Everyone Wants A Piece Of The ‘Good Life’

27 03 2008

Kanyeisha is a lot of things, but I don’t think he’s a thief. “D’Mystro” disagrees.

An obscure songwriter named D’Mystro is claiming that Kanye West jacked one of his songs. In a lawsuit filed in Maryland District Court, D’Mystro (real name Dayna Staggs ) accused Kanye of copyright infringement for the T-Pain-featured hit song “Good Life.”

The suit which also named West’s label, Roc-A-Fella, claims that he didn’t obtain a license to use “Volume of Good Life” for his song. D’Mystro also expressed displeasure at the vulgar and offensive words on “Good Life,” which he claims “harms the reputation” of his song. According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Kanye was only 6 or 7 when “Volume of Good Life” was copyrighted. D’Mystro claims to have suffered “irreparable injury” and is seeking injunctive relief of “85% of all world sales of the proceeds from the music that uses his work.”
Earlier this year, Kanye won a Grammy for “Good Life,” in the Best Rap Song category. (Source)

What I wanna know is, how did Kanye steal this song from ol’ boy when 50% is Jacko’s chipmunks from “PYT” and 25% of it is from “School Spirit”?

Somehow I’m not surprised he wants money. A mess at this harming the reputation of his song. Has anyone else heard it besides he and his cats?

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Diddy the Salesman…

26 03 2008

You already know…(*grabs credit card*). Negro please…$30 for a shirt with font? No sir. The sad part about it is teenagers are gonna be causing all kinds of problems at school with these shirts. Y’all remember the story on them “Snowman” shirts, right? Click here if you don’t. Hell, why even bother with seanjohn.com when you can cop one from ebay for $147.50 [CLICK HERE]. (*SMH*)

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Things That Could’ve Been Brought To My Attention YESTERDAY!

6 03 2008

Dru Hill got back together for a hot second live on the radio and then Woody decided he wanted to go serve God again. As Khia would say, something in the milk ain’t clean with this. Sisqo was just waiting for an opportunity to go for his Best Actress Oscar and he got it here. It just seems too contrived to be real.

I just keep thinking of that quote from Wedding Singer where Adam Sandler screams “ONCE AGAIN, THINGS THAT COULD’VE BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION YESTERDAY!” That’s who Sisqo was channeling in this.

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Remember When R. Kelly’s Publicist Quit? Turns Out It Was About Her Daughter

15 02 2008


A while back, R. Kelly’s longtime publicist quit. Most speculated it had something to do with her daughter, and turns out, most were right. The publicist’s husband was on L.A. radio semi-blasting R. Kelly once again. Though this time, it was more about boundaries being crossed than you know, pee and children.

Chicago-based music retailer and industry veteran George Daniels has confirmed rumors that he and his wife, Regina Daniels, have severed all ties with 41-year-old entertainer R. Kelly because of a sexual relationship the singer had with their daughter, Maxine.

Regina Daniels, the singer’s longtime publicist, released a statement in November announcing she had quit her post with the R&B crooner, explaining only that a line had been crossed. Now, music retailer George Daniels is speaking out about the situation, confirming rumors about what led to the bad blood. 

“He crossed the line with my daughter,” Daniels said during an interview with Los Angeles radio station KJLH. “It didn’t get to the extreme of that [sex tape] video or else I wouldn’t be here, if you know what I’m talking about.”

Maxine, who was 21 when the relationship occurred, is still in college at Northern Illinois University and “doing very well,” Daniels tells KJLH’s morning show host Guy Black.  Though his daughter was of legal age, he says Kelly still took advantage of her.

“When you’re 21, and if you’ve been there already like I’ve been many years ago, you’re still 15 to 16 mentally. You’re vulnerable,” Daniels explained.

Daniels said he and his wife would hear rumors about her daughter and Kelly having relations, and it took a while for his daughter to come clean and admit it. When she finally did, Daniels said he immediately confronted Kelly.

“He denied it. He lied to me to my face,” Daniels said.

“The reason that I’m talking abut this, it’s not just for me, it’s not for my wife, it’s not for my daughter, but it’s for the public, “Daniels added. “It’s for other fathers and mothers because it doesn’t have to be a superstar, it could be the dude on the corner. There are guys who sit around and give your child a couple of bucks to go to school and then wait until they get a little older, then they set that trap. See, so I’m doing this really for everyone.” (Source)

So basically, R. Kelly paid for her schooling…and then tried to cash in. Ergo, he had been planning and plotting on that booty BEFORE she turned 21/18? Dirty old man! That is straight bitchassedness at its best!

And he’s not locked up yet…why? I mean, I hate to beat a dead horse (and this horse has been made into glue and lacefronts long, long ago), but we got to get this man either some help and or locked up. He makes me really ill.

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Don’t Be Alarmed - We’re Negroes!

5 02 2008

We are back ya’ll — our bills are paid LOL, that wasn’t the issue. We got SUSPENDED because we posted that new Assie video for her new shittake song “Is It You.” What’s cold blooded is that we weren’t HOSTING the video on our servers — it was embedded from Dailymotion! Of course it’s been deleted now.

Bad Boy sent our host a letter and they yanked our site until we took the video down — which we couldn’t do because our site was suspended. Retarded.

Wasn’t Diddy just talking about “bitchassedness” last night on MTB4?

I wonder if any of the other black blogs were shut down. Hmmm…

Whatever, I’m about to start banning all Atlantic & Bad Boy artists. That was ridiculous! Don’t they know we help promote their often no-talent artists?


Just wanted to let ya’ll know what the deal was.

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