I Vote For “Chubb Rock”!

6 02 2008

This picture gives me a HEADACHE

Missy is being lazy and won’t put down those bags of complimentary Doritos to name her album, or at least that’s what I think!

Five-time Grammy Award winner Missy Elliott is giving fans the opportunity to name her new album, due out on Goldmind/Atlantic late Spring 2008. Fans can enter immediately via Missy’s website, www.missy-elliott.com. The contest closes on February 20th and the winner will be announced on March 2nd.  The winner will receive credit on Missy’s new album and a $500 “Respect Me” adidas gift card.

Quick ya’ll! You know somewhere Tweet has stopped writing new songs for her album is furiously chewing on the end of a pencil trying to beat us to the punch! LOL, she trying to get new wardrobe for her next cover shoot.

So, I came up with a couple of ideas — you can vote below. Or, you can leave your own ideas in the comments, either way.

What should Missy name her new album?

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I just got one question — is the $500 for her addidas line or is it for WHATEVER you want from addidas? That would determine a lot LOL. Since I think her line is for women only, I guess that wouldn’t make much sense. I’d rather have some free Doritos. I HATE addidas.

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Erykah Changes Title & New Cover

4 02 2008

I guess Apples’ other ego Oranjez wasn’t happy with the other title and held Apples hostage and blackmailed since she forgot to flush the yayo. Then Farrakhan called and said, “The war is on! Kill YT!” and Erykah took Apples and Oranjez on a trip to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

Then, Lauryn Hill came over and they all (Erykah, Apples &Oranjez) threw Lauryn a baby shower for her baby I hear she supposedly had this weekend (this is true).

The End.

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Does His New Assistant Get To Fluff The New Models?

31 01 2008

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

Cassie doesn’t get the runway work? Cheri Dennis + and her pleather trenchcoat are not available?

Now Diddy/Sean John/Pee Sh!tty is looking for models for his Fall ‘08 Fashion Show in NYC.

At the end he says, “if you look like a king….if you look like a queen…”

Just for you folks out there, he didn’t mean Kang Latifah or you queens who were just J-setting to “Last Night”, so we’re clear!

However, I respect Diddy for wanting to diversify his fashion endeavors. He sure does talk with his hands, I just noticed that.
If you’re REALLY interested, “be resourceful!” like Diddy said, and go stalk him at Junior’s send in your model card!

A Hot Mess stand up! Do we have any models LOL? Go try out and give us the scoop.

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Kanyetta’s About To Tour…

30 01 2008

Kanye’s Blog

I’m sure tickets will be the cost of an imported real Asian baby hair lacefront wig & a Louis Vuitton scarf.

I HAAAATE arena shows so I will wait for the inevitable DVD at Wal-Mart for $9.99. $9.99 > $65.00 + Ticketmaster fees. DIG A HOLE, FALL IN IT.

And Rihanna? Hoe is getting that money ROFL. She’s working that light-skinned and accent til’ the wheels fall off, or Jay-Z gets tired of looking at her, whichever one comes first. Wait, he’s fired, nm.

Lupe’s album has only sold 286,211, which is almost as much as “Food & Liquor” has sold YTD (334,520). Sheiza! Rihanna’s at 1,002,456 for “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Kanye’s at 1,958,201 (great number!), and N.E.R.D.’s last album “Fly or Die” which came out in ‘04 is at 420,963.

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Ashanti’s New Single Cover

26 01 2008

I’m sorry, it looks like Ashanti is getting ready to do some coke of that mirror table or whatever LOL!!!!!! Straight “Studio 54″.

I can’t help but think that. “Cokehead!” She just waiting for Nelly to chop it up with a razor and line it up. Maybe that’s how she lost all that “weight” everyone was claiming she put on? Nah, I doubt it, let me quit.

This idea should have been shot down like Ja Rule’s career. If you haven’t heard the song, it’s posted here. I was really hoping they’d release another song as the official single. Ashanti caught “Alicia Keys Syndrome” with all that hollering out of her range and stuff on this new song. Me no likey!

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Ja Rule, Now You Know How WE Feel!

22 01 2008


LOL, it took him this long to realize how terrible that song was? Hindsight is 20/20 MOMOFOOKA!

Ja Rule cringed and covered his ears when his J.Lo duet “I’m Real” played during a Clippers game in Los Angeles. Sorry, Ja — some mistakes are built to last! (Source)

If he just cringes on this song, I wonder if he goes into conniptions and seizures when his “hit” duet with Ashanti on “Mesmerize” comes on? That song & video gives me hives. Ja Rule ain’t been good since Lil’ Mo was “putting it on him”. I actually liked “Holla Holla” — I should throwback that.

If I had been at that game, and a couple rows up, and sitting behind a big white man or something (LOL!), I would have TOTALLY thrown some licorice at that wombat lookin’ negro LOL!

As soon as I heard that opening line, “What’s my muthaf*ckin’ ______” *throws cup of soda*

LOL. However, I will say that I didn’t think “Body” the song was THAT bad. The video is another story. Ja Rule can’t catch a break no more LOL.

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Lil’ Kim To Atlantic Records: “Give Us Free!”

22 01 2008


The Plastic One has gotten a release from her contract and some are speculating she is debating signing to Imperial Records, the same “indie” label arm of Capitol Records that Fat Joe is signed to:

Rapper Lil’ Kim has left Atlantic Records and intends to release her upcoming as-yet-untitled album independently.

On DJ Kay Slay’s Sirius Satellite Radio show “Streetsweeper Radio” last week, Kim shared that she harbors no ill feelings toward Atlantic. She said she was afraid to release her music independently several years ago but is now more comfortable in her knowledge of the music business to work her project.

It’s rumored that the MC will join Capitol Music Group’s independent arm, Imperial Records, however Kim’s management was unavailable for comment. Fat Joe is also signed to Imperial.

Lil Kim’s upcoming album, which was originally slated for February, is now tentatively set for April or May 2008.
Kim’s Atlantic swan song, 2005’s “The Naked Truth,” has sold 394,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Source)

394K? Dang, that’s it!? I thought “Lighters Up” was a hood anthem or some ish. I guess not. People put the lighters up and kept their money in their pockets evidently LOL.

Can Kim recapture her lyricism and ferocity on the mic, or will she be doing Remy Ma disses for the next 3 months on “mixtapes”? I don’t know.

Between her indie release and Foxy’s indie release, Khia’s new record deal and Trina’s new album, is 2008 the “Year of The Return of the Female Rapper”? I think all these chicks should just get in one big group and cut some hot posse records with them all rolling around in black tar Christina Milian style on the cover LOL. Meh.

I won’t be happy until Kang Latifah gives me a jazzy hip-hop album a la Guru’s “Jazzmatazz” series. I think that would be hot.

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The Round Goes To Venus’ Assets LOL

18 01 2008

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

Does anyone else think that if it had been a black man talking about a white woman’s gluteus maximus that he would have been fired, taken out back and shot “Emmett Till” style? I instantly thought that, and I’m not one for the “race issues” normally.

The Williams sisters continue their march through the early rounds of the Australian Open in Melbourne, but not without some controversy. Venus Williams’ buttocks became the obsession of a television commentator, leading to angry calls from viewers; while Serena’s foul mouth during play got her a code violation.

Tennis commentator Roger Rasheed of Australia’s Channel Seven made remarks about Williams’ badonkadonk during a slow motion replay of her match against China’s Yan Zi, which Venus won 6-2, 7-5.

“Take a look at this now. Make or think as you will, ladies, but for me, that’s a pretty good sight,” he told co-commentators Tracy Austin and Nicole Bradtke as Venus’ backside filled the TV screen. (source)

A part of me wants to kick him, but the other part of me agrees 100% and wants to give him a “hi-five!” Borat style LOL. I’m so conflicted in my emotions, pray for me please.
But WHY was the camera man all up in her booty-do like that in the FIRST place?! Hello, can I get a witness? He’s the one that needed to be taken out back and horse-whipped cause he KNOWS he was wrong LOL.

Anyway, Venus won her match. “Sisters are doing it for themselves,” in the immortal words of Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox. Take that!

Venus and Serena are BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED.

Please pass me that can of walnuts, I need them to get to work!

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FYI: Biggest Songs of the Year, According 2 The Bootleggers (Ya’ll/Us)

3 01 2008

DJ Unk. He’ll be on a Hip-Hop Milk Carton by June, mark my words. If I didn’t caption this, you probably wouldn’t know who it was, would you!?

I thought this was interesting.

If you want a true snapshot of what people are watching and whom they’re listening to online, look no further than the file-sharing underground.

With Hollywood sweating over piracy and record labels crying over losses, activity on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks has emerged as the most reliable barometer for determining what’s hot and what’s not among the most tech-savvy media consumers.

Top Songs of 2007
1. Shop Boyz, “Party Like A Rock Star”
2. Akon, “I Wanna Luv U”
3. Sean Kingston, “Beautiful Girls”
4. Mims, “This Is Why I’m Hot”
5. Akon, “Don’t Matter”
6. T-Pain, “Bartender”
7. Soulja Boy, “Crank Dat Soulja Boy”
8. Justin Timberlake, “My Love”
9. DJ Unk, “Walk It Out”
10. Jim Jones, “We Fly High”

This confirmed my fondest wish of the new year: most of these folks will be going away soon, fading into obscurity with the other girl from 3LW, 3T, etc. If I don’t ever hear a “Party Like A Rockstar” ever again, I would be happier than Rick Ross in a $2 white tee sale. The majority of folks on that list didn’t even go GOLD besides Akon & Justin. These were also ringtone artists if you notice. BTW, who is purchasing Akon albums? Mr. T is on the way to your house right now to practice his Alpine yodeling. You need to be cropdusted off the planet IMMEDIATELY!

One of the top artists of the year was Snoop Dogg, LOL, but you know that’s YT people just now discovering “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” True story - a lady asked me the other day if I had ever heard that song. YEAH, 50-11 YEARS AGO.

LOL @ DJ Unk — what, don’t tell me you expected us to PAY for that ish! “Now walk it out, walk it out, walk it out, now walk it out.” He sound like my gym teacher during cool-downs in middle school gym after a strenuous game of flag football. Boy stop!

Me PAY for Sean Kingston’s cheek full o’ gravy sanging?!


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Solange Knowles Says “F*ck You!”

2 01 2008

SoWhat Knowles wrote a Myspace blog tombout how she is going to use her middle finger more. Riiiiiiight. She’s talking about us (bloggers), I think.

this year feels very monumental for me, so maybe i get the point.
there a few things i want to achieve this new years myself.

use my middle finger alot more. i always think what person did that gesture and made it so famous for saying “f*ck you”! why wasnt it a pinky or a thumb? lol
but scince it does mean those clever two words i want to do it alot more.
its neccesary to be happy in life.
if you think about some of the most great and succesfull people and artist….. prince, oprah, bill gates, basquiat, andy warhol, murakami, michael jackson, kayne west, oh this list could go on forever…. they all had to say it once or twice in their lifetime.
people are always gonna try and tear u down for your individuality, your creative drive, you personal choices and all the little things that make you you!
people rag on me for everything, from my choices in shoes and lipstick color all the way up to my hair! but at the end of the day YOU have to be happy with YOU!
so what if you have the urge to do things that cant be formulated or has four sides?
black and white can be so boring without a touch of color! (source)

LOL Solange. I like you. I really do. I was even one of the 5 people minus your moms who owned that first album of yours (let’s not split hairs, 5, 5,000…it’s all less than your sister and Kelly LOL). However, “be different.” We applaud you for that. What we don’t applaud is looking a hot tail mess and calling it “different.” Not matching your colors and not combing your hair does not equal different (see above).

If I walked out of the house with a blue shirt on and pink pants and some red tennis shoes, people would talk about ME too. That’s life LOL. It’s especially difficult when you are a star LOL. When I step out onto a red carpet, I’mma look fresh. And matching.

Writing Myspace blogs calling out people is so passe’ and it often makes people give YOU the middle finger LOL. I know that spell check really isn’t a big deal, but what is “scince” LOL. OK I’mma stop, despite the fact the first sentence of the blog was “please exuse my typos, im not writing a literature essay to get into harvard.” Right — so why not run a spell check?? Just asking.

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Maybe Fannie Can’t Read Her Call Sheet?

13 12 2007

Tanfasia Mae Bullock been NOT showing up for work. Say what!? Let me pay all my good hard earned money on a ticket and Fannie not be there…I’m burning something down! You KNOW she’s the reason most people even bothered.

December 12, 2007 — THE Broadway attendance police are on patrol, and this time we’re giving out detention to - Fantasia.

Since summer, the occasional star of “The Color Purple” has missed nearly 50 performances, production sources say. Following a three-week vacation caused by the strike, she dropped last Friday’s performance, causing pandemonium in the lobby of the Broadway Theatre.

An 8-year-old girl sobbed uncontrollably when she heard Fantasia was not going to be in the show.

“It was very sad,” my lobby spy reports. “Her mother was trying to explain to her that Fantasia was sick, but the girl didn’t understand and just kept crying.”

A couple who had tickets that night asked the man at the box office how many performances Fantasia has missed.

“Fifty,” he sighed.

“Fifty!” exclaimed the woman, startling everybody on the refund line. [She was CRUNK! — The IPS]

(Broadway’s rule of thumb: If the star’s out, you can either exchange your tickets for another day or get a refund.)  (source)

I’m sure eight performances a week isn’t easy, but still…that’s your job. If my black a-asterisk-asterisk didn’t show up for work 50 times in a 3 month period, I’d be in the unemployment line faster than the decline of Yung Berg’s ringtone sales.

When the play premiered, they were hyping up all the sales that Fantasia was bringing to the run, but they quietly never mentioned how people were returning tickets worth tens of thousands of dollars because the star wasn’t showing up.

Did anyone here go and see this play? I wasn’t traipsing to New York to see Fannie Mae sang “me and you shall never part, ma-kee-da-da” (you already know!), but I might check out the L.A. run.

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Grammy Nominations Announced

6 12 2007

Akon realizes that we can see him because he’s standing in front of a white backdrop.

Oh yay! Grammy time! Who is nominated for an award this year that shouldn’t be!? I have two words for you ya’ll:


I’m officially going BACK to school and turning in this degree in music industry for something better, like, oh, creative dance?

Wait, I don’t need a degree. This dude still in high school! Soulja Boy can now say “Grammy Nominated Artist Soulja Boy.” Ay dios mio…

A couple of noms below that I care about, and MY choices in bold:

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Spicy Creole Is Not Everyone’s Favorite Dish

13 11 2007

Beyonce’ Ad Not Welcome in Reno, NV.

Well, she’s not welcome on our TV screens every 5 seconds when I am rewinding on the Tivo, but has that stopped her? No! Though, I’m sure she had nothing to do with this ad. I’m sure Mathew rubber stamped it one day on the toilet while wiping his crack with gold-leaf toilet paper leftover from “The Writing’s On The Wall” sales. ROFL!

“I was sitting out the porch one morning, and they were putting up another one. It was a naked lady. All she has on is two little triangles that cover her breasts,” Keeney said.

The billboard is for the Reno radio station Z93.7 and her daughter-in-law told her the woman on the billboard was singer Beyonce Knowles.

“It’s obscene,” Keeney said. “I have my two little grand kids coming over here, and they don’t need to be seeing that.”

When she looks out her front door or looks from her yard, the scantily clad Beyonce dominates her view, she said.

“You can change the channel on the TV, but you can’t change that,” Keeney said. (source)

I respect my elders and all that, but someone needs to take Ms. Keeney to the Senior Center for shuffleboard and jello shots. I mean, really. I thought she was gonna say Beyonce’ was naked juggling her tittayballs and a Grammy statue all at the same time.

Wait a minute, Estelle Getty? Is that you!? Who let Sophia out!?

Thank you for being a friend!

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Robin Givens Gets To Eat This Year

12 11 2007

Well, here’s a name I haven’t seen in a while. Crazy Robin Givens has gotten cast in a new Lifetime show. No more gov’ment cheese for her!

Madchen Amick, Robin Givens and Emma Lung have been cast as the leads in Lifetime’s pilot presentation “The Verdict,” directed by Mark Piznarski.

The Lionsgate project centers on the “crime of the century” trial of a beloved pop star who has been accused of having her lover murdered.

Amick will play Christine, a talented assistant D.A. assigned to the case. Christine juggles her first high-profile trial with her marriage to a media dynasty heir.

Givens will play Ayira, the pop singer/supermodel-turned-mogul on trial for allegedly having her lover/personal trainer killed by her bodyguard.

Lung will play Fiona, a British news reporter covering the case. (source)

This just means one less role for ______________ (insert random black actress here).

Robin Givens as a pop star/supermodel/mogul? Tyra Banks anyone? The makeup person on this show is about to be putting in some serious work. Hope they don’t have carpal tunnel ROFL. That whole show is gonna shot in soft-light, mark my words.

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Bernie Mac Coming Back!

12 11 2007

Bernie Mac is set to return to TV and that makes me happy. I think they should get some other black celebs and rally up another “TGIF” kind of block. Don’t ya’ll think that would be hot??

Bernie Mac is reuniting with Fox, signing on to star in a new laffer from “Drew Carey Show” creator Bruce Helford.

Half-hour — tentatively titled “Starting Under” — comes from Warner Bros. TV, where earlier this summer Helford renewed his studio vows, sealing a hefty new two-year overall deal.

Fox scored the comedy after a fierce bidding war. Net gave a substantial series commitment to the untitled laffer (believed to be seven episodes), making it one of the biggest — if not the biggest — comedy deals of the now-suspended development season.

Deal was hammered out late Friday, making it the last major pilot pact before pencils went down early Monday and a writers strike began.

“I’ve been a huge Bernie Mac fan forever and felt we needed to bring that star back to TV,” said Fox Entertainment prexy Kevin Reilly.

Multicamera sitcom will star Mac as a large, opinionated guy (not unlike himself in that respect) who winds up divorced and living with his introverted twentysomething son. What’s more, he also winds up working for his son. (source)

I thought the Bernie Mac show was pretty great honestly, though I got into kind of the middle of the first season and watched it on and off. Bernie is one of the few people who is consistently funny in the roles that he chooses. Three cheers for black actors getting work!

Now, if this strike would be over the show might actually have a chance of coming out…

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