Did Someone Say CamHOdian Breast Milk?

25 04 2008

Da Band is back together y’all! You can catch them on tour at local fairs, parks and swap meets. Just playin’, they just went out to the club together. And thank God for that.

Uh, Sara? You lookin’ a little grown in the chest. Either she’s pregnant with quintuplets or she got a boob job. I’ll let you guys decide which.

More flicks after the jump.

Peeped at YBF

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Sound Byte of the Day

22 04 2008

“I’m such an actress, you didn’t see me? I’ll have my own show soon. That’s what it was for. I want to do television all the way around. I screen write — I want to get hands on with all of the sides — as far as production and television, whether reality or sitcom. I’m a creative writer first so you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of me. It was a platform.” -Khia on doing “Miss Rap Supreme” (Source)

Dare to dream, precious.

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Sound Byte of the Day

17 04 2008

What is the most misunderstood thing about you?
That I’m a desperate aging starlet (who) does desperate things for attention. That always blows me away - “Well her career is almost over, that’s why she is doing this” My career is very successful, and I have other chapters that I am going into. And stop believing everything you read on the internet! And stop making up stuff and putting that on the internet…and check your facts. Don’t be happy to hear about another person’s downfalls. Let’s stick together and not tear each other down. -Aunt Vivica, star of Three Can Play That Game (Yes. Yes.) in Upscale Magazine

Props to UrbanScanz

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So Many Questions

16 04 2008

* Why is Sisqo at the CMT Awards?
* In fact, how did he even get past security?
* How much did the time machine ride to 1999 to get that hair bleach cost?
* Is that guido look intentional or could he not afford the top three buttons?
* He hasn’t pawned that dragon chain yet?
* Why is he so short that I can see the “X” on the carpet where they are told to pose for pictures? SMH.

Props to Go Fug Yourself

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“She get it from her Mama”

8 04 2008

Ladies and gents…if you look to your right (side panel), you will see the Mess of the Moment.  If you still can’t see it, here it is in zoom view:

 Ok…now I know you’re like, “Why Justin? Why are you showing us this human hot mess again?”  Well, I’m doing this to teach you all that Hot Messness can be hereditary.  Feast your eyes on exhibit A: Read the rest of this entry »

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Speaking Of Waldos…

11 03 2008

Nivea showed up to some party looking like a cross between Saaphyri, Lil Mama and a muppet. Rumor has it she’s back to gettin’ freaky with Weezy after dumping The-Dream last December, so we’ll probably be seeing a little more of her around soon. Which I’m not sure is a good thing after peeping this.

All I wanna know is… are you checking for another Nivea album?

(Photo Source)

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Snoop’s Release Party In New York

11 03 2008

Snoop Dogg celebrated the release of his new album Ego Trippin’ in New York. There were your usual gang of hangers-on, weed carriers, chicken wang cookers, etc., but this event also hosted a couple Waldos (as in “where the fuck you been?”). Click the jump for a couple more pics of randoms, plus a shot of Snoop with The Bishop again. Even Snoop’s starting to look annoyed by him.

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Things That Could’ve Been Brought To My Attention YESTERDAY!

6 03 2008

Dru Hill got back together for a hot second live on the radio and then Woody decided he wanted to go serve God again. As Khia would say, something in the milk ain’t clean with this. Sisqo was just waiting for an opportunity to go for his Best Actress Oscar and he got it here. It just seems too contrived to be real.

I just keep thinking of that quote from Wedding Singer where Adam Sandler screams “ONCE AGAIN, THINGS THAT COULD’VE BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION YESTERDAY!” That’s who Sisqo was channeling in this.

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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Arnold

27 02 2008

Gary Coleman and new wife Shannon Price came on “The Today Show” and got interviewed by Al Roker. You know it’s a time-filler when the weatherman is interviewing your ass. I’m dead at him saying he wishes people recognized him for better things than “Diff’rent Strokes”, like an ONLINE PROMOTION FOR “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER”.

Shannon looks dazed and confused. Either she really didn’t know he was famous when she decided to get married or she’s dumb as hell, because I think I might make as much money in a year as Gary Coleman does.

Props to Jessica for the heads up.

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Mario Says “F*** It” And Goes For That Check

20 02 2008

Mario will star on the next season of “Dancing With The Stars”, which, in case you weren’t sure, pretty much sums up the status of his career as a singer. Um. Yeah.

Showing that he’s more than just a voice, R&B star Mario is set to show off his footwork on the ABC hit reality series “Dancing With The Stars.”

According to the Baltimore Sun, the 21 year-old will be a part of this season’s new cast, which will see Mario and 11 other celebrities working on their dancing skills. The show, which will debut on March 17, is in it’s sixth season and was the second highest rated show of 2007, behind “American Idol.”

In addition to the young crooner, the show will also welcome famed Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, tennis star Monica Seles and actor Steve Guttenberg, among others. (Source)

I mean, shoot, I ain’t mad at Kristi Yamaguchi. I’m sure that Olympics endorsement money is just about SAPPED. DRY. But Mario? I mean I know he’s not Usher but isn’t he selling himself a little short here? Or am I giving him too much credit? I don’t know. Or care, really. “Cryin’ Out For Me” was my cut, though. Apparently not many other people felt the same.

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Amerie Movin’ On Up To The East Side

19 02 2008

Here I was counting her out after she got dropped from Columbia Records, but I hear Amerie is Def Jam’s newest signee. Wow! Not that I think she’s ever going to get promoted correctly here in the States, and there’s plenty of Def Jam chicks who never got a chance (paging Megan Rochell!) but it sure beats the situation Kelis and Mya are in. I’m sure they will have her singing hooks on every shitty rap album that comes out in the next year before they shelve her but hey, she’s still getting that money.

Amy is my girl so I’m happy for her. Good luck sexy!

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Khia (Or Kiya?) Talking Some Mess

15 02 2008

Khia (or Kiya as this video calls her, LOL!) talking about a bunch of mess no one cares about. Honestly, you can just skip past this if you want, I’m posting this because it’s a slow news day and I’m bored.

Topics include: Beef with Janet and Jermaine over their misusage of “So Excited” (newsflash: That shit would have flopped any damn way it was promoted), her new album, and how she makes songs that last like “My Neck, My Back” (…). I don’t have the energy to clown on this, y’all can take it from here.

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Get That Money Where You Can, Girl!

13 02 2008

For the second time in her career, Mya will star in Chicago, this time in the Broadway version of the play. She previously played Mona in the 2002 film version, but will take on the larger role of Velma Kelly starting in May.

The sexy songstress will lend her vocal talents to the role of Velma Kelly, the cohort of Roxie Hart, played currently by stage veteran Bianca Marroquin.

“It’s something I always wanted to do; sing, dance, act and tell a story,” Mya tells the Associated Press. “It’s probably the ultimate complete dream for me.”

Mya is reportedly going through a strenuous workout plan, which includes cardio, muscle strengthening, and stretching to get ready for her new part.

“I have gone through all the material with the show’s musical director and everything is suited for my key,” she said. “We don’t have to do any transposing. It’s perfect.”

Her nine week Broadway run at the Ambassador Theatre begins May 12 and ends July 13. (Source)

I’m happy for Mya. This is a big deal and probably pays good money. Most of all, it fulfills her passion. Homegirl needed to catch a break after her album only came out in Tanzania.

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This Isn’t Worth “Mess of the Moment”

11 02 2008

Kelis showed up to the Grammys to promote her man’s new album. Beyond the initial shock of people seeing the N-word on her back those Studio 54 pants, I’m sure they wondered what the hell she was doing there since she got dropped from Jive and hasn’t really been rushing to get a new singing deal. Or anything, for that matter.

This kind of desperate cry for attention is forbidden from being plastered on our wall of shame because it’s exactly what she wants. Sit tight, Andre Harrell!

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Video: Laurieann Gibson - “Addictive”

6 02 2008



I was *dead* in the first 15 seconds when it said “Somewhere in Boom-Kack, NY”! Not only is this broad delusional thinking anyone would care about her “singing career,” but she’s SO delusional she’s making up cities and ish LOL. I love it. Somewhere Pee Diddy is drunk on Ciroc watching this with Day26 (so geigh) and laughing their a**es off!

I don’t know what’s worse, this or “Rump Shaker” by Deelishes. And you just KNOW Laurieann didn’t have no permits to be in the subway, on the cars, on roofs, etc. They were dancing all fast because they saw the po-po’s coming down the street. Do her and Raz B. have the same videographer? LOL.
Laurieann…please take the “Power of the Boom-Kack” and return to your imaginary world in which you go platinum. Thanks!

She got all them dancers from P.S. 45 and paid them with chinese take-out from the corner bodega ROFL. This is a hot tail flaming melting supernova scorching mess! Bless her soul.

I guess she figured “Paula Abdul got a new video, I CAN DO THAT TOO!”

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