Diddy: ‘Cassie Cocooned Into A Butterfly’

8 04 2008

Diddles says Jumpoff #2084 has “cocooned into a butterfly” while working on her second album. Spread your wings and prepare to flop!

Ryan Leslie protégé, Cassie will return to the music scene this summer with the release of her sophomore album.

The Bad Boy/Next Selection artist has been working with some of the hottest producers for her sophomore set. Though the album tracks are not finalized, Cassie did tell Billboard earlier this year that she teamed up with Ryan Leslie, Seven, Mario Winans, Bryan Michael Cox, Eric Hudson, Sean C and LV for her follow-up album.

Bad Boy label head, Diddy, told Billboard a surprise is in store for Cassie fans.

“There’s a huge [cry] out there for a younger Britney Spears, a younger Janet Jackson. Those two great artists have paved the way.”

Casssie’s 2006 self-titled album sold 321,000 copies in the US, according to Nielsen’s SoundScan. The album’s hit single “Me & U” made it to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and No. 3 on the Hot 100. Additionally, it sold more than 1 million digital downloads.

A novice to the music scene, Cassie endured criticism in 2006 after a handful of less than stellar performances.

On the topic of Cassie’s growth since the 2006 incident, Diddy said, “I just don’t think she was ready. I think that we threw her into the spotlight without the artist development — that goes on with a lot of new artists. We pulled out, we took our time, we developed her for like, a year-and-a-half. People are just going to see her there and be like, ‘Wow, she’s really cocooned into a butterfly.’” (Source)

I guess that made her a caterpillar with Down Syndrome before? Let me stop.

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Riddle Me This…

8 04 2008

Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown is very attractive and has a great body, but I don’t know about these jungle numbers she’s always wearing. And now she’s got her own line, Catty Couture, that she wants you all to get in on.

Riddle me this… would you wear these clothes anywhere besides a theme party?

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Hot or Not: Chilli - “Dumb, Dumb, Dumb”

8 04 2008

Well…Chilli is back in the limelight…I guess. She’s coming out with a solo album, and her first single is called, “Dumb, Dumb, Dumb” (big ups to lovebscott.com and Baltimore Vixen)

Chilli - Dumb Dumb Dumb [Link 1]
Chilli - Dumb Dumb Dumb [Link 2]

Now…I admit, the hook is catchy as hell, but…(*rolls out the DO NOT WANT billboard*). My tires will get more spins than this. Sorry, I stans Chilli, but…(*points at DO NOT WANT billboard*). That’s just my opinion tho.


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OMG! The Hottest White Rapper since Eminem!

8 04 2008

Sometimes, I don’t even have to type a word. These joints speak for itself…I promise. Read the rest of this entry »

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Live from the Messtivities!

2 04 2008

Lawd Hammercy! Man…with all dat horse hair and all dem tracks, I was waiting for Seabiscuit to hop in the picture and crack a smile. I mean…man! How come PETA ain’t all over this? All them innocent horses! And if Bootz would deflate dem tittays, maybe she would’ve notice the flab escaping from her piss-colored wife-beater with the matching cumberbun around her thighs. And Bucky? Quick question. When did Glad bags started making capris? And that UPS-colored smedium sports jacket is not da business! And as for Trina…(*sigh*)…that COPPER dufflebag purse and SILVER-ish dress don’t match! Lookin like a Collection Plate. How it is a long sleeved mini dress? At least she opted to take the shoulder pads out. I know metal detectors went crazy when she left the store with that dress, talkin about…”I’m tryna go Platium!” [*insert Negro Please face*]

Here’s more from the track meet Trina’s Album Release Party:
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$0.99 to the first person who can give me a legit plot line

26 03 2008

What in the hot piss is this? This makes BET Movies look like Shakespeare plays. ROF @ her husband, but *dead* at the hot mess she’s creepin with. There’s one shot where his lips takes up the whole screen. Man! Certified Hotmessness!

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Hot New Music from Solange!

26 03 2008


Let me stop lyin. I can’t even say that with a straight face. *dead* @ the background singers outshining her. Lawd Jesus? Sandman? KeKe Shephard? Somebody, come get this girl! She is a walking hand-me-down. She’s like the “Cc:” in an email. DO. NOT. WANT.

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Diddy the Salesman…

26 03 2008

You already know…(*grabs credit card*). Negro please…$30 for a shirt with font? No sir. The sad part about it is teenagers are gonna be causing all kinds of problems at school with these shirts. Y’all remember the story on them “Snowman” shirts, right? Click here if you don’t. Hell, why even bother with seanjohn.com when you can cop one from ebay for $147.50 [CLICK HERE]. (*SMH*)

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ShaNe-Yo Writes For A Trailer Park Mother

24 03 2008

My homegirl ShaNe-Yo is a such a talented songwriter that he can write from anyone’s perspective, even a bimbette with a couple screws lose from too many hours under the fake’n'bake. That’s right, the man who brought us “Irreplaceable”, “Irreplaceable the Male Version” “Go On Girl”, and “Irreplaceable with Chris Brown saying ‘Boo’ a lot” “With You”, along with production team Snoozegate have come up with a song for Lindsay Lohan’s new album. I’m going to go ahead and bet the ranch (my studio apartment in South Gate) that this song is going to have a lot of acoustic guitar in it.

Ne-Yo works with many stars, but also turns down a lot of them. There is simply only so much he can do. So, that he worked with Lindsay is a big deal. From MTV:

“Lindsay Lohan’s people said, ‘We would like for you to put a song together for her.’ I just viewed it as a challenge. I don’t know how to write for Lindsay Lohan. I don’t know what Lindsay Lohan is doing right now. But it’s a challenge, so I’mma give her my best. I gave her a song, and I think they really, really like it. Me and [Norwegian producing team] Stargate put something together, and she likes it.” (Source)

Turns a lot of them down, O RLY? Who exactly has he turned down? The only person who works with more artists is Lil Wayne and that doesn’t count because he’s so drugged up he’d work with a Peregrine falcon for the right amount of pills.

None of the rest of us know what Lindsay is doing right now either. I’d wager a guess it has something to do with a nightclub and coke, though. Maybe Ne-Yo can put together an acoustic guitar melody about the residue left in your nose after a long night of partying. Annoying!

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Clean & Clear That Ho

21 03 2008

Somebody, somewhere in Soulja Boy’s camp thought it would be a good idea for them to show us him getting a pimple the size of Jamaica popped off the side of his head. The best part is he didn’t even do it! He had one of his goons do the shit for him. Now that’s some Mariah Carey shit for you. Forget weed carriers, when the gravy train conductor is 16, you may or may not have to pop zits for him.

I was trying to think of some good jokes but all the good ones were already said in this video. “That pimple has a pimple!” “That pimple is pregnant!” “Like Plies said, bust it baby!”

That was foul beyond foul’s belief. It looked like he got shot at the end! I didn’t know that much blood could come from a pimple. I thought his ass was gonna bleed out!

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Lil’ Kim Lesbian Hook-Up? Oh, Jesus.

3 03 2008

DJ “Golden Girl” (who?) has decided to follow in the footsteps of famous groupies like Superhead and publish a tell-all book about her exploits with hip-hop stars. The first person she’s detailing having relations with is Lil’ Kim. The description of the “tryst” sounds like a horny 14 year-old wrote it, with classy phrases like “p**** juice down to my ears”. Peep Illseed’s site for the whole thing, if you dare.

If this was about Eve I might believe it or even Trina, because I think she’d have a relationship with a dog if she thought it would give her some press but Kim? I can’t picture it for some reason and if it were to happen it would definitely happen with someone prettier than this.

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All Aboard The Flop Express

29 02 2008

I guess Solange is really going through with this singing thing. Not only that, but she wants to ruin some other peoples’ careers before they’ve even started.

R&B singer Solange Knowles will be holding auditions for singers, bands and individual band members with a great look, strong musicianship and stage presence to become members of Hadley Street Dreams, her band. All members must be able to dance.

The Hadley Street Dreams, a 60s-inspired full band, will perform all live shows with Solange in support of her upcoming album to be released this August 2008 on Geffen Records, Soul Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams. (Source)

The Hadley Street Dreams? I want this to become a cult meme NOW. Let’s just say I know the theme of the next get together at my crib.

For some reason I picture Solange dressed like Punky Brewster singing about some ethereal shit. I have an idea you’re gonna have to be high to understand what’s going on in these songs. Or high to buy the album at all.

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If It’s Not On ‘In Living Color’, Do Not Want

26 02 2008

Jamie Foxx must be bored or something because I was reading over at Juicy-News he’s set to play Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic. I don’t know if this is going to be straight-to-DVD, BET Blackbuster or whatever but I just can’t see “mainstream” (ahem) audiences paying to see a story about his ass. The worst part is they will probably get Robin Givens desperate ass to play herself. I mean, she’s already playing Wendy Williams in that biopic. Um… yeah (I love you, Wendy!).

Tyson says, “Jamie Foxx and I will be working together. He will play me in the film about my life. We already talked about it several times.” Tyson also insists he is finally free of drugs for the first time in years, admitting he was never completely sober - even in his boxing heyday.

Now, if they got Keenen Ivory to do his impression from “In Living Color” and made it movie-form, I might go see that. Maybe. But this? This mess? Does Jamie need to pay off a baby mama? Owes some money to the mob? I don’t get this.

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Lindsay Lohan As Marilyn Monroe — Yes, I Kid You Not

18 02 2008

Bert Stern, the same photog who snapped the most famous pictures ever taken of Marilyn Monroe, decided to re-enact the shoot with New York Magazine with Lindsay Lohan because he sees them as similar figures. Uh. Forget rolling, Marilyn is doing the Spongebob in that grave.

The worst part is Lindsay has a nice body. But those FRECKLES. Good Lord! It looks like someone intermittently sprinkled brown sugar all over her ass. She’s got nice tatas though. So I’m gonna let the Party City wig and the spottieottiedopaliscious slide. Nah I can’t even excuse this. It was still a bad idea. They should have at least Photoshopped that mess to a minimum.

Warning: Pics NSFW!

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Sweet Minty Jesus Be A Wet Ones! Khia’s Back.

18 02 2008

LOL, oh lord Jesus…this woman…she’s about as sexy as a drowned monkey, but she’s hustling. She making herself “semi-relevant” again with all this reckless talk about Janet and her general just “I’m nasty, I’m a thug, I got that panty pudding!” nonsense.

She also has a new song called “Ass Talk” that is SURE to inspire young girls everywhere to step their booty clap game up. It’s LIFE-CHANGING YA’LL! And I don’t know about ya’ll but I thought “Snatch The Cat Back” was a classic.

Khia kind of intrigues me. She’s like those people on American Idol who really really CAN’T sing, but in THEIR minds they are Celine Dion and Beyonce’. Her mom and friends tell her, “Gurl you da bomb! You better than a Trina n’ isht!” She gets all puffed up, takes out her Dr. Seuss books and gets to work, and then effs for tracks and low budget videos and makes a career out of it.

Can’t knock the hustle!

*sprays down A Hot Mess with hospital-grade lysol*

More pics after the jump, unfortunately.

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