Joe Simpson Leaking Mariah’s Album?

10 04 2008

Word on the street is Ashlee Simpson’s pervy dad Joe Simpson is leaking Mariah Carey’s new album E=MC² because it is set to come out a week before Ashlee’s set. Now that’s gangsta.

Industry insiders believe Ashlee Simpson’s camp may be responsible for leaking songs off Mariah Carey’s new album in hopes of it creating less competition for the 23-year-old, whose album drops a week after the record-setting “diva.” A source told MSNBC, “Joe Simpson has every right to be nervous about Ashlee going up against Mariah. They are backed into a corner with this release date since they already changed it once. Their only option in fighting the Mariah machine would be to create a way to make the album’s release less newsworthy.”

“Touch My Body,” the first single off Carey’s E=MC2, was released ahead of the album’s April 15th launch, but other tracks have since popped up on the internet. “Touch My Body” debuted at number one on the Billboard chart and gave the singer her 18th chart-topper.

Simpson’s Bittersweet World was originally set to be released in late 2007, but at the last minute was pushed back to April 22, 2008.

Simpson’s rep denied concerns over Carey, “Mariah is a great artist, but the only album release Ashlee is focused on right now is her own.” (Source)

This is probably true, I’m sure Ashlee is too busy picking out backup singers to do her vocals and pushing the ProTools button to be worrying about leaking the album. I wouldn’t put it past her daddy, though.

Joe Simpson makes Mat Knowles look like a stuffed animal. This dude is nuts! He’s even more in love with his two dimwit daughters than Mat is with Beyasha. This is the same dude who made comments about his daughter’s breasts. I bet he’d not only leak Mariah’s album, but slash her brake lines, take a picture of her as she flew off a cliff (from her bad side) and then still have time to look up Ashlee’s skirt.

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New Music: Christina Milian, The Game & Mariah Carey

19 03 2008

Christina Milian - “So Deep, So Fast”

Ummm, not even Batman can save this one from bombing.

I love Christina, but she’s gonna have to come harder than this if she wants us to pay attention. I almost fell asleep listening to this. All I could hear when she was saying “So deep, so fast” was the intro to Khia’s “K-Wang”. She straight jacked her!

P.S. I’d rather listen to the Khia song.

I’m hoping this is a soundtrack cut or something. Otherwise, those rumors of her being signed to a label might have been false. Unless it’s Knockout Records.

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Mariah In Parade Magazine

19 03 2008

Apparently Parade Magazine is the new place to just “let it out”. Where have I been?! The last time I read Parade I think I was looking for a coupon or something. Does it still come sandwiched between the funnies and the real estate section? Is it longer than 7 pages (with ads) now?

Mariah took a bunch of “G-rated” pictures and I must say she looks a lot better here than when she’s showing her ass (literally) in some hoochie gear from Wet Seal. She also told them she’s “eternally 12″ and apparently she’s eternally a broken record too because I can’t keep track of how many times she’s said this. Check out the interview here.

A GANG of pics after the jump, plus peep Mimi’s new album cover over at DListed.

(Image Source)

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Mariah Debuts New Single on ‘SNL’

17 03 2008

In case you missed it, Mariah Carey debuted her new terrible single “Migrate”, featuring T-Pain, on ‘SNL’ this past Saturday. I can’t even fuck with this and I’m a Mariah stan. I’m hoping that this sounds better on the CD than it did live because this is a steaming mess. Mariah really tries too hard to be young. She stays spouting off those nonsensical lines and rotating back and forth on her toes like she’s stuck to the ground. If you’re gonna do an uptempo song, a least do SOME kind of movement!

I’m upset at T-Pain coming out with that cane looking like a demon version of dude from The Apollo.

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Video: Mariah Carey - “Touch My Body”

27 02 2008

Mariah’s first video from her upcoming album, featuring Jack McBrayer from “30 Rock”. I’ve been hella scared to post this because I heard Mimi’s people aren’t messing around with the videos and links and such, so let me preface this by saying MARIAH AND/OR MARIAH’S PEOPLE: PLEASE E-MAIL US IF YOU WANT US TO TAKE IT DOWN! PLEASE DON’T TAKE OUR SHIT OUT THE GAME THE WAY SOME OTHERS HAVE! I heart you, MC.

All ass-kissing aside, I think Mariah looks fantastic in this video. She’s definitely got the body back. This video is amusing but I’m sure it will get old seeing as all the stations will be playing it three times an hour.

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Mariah Knowz Hur Theoremz!

12 02 2008

E = MC² is the new title of Mariah Carey’s album, formerly dubbed That Chick. I can’t decide which one is worse or more stupid but I’m leaning towards That Chick so I guess this is all right.

Stay tuned for that MC single.

People are getting their shit shut down for posting this song, and since it’s nothing ground-breaking, I’m not about to risk it. Y’all don’t know how much work it was to get back online after Diddles shut us down. The comments, though, are beyond our control. So if someone happened to post it there… well, you know.

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Mariah’s “That Chick” Album Cover

17 01 2008

Yes, this shit is called That Chick. SMH. I’d rather her call it Puca Shells and stick with the theme than try and go all “New New” on us. I love Mariah but she is trying harder now than ever to be “young” when really she should just be herself.

The cover is aight, I guess. It looks like an old magazine photo shoot to me.

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Mariah: “I Didn’t Diss J. Lo!”

8 01 2008

Less than a day after various sources reported Mariah said she would rather perform with “a pig” than Jennifer Lopez, Ms. Butterfly Jones has denied the allegations.

“This is just some Internet gossip and it’s pathetic that people actually entertain the thought that this could be real,” Carey adds. “This is another sad example of two strong women being pit against each other.” (Source)

I still think she said it.

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Sound Byte of the Day

7 01 2008

“I’d rather be on stage with a pig — a duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just ain’t going to happen.” -Mariah Carey

This is just hilarious! I knew Mariah and J. Lo had beef but I didn’t realize it had gotten to this point. Check out this video of Mariah telling a reporter she doesn’t know who Jennifer Lopez is:

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Mariah Just Lost 50-11 Points In My Book

3 01 2008

Really!? Please tell me she didn’t go the easy route and put her whispering and cooing with T-Pain’s “I, Robot” warbling. I am so through. 2K8 is already starting off a hot mess. I’m bout to move to Tennessee and listen to Carrie Underwood all day. I can’t take these bastardizations of music! Sweet Minty Jesus wipe me down with a Temptations record. Can we resurrect Berry Gordy from retirement? Bueller? Bueller?

Hollyscoop reports the following from Mariah’s New Year’s Eve Party at TAO, Las Vegas:

Mariah closed the night by playing her new track “Migrate” which features T-Pain.

MariahDailyJournal is able to confirm that Migrate (in addition to Heat) is indeed a new song title from Mariah’s upcoming album. It is however, at this point, unknown whether or not it will be the first single.

“It’s Like That,” the first single from The Emancipation of Mimi was first played by Mariah at the New Year’s Eve 2005 Party she hosted at the PURE night club in Las Vegas on December 31, 2004. (source)

What would Tommy Mottola do (after he flipped it, smacked it, and rubbed it down)? Not this foolishness.

She needs a banger. I’m a fan, and if the song is catchy or whatever, I will probably like after a billion spins on my MP3 player. But come on folks, T-Pain is not the messiah of R&B! He is already on the radio 6 songs an hour with 6 different songs including 2 of his.

I’m not mad he’s making bank, but then people wonder why people aren’t investing in music any longer. Who wants to hear T-Pain 8 times an hour!? Let’s get real. Next thing her little doggie will be doing solo spots on DMX’s new Gospel album. I am so through with music sometimes!

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Mariah Tours DVD Commercial

6 11 2007

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

Well then, Meems. It’s like she picked the most inspirational songs from her catalogue and paired them with the skankiest outfits in her closet. I ain’t mad! She looks good, though kinda stupid. Remember when Mariah said she’s eternally 12 years old? She wasn’t lying.

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Mariah’s New Album Gets Bodied

19 10 2007

Mariah’s new album will not be out in time for Christmas:

Mariah Carey has postponed the release of her new album, previously scheduled for Dec. 4, until next February.

At that rate, the album, a follow-up to “The Emancipation of Mimi,” will be bumping right into a new CD from Madonna. At the same time, Janet Jackson — now recording for Island/Def Jam, home of Mariah — may have her new release ready, too.

Get set for Diva Logjam. (source)

Awww so that means no lambchops for Christmas!

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Sound Byte of the Day

5 10 2007

On wishing she was a genie: “Wouldn’t it be really hot if I could just blink and change my outfit right now? How amazing would that be?” -Mariah Carey (Source)

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Mariah Covers Glamour

2 10 2007

Mariah Carey Covers Glamour

LOL @ “she’s smarter and saner — Britney take notes!”

Forget taking notes, Britney needs to go to remedial learning and ride the shortest bus EVER. Cause ole’ girl losing her kids, losing her mind, getting “fatter” (which we all know is just a no-go in the industry), chopping off her hair, smoking, doing drugs, driving with no license…etc. All Mariah did is show up on TRL in hot pants giving out ice cream! Sexay!

Mariah’s head is WAY too big for this body, which means you know they straight gave her the chop-chop-Photoshop treatment.

Sheiza, I photoshopped my mom’s head onto a $50 bill better than this!

And I swear Glamour and all these other woman’s magazines have articles about “mind-blowing sex!” With this cornucopia of knowledge floating around about how to put it down, why are people like Mya and Assie still effin’ for tracks? They should have many multi-platinum albums and plaques by now.

R-E-A-D-A-B-O-O-K LADIES! Or, a magazine.


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Mariah & Mary Say “No Thanks!” to Diva Face-Off

1 10 2007

Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige have opted not to release their albums on the same day in November, despite previous reports to the contrary. Mariah’s as-yet-untitled album will be released by Def Jam on November 20, while Mary’s Growing Pains will be released November 27 on Geffen. (Source)

Are you checking for either album? Who do you think has the upper hand?

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