I Need A Girl Who Doesn’t Want Money

10 03 2008

I had to post this because it was just so predictable that it was surprising. Just read on and you’ll see what I mean.

R&B producer Mario Winans is reportedly refusing to support his three-year-old son, according to his ex-lover Janell Bennett.

Bennett, who was in an eight-year relationship with Winans before she had her son Jordan, claims she was removed from her family home in Miami, Florida because Winans refused to pay child support. The surprise eviction has apparently left the cocktail waitress “homeless and living with friends on the south side of Chicago”.

Two years ago the single mother was caught up in a legal battle with the music producer to prove he was the father of her son. DNA reports came back positive, and Winans was ordered to pay Bennett $4,500 per month in child support.

Bennett tells the New York Post’s PageSix, “He hasn’t paid me. I just wanted support, and I was on disability and Medicaid and welfare just to have the baby. “He stopped paying last year… by the end of August 2007, I lost the house and moved to Chicago… I just want him to do right by Jordan… It would be so simple for him to call me so we could work something out.”

The two met in 1997 through their mutual friend Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

Winans’ representatives have made no comment on the allegations. (Source)

She’s a cocktail waitress. The only thing that would be more stereotypical is if she were a go-go dancer.

LOL @ her being like “I live on the southside of Chicago!” Where was she living before, South Beach? Something tells me if you get evicted, having a kid isn’t the only reason you can’t afford to live there. Not that I don’t think Mario should pay, but ya know. Maybe he can give her the same beat he gave Diddy, Keyshia and Ashanti and she can try and make a hit record. I dunno. Something.

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Fat Joe Owes A Lot To The IRS

28 01 2008

I guess Fat Joe was too busy buying brownies, kicking Remy Ma out of his crew and making awful music to pay his taxes. He reportedly owes $70,000 in the state of New Jersey. (Source)

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Wesley Calls On Jesus To Pay The Rest

15 01 2008

He kind of looks like Sam Jackson in this picture…

Wesley Snipes snuck in a last minute prayer apparently at a prayer service before he went into court for his tax evasion trial. Now why he think God gonna bless him after he been stiffing Uncle Sam. Even Jesus said “give Caesar’s what is Caesar’s.” God don’t like ugly Noxeema Jackson!

Snipes, a Bronx-born but Orlando-bred actor, is charged with conspiring to defraud the government in filing a false-income tax claim for a $7 million refund. The federal indictment also accuses him of failing to pay taxes on $38 million he earned in his film career from 1999 to 2004. Lawyers for the Jones High School alumnus caused a stir this morning when they read a star-studded list of possible defense witnesses. The names included Muhammad Ali, Tom Brokaw [WTF? - The IPS], Woody Harrelson, Goldie Hawn, Spike Lee, Diane Sawyer, Paul Simon, Sylvester Stallone and Barbara Walters.

Frank Thompson, pastor of the Worship Center in Orlando, said he was among about 150 people who prayed with Snipes about 7:15 a.m. today at the Greater New Bethel Missionary Church in Ocala.

“We just prayed for favor, fairness and deliverance,” Thompson said. “That’s all we want for him.” (source)

I’m not mad at him getting prayer. I’ll even send up a quick smoke signal to Sweet Minty Jesus in hopes that Wesley don’t get locked up with Mr. Biggs AKA Ron Isley. If they will lock up Ron Isley’s old-jheri-curl-just-had-a-baby tail Wesley, things ain’t looking too good for you playa! I hope he remembers some of them Blade moves — he might need ‘em in the joint.

This is a warning to ya’ll — STAY AWAY FROM PASTOR MA$E & HIS TEACHINGS!


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Marion Jones To Appear On “Oprah”

15 01 2008

Leave it Oprah to bag the exclusive. Expect lots of crying! Maybe Oprah will give her a car?

Marion Jones will visit the “Oprah Winfrey Show” Wednesday (1/16) to discuss the legal issues that led to her six-month jail sentence for lying about steroid use and committing check fraud. (source)

While at first I felt bad for Marion, I quickly lost that loving feeling when the truth came out that she had been lying the whole time. I mean, really. If she had just admitted it all up front, they probably wouldn’t have been as harsh, which I think I remember someone saying. When they took her medals and suspended her, I’m pretty sure they were like “well, it was bad, but the broad LIED the whole time, and that made it even worse.”

I hope Dr. Dre, Wyclef & whoever else just admit they been getting “the clear” if they really did LOL. Though Wyclef hasn’t really made any music that the masses has liked for a while, and Dr. Dre has been holed up in his home gym getting pumped up like The Governator — he’s almost become a mythical figure LOL. Apparently Mary has already denied the reports that she ever used STEROIDS, but she said nothing about the human growth hormone. Hmmmm…that ponders me. ROFL.

This whole thing is a mess.

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Judge to Remy Ma: “Bitch Please!”

21 12 2007

A New York City judge practically laughed in Remy Ma’s face when the rapper asked for permission to go to Europe and tour.

According to the Associated Press, Remy, who is currently free on $250,000 bail after allegedly shooting a woman over money that she believed was stolen from her purse, requested permission from the court before travelling abroad. The Bronx-bred lyricist had hoped to travel to Europe for a 5-city tour that would have earned her up to $40,000, which her lawyer Ivan Fisher, says “She very much needs.”

Fisher says that the rapper is in need of the income, as she has had trouble booking shows states side since her legal troubles began. He also said that a proposed record deal with an undisclosed label has also been placed on hold until her legal issues have been resolved. (Source)

Well, that girl you shot very much needs her stomach but I guess you didn’t think about, hmmm?

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Damon Dash Is Checking His Couch For Change

20 11 2007

Damon Dash owes NYC $2.09 million dollars in back taxes. That’s a lot of pawned Roc-A-Fella platinum plaques Eeyore (doesn’t Damon look like Eeyore from “Winnie the Pooh”? I’m just saying.)! See the list here:

Dozens of other boldface Big Apple names pepper the state’s list of tax deadbeats, according to the most up-to-date records from the state Tax Department obtained by The Post.

The records show that hip-hop mogul Damon Dash - whose estimated $50 million fortune bought him a chauffeur-driven $400,000 Maybach sedan, diamond-encrusted watches and more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers - owes the state more than $2 million.

Dash, 36, is one of almost 225,000 city debtors who together have shortchanged the city and state more than $1 billion in income taxes, penalties and interest, the records show. (source)

Damon, I got an idea. You should sign the ‘Chocolate Rain’ dude to a deal and sell some ringtones, Soulja Boy style! I think that should cover his debt, y/n?

He better lace up a pair of once-worn ice whites and go shake down some white folks, hip-hop style in his fur-lined puffy coat that he’s wearing in that picture. “Break yoself YT man!”

Or maybe he can call his pimp Jay-Z for a loan. Jay-Z made $2.5 million dollars last night patting Beyonce’s weave “Get Me Bodied” style. Snap for the kids!

And LOL @ Ben Vereen being on that list. For shame!! FOR SHAME!

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Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?

12 11 2007

Poor James Brown, he gets no rest in that ole shallow grave his kids built for him. Here’s an update on the woman who said they never divorced. This woman must have forgotten to take her ginkgo biloba because she needs to SAT DOWN somewhere. I respect my elders but she is out of control.

Velma Warren Brown, the woman who said she married James Brown in 1953 and never got a divorce, was found not only to be divorced from the late singer, but SHE was the one who filed the papers.

The New York Times says a Nexis/Lexis legal database search found that a Georgia divorce record for James Brown and Velma Warren was filed in Richmond County in 1969.

David B. Bell, the lawyer who filed the paperwork for Velma Warren Brown on Wednesday, said he was not aware of the 1969 filing. The Atlanta Bureau of The New York Times offered to send him the record and asked him if he would call back with a response. “Maybe,” he replied.

Had Velma Brown’s turned out to be the late entertainer’s surviving spouse, one lawyer familiar with the figures guessed that her claim to his estate might have been worth $100 million. Also, his three subsequent marriages would all have been invalidated. (source)

LOL @ maybe.

Well, I guess she won’t be feeling good with any of JB’s money. She gonna have to keep the cape she stole from his 1968 tour and wrap herself with it to console her over the fact that she gets no monies! You KNOW Tomi Raye wasn’t having that either. Velma woulda been dead in a ditch somewhere after a mysterious “accident.”

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Jive Records Drops Kelis

27 10 2007

First, former NSyncer JC Chasez decided to part ways with Jive Records, and now, EW has learned, Kelis has been dropped from the label that’s home to Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and R. Kelly. The R&B singer’s 2003 album, Tasty, yielded the massive hit “Milkshake,” and was certified gold, but Kelis’ most recent effort, 2006’s Kelis Was Here, had less success in the U.S.—despite plenty of guest spots, including a collaboration with her husband, Nas. Kelis was originally signed to Pharrell Williams’s Star Tracks, which had a distribution deal in place with Virgin, which was later moved to Arista and, through the SonyBMG merger, she ended up with Jive. “It was a case of being in the ever-shrinking world of the record industry and finding herself on a label she wasn’t signed to and without a champion,” says Kelis’ manager, Jeff Rabhan. “She’s a different kind of artist — very image and style-driven. It’s either something you get or you don’t.”Kelis has been working on an indie dance record with Cee-Lo. A full-on pop effort with Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) will be shopped around soon. “We’re not opposed to another major label deal, but it would have to be non-traditional,” adds Rabhan. Kelis is also in talks to host a Project Runway-like show on VH1 and is auditioning for numerous TV and film roles.


While I can see why they did drop her I am really surprised that they did. I dunno, I think it’s that I forgot she had a record deal to begin with. She’s basically a socialite to me now. I have never thought that she was really into being a singer and that she just used it to break out into the business. She’s going to be the next Blu Cantrell and we will be seeing her at every party known to man.

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“Ms. Kelly” Tour Got A Flat Tire On The On-Ramp!

22 10 2007

Well, the fans have spoken and it looks like the beautiful Kelly Rowland will not be hitting a .99 Cent Only store near you!

Sandra Rose is reporting that the tour is being scaled back and even in jeopardy of being canceled due to low ticket sales:

Kelly Rowland’s official website reports that her North America tour is in danger of being cancelled due to poor ticket sales. The tour was in support of her recently released album “Ms. Kelly” that saw lackluster sales at the cash registers. Without a hot album, promoters are finding it difficult to fill small to mid-sized venues.

In what seems like more bad news for Kelly Rowland and her fans, speculation is mounting that the singer’s recently announced North American tour has been axed. More and more dates have steadily been cancelled with the most recent being shows in Seattle, San Fransisco and Hollywood.

Well, Sandra might have her facts wrong on this one, because that looks like a Kelly Rowland FANSITE and not her official website. I don’t see Music World or House of Dereon or Spicy Creole ANYWHERE so it can’t be official.

However, I can believe this. I called my connect to get tickets to her show in Los Angeles and she was like “sure, you want to bring some friends!?” And the show in L.A. was supposed to be with Mario ROFL! He ain’t doin’ so hot either. That’s like asking Keyshia Cole to be your partner on “Dancing With The Stars.” DOOMED before you even get started.

When I called to get tickets for A Bey Bey, she dang near hung up on me & she cursed me out in Creole. I had to pray no gators would sneak up on me while I was rub-a-dubbing in the tub! You would have thought I was LaTavia trying to sneak backstage or something with a pipe bomb!

Oh well Kelly, I love you. You can give me a concert all day, any day 24/7 baby!

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Dionne Must Have Been Smoking Up All Her Tax Dues

18 10 2007

Dionne Warwick, Sinbad and (shock) OJ Simpson are on the short list of shame for the Worst Tax Debtors of the State of California, according to a snitch website that aids tax collectors.

Dionne Warwick - owes $2,665,305.83 that has been accumulating since 1997
Sinbad Adkins - owes $2,138,592.62 that has been accumulating since 1999
Orenthal Simpson - owes $1,435,484.17 that has been accumulating since 1999

These celebs are trying to play the rest of us tax-paying citizens out. I know Dionne smoked all that shit up with her cousin. They better watch out before they get that Ron Isley treatment.

Props to Kim for the heads up.

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A 40/40 Club Waitress sues Jay-Z for failure to pay wages

23 05 2007

When I first saw the headline for this I thought the waitress was gonna end up being Teairra Mari but instead it’s former 40/40 waitress Celeste Williams. Even though she only worked at the club for four days in December of 2005 she claims that she and over 100 have been shortchanged by the club. They say that Jay-Z and Juan Perez ( another owner ) have been taking cut of the workers tips and just refusing to pay them minimum wage.

In response, club management claims that Williams only worked at 40/40 for four days in December 2005, and club spokesman Ron Berkowitz has told the press that while 40/40 has yet to be served with papers, the allegations against the club are false.

“That certainly is not true,” Berkowitz told the Daily News. “Everyone makes the minimum wage at the club, 100%.”

I mean, that’s pretty fucked up if this is true but damn, Jigga is taking peoples tip money? I’m sure he was tossing around some of Celeste’s money at TAO Beach Club . I know that servers are suppose to technically make minimum wage, or hell, below that since they usually start at $2.13 an hour because they make so much in tips but if they are also taking the tips then we have a really big problem.


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This is what happens when you give stupid people the number to the DMV

22 05 2007

Ashanti and Nia Long were just two of several other people defrauded by Henrietta, New York couple Charles Curry, Jr. and Shameika Drain Curry in a scheme that was uncovered earlier this week.

To rip Ashanti off, the couple requested a replacement drivers license in her name in August 2006 and also said that she had moved from Nassau County to Rochester. When they received the new ID, Shameika reportedly impersonated the singer to purchase a 2003 Infiniti and secure a $37,000 loan from a local bank.

In another incident, Shameika also impersonated Nia Long to write a check for upwards of $8,000 to Shameika’s cleaning service.

The couple also was also receiving mail at their residence in Mariah Carey’s name, though it wasn’t immediately clear whether or not they had attempted to defraud her as well. (Source)

Wow, this is another level of stupid. Impersonating famous people and then writing checks to your cleaning service? What the hell? I’m mad at them just thinking no one is going to think it’s weird that Nia Long gave $8,000 to a random housekeeper. I guess this is how it goes down when you give a broke dumb ass a checkbook, a copy of the “Baby” music video and the number to the DMV.

Shout out to Urban Legend for the heads up.

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Bumpkin Britney takes the stage for a hot second

2 05 2007

Britney Spears was back in action last night in San Diego with a bumpin’ new wig and hoochie get up to please her fans and, maybe more importantly, to pull herself out of the red. It was her first live performance in over three years.

The gig at House of Blues, whose doors opened at 7:30 pm though the show didn’t start until after 10 pm, lasted a whopping 14 minutes.

And she lip synched.

I guess the last part isn’t surprising in the least, but 14 minutes? Damn. This is some Mariah Carey shit. Except at least Mariah would call me one of her “lambs” and maybe toss me a sample of her 24 karat gold bronzer. Britney reportedly scurried out without so much as a word to fans besides “Thanks for coming out”. Spears fans, you lost.

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Is Busta, well, busted?

27 04 2007

Although Busta Rhymes had his first US #1 album ever with the release of The Big Bang, the income apparently isn’t enough to keep him afloat. Seems ol’ Bus overdid it on the luxury items and is now in some serious debt with creditors as well as some less savory money-loaners.

To make matters worse, he’s apparently been very rude to fans as of late, making those who bought his albums (and could pull him out of debt) less likely to do so in the future.

It’s been a rough year. Signing to Aftermath may have gotten him thinking he’s something he isn’t.

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