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Whitney Port’s Ex Wants Her Back

While The City star Whitney Port was spotted getting close with Lipstick Jungle hottie Robert Buckley last week at the Havaianas Spring Break event at the Shore Club, as reported by numerous sources, her ex and reality show co-star Jay Lyons tells OK! he still wants her back! “I think it was early for our relationship to end,” Jay told OK! Magazine at the One Is Greater Than None Benefit Concert on March 20 in NYC, where his band Tamarama played to help raise money to sponsor rescue missions to save children in Ghana, Africa.
When asked what he thought of Whit’s hookup with Robert, the Aussie rocker says he has no hard feelings. “If that’s what she’s doing than great if she’s happy,” he says. “As long as she’s happy.” Jay says he’s been in contact with Whitney and plans to stay in NYC for the next few months to work on his new album and hopefully his relationship.
“At the moment we’re taking a bit of time for ourselves,” says Jay, who recently returned from tour. “When she gets back to
New York we’ll see what happens. I definitely don’t want to give up on it.”




Couple Alert: Paris and Dough Reinhardt


 Back from their trip to Tokyo, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt continue to step out as a couple in Hollywood. Saturday night they hit Teddy’s, the club where Doug’s ex Amanda Bynes was also in attendance. “Doug and Paris were hanging together all night at a VIP table in the back corner with a big group of friends,” a source told E! News. “Amanda was nearby at another table with girlfriends.”


So was there major drama between the Hills man-whore and his former flame? Although Paris and Doug were described as very flirty and dancing together, Amanda apparently took the high road and chose to ignore the PDA partners. “She was definitely within eyeshot of Paris and Doug, but avoided looking at them,” says the source. “She was trying to keep herself occupied by dancing and hanging with her girls, and made it appear as if she didn’t care about Paris and Doug’s escapades nearby.”



Another couple at the club that night? Gossip Girl costars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor. There was no PDA, but they stayed by each other’s side for the night.







Celebrity Dating

Celebrities are people who are highly recognized or well known by the public. A Hollywood celebrity is known for their movie roles, television appearances, modeling, music or some sort of scandal. Their lives are being watched by people each day and they are under constant scrutiny. One part of a celebrities life that people are often obsessed with is their relationships. Celebrity dating habits are very fascinating and always under the careful watch of the paparazzi.

While some magazines are trying to stay in circulation, the celebrity tabloids are selling millions of copies a week. People want to get their hands on any type of information that has the latest Hollywood celebrity dating a new person, most likely another famous person. These Hollywood celebrity magazines and websites get the most business when they feature a Hollywood celebrity in a relationship. For some reason, we as a people are obsessed with celebrity dating habits and relationships. Dating is hard now for celebrities because they are constantly in the public eye. Many celebrities have difficulty dating other famous people because the pressure is too much to handle. They are constantly being interviewed and the main question is “So, who are you dating?”. For some reason, everyone would rather focus on who a celebrities dating rather than focusing on the movie they are doing or charity they are donating to. Perhaps it’s that we have so many problems in our own love life, we like to see famous people having the same dating struggles.

A Hollywood celebrity can’t be seen with someone in public without the media misconstruing it into a story about how they are dating someone new. So, a Hollywood celebrity must go to great lengths to cover up who they are dating. Most celebrities who are dating travel separately, even when they are doing something as trivial as going to dinner, because they don’t want their pictures to end up in a Hollywood celebrity magazine or on a Hollywood celebrity website. Some celebrities travel to uninhabited islands in order to have some privacy with their partners. A difficult part about celebrity dating is that even if they don’t mind going public with their relationship, they surely don’t want their breakup to be the latest headline. Breakups are difficult as is, but when you are a celebrity they are extra tough. If you are a celebrity in a relationship and then there are clear signs that the relationship has ended, your picture is sure to be in some Hollywood celebrity magazine or website with an embarrassing story, as if the breakup wasn’t embarrassing enough. That’s why most celebrities don’t make their relationships public in the first place, unless they know it is going to be very serious. Some celebrities often date non famous people in order to keep the media attention away from them.

No matter where you turn, you will see a celebrities’ relationship exploited and out in the open for everyone to see. That’s why celebrity dating habits can be so erratic. It is hard for them to find and actually keep a healthy relationship. It’s a tough job, but somebody has got to do it.