Can You Pay My Bills?

29 11 2007

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Ya’ll remember Farrah Franklin? One-time member of Destiny’s Child?

No? Yeah, basically. Please jump up behind me and scare me, because I laughed so hard at this “trailer” that I gave myself the hiccups.

Well, I guess ole girl is starring in a new “movie” that’s sure to be a hit! a straight-to-Youtube favorite!

It’s called “Single Black Female” and well…it’s too obvious what this is maybe a rip-off from.

Tony Rock, Slim Thugg, and…some other negroes are in it. I stopped when I saw fake blood and a zombie-looking woman?

Even the NY African Bootleggers won’t be putting THIS on their blankets. ROFL.

I mean, she cute and all. You know they paid her in Food stamps, Luster’s Pink Oil, “backend royalties,” and a House of Dereon gift card for a free pair of jeans and baby tee.

Good luck, Ms. Farrah! You know what, I’m tagging this as “Video hos” because honestly, Mathew switched her in and kicked her OUT. LOL.

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Sit Down!: Karrine Steffans sounds off on Bill Maher

31 10 2007




I guess after publicly discussing paying Bobby Brown’s prepaid cellphone bill, letting Mike Tyson bite on you during sex, and the size of Eddie Winslow’s penis, I guess Korinna, Korinna figures she might as well throw effort out of the window and start saying even more off the wall mess.


In the next issue of Vibe Karrine talks about what it was like being with Bill Maher.


She said, “Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. I might as well have been a Muslim woman with my head wrapped, walking 10 paces behind my man. [But] I couldn’t be ‘Bill Maher’s girlfriend’ any more - not when I’m Karrine Steffans . . . best-selling author.



Wow. She sounds like Star Jones with that “best-selling author” mess! ( “Well, I’m AM a lawyer…”) I mean while it very true she is one, there is no need for it to be shoved down our throats all the time. There is no doubt in my mind that Bill wasn’t a prick but if I were dating someone that would get with Moses Martin if she had the chance, I’d probably treat her a little funny, too.


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Superhead on anal sex with Eddie Winslow

3 10 2007

Superhead did an interveiw with Wendy Williams to discuss her new book “The Vixen Diaries”. I could really care less but then I read a transcript of it and damn near FELL OUT:

On Anal Sex

Supahead: I never had it. We’ve been trying, but I can’t seem to open up. I’ve been trying. I’m still trying. Do you have anal sex (asking Wendy Williams)?

Wendy Williams: Special occasions. It gotta be very special.

Supahead: Can you tell me how to relax?

Wendy Williams: The best place to have it is some place where it’s wet. A pool, a shower, something like that.

Darius (Eddie Winslow from Family Matters) and I are trying, but it’s really, really hard. He’s big. He’s big, I can barely take it in the right holes.

Wendy Williams:
Is he bigger than my pink pen?

Yessss! Darius is a beast and l love it.

Wendy Williams:
Longer or Thicker?


Thicker and just as long. Darius is a beast. I can’t even take it in the proper holes. So, I try to switch to the other one, but the other one won’t take it.

Click here to Listen

I’ve been under a huge rock to not know that she was with Darius McCrary. He was eating at this restaurant that I was at a few months ago and the dude waiting on him was talking to me about how he thought the dude he was with was his lover. A mess. She i s over here talking about how he has a 3 month old baby with someone in Detroit and how he is working but she left off “in the chitlin circuit.” Where is she getting these men from? Ray J? Bill Maher? The bag boy at Publix? I mean really now, who do you all think is next?

I’m going with Robert Ri’Chard


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Guess Who’s on the cover of Kang Mag?

5 07 2007
Karrine “Superhead” Steffans (click for full size)

Yeah I said “Kang.” I refuse to call this mag by it’s proper title with all the ghetto-mess that makes it on the cover.

She got another book coming out. I would say she been f***** for tracks, but SHE DON’T RAP OR SING. This go round, apparently she bumped uglies (literally might I add!) with Weezy F. Baby, Go-Go AKA Ne-Yo, etc.

After I posted this entry, I promptly went and got my Lil’ Boosie on and “wiped myself down” (shoulders, chest, pants, shoes!). I then disinfected my computer screen. Eww.

And WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH are dudes still hitting this? I mean, you know some things from jump if you get down with the sugar that is Karrine:

A) She’s a snitch!!!!!!!! HELLO!
B) She got more mileage than a 1981 VW Beetle
C) She is an oppurtunistic parasite who thrives off these meaningless interactions

Sure, home girl is getting her paper, but I mean…there are better ways. Why, she could start a non-profit to counsel other “female groupies” and “video hoes” on the road to recovery. Or an STD Awareness booth that travels on hip-hop tours. How about “Karrine’s Self-Help Series For Those Who Use Their Teeth” DVD instructional series?

Girl stop!

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Ray J to Direct and Narrate an adult film.

12 06 2007

Ray J is going to direct and narrate an adult film because I guess after the tape that he leaked of him and Kim Kardashian ( Yeah. I said it. ) the porn industry is all over him, turning him into some sort of porn movie mogul over night. I don’t really know what he is going to say during the film but I can only imagine it being mad awkward yet hilarious at the same time.

I wrote an adult movie and a concept that I’ve been trying to shoot… A lot of people don’t want me to do it. A lot of people think it’s bad, but f**k ‘em. There’s money over there.

“I got offered a couple million to be the narrator and just guide people through. The stars that I’m going to choose are going to be really nice, really classy, and I’m going to build up to the sex.”

I’m sure the Norwood family is proud as hell! Get it Ray J! Get that money! He’s on the come up. I didn’t even have to call him “Brandy’s Little Brother”once!

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Shock of the Year: Danah Alleyne isn’t an angel

11 05 2007

I’m just about sick (OK, I am sick) of this Akon shit but what the hell, it’s a slow news day.

Danah Alleyne
, the “innocent” 15 year-old who got humped half way to death on stage at Akon’s concert although she was at an 18+ club, says she’s a “bitch” and that she had the “best time” the night of the Akon incident on her MySpace profile, according to TMZ.

You would think her preacher dad would have taken this shit offline once the scandal hit the news and she wanted to act like she was taken advantage of. SMH @ this pose. A Maia Campbell in the making at 15. She’ll be in an “Uncut” video in three years. Three months if it’s an R. Kelly video.

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Mya ft. Wayne - Lock U Down

25 04 2007



Wayne would do a song with Hannah Montana if he got paid enough.

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The Game feat. Kanye West - “Wouldn’t Get Far” video

31 01 2007

WordPress is hating, but you can check it out at my boy Miami Greg’s blog The Fury. This video is hilarious! But I think the behind-the-scenes might be funnier…


“He’s not dissing me in the video… he’s giving me big-ups.” -GLORIA VELEZ

Keep tellin’ yourself that, mama. Look at her eyes. You can tell she doesn’t believe that shit herself. LMAO @ GAME getting all “happy” in this video because KANYE was around. WTF?! That’s kind of creepy.

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