What A B****

21 03 2008

Kimora Lee’s dog Zoe recently passed away at the ripe old age of 18, and a distraught Kimora is considering immortalizing her forever by having her ashes made into a diamond.

She tells People.com, “You have to… grieve. It’s okay to take time and say this meant something to my life and (to) honor it. There is a company that makes diamonds out of your loved ones. They make diamonds from a little of the carbon from the ash, so I might do that. I might turn her into a diamond.” (Source)

So rich people are making their dead animals into diamonds now. This is what happens when people have too much money and get bored. They come up with ideas like this.

If I would have known about this I would have been scooping up strays left and right from the side of the road and brought them down to these fools. I’m just kidding. Mostly because I’m sure it costs a grand to have the “procedure” done.

I wonder if you could bring in a hamster’s ashes and have it made into a Cubic Zirconia?

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Girl, You So Edgy

21 02 2008

Rihanna bought a bunch of shitty pop art from Jack Gallery in LA’s Fairfax District. She just turned 20 so in addition to getting tattoos of sparkles and probably buying some kind of whips and chains as a joke, she got paintings that will reportedly go in both of her homes in LA and NYC. (Props to Just Jared)

I’m sure she thinks these are “rad” or whatever word Fefe Dobson would use to describe it. I’m mad at these paintings! This looks like some shit you’d see on a screen tee at Target for $10 a pop. And her ass probably bought these for ten grand. Rihanna’s a mess, though. I think it’s her age. I’m sure she has an “ice cream room” or something like that where she’ll hang these and her and her edgy friends will have an ironic laugh at them. (One more pic after the jump.)

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Mario Says “F*** It” And Goes For That Check

20 02 2008

Mario will star on the next season of “Dancing With The Stars”, which, in case you weren’t sure, pretty much sums up the status of his career as a singer. Um. Yeah.

Showing that he’s more than just a voice, R&B star Mario is set to show off his footwork on the ABC hit reality series “Dancing With The Stars.”

According to the Baltimore Sun, the 21 year-old will be a part of this season’s new cast, which will see Mario and 11 other celebrities working on their dancing skills. The show, which will debut on March 17, is in it’s sixth season and was the second highest rated show of 2007, behind “American Idol.”

In addition to the young crooner, the show will also welcome famed Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, tennis star Monica Seles and actor Steve Guttenberg, among others. (Source)

I mean, shoot, I ain’t mad at Kristi Yamaguchi. I’m sure that Olympics endorsement money is just about SAPPED. DRY. But Mario? I mean I know he’s not Usher but isn’t he selling himself a little short here? Or am I giving him too much credit? I don’t know. Or care, really. “Cryin’ Out For Me” was my cut, though. Apparently not many other people felt the same.

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Stuntin’ From The Womb

14 02 2008

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reportedly spent upwards of $120,000 on furnishing rooms for their twins on the way.

Sources tell PageSix.com that the nursery awaiting the forthcoming fraternal twins is an ocean-themed room stocked in English furniture and French-made cribs decked out in hand-embroidered bedding.

The tiny pair will also gaze upon 18-karat gilded trim and chandeliers in Jennifer and Marc Anthony’s Long Island home, as well as in the nurseries in their Bel Air and Fisher Island homes. The total cost of digs for two adorable babes? Over $120,000. (Source)

You know what? This really just makes you take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Is this my life?” I made it to a world-class university and have been busting my ass to try and make a real job out of my smart ass antics and all I have to show for it is this rundown ’50s-style apartment? Meanwhile some kids who aren’t even born yet will probably have to wear those Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses I’ve wanted since I was 18 to keep the glare out of their eyes from a GOLD TRIM AND CHANDELIER. Excuse me a minute, I’m gonna go self-medicate.

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Rick Ross Buys Axe Buy The Ki-Load

13 02 2008

My peoples at Blender (if you’re reading, I want an internship!) sat down with Rick “Osama” Ross to talk about some stuff. This is why I love Blender, because they ask hilarious ass shit like “What’s your favorite Snapple?” Any other magazine would ask what inspired him, the neighborhood he grew up in, yada yada yada.

This interview had me cracking up! When he said his friend jumped off the bridge in the “Speedin’” video did he mean for 300 DOLLARS or $300,000? It wouldn’t really make a difference to me (I could use an extra $300) but I’m just sayin’.

And let me just note that I don’t think the stench of Mary Jane is the only thing Mr. Ross is using Axe to cover up. That beard probably has creatures and all sorts of foul smelling things inhabiting it. Bump Axe, I would throw some Raid on that bitch.

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Good Lawd That’s A lot Of Money!

24 01 2008

It has now surfaced that Shaq is spending up to $850,000 a month on his expenses. That is ridiculous and all but are we really all that surprised? I’m just mad at him being emotional over his wife being secretive of finances when he is spending $6,730 a month on dry cleaning! Outrageous!

The tall-head just sent a Miami-Dade court a never-seen-before affidavit for his and wife Shaunie’s divorce file. Records show O’Neal dragged his size 23 sneakers over the mandatory financial snapshot for months.

While the document says O’Neal makes an enormous amount of money, $1.8 million in monthly salary, publicity contracts and returns on investments, his routine expenses total $875,000 - A MONTH.

Among them: $156,116 in mortgages on three homes (including his $20 million mansion on Star Island, Miami Beach), plus $31,299 in homeowners insurance; $3,345 in phone bills; $1,610 in lawn and pool maintenance; $12,775 in food; $1,495 in cable TV; $24,300 in gas; $6,730 in dry cleaning; $17,220 in clothing; $2,305 for pets, and $110,505 in vacations.

Child care sets Shaq back $26,500 a month. He and Shaunie have four children, and Shaq had an extra one from a previous relationship. By the way, Shaq is paying $10,000-a-month in temporary child support and another 10 grand in alimony.

To his credit, the big-man-in-the-middle is doing his share in helping close the giant federal budget deficit. The 13-page document shows he pays nearly $6 million a year in federal income tax and nearly $2.5 million in taxes in states where the Heat play away games. Property taxes sets him back about $850,000.


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Someone thinks Remy Ma has $80 Million Dollars

10 01 2008

This is almost as bad as that guy named Michael Jordan that sued Michael Jordan for $832 Mil because they had the same name and looked alike. Remy Ma was originally up against $20 Million but it has now been upped to $80 million dollars in the civil suit.

The Village Voice received a press release from Lauren P. Raysor, the lawyer of shooting victim, Makeda Barnes-Joseph. In it, Raysor accuses Remy of shooting Joseph twice in the abdomen, resulting in wounds that have led to three surgeries and weekly hospital visits.Raysor said “Only by pursuing those who we believe are legally responsible for this vicious and callous act of violence, can we hope to put an end to this senseless cycle of violence that is glorified by Hip-Hop marketing.”

Remy’s lawyer, Ivan Fisher, called the lawsuit a publicity stunt.

Fisher said Joseph’s decision to file a civil suit before the actual criminal case is sure to leave Remy victorious. “I’m very glad that she’s filed this thing because it represents a position she is taking factually that is inaccurate and is showed to be inaccurate. The civil suit is beneficial to us. It shows someone trying to profit for an incident that she was at least in part responsible.”


I can’t blame them for trying to sue the hell out of her because if I was shot by someone remotely famous I’d sue them left and right. Hell, I’d sue Tamera Mowry for 1 million for bumping into my cart at the grocery store and looking at me the wrong way.  There is no way that they are going to get $80 Mil out of Remy but I do believe that Makeda will be getting paid.Posted by Erin T. 

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Ma$e, Dig A Hole & Bury Yourself Playa

4 01 2008

Mason & Twyla Betha - Born To Succeed TV Promo Spot

“Green is for the money & gold is for the honeys!” — Bishop Don Magic Juan

I just wanted everyone to know I am starting a church next week. Sweet Minty Jesus Episcopal Ebenezer Temple of Everlasting Life & Wealth will hold it’s first service on Nevuarary 33rd, 2015. Please send all building fund offerings and promises of your virgin legal age daughters to 666 Mason DMX Road, Hellion, CA, 66666 in an extra large clear envelope. No checks accepted, CASH ONLY. And we don’t give receipts!

No reallly though, please riddle me this: who is watching this show? If Ma$e is your Pastor, please form a line to the right so that we can have Juanita Bynum lay hands on you, followed by Bishop Weeks laying ANOTHER hand on you!

I blame Diddy. And Rev. Run. Why Rev. Run? Well, he calls himself Rev. Run and sends out Blackberry inspiration notes. LOL. So shut up!

Spotted @ Nah Right

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I WISH The 2Pacalypse Was Upon Us

28 12 2007


Flo Rida has the #1 record in the country. His song “Low” featuring Teddy Pendmyearsdownbleeding unseated Alicia Keys‘ “No One,” which had been on top of the charts for 5 weeks. 178,000 people bought it and it had increased airplay.  WHY!? But Alicia isn’t dead YET.

On Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Keys becomes only the second artist since this chart began using Nielsen Music data in 1992 to succeed herself at No. 1, as “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” jumps 2-1 and trades places with “No One,” which had ruled for 10 weeks. Nelly accomplished the feet in 2002 with “Hot in Herre” and “Dilemma.” (source)

While “No One” had to grow on me with all that constant straining she does on that song (”When the rain is falling dowwwwwwwwwwwn!” LAWDY!), I’d rather hear that than “shawty got loow looow looooow” featuring Chocolate Predator Pain on voicebox.

I just don’t get it…I really just don’t get it. Who is calling in and requesting these songs? Dude says “Apple bottoms” like, 50-11 times. Are we not tired of strip clubs and big ass and titties?! 2nd thought, don’t answer that. I want to keep hope alive!

*superman’s that hoe in the club*

Maybe I am jealous since the only place I make it rain at is in the shower. That water falls dowwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn like Alicia’s “Itchy & Scratchy” vocals.


And wait a minute, what happened to Nelly’s song “Wadsyaname”?! That song came and went faster than a 40 Year Old Virgin in a Las Vegas hoe-ranch. Sheiza!

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Who’s Been F***in’ For Tracks Now?

20 11 2007


This chick better learn her place before Keri Hilson swoops down and stabs her with a million dollar Bic pen! KIDDING.

TIMBALAND is mixing business and pleasure - and is about to become a baby daddy. According to our insider, the power producer is having a baby girl with a woman who works at his record label, Mosley Music Group. The duo aren’t a couple, although Timbaland promises to be “involved in the child’s upbringing.” Our source added: “He’s very excited about the baby and has been very supportive to the mother.” The baby is due at the end of November. Timbaland’s rep did not return repeated calls for comment. (source)

Clearly he’s not watching BET’s “Rap-It-Up” Specials. It’s 2007 people! Da hail?!!!

I thought Tim mixing business with pleasure was a late night Popeye’s run during a studio session for some hot, juicy breasts and thighs.


I’ll be here until I stuff my face with turkey all week folks!

No really, who is this chick? I need pictures, evidence. Cause she MUST be lookin’ for tracks…or maybe she’s tired of carrying his coffee and Prilosec pills, and she decided it was time for a promotion!?

Or maybe Tim slipped her a Ruffie? In any case, get that money girl!! Brave soul she is.

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Diddy Flies His Homies In For His 60th Birthday

15 11 2007
A mess at this picture. Is he going to prom?

Diddy turned 38 (HA!) last week and had a big birthday celebration on Saturday, for which he flew a jet out to his “friends” Jay-Z, Pharrell and Kim Porter (wow!) to come attend.

The party apparently came to a close with fireworks flashing: “Diddy. The World Is Yours.” Yawn. (Source)

Diddy is like one of those rich kids with no friends in elementary school who gets everyone to come to their party by providing a new watch or a digital camera in the goodie bag.

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J. Low-Sales is Close to Getting Dropped

30 10 2007

Epic Records and its parent company Sony want Jennifer Lopez gone because it costs way more money to promote her than they are getting back in record sales (she only sold 53,000 her first week out).

“She costs too much money and doesn’t sell enough,” says the source, who is familiar with the issue. “Her last album cover alone cost $60,000 in hair and makeup, lighting, photographers, re-touching, etc. The video budget was in the neighborhood of $300,000.”

And that’s just what it costs to get the album out the door. Lopez performed on “Good Morning America” earlier this month, and all the costs were absorbed by the label. “Epic had to eat the cost for that entire performance. From her makeup — which typically costs in the neighborhood of $8,000 per day — to the backup singers, to the rigging, lighting and sound,” says a source close to the Lopez camp. “The woman requires everything short of flying monkeys to get on a stage.”

“Sony and Epic might keep her,” a source who is familiar with the situation says, “but she’ll be doing little more than greatest hits albums. That you can do without incurring a huge cost. The label is tired of throwing money away.” (Source)

This story needs more Skelemarc Anthony. I only enjoy Jenny when she’s accompanied by her titmouse man, overshadowing him in both stardom and height. $8,000 a day on makeup, huh? Now that just makes me wanna go riot in the streets. I don’t know if I’ve ever had $8,000 in one place in my LIFE. And I can see about $6,209 worth of it on her face in this picture.

A mess at greatest hits. Why don’t they just re-release J. Lo and the J. Lo Remix album and call it day? Maybe they can do a “I’m Real” Part 3 featuring Lil’ Mama and Yung Joc. I wouldn’t be surprised, LMAO.

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Even Ethiopians Are Under Beyahweh’s Spell

21 10 2007

Beyoncé wowed a crowd of 5,000 in Ethiopia during the country’s millenium celebrations, despite the fact that Ethiopians are traditionally not fond of “western” music.

In a country where many women wear simple white, cotton dresses, Beyonce wore costumes covered in sequins or shiny, space-age material, from a modern interpretation of a hula girl with shiny black tendrils replacing the grass skirt to a high-necked Victorian-style top paired with sequined hotpants.

Beyonce’s concert was part of Ethiopia’s yearlong celebration of its 2,000th birthday according to its ancient calendar.

In September, at the start of the year 2000, Addis Ababa hosted Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas in a new, multimillion-dollar but temporary concert hall. But the reception for the internationally popular group was tepid, if respectful.

Beyonce’s opening act, rapper Ludacris, also got a lukewarm reception Saturday.

“Rap music doesn’t suit Ethiopia,” said local music promoter Michael Melake. “Ethiopians need a melody.

“Rap music is all about the message and we don’t identify with that,” he said. “It’s all about the black American experience, and we don’t relate to that.”

But the crowd appeared to genuinely enjoy the 26-year-old Beyonce, who sang many of the ballads on her latest album, “B’Day.”

“She’s hot,” said local nightclub owner Enoch Nicano. “She’s more than hot.”

Concert organizers had another reason for why Ethiopians are so fond of the American singer.

Because she loves Ethiopia,” said Mulugeta Aserate, a member of Ethiopia’s millennium secretariat. (Source)

Well there you have it. Show off your wealth and your mama’s tacky designs in some poor peoples’ faces and you got yourself a loyal audience! And here I thought the Ethiopians would only get crunk over a Happy Meal. Let me stop.

Beyoncé loving Ethiopia? Could homegirl even identify where it is on the map?

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Lionel’s Using That “Easy Like Sunday Morning” Money on Nicole

18 10 2007

Lionel Richie is set to buy daughter Nicole and baby daddy Joel Madden a $7 million mansion in Century City. Now there’s a baby shower gift everyone can enjoy!

A source says, “She recently leased out her West Hollywood condo, and, while she likes living at Joel’s bachelor pad in Glendale, she doesn’t want to raise her baby in the Valley.

“Nicole wants to live close to both of her parents while she gets ready to have the baby. Lionel wants Nicole to be safe, and he thinks a gated community is best.” (Source)

DEAD @ her throwing shade on The Valley like that. Glendale is a nice area! I’m gonna have to go try and find her spot since Century City is mad close to where I live. It’s mostly commercial high-rises, though. Hmmm…

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Sweet Minty Jesus Be A Chlamydia Vaccine, Ray-J!

2 10 2007

Is his business really THAT good?

Ray-J in all his Z-List zestiness is writing a “memoir,” detailing his supposed trysts with over 1,100 women (I don’t believe you, you need more people mofo! — The IPS) and even some personal family affairs & business.

Sonya, get your child before Lil’ Kim puts the good squad on his tail! Better yet, Clive Davis is gonna murk your lil’ money a-asterisk-asterisk if you tombout his muse, Whit-Whit “We Have A Problem” Houston.

The BV Newswire has exclusively learned that Ray-J is in the final stages of completing his memoir, tentatively titled ‘Sex Machine.’

The book, due out next spring via Karen Hunter Publishing/Pocket Books, will detail the hip-hop soul crooner’s rise to fame (as a chart-topping recording artist) and infamy (as the co-star of a no-holds-barred, hard-core adult video with alleged Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian).

Tales of having sex with more than 1,100 women will definitely raise eyebrows for the 26-year-old heart-throb who has been romantically linked to Whitney Houston, Lil’ Kim and fellow author Karrine Steffans (a.k.a. Superhead).

Former pop superstar Brandy’s little brother will continue to prove he isn’t little anymore with his foray into the literary world.

Family affairs – including his sister’s fatal car crash – will also be documented, along with a full exploration of his sexual prowess dating all the way back to his first experience at age 10.

I mean, don’t you have to do something before you can write a reflection of your life!?

Ray-J seemed like he had so much positive going for him; “One Wish” was blowing up, he signed his sister to his label, etc. Then, he just lost it. I don’t know.

I know one thing though — this will not get him any more fans.

And ladies, if you sleep with him, you gonna be able to “clap” on your bedroom lights, cause you KNOW that dude don’t wrap it up.

T-Pain is somewhere happy in the pants cause he’s gonna get to read about his idol’s “meat”.

Shawty got class, oh behave!

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