Please Say The Baby

8 04 2008

Let me just start this off by saying whoever is managing Emmanuel Lewis is dead wrong for letting him do this. Jazze Pha’s hamhock pizza or whatever the FUCK it was is enough abuse one person should have to endure.

If I didn’t know Wayne just got some of those tattoos, I wouldn’t be surprised or doubt that he came out of the womb with them. He just seems like he was that kind of… child. Touched would be putting it lightly.

I’m sure some of you don’t believe this is real and are ready to give me the “PHOTOSHOPZ” treatment. Gotcha, bitches! I do my research. Sometimes.

Thanks Meosha

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Crank Dat Dance = Yesterday’s News. It’s all about Da WAM!

4 04 2008

I wonder if throwing something at Weezy is part of the dance too?

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This Messtivity needs a story!

27 03 2008


(*camera sound*)
Wayne: “Oh, so you think that rainbow weave gonna lead you to a gold record?”

Nivea: “Ha…it led me to you, Leprechaun!”
(*camera sound*)
Wayne: “Wha??”

(*Camera Man: “Now say cheese!”*)
Wayne: (*sighs*) “Whateva man”
Nivea: “I got you nicca. Pretty daaaaaaaaa(*camera sound*)aaam good!”

Now…it’s y’all turn to narrate this messtivity.

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21 03 2008

Although, this may be a lil old, I present to you this picture…

Ok…now. What thoughts pop into your head when you see this? Who pushed the red button on this one? This picture combined with this picture [CLICK HERE]…doesn’t not help things out. Now…I’m not calling him “a male lover” or anything, but cmon. Look at the calming pleasure on the gentleman posted behind Wayne. Now, look at the excruciating, yet slightly satisfying look on Wayne’s face. *SMH* Like I said, I’m not saying he came out the closet, but my assumption level has been tampered with. I would react the same way if I saw Ne-Yo looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Yeah…I see where he was going with it, but my assumption level.

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New Music: Lil’ Wayne - “I’m Me”

30 12 2007

Lil’ Wayne - “I’m Me”

Wayne released a 5 song EP called “The Leak” to digital outlets only on Christmas Day in advance preparation for his highly anticipated [not by me!] “The Carter III” album in February. This song comes from that, and features Wayne’s seemingly “flow of consciousness” style of rap.

For some reason, I like this joint. Some of his lines grabbed me. Like “these n*ggas is ducks/ call me Scrooge/ I’m swimming in bucks” LOL, or “sleeping on a n*gga like I’m rapping in my jammies” in reference to the Grammy committee last year.

Wayne is good, this is true. This is nothing groundbreaking or anything, but I enjoyed it. He’s witty and gritty all at the same time. I stumbled upon this joint and I’ve listened to it a couple of times, so I thought I’d post it.

Happy Sunday!

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Lil’ Wayne Is Officially GEIGH & Zac Efron Is About To Get Mollywopped!

17 12 2007

Lil’ Wayne has officially gotten the Side Eye of Death.

Yo, ok. Now, I hate to make this blog seem all about homophobia or something lately, but I’ll be doggone if these folks just don’t keep throwing sticks onto this burning fagot already (pause, go to LOL!). Please believe we love the gays though.

Now comes the latest from The OC Weekly (which is a real paper I’ve read before ROFL). Forget Ms. Omari and Mrs. Ruff Ruff, ish just got all KINDS of bizarre. After reading this, I hereby declare that hip-hop just died this morning and Nas is a prophet.

Lil’ Wayne working with Disney? Right, “The Pussy Monster” is getting a role in the new Shrek 4. HA! Lil’ Wayne kissing YT boys? If this was the 1960’s he’d be lynched and hung. I am gonna post this whole article. Check the jump — it’s BANANAS. Lil’ Wayne must be on that good crack or something, cause he’s lost it!?

EDIT: THIS IS OFFICIALLY NOT TRUE. THANK WHITE BABY JESUS! Still funny though. OC Weekly was about to get firebombed yo, for real. The sad part is, it REALLY didn’t sound THAT far fetched because dude is crazy. I should have known something was up though. Oh well, it was still funny to comment on!

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Lauren London and Wayne: ENGAGED?

30 11 2007

Bossip is reporting that a reliable source has informed them that Lauren London and Lil Wayne are engaged.

Word is that she is sporting some big rock on her hand and has been on and off  with him for years.

“They have been on and off for years and have had an open relationship. Lauren is very hood and likes thugs.”


What’s that I smell? Fried cheese wontons, shrimp egg rolls, and a side of bullshit? This just seems very MediaTakeOut-ish to me.

Wayne is so far off the deep end that the only rock he will be giving her will be cut with Arm & Hammer. We all know that ring is from Diddy!

Lauren was linked to to T.I., Pharrell Williams, and Baron Davis before getting with Wayne.

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Wayne on the Cover of Complex

28 11 2007

While his papi chulo Birdman was getting locked up for driving an RV or whatever, Lil’ Wayne decided to show his ass once again and start saying some off the wall mess in the new issue of Complex. “I’m a martian”? “You’re Jesus Christ”? Even Lauryn Hill is giving Weezy the side eye.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I love Complex but they need their asses whooped for ripping Vibe off so bad:

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Return of the Pussy Monster

12 11 2007

His words, not mine.

XXL gives Lil’ Wayne all three covers for their “Love/Hate” January/February issue. They have given me three weeks of nightmares. Thanks!

Wayne should proceed to the nearest Halloween costume shop because he could package this up and sell it next year for a premium!

Does he have a tattoo in the middle of his eyebrows?! What in the world…

Two more after the jump, if you’re not weak of heart (or uterus for that matter).

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Weezy’s Cirque Du Soleil Album Cover

1 11 2007

Ummm, this is… interesting. I see Wayne’s been visiting Foxy in Rikers for makeup tips.

In related news, The Carter III has been pushed back to early 2008 because it was recently bootlegged by a valet driver. Is anyone coming out this fall anymore?

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Lil’ Wayne: No Snaps For The Kids!

22 10 2007

Weezy no showed on a planned high school auditorium show in North Carolina last night. The show was canceled, then uncanceled in the months leading up to the date, but Wayne didn’t show up reportedly because of low ticket sales.

Fans who did purchase tickets showed up to an empty hall and were not refunded their tickets. (Source)

In his defense, he was probably stuck in the studio collaborating with a can of tomato soup. Gotta keep that “feature” money coming in!

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Jailhouse Rock: Beanie Sigel & Lil’ Wayne (Updated)

8 10 2007

Beanie Sigel
Beanie Sigel lookin’ like Uncle Ruckus

We gots to do better.

1st Up: Beanie Sigel might be going back to jail. Did he shoot someone? No! Did he rob an old grandma? No! Did he hold up Ashanti in the back of a recording studio, threatening to snatch out her voicebox? Don’t I wish.


Take me higher up on high Sweet Minty Jesus!

PHILADELPHIA - Rapper Beanie Sigel will surrender next week to face charges in a dispute over a rental car, his attorney said.

Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, rented a 2007 Nissan Altima from Payless Car Rental in southwest Philadelphia in July, investigators said. The car was due back on Aug. 13, but Sigel did not return it in time or contact the rental company, police said.

Payless, which continued to charge the rapper’s credit card, reported the car stolen on Sept. 6.

Someone returned the car to Payless on Friday, just as detectives went to Sigel’s home in the suburb of Lansdale to arrest him, police said. It had accumulated $5,000 in late fees. (Source)

And the cold part is that, IT WASN’T EVEN ENTERPRISE. Hertz. One of the high class joints. No, it was Payless.

He’s making it harder for all us other black people who ain’t got credit cards and want to use our debit card to get a rental car. What ya’ll know about that $300 hold on your account!? LOL! I know someone know what I’m talking about. Read the rest of this entry »

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Weezy Got Arrested

6 10 2007

…for talking out of his ass in that Vibe interview. Nah, actually it was for possession of a controlled substance (*rolls eyes*) and he’s being held in an Idaho jail without bail.

After being arrested, the jail received dozens of phone calls from fans and promoters asking if he’d make a scheduled show that night in jail. Damn, they gets crunk over their Lil’ Wayne in Idaho! LMAO. I didn’t know they got down like that. Isn’t there more cows than there are people out there?

He is expected to be formally charged on Tuesday. Pobrecito, stuck in Idaho ’til Tuesday?! OK, I’ll stop riding on the damn place. (Source)

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Weezy Was Off His Meds With VIBE

2 10 2007

The Pussy Monster (his words not mine) opened his mouth to spew hot garbage and all KINDS of randomness in his VIBE interview. Here are some choice excerpts:

You must have the most unique voice in that world.
Some people can’t sing and can just use their voice very uniquely. I was watching these clips on E! of the worst people singing the National Anthem and - what’s the dudes name from that rock group - the nigga with the big lips?

Steven Tyler.
Steven Tyler? That’s the nigga with the big lips? That nigga’s like the worst ever! The secret - WHITE PEOPLE CAN’T SING UNLESS YOU’RE ROBIN THICKE!

He’s the only one?
I know they got more but I don’t feel like thinking right now. I just… I don’t care - fuck them!

Please tell me this dude did not clown on Steven Tyler. Sure, he looks like Mr. Potato Head or something, but hello, AEROSMITH. Wayne, stfu. Steven Tyler’s money is so long, he makes YOU look like a project baby. STOP! Steven Tyler don’t get out of bed for less than millions! Cheezy F. Crazy gets out of bed for some head and bowl of grits. NO RESPECT.

AND ROBIN THICKE? How ignorant is that comment! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, ROBIN THICKE IS NOT THE YT SAVIOR OF R&B. Michael McDonald will murk that a**. Hell, Michael Bolton ROFL.

 Speaking of stress, let’s talk about the incident when the cops pulled you over after your show on July 22, 2007, at the Beacon Theater in New York.
When they locked me up in New York and they asked me about Jay-Z, 50 Cent, G Unit and no fucking gun or weed like they made it look like on TV? Ask me what I told them - Nigga, I’m from New Orleans! I will murder ya’ll up in this bitch! Fuck that, why would I murder a rapper?! I’m gonna listen to his shit on the way to go murder another nigga!

So when I murder my neighbor and his little dog for playing Mexican/Tejano music at 7 AM on a Saturday, I’m going to give the officer this paragraph on a paper with a picture of Weezy and the caption “Wayne murders ya’ll up in this bitch!” Hip-hop did it. Not me.

Don’t you call yourself that in a song?
Yeah, I said I’m a whore. I’m a whore. Whatever. And I live it to the fullest. I’m like Trey Songz, no homo.

Huh? Why?
Every picture of this nigga, he got his fucking shirt off! He’s looking at the camera like he’s looking at a hoe. I said, ya know what? Trey Songz don’t give a fuck - he be like, Fuck ya’ll nig*as! I’m eating, bwoy! Fuck how you think I look in this picture, your hoe love this picture! It’s her screensaver nig*a! When you call your hoe, my song play, fool! Holla! Trey Songz I fuck with you, you heard me?

Umm….HAHAHAHAHAHA. Trey Songz is Wayne’s hero. Not saying that was gay, but that sounded geigh. He ain’t mean it like that of course…but still. Where is dude’s muzzle? Screensaver though? That’s real suspect. Bwoy? *dead*  He should have referenced Ray-J. That’s whoredom in male form for sure. Someone make Ray-J a crushed purple velvet leisure suit with a scarlet letter ASAP!

And finally, the pièce de résistance:

That’s funny. Is there anything else you want to share about your career so far?
I signed my contract at 11, I put out my first solo album at 15 and I’m 25 and I’ve been living in that ever since. I haven’t sold a brick. I haven’t had to see one unless I wanted to snort it!

So what are you about to do now, after the interview?

Yo, I forgot what we was doing! I forgot we was gonna go in the studio, Elz said he was gonna come through [Juelz Santana]. I dunno if he’s on his way.

Kids, I am writing my OWN pink slip. You’ll find it under your door with a big middle finger drawn on the envelope. CAUSE I QUIT THIS B-I-ETCH!

Some of the interviews…Wayne needs to go gargle with grill cleanser and just call it a wrap on this interview/feature LOL.

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Lil’ Wayne Rules Hell With An Iron Grill

26 09 2007

Baby’s Fluffer Covers VIBE

Ay dios mio!

He looks like he wants to eat your babies.

The only throne Wayne sits on is the one inside his mind, unfortunately.

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