Ms. Keys Covers Blender

11 04 2008

Alicia Keys is on the cover of next month’s Blender talking about her “breakdown” that she always alludes to and never elaborates on. Homegirl has been on the cover of fifty-leven mags since As I Am dropped in November and I still don’t know what made her go ~crazay~. Maybe this article will be different. I doubt it, though.

She looks a little tired here and like they just smeared that lipstick on her face while she was waking up or something. The forehead looks like it got the Mary J. Vibe treatment, too. Still, she looks pretty damn good.

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‘Real World’s’ Aneesa Switches It Up

4 04 2008

Over the years, ‘Real World: Chicago’ alum Aneesa Ferreira has had about as many looks as Khia’s rap sheet, and almost as messy.

She’s switched up her look once again — what does she look like now (click the jump)?

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Shan Chillin’ At The Speakeasy!

2 04 2008
[Image Source]

Here’s a new promo picture of Ashanti looking like a flapper for her new album The Declaration. I don’t know that her faux high-note squeals would go over well in a smoky jazz club in Harlem but I guess she could be a dancer. You know, one of those ones who gigs up and down real fast? Isn’t that how they all danced back then?

I will say this about Ashanti, she photographs very well. I think she looks great in pictures. I mean, even airbrushing only takes you so far, you have to have a semblance of grace when posing to look this good.

See one more pic after the jump.

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You Know You Missed Her

28 03 2008

With Rih-bot showing her ass in some dominatrix pants every two seconds, I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to see the O.G. Queen of Overexposure again. I think it’s been an entire week since I posted something about her. Damn!

Well, with a new song out, I think it’s safe to say MTV, BET, magazines, Geico commercials, state fairs, etc. are no longer safe because Beyoncé never met a piece of promo she couldn’t work. Here she is in Italian mag Jack looking airbrushed beyond belief. These pictures are so airbrushed they look like they were taken right when Destiny’s Child came out (compare to the debut album cover).

(Image Source)

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Angela Bassett Celebrates Getting Her Star

21 03 2008

Angela Bassett received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week and celebrated afterward at Crustacean in Beverly Hills with her husband Courtney B. Vance. Angie got emotional during her acceptance. I love to see her get her due because she is not only beautiful, but an extremely gifted and underrated talent. Congrats Angie!

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Mariah In Parade Magazine

19 03 2008

Apparently Parade Magazine is the new place to just “let it out”. Where have I been?! The last time I read Parade I think I was looking for a coupon or something. Does it still come sandwiched between the funnies and the real estate section? Is it longer than 7 pages (with ads) now?

Mariah took a bunch of “G-rated” pictures and I must say she looks a lot better here than when she’s showing her ass (literally) in some hoochie gear from Wet Seal. She also told them she’s “eternally 12″ and apparently she’s eternally a broken record too because I can’t keep track of how many times she’s said this. Check out the interview here.

A GANG of pics after the jump, plus peep Mimi’s new album cover over at DListed.

(Image Source)

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Lauren London Covers Jewel Mag

19 03 2008

Lauren London covered Jewel Magazine. I’ve never heard of this mess and it looks like one of those prom magazines but I ain’t mad because Lauren looks great.

A mess at the rest of the articles in this issue.

Peeped at Bossip

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JoJo Keeps It Real

20 02 2008

JoJo has come out on her MySpace to quash rumors that she turned down the lead role in “Hannah Montana” because of her hectic schedule — she says she turned it down because she wasn’t interested in being that kind of artist.

Another mistake that is stated on the Wikipedia page is that I turned down the Hannah Montanna role because of my hectic schedule. This is not true. I was not interested in doing a television show like that because I did not want to be that kind of artist. I am more concerned with being a legitimate artist; not one created for the captive tween audience, from a television show. They were going to use the same formula that they did with Hillary Duff and her show, and I did not want to be a manufactured artist. I wanted to do it on my own; the old fashioned way; with talent, determination, and hard work, and without a television show, which is fed to the tween masses. This is the same reason I have turned down every reality show that has been offered to me, since I signed my record deal. For me, it is about integrity. (Source)

You know what, I’m not mad at this at all. For someone who is just barely 17 years old, JoJo seems to have more sense than a lot of 30-somethings in the game these days. Sure I’m a little biased because I have a crush on her (when she’s legal I’m gonna holla), but you’ve got to give it up to her for looking beyond the instant gratification and striving for long-lasting respect and (hopefully) fame for her talent. Trust — in five years Disney may still be making money off Miley Cyrus, but they will not be concerned with using her as an artist once she gets too old.

I really think JoJo is gonna make a classic album in the next few years. She has the voice and now she just has to break out of the “kiddie” mold and she will have something really spectacular.

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You’re Turning Into A Woman… Again

12 02 2008

Amy Winehouse looks like she’s finally cleaning up.

After turning in a pretty good performance at the Grammys, UK’s Hottest Mess stepped out looking… not so messy, and pretty grown in the chest. I ain’t mad! If you’ve seen the artwork from her first album (and pictures from that era), you know she has a body when she’s not on rocks.

I don’t know if she’s quite worthy of the “Hotties” tag yet, but I’m going to give it to her anyway for such a vast improvement. Get it!

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Let’s Get…Rowdy! It’s About Time For Our Arrival…

6 02 2008

Christina Aguilera signs copies of her new “Back to Basics” DVD @ Best Buy in West Hollywood, CA - 2/5/08

I know Christina Aguilera AKA Xtina AKA Latincaucasia Melisma just had a baby boy, but ummm, she let the girls out to play last night. Just double-dutching around the edges of that shirt, yes they are. Who ain’t mad is ME!

I’m sure her husband has been enjoying those post-baby chesticles. WOW. She looks GREAT for just having a baby 3 weeks ago. I know females in the hood whose kids are 14 and they still trying to “lose that baby weight” at the Magic Johnson 24 Hour Fitness. I’m just saying.

“Moo Phi Moo Milk It Milk It!” Shout out to Hits from The Street, RIP his BET show LOL. My boy saw him in a Target in Culver City, CA trying to get recognized by the Icee machine :(

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Zoe Kravitz & Ben Foster Are Growing On Me

6 02 2008

I have to admit, like most people, when I first got word of this couple, it seemed like a big bowl of WTF. But after seeing these pictures I’m starting realize they look pretty good together, even though Zoe was born 18 hours ago and Ben is like 45. But whatever.

Zoe looks great in these pictures. I’m laughing because the photogs slowly but surely cut Ben’s ass until the limelight was all on her. I ain’t mad.

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Milk Does A Rhi-Bot Body Good!

31 01 2008

Ratchet’s favorite chick Rhi-Bot (LOL kidding, I had to steal that!) does a “Got Milk?” ad.

The picture is fly as hell, though I am wondering bout the yellow nails? Oh well, like Stacy & Clinton say, “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to GO!” OK, so I guess it goes with the furniture. Rihanna is cute, I’d smash (in 5 years).

The copy on the ad? Now that’s another issue. It reads:

“Drink it in. Pop star? Not exactly. Milk is more my move. Some studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to leaner and the protein helps build muscle. So, shut up and drink.”

The OBVIOUS joke was “shut up and drink.” I mean, whoever wrote that needs to be let go and sent back to Hallmark cause that ish is just corny. And this line: “Milk is more my move.” Now, I’m no English major, but that doesn’t flow right to me. Was that supposed to be “de island talk gwan guhl” coming out or some ish? Iono.

I think having black people in these ads is retarded because most of us are lactose-intolerant. Holla @ me with a Lactaid ad bishes!

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D. Woods Got To Rock That Cut Twice!?

29 01 2008

Click for full-size

Oh you KNOW there was some hate in the blood in the Diddlybops house (yes, that is their new name)! They must have had some competition in the house or something to compete for who got the other cover solo, since I just posted the group shot yesterday.

Again, I will repeat, D. Woods is thicka than a snicka. I’ll have two please! Girl looks good.

However, that fuzzy hair helmet mullet cut is NOT the business. It’s like a bang gone wrong! It even looks like the long side of that hair is pulling her head down crooked ROFL. I mean, REALLY, everything from the neck down is RIGHT. That hair…lawdhasmercy!

I think Aubrey told her “that’s cute girl!” and was trying to sabotage her since she got stuck wiping the crust from around Diddy’s mouth while Wanita/Juanita/D. Woods (don’t act like we don’t remember yo real name!) was oiling up her legs for the King shoot.

I didn’t see Making The Band last night, I told ya’ll I had a hot date! LOL. How was it? Should I be watching it or do I need to just delete it from the Tivo to make room for American Idol tonight & tomorrow? LOL.

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Danity Kane Cover King Magazine

28 01 2008

I’m just glad no one is on a bed with they booty tooted up! Who knows what Diddy is thinking these days…

Aubrey’s tittayballs are SO fake, ugh, WHY!!??. I love me some D. Woods, she thicka than a snicka, but that hair looks like she fell asleep in the stylist’s chair and woke up just in time to save the other side. Dawn looks 25% SPESH with that smirk LOL. She’s a cute girl too with darker hair. Shannon looks like Madonna with that leotard thang. They call her “the mom” since she’s married and thangs, but DANG…I guess they intend to make her dress/look like it too!

Andrea can do no wrong in my eyes, sorry LOL.

I’m so excited about their album, I hope it’s good *crosses fingers*

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Rihanna’s New Haircut

26 01 2008

This girl rocks new haircuts like I rock underwear I copped at Ross for $10 (Designer names for wholesale prices, WHAT!). I’m basically posting this because it’s Saturday night, it’s raining, and I’m bored. I’m sure one or two of y’all will get a kick out of this and the rest of you can just clown in the comments.

It looks good on her. She’s blessed with being able to pull off tricky haircuts.

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