I kind of love it. The vocals kind of throw you off at first, but it sinks in that “Ok this is different, this is kinda hot” and it’s a wrap from there. Real talk. I’ll say so far that you have to listen to this album in context really to get the vibe of the record — even “Rock With U” feels “better” so to speak. You’ll hear it when/if you buy the record next week.

Way more music after the jump — no download links right now, I’ll have to get em up later, so check back.

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Usher - “Moving Mountains”

Usher - “I Can’t Win”

Usher sounds great; I’m glad he hasn’t lost his vocal chops screaming at Maneka. While I am waiting for some uptempo jams, I can already tell that this album is going to be a solid, cohesive album through and through. I’m calling it. This is clearly a slower joint, but this alongside “I Can’t Win” and even the leaked song “That Girl Right There” with Luda seem to fit together. Looks like Usher hasn’t lost his knack for putting an album together, and it ALSO sounds like he’s hopefully found a way to balance more mature material with some radio friendly filler. I guess that’s all we can ask for in this day and age. While these two songs aren’t going to get you up and dancing, you have to admit they are decent and he sounds great. I’m excited about new material!

Bobby Valentino - “No More Party”

Not sure if this is new or old but I’m not hating it, so that’s good. I wonder if Bobby’s working on a new album? I’m going to give it up to him because after Mario’s Go, this was probably the 2nd album from the younger R&B set that I listened to. He had some great songs on that joint, and even a cover or two that I liked. He really showed growth from his debut album to his sophomore joint, and I was pleasantly surprised. However, his material often veers toward the fluffy, throw-a-way, cliched spectrum and Bobby’s better than that, case in point. Tim & Bobb’s joints really need to come up, though. I mean REALLY. This song sounds leftover from the first album…

Lyfe Jennings - “Brand New” Feat. Lil’ Wayne & T.I.

I really don’t like Lyfe’s music. Sorry. I mean, I’m sure it moves someone, but his voice irks my nerves and eardrums. I just can’t take his gravelly “I’ve been gargling with stomach acid” tinged voice. A couple of his songs here and there I’ve semi-thought were OK…he has good material/lyrics for the most part, but I’d like them more if someone else was singing. I really liked “Hypothetically” with Fantasia because…hello…it’s Tasia LOL.

Somehow he’s snuck up and got another new album coming out, but I don’t think enough people really care about Lyfe to blow him up. He’s got a small base of dedicated fans I think. This song doesn’t really move me either, and I feel like he smashed up 4 songs to make this one song. I just thought there was too much going on in this song; from the background vocals, to the hook, to the little baby talk, etc. Is that the boy from Hurricane Chris’ song?! “A bay bay!” Prolly not, but I just laughed. Oh and T.I.’s verse sounds phoned in, figuratively AND literally LOL. I’ll pass on this joint.

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New Music Post, R&B Edition: Usher, Sean Garrett, J. Holiday, Danity Kane, Mario

7 02 2008

Usher - “Love In The Club” (Feat. Young Jeezy)

Hmm…this does nothing for me. While I am glad to hear that Usher is still sounding great for the most part, the Jeezy verse serves as nothing more than filling in blank space on the track. With a song like this though, you really could “insert a rapper here” and it would “work.” This doesn’t stick to your ribs though like “Yeah!” did. This is forgettable. I can pretty much see the video right now. Usher has hopefully advanced in his subject material and musically since he’s married to Attila the Hun & has born seed LOL, but I’m not holding my breath. ATLiens will probably eat this up though.

5 more songs after the jump!

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New Music: Mary J. Blige - “Shakedown” Feat. Usher

5 12 2007

Mary J. Blige - “Shakedown” Feat. Usher

Now see, OK…Miss Mary Mack had me with “Work That” and “Just Fine” was even starting to grow on me. I am still waiting to hear a HQ version of “Grown Woman Complex,” but my gut tells me I’ll like that.

And then she goes and does THIS.

Don’t get me wrong, Mary sounds fine. Usher however phoned his performance in via satellite from the closet that Strong Arm Steady keeps him in though. He doesn’t SOUND bad, but Mary’s “emotion” swallows Usher up and spits him out, beard and all.

But “It’s a shakedown, I’m robbing you for your love…” WTF this sounds like a Danity Kane leftover. I almost thought Diddy was gonna bust out, “yeah, can’t stop won’t stop, take that take that, shakedown baby.” This song suffers from Tamia-itis (yeah I gave it a name, what!?) by having an annoying vocal part (the “hey” with the echo on it…WTF!).

I don’t know, she’s complaining about “growing pains” and all, but she’s too grown for tepid filler tracks like this. If they hadn’t been able to secure Usher’s release from the bosom on Maneka, this would have been an iTunes “bonus track” if you get my drift LOL.

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Usher, Tameka Welcome Baby Boy

27 11 2007

Usher and his wife Tameka Foster welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on Monday, according to People. For some reason I couldn’t get this out of my head when I heard the news. Congrats!

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Reeeewind Selecta! Young Steff Vs. Usher - “Dat Girl Right There”

11 11 2007

Young Steff - “Dat Girl Right There” Feat. Hurricane Chris

Usher - “Dat Girl Right There” Feat. Ludacris

Well, I posted the original Young Steff version of this song back in August, but now a version with Usher has leaked. And instead of Hurricane Chris we have Ludacris. How orignal LOL. But you know, AHM! brings you the latest and I said this song was hot back then…Usher, is that you reading the blog? LOL.

I liked this song back when I first posted it…though the beat is a little busy, there was no R&B out that sounded like this (and still isn’t, really). Young Steff has an decent voice, but I mostly liked this song because it sounded different.

Usher, determined to not follow trends and set them, picked up on the song and re-recorded the song, presumably for his new album. Rich Harrison produced this song, and I’m sure Rich was like, “Well…Usher money vs. Young Steff money…yeah…” and let Usher have the joint.

I like Usher’s swagger over the track a lot more than I like Steff’s version, though we know Usher is married to a man and has kids on the way…LOL. I hate to say it, but Usher’s vocals are just better than Steff’s — a lot more clear and confident. Luda’s verse resonates more than Chris’ as well. So basically, I think Usher > Young Steff.

Who knows if this will make Usher’s 2K8 album, but…which version do ya’ll like best? Or do you even like this song? LOL.

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No New Usher Anytime Soon

12 10 2007

Usher’s new album, which was reportedly supposed to be released in November and has been in the works for over a year, is on indefinite hold while he tends to his wife and their unborn son. Insiders blame Tameka for the hold-up in his career.

“Usher only listens to Tameka now, and she wants all Usher’s focus to be on her and the baby,” the source said.

“The album had been in the works for over a year,” the insider added. “He put it on the back burner when Tameka got pregnant… now it looks like it’s never going to happen.” (Source)

I’m usually the first to rail on Manly Meka but damn, what’s wrong with taking some time off to focus on your first child being born? I think we can wait a little while longer for another Usher album.

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Usher and Tameka’s Wedding Photos

7 09 2007

Before I clicked on ( click for more ) I was ready to hate on them and talk about how Tameka looks like a man, how this whole marriage is her blackmailing him, and blah blah blah but honestly I have nothing bad to say about these pictures. They look…dare I say…in love. Maybe they are just really good pictures? Anyway, I wish them the best of luck.

Y’all that was really hard to type. Please do the hating for me. I am hungover and don’t have the energy.

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Sympathy weight?

30 08 2007

Usher was seen out with Mannish Meka looking a little bulgey above the waistband. I guess he is getting a head start on that “sympathy weight” that husbands sometimes gain when their wife is pregnant. I’m happy Usher feels comfortable enough to let himself go. I mean, let’s be honest, he’s not trying to impress ladies with that physique, anyway. He probably parades around the house with that gut hanging out screeching “Meka, girl, what you did with my Oil of Olay?!”

I still want to know how a drag queen gets inseminated but I think I’ll save that for another post some other time.

Props to Precious for the pic.

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Jonetta Skipped Out On Watching Her Son Marry Another Man

8 08 2007
Usher & Wife
Usher & Wife

Well, the truth shall set you free! No, not the one about Tameka coming out of the tool shed, the one about his momma really being there. Poor Flusher. I can’t wait to hear this new album — by then he would have put up with her for a couple of months LOL!

When Usher and Tameka Foster tied the knot in a simple civil ceremony Aug. 3, there were no white hydrangea centerpieces, no love songs from Robin Thicke, no fancy spreads from celebrity chefs, and – most conspicuously – no mother of the groom, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

A source close to the family confirms that Usher’s mother and former manager, Jonetta Patton, was a no-show at the ceremony, reportedly held in Usher’s lawyer’s office, and she instead chose to spend the day at a spa in Atlanta.

See, if Jonetta really cared, she would have taken Tomaneka to the spa with her to wash and scrub off some of that manliness. Mothers who care go there!

However, Jonetta was pleased as punch sitting in mud all by her lonesome, leaving her poor boy to swim through that “Chocolate Rain” * all by himself. Wipe him down!

*Dirty joke alert. Don’t worry, I just repented for this whole post cause I was wrong LOL.

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Usher releases ANOTHER statement just to let us know he’s happy.

7 08 2007

Usher released a statement to US Weekly saying that him and that thang got married this past weekend and that he is happy. I’m sure when he did this she had a gun to his head and whispered about how she’d let it get out that those gay rumors are true.

“I exchanged vows with Tameka Foster in Atlanta on Friday and we are happily married.”

They also say that his mother really was there to be a witness so I guess she sucked it up to avoid all the drama. I don’t know about all of you but I think this is a career killer for him. He was already starting to look bad when he fired Jonetta for her , then tried to shut his own fan site down for talking jive about him and his boo, and now this? He pulled a Ginuwine times five because when Ginuwine married Sole fans were like “I don’t know you anymore.” It’s over Usher. Come out with some R&B honey buns, come out with a cologne (Nevermind, did it.), and open more clubs. It’s a wrap!

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Usher actually married him?

4 08 2007

Word on the street is that Usher married Tameka Foster in a private ceremony in his lawyers office in Atlanta on Friday and his mother actually showed up. This isn’t officially confirmed but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

Despite canceling their nuptials scheduled to occur earlier this week, the on-again, off-again wedding of Usher and his pregnant fiancee was finally on — and held quietly Friday, sources told Stella’s Column late Friday night.

The multiplatinum singer married his longtime girlfriend, Tameka Foster, who is several years older than he, during a private ceremony in his lawyer’s office in Atlanta on Friday, sources said.
Among those present was Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, who, it has been widely reported, staunchly disapproved of the marriage. Foster was reportedly largely responsible for Usher firing his mom as his manager last May.
The pair, who are expecting their first child together this fall, had been scheduled to marry last weekend before Usher publicist Patti Webster announced the wedding was called off.
The couple reportedly disagreed over an elaborate prenuptial agreement supported by Usher’s mother.


Damn, I actually thought dude had jumped to his senses and called the thing off for real. Countdown to the divorce begins…now.

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Usher Wedding Cancelled

28 07 2007
Usher Tameka

Wordpress been acting up all day for me — sorry for the lateness! You know I was off vacationing though this weekend…

But guess what? THE WEDDING IS OFF.

At least temporarily. I think Usher found some hormone pills or something and got jittery LOL. But the publicist wouldn’t confirm it otherwise…so who knows if it’s long-term or just until Usher checks for an Adam’s Apple (as if would care if he found one!).

I expect he will be dropping a single next week. Who got $5 on it? Shout out to Luniz!

The wedding between Usher and his pregnant fiance has been canceled, his publicist told The Associated Press on Saturday.

The wedding between the multiplatinum singer and his longtime girlfriend, Tameka Foster, was scheduled for Saturday. The pair are expecting their first child together sometime this fall.

However, a statement released by publicist Patti Webster exclusively to the AP read: “It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond, IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected.”

Read more at the source.

We here at A Hot Mess! wish Ushmeka a speedy recovery.

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