*Candidate for Hot Mess of The Year: Dumb Robber

10 04 2008

This negro is stoopid (with the two 0’s). I can’t even formulate words. He is definitely a candidate for Hot Mess of the Year.
Oh God. I’m just *dead* at the whole thing. Seriously…I’m speechless on this one.

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Man…April 1st isn’t playing around!

1 04 2008

April 1st is bringing out all the fools:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? So why even try responding to a picture with a few words. Here’s my reply:

The resemblance is remarkable!

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$0.99 to the first person who can give me a legit plot line

26 03 2008

What in the hot piss is this? This makes BET Movies look like Shakespeare plays. ROF @ her husband, but *dead* at the hot mess she’s creepin with. There’s one shot where his lips takes up the whole screen. Man! Certified Hotmessness!

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Hip-hop…Here’s My 2 Week Notice (Reason 3 of 3)

23 03 2008

Reason 3:

*blank look* I walk on money, but I pay taxes? (*begins scrolling marquee*) GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE! (*ends scrolling marquee*) Baby Bryan Williams got all this “money” and stores it in a raggedy house like that? Wait…(*gathers self*)…“we keep money because what we see, we like to buy. Don’t wanna wait…” (*drags out previous scrolling marquee*) Negro…get a BANK ACCOUNT!!! Get a debit card or something. You’ve seen the MasterCard commericals. Dude whips out cash, and everything goes haywire. Imagine this fool at Walmart:

Cashier: That will be $42.17 Mr. (ummm…) Baby.
Lil Wayne Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.: Please say the Baby.
Baby Bryan Williams: Aiiiiight. Hold on. (turns to his partna) Say dog, did you get the money from under the mattress?
His Boy: Yeah…hold on.
*Baby Bryan hands cashier $1,000 bill*
*Cashier calls manager to get more change*
*Justin Time enters with scrolling marquee*

(*sigh*)…I quit this beyotch! Why! WHY!!! A hole in the wall with money? Dufflebags? (*sheds tear with the crying Indian in the pollution commercials*)

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