Freestyle Friday - 106 & Hot Mess

11 04 2008

Ok…multiple people gave me this video, and when I first played it, I just listened, but this morning…(*wipes tears*)…OMG!  I’m trying to go to Heaven…I promise I am.  They say if you can’t say nothing nice, then don’t say anything.  Well…these are my final words in life…(Shoutout to Eli…ROF):

*dead especially @ the pause*

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Consolidated Posts - 4/10/08

10 04 2008

Well…instead of me posting fifty-levem times, I’ma consolidate my posts for today. (*yeah…I’m lazy today, so what…lol*). Anyways, let’s start off with…ummm…


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Kelly Rowland - Comeback [full video]

8 04 2008

I’m on my fifty-’leventh post for today, so I’m bout to call it a day on this one. Between seeing this baby on Sandra Rose… Read the rest of this entry »

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Watch this with a straight face:

3 04 2008

Before I post the video, I would like to let everyone know that Raider_wifee has ruined my chances of entering the Pearly gates for sending me this. I feel like I’m going to hell with a full-ride scholarship. (*forgive me Lawd*):

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Not Safe For Life

2 04 2008

Mr. Pregnant is what goes bump in the night. And in the day, too, I’d assume.

This is what would happen if you put a Teletubby, Sway Calloway, this dude and a 7 year-old Asian girl in a blender. The results? Something that will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

Damn you, Kayra

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SMH(and WTF) of the day…no…of the WEEK!

31 03 2008

Dag. What do I even do with this post? What can I say? Hell…what can his wife say? How did she lose out to a table? (*if you’re reading this without first pressing play, I’m sure you’re like “WTF?”*) Even the cops had to shake their heads on this one. This is SMH of the week for me. You know his “school-aged” kids are gonna catch hell. I can see it now. Jokes such as, “your dad put it all on the table,” “Trojans is gonna have to make table covers now,” and “your momma is so flat…” Man…(*trying to be optimistic*). At least it wasn’t a wooden table. (*OUCH*)

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Real Life: A HOT MESS McDonald’s Story

29 03 2008

First of all, I don’t want people to think I’m taking over this site. It’s a collective site. (shoutout to J and Erin). I officially been here for a week, and just want people to get to know me better, na’mean? Well, with that being said, I wanna hit y’all off with something that happened to me 30 minutes ago. Now, I know everybody has a HOT MESS McDonald’s Story. Prior to 30 minutes ago, I didn’t.

Aight…I just got back from McDonald’s, right? And all I wanted was a McChicken sandwich. That’s all. A McChicken sandwich. $1.00 and boom…I’m out. I went through the drive-thru and placed my order (as usual). Now…the drive-thru serves a purpose. Fast service…right? (*sigh*) Anyway, I gave my order and pulled around to the window. The guy opened the window to collect my money…THO I THOUGHT! (*here’s where the bafoonery starts*). This big dummy sees me, and figures, “hey since he’s black, I’ma stick my hand (and head) out the window and give him dap.” (*WTF?*) So, I tried to kill two birds with one stone and I gave him dap with the dollar in my hand. Dude was like, “Yeah son…I finna take over the world.” (*I promise you…this is a real story*) “Yeah son. I hate these white people. They trying to…(get this)…Eliminate me.” (*WTF?*) At this point, I’m giving him multiple SEODs. (Side Eye Of Death for the newbies) That didn’t phase him. He continued to talk for 2 more minutes, and touched on matters such as, “I just got out of jail, I gang bang, etc.” I got fed up and was like…”Dude! All I want is a McChicken homie.” Dude was like, aight…my bad, and hands me…A muthaluvin HAPPY MEAL BOX with my McChicken inside. (*sigh*) So, if you see little posts from Justin Time on Monday, it’s because I’m giving that McDonalds hell! Now…I know y’all got a story.

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It’s Friday, and ah…this is how we gon start it off…

28 03 2008

(shoutout to gemini0673)

Wow! I woke up this morning, checked my email, got a link to this, watched it, looked up to Sweet Minty Himself as He wept, then went back to sleep. MAN! no…seriously. MAN? or WOMAN? This is grade A, certified hot mess. Half flamingo/Half Tranny? And what’s with the extra smedium double breasted suit jacket? Church socks with pumps? (Jesus…take the wheel) I would comment on the crew behind him/her, but this post might turn into a novel. Enough of this sugary baffonery! That ceiling fan was just there for decoration, because ain’t no way that it was gonna cool down that hot mess.

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Laugh of the day: A New Candidate?

27 03 2008

*dead and crankin it with Auntie Viv’s plastic surgeon* I remember having this pic as my gravatar some months back. I don’t know if this is from the same people, but I was dying when I saw this.


…then come back and let me know if you’re penciling them in your voting ballot.

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Who in the hell left the gate open?

26 03 2008


BAM again!!

I’ma let y’all tear into these pics. The bloglines are now open.

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SMH of the Week: What an Easter Ritual!

24 03 2008

I’m not posting no pictures…no commentary…nothing! All I’m giving y’all is a link. That’s it. After y’all click the link, come back here and post your thoughts. All I have to say is that I’m sure that God is saying “Oh Myself!” (*SMH*):


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