Mess of the Moment: Free (former host of 106 & Park)

25 03 2008

No Free! No! What a tragedy. Never in a million years would I have thought Free would look like a hot bowl of mess. (*SMH*). LaLa is like, “hurry up and take this damn picture.” Honestly, she looks pregnant to me. That’s my only justification of it, but there’s no reason to look like…

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The Sears Catalog Came Early!

3 03 2008

We have a bit of an embargo on Bad Boy affiliated acts over here at AHM!, but since it’s such a slow news day I don’t see the harm in posting these pictures I found in the Olan Mills dumpster for our entertainment.

Diddles looks like he showed up to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for a brunch and tea party but instead took some promotional pictures for “A Raisin in the Sun”. The Mr. Rogers gear is bangin’ and I’m sure it will be for sale at Macy’s soon with a big ol’ Sean John riding down the buttons or something.

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Mess of the Moment: ‘Tasia Mae Is Channeling Pepe LePew

7 02 2008

From classy…


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Unless You’re A Die-Hard Feminist, This Really Is Inexcusable

30 01 2008

Kelly Rowland showed up to some event sporting a little underarm mustache. You would think for someone who probably waxes Beyoncé’s upper lip on the regular that she would take some time to clean herself up, but I guess she was too busy promoting her smash hit album Ms. Kelly. Too busy starring in an off-Broadway play. Too busy watching 106 & Park? Shit, I don’t know.

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This Does Not Inspire Much Hope For The Danity Kane Album

21 01 2008

Aubrey O’Day is the new face tits of Famous Stars & Straps. She looks so desperate in these photos that Travis Barker probably paid her in clothes. Somewhere, Shannon is trying to get Aeropostale to look at her.

More after the jump, one is slightly NSFW.

(Photo Source)

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El Presidente Camel Will Step Down From Def Jam

24 12 2007

Well, we all knew this was coming. I guess he got tired of those LL Cool J death threats.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter will step down as Def Jam Records president when his contract expires this year, he and Universal Music Group announced today (Dec. 24). The rapper will continue to record for Roc-A-Fella, the label he co-founded in 1996, which is part of the Universal-distributed Island Def Jam Music Group.

In a statement announcing his departure, Jay-Z acknowledged the artists and executives he had worked with during his three years as label president, including IDJ chairman/CEO Antonio “L.A.” Reid.

He added, “It’s time for me to take on new challenges [Managing Beyonce’? Hmmm…]. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to build upon the Def Jam legacy, helping to move the company into a new era of artistic success.”

Reid stated, “Jay made it clear to us that he feels the time has come to take on different challenges in his life. While we regret his decision to move on, we certainly respect it … While he will continue to be one of our signature artists, he will nonetheless be missed in this executive capacity.” (source)

Well color me beige and give me 2-3 humps!

I bet you Redman, Ghostface, LL Cool J, Ne-Yo, Chrisette Michelle, Megan Rochelle, and all the other under-promoted artists are having a big ole party right now, on Def Jam’s dime at that. Coke and Rum for everyone, and I ain’t talking about the drink. Only person sad is Rihanna — she done lost her sugar daddy.

I think that whenever you have someone who is still intimately involved with the performance aspect of the industry, yet is attempting to manage and execute goals on a corporate level, there is going to be a major conflict of interest.

One just has to look at Jay’s recent album. There were plenty of other artists who had release dates before Jay decided to release American Gangster. All of a sudden, he wants to release an album. Because he IS Jay-Z, he’s obviously going to eclipse everyone else. He’s always going to be a priority artist.

So as a result of his decision as the President of the label to release his album, and spend money on himself essentially — other artist aren’t promoted or given equal time because Jay-Z is using up all the resources for himself. He’s priority — because of his history in the industry, but ALSO, because he’s given himself priority because he’s the PRESIDENT.

That’s my .02.

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How Much Worse Can This Get?

20 11 2007

Tickets to the upcoming Kelly Rowland concert in Atlantic City this Friday are “complimentary” from Ticketmaster. SMDH.

At this point, going into real estate might even be a stretch for Kelly. Can someone hook her up with a gig at Hot Dog on a Stick?

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Talk About A Downgrade

16 11 2007

Will.I.Am performed in place of Kanye West at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which taped yesterday and will air early next month. ‘Ye pulled out of the performance after the death of his mother Donda West last week.

As a tribute to Kanye’s mom, will perform his hit song “I Got It From My Mama” and at the end he is expected to say a few words. (Source)

Sweet Minty Jesus be some sense of decency. A song about girls’ asses and breasts and it’s a tribute to Kanye’s mom? To top it off, it’s quite possibly the worst piece of doo-doo put out all this year, just ask SoundScan if you don’t believe me.

I would have rather seen Mya up there singing about her bra or whatever the hell (hey, it fits, too! Mya, fire your publicist and hire me) than this.

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