Monica Welcomes Baby Boy

9 01 2008

Monica gave birth to her second son with boyfriend “Rock” yesterday. The baby’s first name is so far undecided, but he will carry the middle name Montez, after Monica’s brother.

Monica’s cousin Melinda Dancil says Mo had been in the studio previous to the birth. Something for you Mo fans to get excited for.

Congrats to Monica and Rock!


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“Poor Them!” — A Hot Mess! Analysis: Monica, “The Makings of Me”

29 06 2007
Monca The Makings of Me cover
Monica - The Makings of Me (October 3, 2006) - Sales to Date: 296,417

After the surprise success of the once-scrapped album “All Eyez on Me,” which was retooled into what eventually became “After the Storm,” Monica disappeared and went and had babies. Well, one. But it was some other drama in her life that caused her hiatus in recording. So me, being a huge Monica fan, was excited when I heard she was recording a new album.

Unfortunately, that album lead off with a single that was trying to capitalize on the dying “snap” movement. “Everytime Tha Beat Drop” SAMPLED “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” by Dem Franchize Boys. How you a sample a song that came out like a year ago? It was just wrong. Girl stop! J.D. was wrong for that.
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Monica submits sons pictures to Celebrity Baby Blog

29 04 2007

R&B Singer Monica released pictures of her son Rodney Ramone to Celebrity Baby Blog and people had a lot ot say about the way he was dressed. A lot of people that commented referred to his look as “tacky” “ghetto” “thuggish” etc. Monica had a few words after all hell broke lose in the comment section:

I truly thank [my fans] for their love and support. It’s something that motivates me as a mother and as a person. Their love and support has carried me through a 13-year career, one child, and four albums.

And because of those that prefer not to hate, I’ll always make music and let them into my personal life. I was made aware of the few people that did not like his choice of attire. But who are we to judge? Truth be told: it should be respected that he’s on a major website wearing clothes that were created and made by Black men.

How do we constantly find negative when only positive exists? Is it a problem with the world or people in general? My son is being raised by strong black men, so therefore, when I dress him, I dress him as one. Not as a thug, not as a hoodlum.

How he dresses reflects nothing that I teach him. Morals and values are instilled in our home and in our lives. And for those that choose to speak negative, I simply must say take a look at self and dissect the problems within before you try to look at my life and dissect mine. My son is loved, blessed, favored by God and supported by many.

Thank you very much Sean “Puffy” Combs and the Rocafella family. We love you and will support you at all costs.

Edit: In related news, sources at Atlanta Gossip say that Monica and her fiance of four years, Rock Sr., may be broken up. Apparently only Lil’ Rock and Mo are living in the Atlanta mansion where Big Rock used to reside. Read more.

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