Video: Riskay (feat. Aviance & Real) - “Smell Yo D***”

23 04 2008

In case you were wondering, this isn’t safe for work.

I’ve been trying to avoid this song but when I heard there was a video, curiosity got the best of me. Lawwwwwddddd, it’s too early for me to be dealing with this. “Dirty foot bitches”?! I’m using that one!

I really fell out at Keyshia Cole’s play cousin singing the hook. How would you feel getting your break in the industry singing about this?

And here I thought Solé’s “4, 5, 6″ was ghetto. If you took that song/video and multiplied it by a bucket of grease, some non-conflict free Yaki and Flavor Flav’s breath, this video is the level of stank you would get.

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Go Shawty…it’s ya birthday!

12 04 2008

These pics were taken at Eddie’s birthday party:

Aight…it’s Saturday night, and I don’t normally post, but ah…what the hell. Live from Eddie Murphy’s Birthday Party. I found a gang of pics, but before I get into them, let me ask y’all this: If Eddie was a condiment, he would be a ________! Y’all fill in the blank. My answer is either Sweet & Sour or a packet of Nutrasweet. Lawd knows I’m trying to not side with the rumors, but these pics aren’t helping. Example: He’s still rockin the Mariah Carey charmbracelet that Johnny got him. (*sigh*) Let’s look at other pics:
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For The Pervs: Chris Brown - “Take You Down”

2 04 2008

I’m posting this for all you perverted young girls and dirty old women (and men — *gives side eye to SynKami).

This is the music video to Chris Brown’s new single “Take You Down”. It’s culled from a live performance, he thrusts around a lot and he takes off his shirt at one point. This is all very Usher circa ‘97 to me.

This shit made me MAD uncomfortable. As soon as he started thrusting I fast forwarded pretty much the rest of it. Look, he’s a dude, I’m a dude, but more than that is the fact that he is eternally 16 to me. I know he’s legal now and everything but Jesus. I don’t even want to know what kind of freaky things he’s doing with barely legal (and not legal) groupies after the shows. I’m sure he keeps Valtrex by the pound.

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