The Creole Clown Is In The Town!

7 04 2008

Props to Jasmine for the following:

Love the blog, came across this pic of Solange as the featured single on myspace so of course my immediate reaction was, she looks a hot yellow mess, and I had to go to her page and find the original hot mess picture. I came across one more of her looking like a broke down Beyoncé in this tight silver tube dress [see the jump -J]. Hope you can find a place for them, or at least the yellow mess!

B.G. Creole looks like she’s getting ready to hit Cirque Du Soleil. In what way is this OK? To be fair, I think Baby Daniel did a good job staying in the lines.

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Mess of the Moment: Free (former host of 106 & Park)

25 03 2008

No Free! No! What a tragedy. Never in a million years would I have thought Free would look like a hot bowl of mess. (*SMH*). LaLa is like, “hurry up and take this damn picture.” Honestly, she looks pregnant to me. That’s my only justification of it, but there’s no reason to look like…

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Would You ‘Roc’ This ‘Familia’ Flava?

24 03 2008

Kanye West, Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z were photographed backstage at the kick-off of Mary & Jay’s tour in Miami wearing some very interesting unis. Would you step into this Viva La Roc (and friends) fashion closet?

Behind Door #1: General Kanye Santa Anna and his Mexican troops getting ready to storm The Alamo Herbie Hancock’s house for that Grammy.

Behind Door #2: The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul becomes the Queen of Arts ‘n’ Crafts by rolling her jacket around in some paint before heading onstage to perform. Raw emotion meets abstract!

Behind Door #3: Join Jigga as he dons a life jacket and leaps from the Titanic known as U.S.S. Def Jam. Big foe’headed women and children on camel-back get the first boats!

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