Even Blackface Is Ashamed Of This

4 04 2008

Here’s a promo poster for the new comedy Tropic Thunder in which Robert Downey, Jr. plays a black soldier alongside Ben Stiller and Jack Black.

He doesn’t even look black! I mean, I know that should go without saying since he’s a white dude, but if they were gonna try and get away with this foolishness, they could have at least done it right! He looks like one of those white boys from the Saturday Night Fever era with those sideburns and that he fell asleep in a bath of Lindsay Lohan’s fake tan.

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Pluto Nash + Norbit = Eddie’s New Movie

26 03 2008

*dead and crankin it with Johnny Gill in Eddie’s fat suit*  I…I…I just don’t know about this one.  I’m not knockin Eddie for it. (Get your child support paper homie)  Seriously, he’s a talented guy, but…ah, I can’t imagine paying gas money to go see this.  And who is Gabrielle Union’s agent?  Her career is as limited as Soulja Boy’s college choices. (*SMH*)  It does looks like a great movie for kids tho.  I’m sure Mel B is gonna bring her daught…umm…nevermind.  I can see Johnny (with drippin lip gloss) giving little Angel Iris the SEOD.

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