Lil’ Llama Blowin’ Up Spots!

3 04 2008


Lil’ Mama talked to SOHH about her experience being on tour with artists like Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy and others, saying it was “like high school”.This is hilarious because she is trying to play it off like she had so much fun but you can tell she was focused more on the negative aspects. Egos, jealousy and boyfriend-girlfriend situations… I have no problem believing any of this, but the part that’s funny is she only mentioned MALE artists other than herself! I got this mental image of Omarion storming into Woof Woof’s dressing room and asking him why Chris Brown’s body oil was in his car.

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For The Pervs: Chris Brown - “Take You Down”

2 04 2008

I’m posting this for all you perverted young girls and dirty old women (and men — *gives side eye to SynKami).

This is the music video to Chris Brown’s new single “Take You Down”. It’s culled from a live performance, he thrusts around a lot and he takes off his shirt at one point. This is all very Usher circa ‘97 to me.

This shit made me MAD uncomfortable. As soon as he started thrusting I fast forwarded pretty much the rest of it. Look, he’s a dude, I’m a dude, but more than that is the fact that he is eternally 16 to me. I know he’s legal now and everything but Jesus. I don’t even want to know what kind of freaky things he’s doing with barely legal (and not legal) groupies after the shows. I’m sure he keeps Valtrex by the pound.

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Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Beeeest Friend

1 04 2008

Rihanna has pulled the “brother/sister” and/or “best friend” card on her relationship with Chris Brown.

Rihanna is hoping to quash rumours she is dating fellow R+B star Chris Brown once and for all - by insisting their relationship is like “brother and sister”.

The pair has caused much speculation over the nature of their relationship since they were photographed frolicking in a Jamaican swimming pool together last month.

They further fuelled rumours last month after they were photographed leaving a London hotel together - but the Umbrella star insists Brown is more like a family member than a love interest.

She says, “I won’t say that we’re just friends - me and Chris are really best, best friends. We both started our careers around the same time. He is one of the only people in the industry … I trust and hang out with all the time.

“We are best friends, honestly, like brother and sister. If he was a boyfriend, I would say that.” (Source)

Mm’hmmmm. I bet they paint each others’ toenails and everything. The wording of this is “statement” so off!

I understand where she was going with this because it’s pretty much the oldest denial trick in the book, but I’m wondering if she consulted with Norbert on this one because… well, you know.

In all seriousness, I think this is a publicity stunt either way because we all know Rihanna is saving herself for Fred Savage and Chris is saving himself for Michael Jackson.

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26 02 2008

Oh look everyone, Rihanna and Chris Brown are ~together~.

We caught Chris Brown and Rihanna getting hot and heavy in the water — and this is the first photo of them as a loving duo.
R&B’s most secretive couple were sharing a romantic weekend in Jamaica and we can say for sure guys, the cat is out of the bag.
The Grammy winner, who was thrown a big birthday bash by Chris for her 20th birthday last week, was all over her younger man. “They were smooching in the pool and were really lovely dovey,” the spy told us exclusively. “They were playfully making out and he was kissing her on the neck.”

The attractive pair, who got matching star tattoos on their necks in January, got in the pool after a leisurely lunch yesterday at the Hilton Kingston Hotel in Jamaica. They were hanging out with friends and at about 3 p.m., Chris, 18, jumped into the water and waited while Rihanna went to her room and changed into a bikini.

She came back and was very scared of getting her hair wet, said the spy. “They were floating together with him carrying her and she kept saying, ‘Don’t get my hair wet.’ She was very soft and feminine but he was a big kid and splashing around.” (Source)

I guess they really are following that Jay-Z/Beyoncé model where they pretend no one knows. This is just tired and whatever. I’m laughing at the description of her as not wanting to get her hair wet and him being a “big kid splashing around”. They make it sound like he’s a toddler in the bathtub.

That hair can’t get wet because it holds Ambrosia, food of the Gods or something. There’s some magic crystals and probably some four leaf clovers hidden in that mug which would explain her ascendancy to the top of the food chain.

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Video: Lil’ Mama - “Shawty Get Loose” Feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain

30 01 2008

FINALLY the video for the pictures that had Lil’ Mama lookin’ like Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix’s long lost daughter Neyetta or some ish!

I actually like this video…the little microphone thing is kind of zesty…and the graphics/set design were very MJ/JJ “Scream”…but besides that, I don’t mind it at all. I do like the beat to this song…I hate to admit it. I think Chris Brown doesn’t bring anything musically (star power only), but to the video, he made it very lively. His faces alone were enough to entertain me. That and T-Pain’s Missy Elliott-esque pop-locking.

I watched the “Access Granted” today though — and WOW if Chris Brown’s skin wasn’t bad. I mean, dude is growing up, so I was like, whatever. What made me laugh is them trying to “fix” it in post-production. They washed out his parts SO much in order to smooth his skin out.

Just throw some Pancake 51 on that child and call it a wrap!

Iono, Lil’ Mama…girl is talented. She can dance, and she has a great flow. I really have to stop and pay attention though to get all the words in her verses LOL. She’s on her 3rd single though…they are really sticking with her. If she doesn’t get some traction from this, I feel the “Voice of the Young People” will be kicked in the throat and silenced before anyone even got a chance to listen!

She still looks so mannish though, even with those massive amounts of Yaki. Her wigs were cute though. Po’ thang.

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Let’s Be Honest: Do We Really Care?

23 01 2008

Rihanna got her 97th janky ass tattoo recently (does she realize these aren’t the same as the washable ones you get at Round Table Pizza?) and it looks a lot like Chris Brown’s, so people are speculating that they might be dating (she also borrowed his jacket last week). I don’t think they really are dating since this tattoo looks like something they keep on reserve for girls who come to the parlor at age 16 with a forged consent form and ask for something “pretty”. But if they really are, they should have gotten a better set of matching tattoos. You know, like ones that said “Sit” and “Down”.

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New Music From Around The Web

22 01 2008

Usually I find all these joints, but by the time I get around to posting them, it’s 3 days later LOL. So I’ve collected some of the music that’s been sent to us, that other sites have posted and the like. Enjoy!

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New Music & Photos: “Shawty Get Loose” // On Set of Lil’ Mama’s “Shawty Get Loose”

16 01 2008

Carrie-Ann Moss + Strange’ had a baby ya’ll.

Lil’ Mama - “Shawty Get Loose” Feat. T-Pain & Chris Brown (Remix)

This pic right here is a TRAGEDY.

I have high hopes for Lil’ Mama but she is SO VERY SKRONG in the face. Her Lil’ Kim “How Many Licks” look + Bobby Jones hot pants + Solange’s weave = A Hot Mess. Can you believe she’s on her 3rd single? At least they are sticking with her. They released this song a while ago with her, but I guess they figure with T-Pain and CB she will have a shot. Po’ thang.

I’m glad she’s the Voice of the Young People and all that, but I hope they don’t start rocking this look in the 18+ club. I will seriously walk around with a leather belt and just start poppin’ these little girls on they hot a**es cause CLEARLY they ain’t getting it at home.

Anyway, check the song above (which I kind of like) and check the rest of the pics after the jump!

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AHM! News Wrap Up

4 01 2008

Obama wins Iowa Caucus! (BET)

Ne-Yo Sues R. Kelly’s Promoter; R. Kelly Fires Back (Allhiphop)

Britney Spears in Hospital; Tries to Keep Kids From K. Fed in a Standoff (Yahoo)

Chris Brown sued for breach of contract by tour set designer (MTV)

Kanye likes Connect Four; Gets Beat By Beyonce’ (Concrete Loop)

Play from “Kid N’ Play” in car accident but is fine (Allhiphop)

Prodigy has a sex tape, but not really. (Crunk & Disorderly)

Auntie Viv has a sex tape?!?! (Sandra Rose)

Marion Jones wants probation (AP)

If there’s anything you’d like to share with the rest of us, feel free to post a link in the comments. I only go so much time in a day LOL.

For anything else, go R-E-A-D-A-B-O-O-K!

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I Thought His Anatomy Was Bird-Like?

28 12 2007

I thought his anatomy was bird-like? LOL! (Pause)

Let me quit. Don’t let Pretty Boy (Bow Wow) see this, or he might leave Nappy Boy (Omarion). Or is it the other way around? I forgot who wears the protein catcher in the relationship and who doesn’t LOL!

I know Chris is legal and thangs, but to all you grown a** women giving little Chris Breezy that lustful side-eye, I’m going to have to pull out Chris Hansen from “To Catch A Predator On You”:

Umm hmm!

That’s probably air and umm, the rigging. This post is for Ratchet and CUZZO though LOL. I’m off to find pics of Megan Goode jogging in “Stomp The Yard” which I watched last night. Pls excuse me.

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New Music: MC Lyte, Chris Brown and Chingy

13 12 2007

MC Lyte - “Beautiful”

A nice new joint from MC Lyte, one of the pioneers of hip-hop and “femcees.” Lyte always bring the classy back to rhyming, and it’s good to see her with some solid production behind her. I’ve always been a fan of her voice, and I see that she’s still determined to put out hot music with a message. She should have a new album dropping next year — don’t know if it will be indie or major, but hopefully it will get some play. Dude singing isn’t bad either! P.S. I’m sure the pic above is old LOL.

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New Music: Lupe Fiasco, Omarion/Bow Wow, Q-Tip, Maroon 5/Mary J. Blige

3 12 2007

Q-Tip - Feva

Tip is rumored to be working on a new solo joint and things have been peeking out here and there. I like this joint though…the beat is kinda heat to me. I just love Tip’s voice honestly, so anything new from him just makes me reminisce. I still listen to “Vivrant Thing”, what!?

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Chris Brown Is 18 Ya’ll — Help.Us.Lord.

30 11 2007

Chris Brown

The good folks over at Blender sent over a quickie interview they did with Mr. Chris Brown. I really think this boy been having sex since he was like, 14 or something. But that’s just me. Who’s momma turned him out!?! I WANT TO KNOW. If it was the other way around, we’d be locking up someone…double standard!

Some choice quote pulls below:

Who was the last person you punched?
I used to fight in the hood in Virginia. Gang fights—not “gang fights,” but fights with people: “Man, forget them!” “Forget you!” Boom! Boom! Boom! I wouldn’t brag, but I didn’t lose a lot.

If you could make one apology, what would it be?
I’d apologize to God for all my sins.

But you’re only 18. What vices do you have?
Basketball, my music and women.

What do you look like naked?
Pretty damn good.

How would you characterize your taste in sex?
I’ll save that for the lady of my life.

Underwear or commando?
Underwear. I wear a new pair of drawers every day. I won’t wash my drawers and put ’em back on. I just throw them away.

LOL @ that last quote. You know he said “drawz” and they spelled it out “drawers.” Oh YT people, we love you!

I will give him this; dude is MAD confident. He better watch out before T-Pain tries to sneak a peek at the meat! Umm, that SOUNDED wrong being typed on the keyboard. Eww.

And he gang fought? Hmmm, I sure it was more “Westside Story” than it was “Westside Connection” ROFL.

Please notice he said WOMEN instead of GIRLS. Chris Brown been shacking with a cougar! LOL, some old black lady like Eartha Kitt from “Boomerang” been wearing him out! Or, ummm, some 30 year old video hoe. But I digress.

“Exclusive” in stores now! LOL.

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Chris Brown Stretches Into TV

23 11 2007


Remember those two little boys Chris Brown has in his videos and on tour with him? I called them the Hip-Hop Midgets? Yeah, they’re getting a show. Umm hmm.

Nickelodeon has inked a deal with actor-singer Chris Brown for an unscripted pilot revolving around his backup dancers.

The half-hour project, which Brown will executive produce, follows 11-year-old Scooter and 9-year-old Miles as they tour with Brown, who also will appear on-camera.

Brown’s manager, Tina Davis, also will executive produce the untitled project, which is being produced by World of Wonder.

The pilot will air as a special on Nickelodeon, but the airdate has not been determined.

This marks Brown’s first foray into producing and is his first television deal. (source)

I’m proud for Chris, he’s becoming the next Nick Cannon. But the Hip-Hop Midgets? Why? I guess it IS Nickelodeon.

I got 4 little cousins though who sing and dance and can be the next big thing or something too. I can write them a hit song called “Snap For the Kids” and their gimmick can be that they snap.


TV show anyone?

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“This Christmas” Review

23 11 2007

Did anyone else see “This Christmas” this week?

Let me say this: It is one of those movies where all the good parts ARE IN THE TRAILERS!

I was bored to tears during this movie! I really thought it was going to be a lot better than it turned out to be.

The acting was mediocre, the story of the movie didn’t really flow, the character development was really lacking…I could go on.

I think my favorite actress in the whole movie was Regina King. I thought she did a great job and shined in an ensemble movie that was big on names but little on chemistry.

Chris Brown…I really wanted this to be his breakout role or something. But Chris Brown couldn’t even ACT like a singer. Or a young adult. It was just terrible. He was there for star power and it became really obvious when in the opening scenes of the movie he is shirtless laying in a bed. It was painfully obvious he was there to get the younger kids in to see a movie starring Delroy Lindo and Loretta Devine (whom I really love).

Overall, I give this movie a C. What did ya’ll think, cause I KNOW some of ya’ll saw it!

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