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Paparazzis - Friend or Foe?

A celebrity is a well known or highly recognized person in the public eye. There are many different kinds of celebrities known for different things, such as movie stars, moguls, athletes, musicians and even famous leaders. There are many different celebrities that are famous for different things. The public feeds their popularity by buying tabloids, watching celebrity television channels and looking at photos of them online. The major downside to being famous is being followed by the paparazzi. The paparazzi follow celebrities around taking pictures and videos of them, invading their privacy and even ruining their relationships, all for the sake of making money and feeding the public with new footage.

The paparazzi are photographers who take photographs of famous people. They have been around since cameras were invented, snapping photos of anyone worth interest. Paparazzi will go to great lengths to find a juicy shot of a celebrity. They constantly follow celebrities around. You may find them at movie premiers, parties, on a movie set, charity functions, red carpet events and even on the streets, following famous people doing everyday things, such as taking out the garbage. We as a public are fueling the fire by buying the tabloids that use these pictures. The paparazzi have been blamed before for ruining celebrity relationships. For many famous people, leaving the house with their significant other is hard. Their relationships are strained because they don’t want to constantly be seen out having lunch with their boyfriend/girlfriend, fighting with them or even sneaking in a kiss.

There are even people who try to date famous people just to receive the attention themselves. The paparazzi can ruin relationships. Sometimes the paparazzi even try to uncover affairs and ruin relationships to sell more money. Tabloid sales go up when there is a big scandal, and the paparazzi are right there waiting for one. Most of the time, they are the ones causing a scandal and creating celebrity relationships that don’t exist. You may often see pictures of celebrities in platonic relationship talking to each other or holding hands, but the paparazzi and tabloid magazines misconstrue the situation and start rumors about new relationships between those celebrities. The paparazzi even track down celebrities having affairs, like Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe. They were seen together and their relationships both suffered from it. But who is to blame for ruining celebrities’ relationships? The paparazzi are only doing their job. The faithful customers of the tabloid magazines or visitor to the celebrity gossip sites are the ones to blame, along with the media for actually covering it. We as a people must take into consideration the fact that we are ruining relationships for people, whether they are famous or not, it doesn’t make it right.

But for now, the public is still interested in celebrities’ relationships and as long someone is interested, the paparazzi will continue to make money off of their photos. That’s just the high price of fame.