Inga Fung Pushed Back Again

4 02 2008

Here’s a shocker. Foxy Brown’s album Rikers’ Don Diva or whatever it’s called is being pushed back yet again.

The Brooklyn bred MC will now see the release of her LP, Brooklyn’s Don Diva, re-scheduled for the second time. The album, which had been pushed back to a February 5th release date, now won’t be released until this spring. Chaz Williams, Foxy’s manager, told SOHH the decision was made so the rapper would not have to forgo promotion of the album and enjoy a proper release.

“The album release date has been changed at the direction of Foxy and Black Hand Management,” Williams said. “Foxy will be out in April and we wanted her to be able to participate in the promotion of this album.”

“This also gives us the opportunity to get out the proper visuals and videos to support her records, as well as the opportunity to do live radio promo and tour in support album release,” he added. “This was a business decision we felt served our best interest as an independent record company.” (Source)

Damn, no tentative date, just “this spring”? We couldn’t even get a hint bigger than that one? This is almost as bad as when my dude Soulman asked Mya when her album was coming out and she was like “Uhhh. 2007. Or some year starting with ‘2′.”

If Foxy participating in the promotion of the album has anything to do with her throwing phones at Koreans, spitting on people and/or wearing blue eyeshadow, it might be better for them to go ahead and release this mess without her help.

Do they really think she’s going to be out for long? With her track record she’ll go back in August for eating a baby.

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Foxzilla’s NEW Album Cover

16 01 2008

Cause she knew and we all knew that the one before looked straight up like Lil’ Kim’s old joint. Hai tittayballs! Welcome! *waves*

She’s delirious though if she thinks anyone is checking for this record. I’d rather hear Khia & Princess from Crime Mob do a collabo called “Hot Grease & Hot Combs” featuring vocals by Ms. Peachez. Seriously. At least I could laugh.

This cover looks like Jay-Z told her to park his Bentley out back one day and she ran off to The Picture Place instead and got her friend to snap a few photos in the parking lot before Jay wondered where she went. “Quick girl, snap the picture!! Hurry up!!” Girl stop!

Spotted at Nah Right.

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Warrant Issued For R. Kelly

19 12 2007

…he was convicted of all charges and will now face life in prison. Nah, just kidding. The judge in his porn case, which seems to be going nowhere since they are letting homeboy go across the country touring and shit (WTF!), issued a warrant after Arra failed to show up today.

The warrant will take effect tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. when the singer is scheduled to appear again. What the hell, make that shit take effect now! Why is he getting preferential treatment? I’m really starting to get pissed off (no pun intended).

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Nas, You Just Keep Digging A Bigger Hole For Yourself

4 12 2007

I love Nasir, I do, but he’s killing me with these quotables. Where is Kelis to corral this dude?! Hit ‘em with da hee Kelis!

“I have a song called ‘The Fear,’ ” he said. “The full title of the record is ‘The Fear of the Black Man’s D—.’ That’s some sh- you can get comedy [from], or you can get some seriousness from it when you talk about the barbaric castrations that happened in our past — which is very serious, nothing to laugh at.”

Nas also said that despite the serious name of his project — which has already set off a firestorm of controversy — the LP will be balanced, and he emphasized that he is not singling out any one race.

“It’s not an attack on white people at all,” he promised, regarding the record’s content. “It’s knowledge; it’s understanding for all people. It’s not an attack on any race.”

Nas clarified that he will be combating a myriad of racial slurs, not just the one after which he named his album.

“It’s about the attacks that have happened to blacks, whites, all ethnicities,” he continued. ” ‘Mick’ niggers, ‘guinea’ niggers, ‘kike’ niggers. I have a song called ‘You a Nigger Too.’ “ (source)

Nas stole my song! I swear fo’ Sweet Minty Jesus, this YT dude cut me off in traffic and almost took me out. Almost had me laying on the side of the 405. I honked furiously at him to drive safely. I went around him and he mouthed at me, “Nigger!” I said, “YOU’S A NIGGER TOO!” I put a Juanita Bynum word-curse on him and drove off.

Anyway, I digress.

Nas is KILLING me right now. “Fear of A Black Dick”? REALLY? I know what he’s talking about…but I’m telling you…there are some thirsty YT broads women in Los Angeles ALONE who won’t be on “Fear Factor” for THAT one. Just ask Kobe Bryant. It’s the truth, sorry! Telling it like it is. LOL.

WWJJD? (What Would Jesse Jackson Do?)

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Nas Gets Pushed Back…No One Is Surprised.

27 11 2007


With all the controversy surrounding this album, people didn’t realize that “Oh there’s been no single for this ‘new record.’” It was supposed to be dropping next month, but Jay-Z needs to finish promoting his mental diarrhea before anyone else on Def Jam gets the chance to have a life in the music business;

So far there’s been a lot of talk about Nas’ controversially titled new LP, Nigger, but no music. The man — and the album’s title — has caused incitement and excitement without the public hearing a single note or rap.

Nas had originally planned to put the project out next month, but according to his camp, the album has been pushed to February: Black History Month. Nas told MTV News the first single will drop sometime in January. (source)

Black History Month? Miss Cleo saw that coming while sitting in a Catholic church.

I’m still on the fence about this. Nas just better hope that Jay-Z doesn’t decide to record a new album based on him seeing “Roots” at Mama Tina’s house during Black History Month. Cause you know TV One will wear OUT some “Roots”!

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Honestly, Who Really CARES!?

15 11 2007


“Brooklyn’s Don Diva,” the forthcoming album from jailed rapper Foxy Brown, will now be released on Feb. 5th instead of Tuesday as originally scheduled, her camp announced.  No explanation was given for the delay.

She needs to get her life together and get right with G-O-D and not Big Bertha from Cellblock D and quit worrying about this “album” — if she even KNOWS she has an album coming out LOL. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s in jail blowing bubbles and coloring and someone is just putting this out to make a quick buck to keep her name in the press.

As grandma say, “Give up the ghost baby! Give it up! Let it go! Turn it loose! It’s over!”

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Nicole Is Giving Us Thee Best Music Possible

8 11 2007

LOL, ok, honestly, nothing new here. I just wanted to show off the new variation of her name and point out that “thee” music is coming soon!

Nicole Schwinnbicycle blogged on her Myspace about her album delays:

It does feel good to be home and well…just want all the fans to know that I am going to put my album out soon and at the right time…timing is everything.
Until then, I want everyone to know I am still working away relentlessly on trying to complete this album to bring you thee [LOL!] best Nicole music possible that will keep you relating and moving and grooving and just loving! (source)

I know I am being stupid for pointing out that one thing but it seriously annoyed me. Like when people use “an” instead of “a” or vice versa.

“I’m going to get an popsicle, do you want one?” “Do you want an hamburger for lunch?”

OMG SO ANNOYING. I mean, we learn that in the 6th grade or earlier!

One more thing — even SHE knows we can’t spell her last name! Her myspace address?


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Cheri Dennis Gets Two Release Dates — If Either of Them Stick I’ll Be Surprised

6 11 2007

Cheri Dennis, who has been on Bad Boy Records since 1998 and has never gotten a release date, is finally coming out. No, not out of the closet, but maybe that may follow shortly. Her debut, In & Out Of Love, will hit iTunes next Tuesday, but the actual CD won’t come out until February 28, 2008. WTF?

“I am extremely happy and proud of the Cheri Dennis album,” Harve Pierre, President of Bad Boy Entertainment and Co-Executive Producer of In And Out of Love, said via statement. “It’s been a long time coming and the timing couldn’t be better with this enormous iTunes promotion. Cheri will finally have the visibility that she needs and be recognized as an incredible soul singer.” (Source)

O rly, Harv? It sounds to me like you’re testing the waters with this mess and if it flops she’s going straight back to the bottom of the pile. I don’t know what Cheri did in a past life to deserve this but they are doing my girl wrong! Remember last year when they were using her MySpace to promote other Bad Boy artists? Cold as ice, I say.

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Weezy’s Cirque Du Soleil Album Cover

1 11 2007

Ummm, this is… interesting. I see Wayne’s been visiting Foxy in Rikers for makeup tips.

In related news, The Carter III has been pushed back to early 2008 because it was recently bootlegged by a valet driver. Is anyone coming out this fall anymore?

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Foxzilla’s Album Cover

1 11 2007

Praise the Lord and pass the batteries!

This album is going to be a mess, and it was pushed back to Dec. 11, according to the good folks over at Nahright.

I have nothing to say other than that she looks like she is bout to stomp all over Manhattan in search of a tub of gel and some Black N’ Milds.

By Request: Lil’ Kim “La Bella Mafia” cover. Ok while SOMETHING in this picture screams “Kim!” to me (maybe it’s the pose & the bridge?), I don’t know, the jury is still out. The bridge alone is definitely played out though.

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RIP Nicole Schersalmoncakes Solo Career

31 10 2007

Well, I mean, were really REALLY checking for her anyway? No. Please go back to your group, stat! I’d rather see her shaking her money maker there with the other semi-fug girls because they make her look like a JOINT!

For the third time this fall, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger’s debut CD is being pushed back again, this time to 2008, confirms Interscope. Her Name is Nicole, originally slated for an Oct. 6 release, was first rescheduled for Nov. 6. Then, facing stiff chart competition from Jay-Z and Chris Brown, it was moved to Nov. 20. Scherzinger’s post-Pussycat effort, which has been in the works for more than two years and features collaborations with, Sting, Snowpatrol’s Gary Lightbody, T.I., and Akon, was meant to launch Scherzinger as a solo artist on the same playing field as Interscope label-mates Gwen Stefani and Fergie. But after a lackluster response to the dance track “Whatever U Like,” and with her second single, “Baby Love,” nowhere near the Hot 100, insiders say Scherzinger’s team is “rethinking” the roll-out while leaving an option open for more studio time.  (source)

“Whatever U Like” was the joint though, right? Right?


Alrighty then, maybe if she steals The Dream & Bloodshy and Avant, then she might have a chance. Because any song that has a line like “wanna ride it like a Harley” is not gonna get blasted from MY $2 speakers, no ma’am, thank you very much!

Thank you Nicole, we have some lovely parting gifts waiting for  you at the bottom of the Billboard charts!

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No New Usher Anytime Soon

12 10 2007

Usher’s new album, which was reportedly supposed to be released in November and has been in the works for over a year, is on indefinite hold while he tends to his wife and their unborn son. Insiders blame Tameka for the hold-up in his career.

“Usher only listens to Tameka now, and she wants all Usher’s focus to be on her and the baby,” the source said.

“The album had been in the works for over a year,” the insider added. “He put it on the back burner when Tameka got pregnant… now it looks like it’s never going to happen.” (Source)

I’m usually the first to rail on Manly Meka but damn, what’s wrong with taking some time off to focus on your first child being born? I think we can wait a little while longer for another Usher album.

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