‘Til 2 Months Do Us Part

2 04 2008
Beyoncé: “Jay, did you just fart?” Jay-Z: “Maaaayyybe…”

Beyasha, Queen of the Damned and Camel Lights have taken out a marriage license that lasts for a whopping 60 days, according to People.

Beyoncé Knowles and longtime beau Jay-Z have taken out a marriage license in Scarsdale, N.Y., PEOPLE has learned.

According to a source, the pair obtained a license Tuesday morning. The document is valid for 60 days.

A rep for Beyoncé told PEOPLE, “No comment.” Jay-Z’s spokesperson could not be reached. (Source)

This is how all celebrity marriages should start because a lot of them don’t make it to the 60-day mark. Pam Anderson needs to look into this.

I’m sure there’s something more to this but I don’t have the energy or interest to even speculate.

Thanks not me (if not you, then who?)

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New Music: Ne-Yo and Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige

26 03 2008
Ne-Yo - “Closer”

Aight, ShaNe-Yo! This ain’t so bad. I heard it on the radio a few days ago and wanted to hate it but hearing it in higher quality it’s not so bad. I guess this club/dance music is going to be the next huge thing in R&B. I can get with it as long as they don’t pull out the robotic voices. That’ll give me flashbacks to 7th grade and that’s a place I don’t wanna be.

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Would You ‘Roc’ This ‘Familia’ Flava?

24 03 2008

Kanye West, Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z were photographed backstage at the kick-off of Mary & Jay’s tour in Miami wearing some very interesting unis. Would you step into this Viva La Roc (and friends) fashion closet?

Behind Door #1: General Kanye Santa Anna and his Mexican troops getting ready to storm The Alamo Herbie Hancock’s house for that Grammy.

Behind Door #2: The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul becomes the Queen of Arts ‘n’ Crafts by rolling her jacket around in some paint before heading onstage to perform. Raw emotion meets abstract!

Behind Door #3: Join Jigga as he dons a life jacket and leaps from the Titanic known as U.S.S. Def Jam. Big foe’headed women and children on camel-back get the first boats!

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Video: Jay-Z - “I Know”

27 02 2008

Jay-Z’s new video for “I Know”, featuring Zoe Kravitz. I really don’t know what’s going on in this but I did enjoy the cinematography. I’m sure there’s some deeper artistic meaning that I’m missing but hey, all I do all day is post pictures of Rihanna. My senses are a little bit numb.

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Nasir & Shawn To Team Up For Joint Album?

26 02 2008

Illseed is reporting there’s word floating around that Nas and Jay-Z may do an album together titled Kings of Hip-Hop that will come out on yet another new label from Jay-Z, the “Jay-Z Carter Music Group”. I don’t care if it comes out on Amil Sets Up The Blue Light Special Records, this is something I hope is actually in the works IF they do it right.

In the meantime, here’s a new Nas track called “What It Is” produced by DJ Khalil from the upcoming N*gger.

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13 02 2008

Justin Time sent this is and whoa…it looks like Rhi-Bot is about to bust out the Tittay-uzi’s Austin Powers-style and straight up blast Camel for rebuffing her Bajan advances.


And also, did you know that The CrackHouse of Dereon/Knowles Rootbox Clan was waiting for Rihanna to come out the Staples Center so they could murk her Creole style? Yep. Beyonceitis said so. And OMG, you will DIE from reading that, I’mma warn you. I laughed and coughed up one of my kidneys — or breakfast, I wasn’t sure.

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Jay-Z & MJB To Tour Together

7 02 2008

Camel & Willona Woods are about to hit the road on the “Heart of the City” tour. Umm, I might have to check that out. I know J. Holiday would probably give his left nut to get on that tour, and Keyshia Cole would give up her Black ‘N Milds for 3 weeks for a spot on that joint!

Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige will tour this spring in what will be one of the most potent urban music bills in recent memory. The “Heart of the City” outing begins March 22 in Miami.

And while a full itinerary is still coming together, the artists are confirmed to hit markets such as New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale Feb. 15.

Blige and Jay-Z have been close collaborators since 1996, when she appeared on his early hit “Can’t Knock the Hustle.”

Here are the initial Heart of the City tour dates:

March 22: Miami (American Airlines Arena)
March 26: Baltimore (1st Mariner Arena)
March 27: Uniondale, N.Y. (Nassau Coliseum)
March 28: East Rutherford, N.J. (Izod Center)
March 30: Philadelphia (Wachovia Center)
April 2: Toronto (Air Canada Centre)
April 3: Boston (TD Banknorth Garden)
April 5: Greensboro, N.C. (Greensboro Coliseum)
April 6: Washington, D.C. (Verizon Center)
April 16: Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)

You know what, I think it’s safe to assume that Jay-Z just loves being an artist too much to really & truly care about having a desk job. Dude enjoys his celebrity and being “Jay-Z,” and in a corporate position, he just becomes Sean. Rumor now is that he’s angling to maybe get his own label at Warner Bros. Do we really need a new Memphis Bleek or Peedi Crack record though Jay!?

And you’ve not lived until you’ve seen Mary J. Blige channel Patti LaBelle and a crazed church mother with the Holy Ghost LIVE. MJB in a concert is an experience — home girl is no joke with the emotion. Last concert I went to with MJB, she had folks crying, thanking Jesus, snatching off wedding rings, all kinds of foolishness. And her band is hot to death. I’ll def be trying to hit up that L.A. show, the Hollywood Bowl is a great sounding venue!

Kinda like this. Shouts to Rich!

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New Music From Around The Web

3 02 2008

Ya’ll know the drill — go listen to “new” music from around the web let us know what you think. Hot or not? Let your fellow AHM! posters know before we click it LOL.

Janet Jackson - “Feedback (Remix)” Feat. Ciara, “Rock With U,” and “Luv”

I guess Ciara was feeling left out of all the Pro-Tools goodness that is Janet’s album, so she decided to get in through the backdoor. I guess. “Luv” was produced by Rodney Jerkins as well, which I kind of like, but don’t love. “Rock With U” was produced by Jermaine Dupri, and I hated it.

Brandy - “Feel So Good”

I like it, I like it a lot. This is cearly nothing new though LOL. I’ve run out of things to say about Brandy though LOL. This sounds like an old Keith Crouch joint, but I hear it’s supposedly from the “Full Moon” days. All these leftover tracks leaking…I wonder if Atlantic is hating?

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New Music From Around The Web

22 01 2008

Usually I find all these joints, but by the time I get around to posting them, it’s 3 days later LOL. So I’ve collected some of the music that’s been sent to us, that other sites have posted and the like. Enjoy!

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LOL of the Day: Jigga & Bey’s Wedding Planner

7 01 2008

Our peoples over at The Real did this video parody of a behind the scenes look with Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s wedding planner, who did the seating arrangement for the affair. I fell out at this, especially when she said she was putting Rihanna at the kids’ table with Nick Cannon.

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RUMOR: Beyonce’ & Jigga Man Married?

6 01 2008

I don’t believe it, we need more people but there are some fresh rumors hitting the net that Sir Camel & the Queen of Creole got hitched at Georgio Armani’s house last month.

I don’t know, these two get married every month. I heard something a while ago about them getting tattoo’s on their ring fingers or some ish.

Whatever, I don’t care. Maybe she will go sat down for a minute so I can miss her again! We miss Brandy; we don’t miss Beyonce’ because she never goes nowhere! LOL.

If OK! or People confirm this, then I’ll believe it. So…yeah. Just wanted to make sure that if it WAS true, we kept ya’ll up to date.

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El Presidente Camel Will Step Down From Def Jam

24 12 2007

Well, we all knew this was coming. I guess he got tired of those LL Cool J death threats.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter will step down as Def Jam Records president when his contract expires this year, he and Universal Music Group announced today (Dec. 24). The rapper will continue to record for Roc-A-Fella, the label he co-founded in 1996, which is part of the Universal-distributed Island Def Jam Music Group.

In a statement announcing his departure, Jay-Z acknowledged the artists and executives he had worked with during his three years as label president, including IDJ chairman/CEO Antonio “L.A.” Reid.

He added, “It’s time for me to take on new challenges [Managing Beyonce’? Hmmm…]. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to build upon the Def Jam legacy, helping to move the company into a new era of artistic success.”

Reid stated, “Jay made it clear to us that he feels the time has come to take on different challenges in his life. While we regret his decision to move on, we certainly respect it … While he will continue to be one of our signature artists, he will nonetheless be missed in this executive capacity.” (source)

Well color me beige and give me 2-3 humps!

I bet you Redman, Ghostface, LL Cool J, Ne-Yo, Chrisette Michelle, Megan Rochelle, and all the other under-promoted artists are having a big ole party right now, on Def Jam’s dime at that. Coke and Rum for everyone, and I ain’t talking about the drink. Only person sad is Rihanna — she done lost her sugar daddy.

I think that whenever you have someone who is still intimately involved with the performance aspect of the industry, yet is attempting to manage and execute goals on a corporate level, there is going to be a major conflict of interest.

One just has to look at Jay’s recent album. There were plenty of other artists who had release dates before Jay decided to release American Gangster. All of a sudden, he wants to release an album. Because he IS Jay-Z, he’s obviously going to eclipse everyone else. He’s always going to be a priority artist.

So as a result of his decision as the President of the label to release his album, and spend money on himself essentially — other artist aren’t promoted or given equal time because Jay-Z is using up all the resources for himself. He’s priority — because of his history in the industry, but ALSO, because he’s given himself priority because he’s the PRESIDENT.

That’s my .02.

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Meanwhile, In Beyoncé’s World…

5 12 2007

Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated Sir Camel’s birthday by… going shopping for Beyoncé, I guess.

Rather than throwing a big bash in honor of the special occasion, Jay-Z opted to spend his birthday on an intimate outing in Paris with longtime girlfriend, Beyoncé Knowles.

Turning 38-years-old on Tuesday, the hip-hop mogul is said to have “headed to Paris and checked quietly into the Hotel Meurice on Monday.” Meanwhile, “Beyoncé arrived the next day, jetting in following Sunday’s performance at Movies Rock.”

People magazine reports that, “the two spent a leisurely day inside their hotel suite and, at one point, Knowles hit the hotel’s luxurious spa. As evening fell, the couple took a Maybach limo for a romantic drive around the City of Light before settling down to an intimate dinner upstairs at popular restaurant L’Avenue.”

Not yet ready to call it a night, Jay and Beyoncé then hit up a late show at the Crazy Horse cabaret, where “they sipped champagne and watched the cast run through the club’s new Forever Crazy revue.”

On Tuesday, the cute couple were spotted leaving the Hotel Costes, heading out for a little shopping at Dior and Chanel. Oh, the life! (Source)

38 years old? HA! I think this is Camel’s fifth consecutive year of turning 38.

I’m not even going to comment on the other stuff. Them being all glamorous and shit is just tired now. We get it.

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Diddy Flies His Homies In For His 60th Birthday

15 11 2007
A mess at this picture. Is he going to prom?

Diddy turned 38 (HA!) last week and had a big birthday celebration on Saturday, for which he flew a jet out to his “friends” Jay-Z, Pharrell and Kim Porter (wow!) to come attend.

The party apparently came to a close with fireworks flashing: “Diddy. The World Is Yours.” Yawn. (Source)

Diddy is like one of those rich kids with no friends in elementary school who gets everyone to come to their party by providing a new watch or a digital camera in the goodie bag.

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El Presidente Jay-Z Covers Blender

15 11 2007

Joe-Z covers Blender. LOL @ “Wealth! Fame! Beyonce’!” being a headline. Thy just threw her name in the mix to lure out PETA. Joe Camel and The Cowardly Lion represent for the hip-hop and R&B world!

Yo, they airbrushed the HELL out this dude. His face looks awkwardly proportioned, and they P’shopped about 15 years from his face LOL. Dude looks like “Reasonable Doubt” just came out last week! A mess.

There’s an article if you’re interested too.

The most interesting part of the article?

When are you going to set a wedding date with Beyoncé?
Ha ha! No comment.

Do you get any pressure from her parents to make her an honest woman?
No comment.

What do you and Beyoncé argue about? Let me guess: no comment?
That’s right.

I think they argue about Mathew sleeping in the same room next to Ay Bey Bey’s pocketbook, snoring soundly. But I digress.

That’s all they ask him about Beyonce’ and she gets a shoutout on the cover?! WOW Blender. Grasping for readers much?

More pics after the jump.

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