Rook Ain’t Nothin’ To F*** Wit’

15 04 2008

RZA of Wu-Tang Clan is prepping the launch of, a website/online community where Wu fans can — yep, you guessed it — play chess!

The RZA has announced the launch of a new online community geared towards chess players within the Hip-Hop culture worldwide.

The website,, a partnership between RZA and, will allow members to challenge others around the world, including the Wu-Tang producer himself.

In addition to live play, members of the online chess community will have the opportunity to interact via instant messaging and live chat.

While no official date has been announced for the launch of, those interested in joining the community can preregister now, with the first 500 members receiving the special ranking of “Founder” and periodic updates on the progress of the site. (Source)

I’m going to get the obligatory “good for him for trying something different” comment out of the way so I can really go in. So, there it is. Good for him.

But REALLY? WuChess? First of all, this is the most inventive name I’ve heard since Bags By Chilli. Secondly, I don’t know who’s checking for this, but then again I’m too stupid to understand chess. I know a lot of old men play chess and that’s about the same age range of people who remember Wu-Tang’s last relevant album so I guess he might have something here.

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Lil’ Kim Lesbian Hook-Up? Oh, Jesus.

3 03 2008

DJ “Golden Girl” (who?) has decided to follow in the footsteps of famous groupies like Superhead and publish a tell-all book about her exploits with hip-hop stars. The first person she’s detailing having relations with is Lil’ Kim. The description of the “tryst” sounds like a horny 14 year-old wrote it, with classy phrases like “p**** juice down to my ears”. Peep Illseed’s site for the whole thing, if you dare.

If this was about Eve I might believe it or even Trina, because I think she’d have a relationship with a dog if she thought it would give her some press but Kim? I can’t picture it for some reason and if it were to happen it would definitely happen with someone prettier than this.

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Lindsay Lohan As Marilyn Monroe — Yes, I Kid You Not

18 02 2008

Bert Stern, the same photog who snapped the most famous pictures ever taken of Marilyn Monroe, decided to re-enact the shoot with New York Magazine with Lindsay Lohan because he sees them as similar figures. Uh. Forget rolling, Marilyn is doing the Spongebob in that grave.

The worst part is Lindsay has a nice body. But those FRECKLES. Good Lord! It looks like someone intermittently sprinkled brown sugar all over her ass. She’s got nice tatas though. So I’m gonna let the Party City wig and the spottieottiedopaliscious slide. Nah I can’t even excuse this. It was still a bad idea. They should have at least Photoshopped that mess to a minimum.

Warning: Pics NSFW!

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In The Name of Samwell, I REBUKE THEE! New Gnarls Promo Pics

13 02 2008

Wow, ummm………………………….

……………………..*blank stare*

Peep these new Gnarls Barkley promo pics for their upcoming album. Now, OK, I know Gnarls Barkley are supposed to be all eclectic and zen and WHATEVER, but whomever’s idea it was to put Cee-Lo in a wedding dress Dennis Rodman-style needs to be immediately taken out back and flogged. DO NOT WANT.

And it’s not that Cee-Lo is ZESTY per say, but this is exhibiting zestay-like TENDENCIES. I’m just saying.

Danger Mouse is Kevin Michael in 10 years ROFL. Cee-Lo WOULD be the one wearing the dress though! WHY LO!? WHY!? “Closet Freak” indeed.

I have no words. I am truly speechless. I’m sure this “represents” seem deep explanation of how they are married to their music, blah blah blah, but just…no.

Again, I ask: What Would Marvin Gaye do!?

*dies and cranks dat with Ike Turner*

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Riddle Me This…

4 02 2008

Lil’ Kim and the girl she MODELED HER NEW FACE AFTER.

Riddle me this… between the new Far East phenotypes and the “Poison Ivy meets Bingo Night at the Senior Center” attire, WTF is going on here?!*

*I’ll tell you what, though, it still ain’t beating this on the mess-o-meter.

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I Thought His Anatomy Was Bird-Like?

28 12 2007

I thought his anatomy was bird-like? LOL! (Pause)

Let me quit. Don’t let Pretty Boy (Bow Wow) see this, or he might leave Nappy Boy (Omarion). Or is it the other way around? I forgot who wears the protein catcher in the relationship and who doesn’t LOL!

I know Chris is legal and thangs, but to all you grown a** women giving little Chris Breezy that lustful side-eye, I’m going to have to pull out Chris Hansen from “To Catch A Predator On You”:

Umm hmm!

That’s probably air and umm, the rigging. This post is for Ratchet and CUZZO though LOL. I’m off to find pics of Megan Goode jogging in “Stomp The Yard” which I watched last night. Pls excuse me.

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