Caption These!

7 04 2008

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Caption This Too!

1 04 2008

I use to love Da Brat, but she looks like she’s heading to the Million Man March looking for housewives.
Howie: “Da Brat…the bank offers you a dress and a makeover…Deal or No Deal”
Brat: “NO DEAL! (slams down box, and grabs crotch)”

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Caption This + Mess of the Moment: Denzel

31 03 2008


One word…Daaayyyyuuuummmmm! Talk about the wrong time for a picture. I’m sure even God was like…”Oh Myself!” Denzel (yes…Denzel) looks like he either got an endorsement deal with Doodoomints or just wiped his face with Bobby Brown’s washrag. After I saw Free fall from grace, I knew no one was safe. But even with that…Denzel?

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Caption This! (Part 2)

26 03 2008

I know, Golden is still taking up a lot of your energy, but I couldn’t dream up a caption good enough for this pic either. You guys are gems when it comes to that so I’ll let you take this.

Serena Williams plays tennis on an invisible platform in a swimming pool.

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Who in the hell left the gate open?

26 03 2008


BAM again!!

I’ma let y’all tear into these pics. The bloglines are now open.

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Caption This! Winner

25 03 2008

D’Lila takes the mic. “Can anyone tell me who this man is?”
Jesse James: “We’ve seen him before, but can’t place his face.”

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UPDATED: Trace Magazine (inside)

25 03 2008

(thanks MissOhMyGoodness for the pic)

Hold up…is he rockin a gumby? (Don’t act like y’all don’t know. You either had the regular hi-top fade, the steps, or the gumby.). I can’t say too much about Erykah. I’ma let y’all fill in the blank.

Aight…CLICK HERE to see the INSIDE pics of the magazine. (it’s a PDF file)

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Caption This!

24 03 2008

Diddy with twins D’Lila & Jessie at the “Making the Band 4″ live finale.

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