Pimping Myself Out Yet Again

1 03 2008

Don’t act like you thought I wouldn’t do this again.

My show “The Cool Down” is on the air from now ’til 10 pm PST (that’s 1 am EST for the special kids) and I will be playing R&B, hip-hop, soul, jazz, a little electronic shit… all with a cool vibe and all with the wondrous wit of AHM!’s own J. That’s me. Yeah, I really write for this blog, too. No, really.

Go to UCLAradio.com to listen live.
Requests/Comments/Stories (these are the best): 310-794-9348
AIM: BruinRadio
Also LIVE in the AHM! chat as we speak.

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Nasir & Shawn To Team Up For Joint Album?

26 02 2008

Illseed is reporting there’s word floating around that Nas and Jay-Z may do an album together titled Kings of Hip-Hop that will come out on yet another new label from Jay-Z, the “Jay-Z Carter Music Group”. I don’t care if it comes out on Amil Sets Up The Blue Light Special Records, this is something I hope is actually in the works IF they do it right.

In the meantime, here’s a new Nas track called “What It Is” produced by DJ Khalil from the upcoming N*gger.

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“Crunk Rock” Couldn’t Save The Day

19 02 2008

TVT Records is going bankrupt. Everyone was fired and the status of all of their artists is unknown. Billboard speculates, but who knows. Pitbull’s most recent single (no one barely even heard that joint) was barely worked. Did anyone know the Ying Yang Twins had a new single? Apparently it’s on iTunes…

TVT Records, once hailed as Billboard’s top independent label and home to artists such as Lil Jon, Pitbull and Ying Yang Twins, is expected to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week. Sources have confirmed the development, which was first reported by AllHipHop.com.

Founded in New York in 1985 by Steve Gottlieb, TVT rose to notoriety after releasing music by Nine Inch Nails and KMDFM. In recent years, the label has focused on hip-hop, scoring a series of hits with the aforementioned artists.

Just a few weeks ago, Pitbull lashed out at TVT in a YouTube video, claiming it didn’t properly promote his new album, “The Boatlift.” “I’m out here working like a slave, doing things that other artists don’t even know how to do. A label’s there to further and promote your career, but it feels like they just keep holding me back,” said Pitbull, who asked his fans not to buy the album.

There is no word on a possible release date for Lil Jon’s new album, “Crunk Rock,” which has been delayed numerous times, or forthcoming releases from any of the label’s acts.

According to a source close to the situation, a video was just shot for a new Pitbull single, “Anthem,” and the track will likely be worked to radio. There’s also a new Ying Yang Twins single on iTunes.

But other acts are likely to be snapped up by new labels. “Yo Gotti is a prime candidate as a free agent to go,” says a source. “He’s done his part as an artist, and although he’s a little under the radar and people in New York don’t know him that well, other majors like maybe Def Jam or Universal, whom he had a previous deal with, might want to pick him up.”

Teedra Moses, who’s still working on her sophomore album, “Young Lioness,” is another expected free agent. (Source)

The only reason I am happy about this is that maybe we’ll finally see Teedra Moses’ sophomore album “Young Lioness” through another label or even just released independently. I would definitely buy it, no questions asked!

As far as “Crunk Rock,” well, I’ll buy that right after I buy Soulja Boy’s next album.

Ya’ll know what I just thought about — what if Soulja Boy becomes a like, staple, like T-Pain? I remember when T-Pain came out and everyone was like, “A song about loving strippers? He’ll be gone!” HE’S STILL HERE.

Go out and buy CD’s! LOL.

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Mariah Knowz Hur Theoremz!

12 02 2008

E = MC² is the new title of Mariah Carey’s album, formerly dubbed That Chick. I can’t decide which one is worse or more stupid but I’m leaning towards That Chick so I guess this is all right.

Stay tuned for that MC single.

People are getting their shit shut down for posting this song, and since it’s nothing ground-breaking, I’m not about to risk it. Y’all don’t know how much work it was to get back online after Diddles shut us down. The comments, though, are beyond our control. So if someone happened to post it there… well, you know.

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Debbie Allen’s “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”

12 02 2008

Debbie Allen’s imagining of “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” will debut on Broadway on February 12, starring Terrence Howard, Anika Noni Rose, Phylicia Rashad and James Earl Jones. The last two are legends and I’m glad Anika is going to get a chance to be known as something other than “that other girl from Dreamgirls“. Terrence, meh.

The 1955 Pulitzer Prize-winning Mississippi-set tale — no longer set in the 1950s, but hinting at the past 15 years or so — is directed by Debbie Allen, whose cast includes James Earl Jones as Big Daddy, the dying patriarch of the Pollitt family, whose cotton-crop fortune is up for grabs; film actor Terrence Howard, making his Broadway debut as Brick, the favored ex-jock son who is now a heap of booze and regret (and repressed homosexuality), unable to give his voracious wife, Maggie (Tony Award winner Anika Noni Rose) a child; Phylicia Rashad as Big Mama, facing the loss of her man; Giancarlo Esposito as Gooper, the son whose greatest asset may be the children — also known as “no-neck monsters” — he and his wife, Mae (Lisa Arrindell-Anderson), have been able to produce.

Allen previously stated, “I am thrilled to stand at the helm of this unique production as we navigate our way through Tennessee Williams’ riveting and explosive American classic. Cat, said to be his favorite of his many plays, achieves a timeless coherence with its characters as they wrestle with the universal struggles of life, love, money, sex and death.” (Source)

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Jay-Z & MJB To Tour Together

7 02 2008

Camel & Willona Woods are about to hit the road on the “Heart of the City” tour. Umm, I might have to check that out. I know J. Holiday would probably give his left nut to get on that tour, and Keyshia Cole would give up her Black ‘N Milds for 3 weeks for a spot on that joint!

Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige will tour this spring in what will be one of the most potent urban music bills in recent memory. The “Heart of the City” outing begins March 22 in Miami.

And while a full itinerary is still coming together, the artists are confirmed to hit markets such as New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale Feb. 15.

Blige and Jay-Z have been close collaborators since 1996, when she appeared on his early hit “Can’t Knock the Hustle.”

Here are the initial Heart of the City tour dates:

March 22: Miami (American Airlines Arena)
March 26: Baltimore (1st Mariner Arena)
March 27: Uniondale, N.Y. (Nassau Coliseum)
March 28: East Rutherford, N.J. (Izod Center)
March 30: Philadelphia (Wachovia Center)
April 2: Toronto (Air Canada Centre)
April 3: Boston (TD Banknorth Garden)
April 5: Greensboro, N.C. (Greensboro Coliseum)
April 6: Washington, D.C. (Verizon Center)
April 16: Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)

You know what, I think it’s safe to assume that Jay-Z just loves being an artist too much to really & truly care about having a desk job. Dude enjoys his celebrity and being “Jay-Z,” and in a corporate position, he just becomes Sean. Rumor now is that he’s angling to maybe get his own label at Warner Bros. Do we really need a new Memphis Bleek or Peedi Crack record though Jay!?

And you’ve not lived until you’ve seen Mary J. Blige channel Patti LaBelle and a crazed church mother with the Holy Ghost LIVE. MJB in a concert is an experience — home girl is no joke with the emotion. Last concert I went to with MJB, she had folks crying, thanking Jesus, snatching off wedding rings, all kinds of foolishness. And her band is hot to death. I’ll def be trying to hit up that L.A. show, the Hollywood Bowl is a great sounding venue!

Kinda like this. Shouts to Rich!

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FYI: Jill Scott Is Hitting The Road!

30 01 2008

Jilly from Philly is gonna hit the road, and I will DEF be in the house (if I can get some free tix from the connects LOL). What? Times is hard. The Gibson ain’t cheap! Raheem DeVaughan will be opening for her…I’ve seen him live…dude is crazy. Def gonna be a hot show ya’ll!

Jill Scott is hands down one of the baddest vocalists out. Her emotion, her lyrics and the music she creates are just awesome and powerful. Her voice isn’t just an instrument — it’s also a conduit back to the old tradition of powerhouse vocalists. Also dropping on Feb. 5th is her new DVD “Live In Paris +”  and I will be copping that (legally). Her last live album was BEASTING on these non-sangin’ hoes! “Fatbaaaaaack taffy! Sho’ll is good to meeeee.”

Sorry.  I got caught up! Her latest album though? Strictly for the grown & sexy. I was listening to it one day and heard something about a “nappy dugout” and passed the hell out. This was before Kelly Rowland went all Martha of the Jungle on us, but I digress.

Check out the tour dates after the jump.

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More Shameless Self-Promotion

19 01 2008

OK, so my radio show is on right now until 10 pm PST and I want all of you to listen. I been trying to get in the chat but we are running Windows -1.5 over here at the studio so it’s not letting me in.

Reasons to listen:
- J is hosting
- Good music (Musiq, Talib Kweli, Monica, Jay-Z, more)
- J is hosting
- Witty commentary
- You can call in/IM me and be annoying hilarious
- J is hosting (as is G Boogie!)

How do you listen? Go to UCLARadio.com and click the headphones. It will ask you to pick a stream — so don’t be selecting high quality if you’re working with an ‘89 MacIntosh II, aight?

Hit me up at the studio during the show: BruinRadio on AIM or (310) 794-9348 on the phone lines if your MetroPCS isn’t out of minutes.

Do it and I’ll love you forever! long time!

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Marlon Wayans Set to Star in ‘GI Joe’

8 01 2008

Reports have surfaced that Marlon Wayans is set to play the lead character in the new GI Joe film, slated for release in 2009. Wayans will play the character of Ripcord, who takes over as leader from previous GI Joe vets like Duke, Flint and Hawk (no word if these characters will appear in the film).

I ain’t mad! Get that summer blockbuster money, Tiffany Wilson! I hope they do this movie like Transformers and make it worthwhile and not mess it up too much.

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Elliott Wilson Fired From XXL

8 01 2008

In a move about five years overdue, Harris Publications fired Elliott Wilson as Editor-in-Chief from XXL Magazine, citing they wanted to expand the magazine’s potential, according to AHH.

Good, now all they need to do is fire Danyel Smith’s wack ass from Vibe and maybe some of these magazines can get back to where they used to be. The Source can get thrown to the wolves with Murder Dog for all I care. That shit ain’t never getting hype again.

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AHM! News Wrap Up

4 01 2008

Obama wins Iowa Caucus! (BET)

Ne-Yo Sues R. Kelly’s Promoter; R. Kelly Fires Back (Allhiphop)

Britney Spears in Hospital; Tries to Keep Kids From K. Fed in a Standoff (Yahoo)

Chris Brown sued for breach of contract by tour set designer (MTV)

Kanye likes Connect Four; Gets Beat By Beyonce’ (Concrete Loop)

Play from “Kid N’ Play” in car accident but is fine (Allhiphop)

Prodigy has a sex tape, but not really. (Crunk & Disorderly)

Auntie Viv has a sex tape?!?! (Sandra Rose)

Marion Jones wants probation (AP)

If there’s anything you’d like to share with the rest of us, feel free to post a link in the comments. I only go so much time in a day LOL.

For anything else, go R-E-A-D-A-B-O-O-K!

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FYI: Biggest Songs of the Year, According 2 The Bootleggers (Ya’ll/Us)

3 01 2008

DJ Unk. He’ll be on a Hip-Hop Milk Carton by June, mark my words. If I didn’t caption this, you probably wouldn’t know who it was, would you!?

I thought this was interesting.

If you want a true snapshot of what people are watching and whom they’re listening to online, look no further than the file-sharing underground.

With Hollywood sweating over piracy and record labels crying over losses, activity on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks has emerged as the most reliable barometer for determining what’s hot and what’s not among the most tech-savvy media consumers.

Top Songs of 2007
1. Shop Boyz, “Party Like A Rock Star”
2. Akon, “I Wanna Luv U”
3. Sean Kingston, “Beautiful Girls”
4. Mims, “This Is Why I’m Hot”
5. Akon, “Don’t Matter”
6. T-Pain, “Bartender”
7. Soulja Boy, “Crank Dat Soulja Boy”
8. Justin Timberlake, “My Love”
9. DJ Unk, “Walk It Out”
10. Jim Jones, “We Fly High”

This confirmed my fondest wish of the new year: most of these folks will be going away soon, fading into obscurity with the other girl from 3LW, 3T, etc. If I don’t ever hear a “Party Like A Rockstar” ever again, I would be happier than Rick Ross in a $2 white tee sale. The majority of folks on that list didn’t even go GOLD besides Akon & Justin. These were also ringtone artists if you notice. BTW, who is purchasing Akon albums? Mr. T is on the way to your house right now to practice his Alpine yodeling. You need to be cropdusted off the planet IMMEDIATELY!

One of the top artists of the year was Snoop Dogg, LOL, but you know that’s YT people just now discovering “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” True story - a lady asked me the other day if I had ever heard that song. YEAH, 50-11 YEARS AGO.

LOL @ DJ Unk — what, don’t tell me you expected us to PAY for that ish! “Now walk it out, walk it out, walk it out, now walk it out.” He sound like my gym teacher during cool-downs in middle school gym after a strenuous game of flag football. Boy stop!

Me PAY for Sean Kingston’s cheek full o’ gravy sanging?!


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Janet’s New Video Airs Tonight on Extra!

2 01 2008

Janet Jackson’s video for her new single “Feedback” will air exclusively tonight on Extra!. You know things are bad for MTV and BET when artists go to Tanika Ray instead of Rocsi.

Janet has recently said of her music:

“I love the dance. I love the mid tempo stuff. I love the slow songs and the baby making songs. It still has that element to it.”

Jackson admits her songs put listeners in the mood saying, “You don’t know how many people come up to me and say, ‘This child was conceived listening to you.’”

Also, Jackson says what she loves about her own music saying, “It makes me want to dance and that’s the nice thing. I love listening to music that makes me want to get up and move.” (Source)

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Ms. Keys Heading for the Cinematic Big Leagues

21 12 2007

Alicia Keys is in negotiations to star in an upcoming film version of the novel The Secret Life of Bees with Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson and Dakota Fanning (LOL!), among others. Damn, they should just call this movie Give Us The Oscar.

Set in the 1960’s American South, The Secret Life of Bees will star Fanning as teenager Lily Owens who runs away from her abusive home accompanied by her friend Rosaleen (played by Hudson). While in search of clues about Lily’s late mother, the pair are sheltered in the South Carolina home of three beekeeping sisters (Latifah, Sophie Okonedo, Keys). (Source)

I’m not mad at Alicia. I think she’ll become the next huge singer-turned-actress. Even if she is an updated version of Patrice Rushen (LOL, Rob I’m dead at that!) and I really don’t get the hype with her new album (bland!), I wish her the best of luck because she most certainly is talented and beautiful.

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FYI: Mary On Track To Sell 600K Next Week

20 12 2007

Mary’s wig called and told me to thank everyone for purchasing her latest album.

Queen Mary’s latest release “Growing Pains” is on track to sell at least 600K+ (hit stores this week), but not enough to beat out The Almighty YT’s representative Josh Groban’s Christmas album “Noel,” which has been selling faster than you can say “50% off everything at Wal-Mart!” His album has increased in sales and stayed at #1 for the last 4 weeks I believe, bucking the trend of debuting at #1 and falling down the charts with dangerous speed.

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