Mess of the Moment: Donna Karan

5 05 2008

Whoever switched Donna Karan’s calendar to October 31st needs a spanking.

Homegirl showed up to The Urban ZEN Foundation’s mission in NYC wearing an airbrush tee made by a fifth grader, some Hammer pants, a fanny pack, one of Left Eye’s hats and some clown shoes. Sometimes this job is so easy I don’t even have to make any further comment.

I’m sure there’s more to this story, like maybe she had a lobotomy or something, but I don’t know if anything can excuse this. Check the jump for more flicks of the early ’90s throwing up all over Donna.

Photos: WENN

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Mess of the Moment: Jennifer Hudson

29 04 2008

I didn’t realize we still cared about Jennifer Hudson but the paps obviously do. She clearly doesn’t even care about herself judging on how she was dressed at LAX a few days ago. She looks like she raided Lindsay Lohan’s and Amy Winehouse’s closets for this flight. Leggings as pants and ballet flats, REALLY? Don’t get me started on that painter’s smock she got from Ross Michael’s. More after the jump.

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Caption This Hot Scorchin Mess…please!

15 04 2008

(pics from illseed)
What in the Worcestershire sauce is goin on herrrre?  Steve Harvey is my dude, but I can’t take the 3 shades of skintone.   Look like he rolled around in some Arby sauce and got up and said “aight…take my picture damn it.”  I also cannot take them wranglers.  I do commend him on being fit at the age of 51, but even I knew as a kid to put clothes on my Mister Potato Head.  I just hope it wasn’t a sun burn, because that sun must’ve been pissed.  (Love ya Steve) - (one more pic after the jump)

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Mess of The Moment: Zoe Kravitz (the new Queen of Hot Mess)

3 04 2008

What in the flaming hot piss is she wearing? Who gave her a Goodwill gift card? Did she shank Mrs. Buttersworth? And them spandex!! Lawd! It looks like Amy Winehouse climbed a fence, got her leggings caught in it, took em off and said…”Here Zoe!” (*shakes my head*) And them shoes! What was she doing? Skating on rocks? She can’t be scuffin her Air Pinocchios like that. Damn…did the strap break on her Alligator-coated purse? That was one ashy azz alligator. He must’ve had athlete’s foot, ankles, azz, etc. Overall, she probably spent more on one McNugget than for her entire outfit. Here’s more from the Black Amy Winehouse.

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NEW MESS OF THE MOMENT: “Hey April…come get your fool!”

1 04 2008

Denzel…you are off the hook. This is the New MESS OF THE MOMENT!

I swear I caught STDs just looking at this pic. The creator of stank should sue for copyright infringement.

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Caption This + Mess of the Moment: Denzel

31 03 2008


One word…Daaayyyyuuuummmmm! Talk about the wrong time for a picture. I’m sure even God was like…”Oh Myself!” Denzel (yes…Denzel) looks like he either got an endorsement deal with Doodoomints or just wiped his face with Bobby Brown’s washrag. After I saw Free fall from grace, I knew no one was safe. But even with that…Denzel?

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Mess of the Moment: Free (former host of 106 & Park)

25 03 2008

No Free! No! What a tragedy. Never in a million years would I have thought Free would look like a hot bowl of mess. (*SMH*). LaLa is like, “hurry up and take this damn picture.” Honestly, she looks pregnant to me. That’s my only justification of it, but there’s no reason to look like…

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Black Lucy Goes Black Punky Brewster

12 03 2008

Raven looks a hot mess. There’s simply no other way to put it. Between the “black Punky Brewster” hair, the torn up leggings, and that Ms. Swan muumuu from Marc Ecko I don’t really know what’s going on here.

Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, but I can’t decide if this is worthy of Mess of the Moment or not. You guys can let me know (One more pic after the jump).

Update: The jury is in and Raven has been shunned to the Wall of Shame. Y’all only have yourselves to blame.

(Photo Source)

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The President Is Not Exempt From Mess of the Moment!

20 02 2008

*dead * at his crocs on the gangsta lean with THE PRESIDENTIAL SEAL SOCKS!

You know Michelle Obama would NEVER let Barack (”Hallelujah! Barack! Praise the Lord!” <- church joke!) go out the White House looking like this! She look like she don’t play and she has a mean SEOD for people coming at her man crooked.

Like divaty said, “This is grounds for impeachment.”

I’m just saying LOL.

Did everyone vote? Obama just won another primary, his 9th straight win. It’s pretty incredible. Someone insulted me today at The Plantation by saying “I will make it up to you, my being difficult, by voting for Obama.” They were serious.

I had to pray to Sweet Minty Jesus to ask me not to reach back to “Beloved,” “Roots,” Harpo and Catcher Freeman (LOL Boondocks) and knock the coloring off that man. Just because Obama’s black and I’m black doesn’t mean I’m automatically voting for him!

I’m a Demorepublicadepentgreenalist! That’s right.

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Mess of the Moment: ‘Tasia Mae Is Channeling Pepe LePew

7 02 2008

From classy…


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There Are No Words.

1 02 2008


Either Andre Harrell was just really f**ked up on that Ciroc vodka or he thought he was going to a Kid ‘N Play House Party Pajammy Jam. WHAT IN THE NAME OF SWEET MINTY ALKA-SELTZER JESUS!?

Janelle Monae looks like she got warrants LOL. What’s really hood ma? I heard she just got signed to Bad Boy. Hmph, good luck with dusting that shelf with Cheri Dennis! She might want to sleep with one eye open…if her album comes out before Cheri’s there’s going to be problems up in Diddy Mansion.

Andre looks like his Momma dresses him and he’s ready for his after-school macrame and finger paint class with the other “special” children.

LAWDhasmercy. I can’t wait to see ya’ll’s captions!

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Mess of the Moment: Malcolm-Jamal Warner

31 01 2008

Malcolm-Jamal thinks he’s stunting on you hos with his Pirates of the Caribbean couture. I think he robbed Erica Kane for that necklace. Is that a beeper on his belt? The thing that’s bad about this is a lot of this stuff wouldn’t be bad on its own, but he needs to learn the art of “less is more”. It takes a certain person to pull off that shit that’s on the reverse side of his jacket. He’s not one of them and should stop flaunting it around. It’s almost as if he’s saying, “Yeah, this is Ed Hardy (or whatever designer that is). It’s ugly as sin but I can still afford it. And what?” And the Diamonique belt buckle? That’s tacky no matter what you rock it with. I’m not even going to touch his hair (any of it) because it’s an improvement over the dreads he rocked for about 17 years but I’ll let you guys take that one.

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Mess of the Moment: Zoe Kravitz

22 01 2008


Zoe Kravitz showed up to an event sporting her new haircut and I don’t know WHAT it is but something tells me this was the big pink elephant in the room. You know people were talking about this! I mean who did this to her? Did she have a bad acid trip? Did she let Jessie James and D’Lila Star Combs cut it with a butter knives? I need answer.




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Mess of the Moment *All-Star Edition*: Amy Winehouse….AGAIN.

17 01 2008

So back in our LAST “Mess of the Moment” post, I nominated Amy Winehouse to be our Patron High Priestess of A Hot Mess, and my nomination was seconded & thirded LOL. So…presenting our Patron High Priestess of A Hot Mess, Dame Amy of Whinehouse!

Patron High Priestess of A Hot Mess, Dame Amy of Whinehouse!

You know, she just makes it so easy. I mean….really!

More pics after the jump, of course LOL. Spotted over at ONTD.

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Mess of the Moment *All-Star Edition*: Amy Winehouse

9 01 2008

I lost count of how many times Amy Winehouse has been on our wall of shame. Let’s just say she makes Aretha Franklin look like Iman.

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