Urrrrsher feat. Young Jeezy and T.I. - Love In The Club (remix)

9 04 2008

ROFLMAO…ok. Here’s the track:

Love In the Club (remix) featuring Young Jeezy and (my) T.I. (incarcerated)
Shoutout to Lowkey

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Hot or Not: Chilli - “Dumb, Dumb, Dumb”

8 04 2008

Well…Chilli is back in the limelight…I guess. She’s coming out with a solo album, and her first single is called, “Dumb, Dumb, Dumb” (big ups to lovebscott.com and Baltimore Vixen)

Chilli - Dumb Dumb Dumb [Link 1]
Chilli - Dumb Dumb Dumb [Link 2]

Now…I admit, the hook is catchy as hell, but…(*rolls out the DO NOT WANT billboard*). My tires will get more spins than this. Sorry, I stans Chilli, but…(*points at DO NOT WANT billboard*). That’s just my opinion tho.


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Hot or Not: New track from Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare

27 03 2008

Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare
Shoutout to Ratchet for the leak.

First of all…yes, that is Beyonce in the pic above, lookin quite roasted. Second of all…I’m assuming this is off the soundtrack for the Etta James movie. I don’t know. Maybe it needs to grow on me, but (to me) this joint sounded like an extra long interlude. I was waiting for the change in the beat or vocals. The beat sounded like a midi. And as for “Clips and Kisses”…I say…

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New Music: Ne-Yo and Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige

26 03 2008
Ne-Yo - “Closer”

Aight, ShaNe-Yo! This ain’t so bad. I heard it on the radio a few days ago and wanted to hate it but hearing it in higher quality it’s not so bad. I guess this club/dance music is going to be the next huge thing in R&B. I can get with it as long as they don’t pull out the robotic voices. That’ll give me flashbacks to 7th grade and that’s a place I don’t wanna be.

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New Music: Nelly (feat. Fergie) - “Party People”

21 03 2008
Nelly (feat. Fergie) - “Party People”

“Where my party people at?” Running from the dance floor when this hot ass mess comes on.

To be fair, I’ve never ever liked Nelly. As years have gone on, I’ve realized “Country Grammar” wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it to be, but it might just be in comparison to all his other songs. Short of that, I don’t think I’ve ever sat through more than 30 seconds of any of his songs unless I absolutely had to.

Polow Da Don is already getting bored. It sounds like he stole left-over bits of productions from Swizz Beatz, Missy Elliott and the whirring of an old dishwasher to make this. And for the record, playing these simple ass verses back in slow-mo tone is NOT making them any better.

Fergie needs to hang up her “rapping” mic. She peaked when she said she was going to pull Nelly Furtado’s wig back on that Daddy Yankee remix.

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New Music: Christina Milian, The Game & Mariah Carey

19 03 2008

Christina Milian - “So Deep, So Fast”

Ummm, not even Batman can save this one from bombing.

I love Christina, but she’s gonna have to come harder than this if she wants us to pay attention. I almost fell asleep listening to this. All I could hear when she was saying “So deep, so fast” was the intro to Khia’s “K-Wang”. She straight jacked her!

P.S. I’d rather listen to the Khia song.

I’m hoping this is a soundtrack cut or something. Otherwise, those rumors of her being signed to a label might have been false. Unless it’s Knockout Records.

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New Music: Brandy - “Dig This”

12 03 2008

Brandy - “Dig This”

I don’t know why B Rocka keeps coming with these “Quiet Storm”/dentist’s office joints. Don’t get me wrong, this is pleasant enough to listen to, and she sounds great on it, but it just doesn’t move me the way I feel like a Brandy track should. When I first heard Bryan-Michael Cox was producing a lot of the stuff on this album, this is exactly how I worried it would turn out. But this isn’t even produced by him! The Underdogs did this one.

To me this song just goes nowhere. Like, it’s cool or whatever but there’s just too much quietness. The last bridge where she finally lets loose is a little rewarding, but it’s not enough of a payoff. This song to me sounds like they were going for Mary J.’s “Be Without You” on heroin — all lazy and tired.

Thanks 2steppin.

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New Music: Snoop Dogg (feat. Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B.) - “Life Of Da Party”

7 03 2008

Snoop Dogg (feat. Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B.) - “Life Of Da Party”

The combined age of this track is 162, with $hort being about 98 of them. I keed, I keed. I’m not mad at $hort getting his “senior discount” on at the player’s club in East O. Tips are half off for the geezers.

But for real, I’m feelin’ this. It’s subdued and a good follow-up to something as left field as “Sexual Seduction”. I like when Snoop be sayin’ “E’rrytime I show up” and all that. I dunno, it sounds good on the track and I don’t really have much else ~eloquent~ and shit to say about it. That “cheese, cheese, cheese” part gave me a screwface because it reminded me of Camel Lights saying “and wave” in that shitty ass song (I can’t even remember the title?) from Kingdom Cum with the “Rumpshaker” horns.

I guess F.A.B. is coming into his own. As a Baylien I’m not mad at this. For those of you not familiar, please check out “Ghost Ride It”. Now this is exactly the type of goonery that I can tolerate — in small doses. Fuck a Soulja Boy.

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Nasir & Shawn To Team Up For Joint Album?

26 02 2008

Illseed is reporting there’s word floating around that Nas and Jay-Z may do an album together titled Kings of Hip-Hop that will come out on yet another new label from Jay-Z, the “Jay-Z Carter Music Group”. I don’t care if it comes out on Amil Sets Up The Blue Light Special Records, this is something I hope is actually in the works IF they do it right.

In the meantime, here’s a new Nas track called “What It Is” produced by DJ Khalil from the upcoming N*gger.

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New Music: Janet Jackson, Usher, Bobby Valentino & Lyfe Jennings

21 02 2008

Janet Jackson - “So Much Betta”

So Discipline has leaked, and I’m not saying I heard it already or nothing *cough* but it’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. HOWEVER, after possibly flipping through it last night, I think this is my favorite song. The beat is nastayyyyyyy. It’s Janetron 2k8 and I think I kind of love it. The vocals kind of throw you off at first, but it sinks in that “Ok this is different, this is kinda hot” and it’s a wrap from there. Real talk. I’ll say so far that you have to listen to this album in context really to get the vibe of the record — even “Rock With U” feels “better” so to speak. You’ll hear it when/if you buy the record next week.

Way more music after the jump — no download links right now, I’ll have to get em up later, so check back.

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Usher - “Moving Mountains”

Usher - “I Can’t Win”

Usher sounds great; I’m glad he hasn’t lost his vocal chops screaming at Maneka. While I am waiting for some uptempo jams, I can already tell that this album is going to be a solid, cohesive album through and through. I’m calling it. This is clearly a slower joint, but this alongside “I Can’t Win” and even the leaked song “That Girl Right There” with Luda seem to fit together. Looks like Usher hasn’t lost his knack for putting an album together, and it ALSO sounds like he’s hopefully found a way to balance more mature material with some radio friendly filler. I guess that’s all we can ask for in this day and age. While these two songs aren’t going to get you up and dancing, you have to admit they are decent and he sounds great. I’m excited about new material!

Bobby Valentino - “No More Party”

Not sure if this is new or old but I’m not hating it, so that’s good. I wonder if Bobby’s working on a new album? I’m going to give it up to him because after Mario’s Go, this was probably the 2nd album from the younger R&B set that I listened to. He had some great songs on that joint, and even a cover or two that I liked. He really showed growth from his debut album to his sophomore joint, and I was pleasantly surprised. However, his material often veers toward the fluffy, throw-a-way, cliched spectrum and Bobby’s better than that, case in point. Tim & Bobb’s joints really need to come up, though. I mean REALLY. This song sounds leftover from the first album…

Lyfe Jennings - “Brand New” Feat. Lil’ Wayne & T.I.

I really don’t like Lyfe’s music. Sorry. I mean, I’m sure it moves someone, but his voice irks my nerves and eardrums. I just can’t take his gravelly “I’ve been gargling with stomach acid” tinged voice. A couple of his songs here and there I’ve semi-thought were OK…he has good material/lyrics for the most part, but I’d like them more if someone else was singing. I really liked “Hypothetically” with Fantasia because…hello…it’s Tasia LOL.

Somehow he’s snuck up and got another new album coming out, but I don’t think enough people really care about Lyfe to blow him up. He’s got a small base of dedicated fans I think. This song doesn’t really move me either, and I feel like he smashed up 4 songs to make this one song. I just thought there was too much going on in this song; from the background vocals, to the hook, to the little baby talk, etc. Is that the boy from Hurricane Chris’ song?! “A bay bay!” Prolly not, but I just laughed. Oh and T.I.’s verse sounds phoned in, figuratively AND literally LOL. I’ll pass on this joint.

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Sweet Minty Jesus Be A Wet Ones! Khia’s Back.

18 02 2008

LOL, oh lord Jesus…this woman…she’s about as sexy as a drowned monkey, but she’s hustling. She making herself “semi-relevant” again with all this reckless talk about Janet and her general just “I’m nasty, I’m a thug, I got that panty pudding!” nonsense.

She also has a new song called “Ass Talk” that is SURE to inspire young girls everywhere to step their booty clap game up. It’s LIFE-CHANGING YA’LL! And I don’t know about ya’ll but I thought “Snatch The Cat Back” was a classic.

Khia kind of intrigues me. She’s like those people on American Idol who really really CAN’T sing, but in THEIR minds they are Celine Dion and Beyonce’. Her mom and friends tell her, “Gurl you da bomb! You better than a Trina n’ isht!” She gets all puffed up, takes out her Dr. Seuss books and gets to work, and then effs for tracks and low budget videos and makes a career out of it.

Can’t knock the hustle!

*sprays down A Hot Mess with hospital-grade lysol*

More pics after the jump, unfortunately.

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New Music: Raven-Symone - “Double Dutch Bus”

18 02 2008
Raven-Symone - “Double Dutch Bus”

OK, I’m mad as hell at this. Raven kinda kept a low-profile for a while and here I thought she was planning some major comeback where she was gonna drop all this hokey bullshit and really focus on having, you know, a real career. Erin and I were even discussing how she could come out with a single produced by Missy and featuring Eve or something. That would be a step in the right direction.

This shit right here? It “World Premiered” on Radio Disney. Need I say more?

Frankie Smith’s career is rolling in its grave right now.

This is reportedly off the College Road Trip soundtrack. Yeah, I give up.

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New Music: Lloyd, Teyana Taylor & Day 26

13 02 2008

Lloyd - “How We Do It In The A” Feat. Ludacris

Wow, umm…I really like this song. Mostly because of the timing of the beat…what is that, a 4/4 waltz or something? LOL, I love that. I feel like I could be dancing either fast or medium. Lloyd sounds pretty decent, and of course, does Luda ever disappoint!? I really feel like Lil’ Wayne should not be getting ALL the guest spots LOL. If this is the direction a new Lloyd album is heading in, I will be waiting eagerly for new music. Hotness! I played this once and have hit repeat 2x now. It just “feels” real good. Usher should have snatched this one up and not that “Love in the club” foolishness.

More songs after the jump!

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New Music Post, R&B Edition: Usher, Sean Garrett, J. Holiday, Danity Kane, Mario

7 02 2008

Usher - “Love In The Club” (Feat. Young Jeezy)

Hmm…this does nothing for me. While I am glad to hear that Usher is still sounding great for the most part, the Jeezy verse serves as nothing more than filling in blank space on the track. With a song like this though, you really could “insert a rapper here” and it would “work.” This doesn’t stick to your ribs though like “Yeah!” did. This is forgettable. I can pretty much see the video right now. Usher has hopefully advanced in his subject material and musically since he’s married to Attila the Hun & has born seed LOL, but I’m not holding my breath. ATLiens will probably eat this up though.

5 more songs after the jump!

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New Music: J. Holiday - “Sooner You Get To Love”

4 02 2008
J. Holiday - “Sooner You Get To Love” (via RNB Music Blog)

This is new music from J. Holiday off the re-release of Back of My ‘Lac, which comes out tomorrow. The re-release is being pushed in reaction to the album going gold. I guess Capitol Records has low standards.

This joint is real smooth-like. I’m a sucker for electric guitar so you know I was feelin’ that. Kinda gave me a late ’70s/early ’80s vibe. J is mad underrated — he’s got a very unique voice and he doesn’t try to overdo it vocally. If you wrote him off because of the “Bed” song, check out his album.

The re-release is going to include three new tracks in addition to all three of J’s videos. Like I said, J is my dude but I’m not trying to buy the CD all over again when I was one of the twelve people who did in the first place. That’s what los internetz is for.

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