Video: Riskay (feat. Aviance & Real) - “Smell Yo D***”

23 04 2008

In case you were wondering, this isn’t safe for work.

I’ve been trying to avoid this song but when I heard there was a video, curiosity got the best of me. Lawwwwwddddd, it’s too early for me to be dealing with this. “Dirty foot bitches”?! I’m using that one!

I really fell out at Keyshia Cole’s play cousin singing the hook. How would you feel getting your break in the industry singing about this?

And here I thought Solé’s “4, 5, 6″ was ghetto. If you took that song/video and multiplied it by a bucket of grease, some non-conflict free Yaki and Flavor Flav’s breath, this video is the level of stank you would get.

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…and let this be a lesson to you youngins…

16 04 2008

I know that cop’s face was red as hell.

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So Many Questions

16 04 2008

* Why is Sisqo at the CMT Awards?
* In fact, how did he even get past security?
* How much did the time machine ride to 1999 to get that hair bleach cost?
* Is that guido look intentional or could he not afford the top three buttons?
* He hasn’t pawned that dragon chain yet?
* Why is he so short that I can see the “X” on the carpet where they are told to pose for pictures? SMH.

Props to Go Fug Yourself

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Look at this futhamucka here!!!

15 04 2008

Aight…this is my last post of the day, so I leave ya’ll with this.  This is soccer player Djibril Cissé.  Some may have other opinions, but this dude looks a wretched hot mess.  I’m not talking about his soccer skills or his life.  I’m currently looking at these hot mess pics like “Who vetoed this Bill of Foolishness?”  Synonyms such as “Bird-money” and “angry toliet brush” has been mentioned in relation to these pics.  Thanks Bossip!  (more pics below)

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Someone Get The Hose, They Turned The Air Off In Here!

10 04 2008

Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes put on quite a show by the looks of these photos taken from The 50th Grammy Celebration Tour’s stop in HELL. Look at them sweating! This screams fire and brimstone. That’s what they get for this.

Nah, in actuality these flicks were taken in New York, probably in a Costco warehouse where they forgot to pay the electric bill because these folk are sweating like some whores in church (More after the jump).

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Live from the Messtivities!

2 04 2008

Lawd Hammercy! Man…with all dat horse hair and all dem tracks, I was waiting for Seabiscuit to hop in the picture and crack a smile. I mean…man! How come PETA ain’t all over this? All them innocent horses! And if Bootz would deflate dem tittays, maybe she would’ve notice the flab escaping from her piss-colored wife-beater with the matching cumberbun around her thighs. And Bucky? Quick question. When did Glad bags started making capris? And that UPS-colored smedium sports jacket is not da business! And as for Trina…(*sigh*)…that COPPER dufflebag purse and SILVER-ish dress don’t match! Lookin like a Collection Plate. How it is a long sleeved mini dress? At least she opted to take the shoulder pads out. I know metal detectors went crazy when she left the store with that dress, talkin about…”I’m tryna go Platium!” [*insert Negro Please face*]

Here’s more from the track meet Trina’s Album Release Party:
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NEW MESS OF THE MOMENT: “Hey April…come get your fool!”

1 04 2008

Denzel…you are off the hook. This is the New MESS OF THE MOMENT!

I swear I caught STDs just looking at this pic. The creator of stank should sue for copyright infringement.

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This Messtivity needs a story!

27 03 2008


(*camera sound*)
Wayne: “Oh, so you think that rainbow weave gonna lead you to a gold record?”

Nivea: “Ha…it led me to you, Leprechaun!”
(*camera sound*)
Wayne: “Wha??”

(*Camera Man: “Now say cheese!”*)
Wayne: (*sighs*) “Whateva man”
Nivea: “I got you nicca. Pretty daaaaaaaaa(*camera sound*)aaam good!”

Now…it’s y’all turn to narrate this messtivity.

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