*Candidate for Hot Mess of The Year: Dumb Robber

10 04 2008

This negro is stoopid (with the two 0’s). I can’t even formulate words. He is definitely a candidate for Hot Mess of the Year.
Oh God. I’m just *dead* at the whole thing. Seriously…I’m speechless on this one.

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Mess of The Moment: Zoe Kravitz (the new Queen of Hot Mess)

3 04 2008

What in the flaming hot piss is she wearing? Who gave her a Goodwill gift card? Did she shank Mrs. Buttersworth? And them spandex!! Lawd! It looks like Amy Winehouse climbed a fence, got her leggings caught in it, took em off and said…”Here Zoe!” (*shakes my head*) And them shoes! What was she doing? Skating on rocks? She can’t be scuffin her Air Pinocchios like that. Damn…did the strap break on her Alligator-coated purse? That was one ashy azz alligator. He must’ve had athlete’s foot, ankles, azz, etc. Overall, she probably spent more on one McNugget than for her entire outfit. Here’s more from the Black Amy Winehouse.

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