Amerie Movin’ On Up To The East Side

19 02 2008

Here I was counting her out after she got dropped from Columbia Records, but I hear Amerie is Def Jam’s newest signee. Wow! Not that I think she’s ever going to get promoted correctly here in the States, and there’s plenty of Def Jam chicks who never got a chance (paging Megan Rochell!) but it sure beats the situation Kelis and Mya are in. I’m sure they will have her singing hooks on every shitty rap album that comes out in the next year before they shelve her but hey, she’s still getting that money.

Amy is my girl so I’m happy for her. Good luck sexy!

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Brandy Signs With Sony/Epic Maybe?

24 01 2008

I saw over at SOHH that Brandy may have gotten a deal with Sony/Epic, and that B. Michael-Cox is NOT executive producing the project. “If dere is a gawt!” Sweet Minty Peppermint Pattycake Jesus, please tell me he’s gone. I don’t want everything to sound like “Circle,” “Be Without You,” “Obvious” and all the other 50-11 piano laden tracks. Nooooo thanks. I think Timbaland, Keith Crouch, Rodney Jerkins, Babyface & Diane Warren should all come back…and give 2-3 slots to some new upcoming songwriters *likemecough*.

Though I’m not sure if signing to a major label is good anymore…but I hear that Rick Rubin brought in a killer Urban team over there, so I’m crossing my fingers and both of my side-eyes just in case!

I will be checking on this rumor with my peeps tomorrow…I will let you know if anything else surfaces!

How long has Bran-Bran-Muffin been in the business? 14 years?

Monica, who? This is my ISH right here LOL. Brandy, Tamia, Chaka and Gladys? Wrap me in swaddling clothes and put me in a manger, I’m done. Don’t act like ya’ll didn’t cry when Kang Latifah got hit with the shotties in Set It Off and the end credits rolled. That movie is and still will be a hood classic LOL!

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Beyonce’ Teaming Up With Tina Turner?

23 01 2008

OK, now see, I told ya’ll I love Sasha, right? Sasha is the bizness LOL. Beyonce’ is alright, but I like when Sasha comes out. Well, Sasha is about to tear off the Beyonce’ skin and show her face!

 It’s a diva double take!

Beyoncé Knowles will join forces with the legendary Tina Turner for a performance at the Feb. 10 Grammy Awards, a source close to the show confirms to PEOPLE.

News of the A-list duet comes just one day after the Writers Guild of America announced it will not picket the awards show – clearing the way for stars to attend the Los Angeles ceremony.

Knowles, 26, has long been vocal about her appreciation for the 68-year-old icon: In 2005, she performed Turner’s signature hit, “Proud Mary,” during a Kennedy Center tribute. (Source)

So, looks like she won’t be a scab since they aren’t picketing the Grammy’s. Now see, Beyonce’ is not a slouch ya’ll, let me tell you. I joke, but ole girl is running her own show. She knows we are tired of her album and all them songs/videos. However, when she performed at the AMA’s, she changed it up with Sugarland.

Tina Turner!? OMG I STANS FOR TINA. This is like, a match made in heaven. I had to go clean myself up after just reading this, because Tina and Beyonce’ is sure to be a FANTASTIC performance. Beyonce’ performs her a** off, and Tina is the originator LOL. I own every Beyonce’ & DC-3 DVD cause the concerts are always an exercise in how it should be done.

They should throw in Patti LaBelle and it would OFFICIALLY be a dancing, sanging, sweatin, rollin’ on the ground, hollering good time!

One thing I can say about Spicy Creole — she is respected by her peers. Prince, Tina…the list goes on and on. I guess not everyone in the world hates Beyonce’ like Diana Ross LOL.

I am very excited about this. I hope this is true.

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Sorry Johnny

2 01 2008

I never really thought that this relationship would make it to this stage ( never said it was going to last ) but it did. Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy were married yesterday in a New Years Day Celebration on a private island off Bora Bora.

In a sunset ceremony on the beach Tuesday, Edmonds walked barefoot down the aisle to Gladys Knight’s “Makings of You.” The bride wore a custom-designed form-fitting dress by stylist and designer Sugia Nazel and Jill Baracci, designer and owner of Baracci boutique.

Murphy wore a cream suit and vest with an off-white handkerchief.

Among the guests were best man Johnny Gill, maid of honor Nicole Avant, matron of honor Julie Lev, as well as Edmonds’s parents Jacqueline and George McQuarn, her brother Michael, Murphy’s mother Lillian Lynch and his brother Vernon.

Edmonds, 40, gave her bridesmaids gold and diamond earrings from XIV Karats in Beverly Hills, and Murphy, 46, gave his groomsmen D.Atlantis watches.


I’m sorry, but it’s kind of odd that Eddie and his wife basically divorced because Eddie was supposedly with Johnny and now Johnny was the best man? I know he was hurt! I wonder how big of a check Eddie has to write him a month to keep him from snitching? I know him living in the pool house isn’t keeping him quiet. The throwback video I’m about to post goes out to Johnny because that was pretty low and I know he is laid out on the bathroom floor with a bottle of Knob Creek in his hand.

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

Vesta - Congratulations

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No Charges For Brandy!!

28 12 2007


Brandy will not be charged by the CHP for her accused role in a fatal accident that killed one person on the 405 freeway last year. Brandy stans rejoice! Her lawyer released a statement to the press.

Brandy’s high-powered attorney, Blair Berk, released the following statement exclusively to TMZ:

“We are extremely pleased that after a more thorough and extensive investigation by authorities, the Los Angeles City Attorney has determined that Brandy Norwood should not be charged with any crime whatsoever relating to the accident back in 2006.”

She continued, “These past 12 months have posed an extraordinary hardship for Brandy and her family, who have been unfairly forced to live under a cloud of suspicion initially caused by the ill-advised and premature press release sent out by the California Highway Patrol accusing Brandy of wrongdoing before the police investigation was even finished. However, Brandy continues to be mindful that she was so fortunate to be uninjured in this accident and there was a life lost that should be remembered.” (source) (source)

I’m so glad for her. Can we PLEASE get some new music now? Pretty pretty please Bran-Bran Nut Muffin Head?!

Sweet Minty Jesus himself said he wants a new Brandy single LOL.

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Brandy’s Case May Be Wrapping Up Soon With No Charges Filed

26 12 2007


TMZ is reporting that in the case of Brandy’s accident, which has been looming over her head for the past year, she may NOT even be responsible for anything:

TMZ has learned the hang-up in deciding whether to file vehicular manslaughter charges against Brandy is that Brandy may have been a victim, not a culprit.

A CHP source tells TMZ the woman who died in the car accident involving Brandy actually struck the vehicle in front of her before Brandy made any contact. The law enforcement source says Awatef Aboudihaj, the woman who died, struck the car in front of her — which was going 65 mph, and then slammed on her brakes. We’re told the sudden stop caused Brandy to hit the dead woman’s car.

What’s more, L.A. County Coroner spokesperson Captain Ed Winter tells TMZ that toxicology reports show Aboudihaj had “slight traces” of marijuana in her system at the time of the crash.

The L.A. City Attorney has until the end of the business day on Friday to decide whether to file criminal charges against Brandy — that’s when the one-year statute of limitations runs out. Sources tell TMZ there is significant division in the City Attorney’s office, and a decision still has not been made. The problem for the City Attorney: if they file manslaughter charges, they have to prove Brandy did something negligent — and we’re told that could be difficult if not impossible. (source)

Sweet Minty Jesus be praised and Calgon take Bran-Bran Muffin away!

No, real talk though, this is potentially a great development. Hopefully, that also means that that lady’s husband will have no grounds for his civil suit, I think. If this woman was HIGH, she was the one at fault and not Brandy. Let my people go!

I am just waiting to hear a HQ version of “What Have You Done For Me?” without that terrible dude rapping. Ugh. I been wearing that song out along with that “Believer” song from Esthero featuring Brandy.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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New Jack Swang Weekend! Pull Out Your Neon Colors and Rejoice!

2 10 2007

VH1 Soul is after my heart. They have decreed October 6-8 “New Jack Swing Weekend”, playing NJS videos from A to Z, as well as counting down Teddy Riley’s “Top 10: Best in Soul” and airing the BBC documentary “Urban Soul: Stories on the Making of Modern R&B”, Saturday at 8 pm.

Who wants to party at my crib? You bring the door knocker earrings, I’ll provide the refreshments. We ’bout to get “FRESH” in here!

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Kanye Won — By A Lot — In Case You Were Wondering

19 09 2007

‘Ye-’Ye won this little Battle of the Divas, in case anyone was wondering. By a lot, too: Graduation almost went platinum in its first week, selling 957,000 copies while Curtis sold 691,000, according to MTV. And Kenny Chesney? After all that white boy posturing, his ass didn’t even go gold (HA!) selling 386,700 to snatch the #3 spot.

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Neicey Goes To Work!

17 08 2007

Shar Jackson & Her Swap-Meet Contacts

I hope Tichina Arnold can give her some REAL advice in the REAL world too. Tichina seem like she don’t play ROFL. Maybe they can do a remake of “Count On Me”, a la CeCe and Whitney?

Shar Jackson is in the middle of another family drama, but this time it’s fictional. The mother of two of Kevin Federline’s four children will guest star on the CW’s Everybody Hates Chris, she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I am having a blast,” Jackson tells PEOPLE. “The cast is absolutely amazing.”

In the episode, Jackson’s character Alyson is a young mother whose teenage daughter uses Chris’s sister as a cover to sneak into an R-rated movie and visit a boy’s house. Chris’s mother Rochelle, played by Tichina Arnold, takes Alyson aside to confront her about being a better role model.

Choreographer Debbie Allen is directing the episode, which will air sometime after the third season’s Oct. 1 premiere.

Jackson, whose defining role was playing Brandy’s best friend Niecy Jackson on UPN’s Moesha, recently co-hosted the reality show The Ex-Wives Club with Marla Maples and Angie Everhart.

Well blow me down and call me a legitimate actor again. Sweet Minty Jesus be a SAG card. And, by the way, I love Debbie Allen. LOL.

I’m STILL mad at her for that “Ex-Wives Club” biznazz. Girl ain’t been married a day in her life! That’s like asking Jesus to be Satanists Anonymous. Who casted her for that show?

I like Neicey, I don’t like Shar. Bring back Neicey! LOL. Her and Countess Vaughan should get together and have a comedy sketch show. I bet that would be high-lair-ee-yous!

Does anybody watch “Everybody Hates Chris”? I think I’ve seen 2 episodes of that show…not because it wasn’t funny, but because I think something else comes on during then, and my TiVo has it’s priorities in order, thank you VERY much!

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Angela Bassett finally gets a star on the Walk of Fame

21 06 2007

The city of Hollywood finally decided to stop jerking Angela Bassett around and give her a star on the Walk of Fame, according to Hollywood Today. We here at AHM! love Angie and couldn’t be happier that she is finally getting some much-needed respect. And it only took about ten years and a few other people who received the honor before her:

* Paula Abdul
* Drew Carey
* David Hasselhoff
* Suzanne Somers (”She was on QVC selling BBQ Sauce last night.” -Erin)
* Michael Bolton
* Mary Hart of “Entertainment Tonight”
* Judge Judy
* Godzilla

Why must I cry?

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‘Moesha’ producer: “Brandy was horrible”

11 06 2007

Ralph Farquhar, former producer of Brandy’s sitcom “Moesha”, told E! that Brandy was “horrible” in her first reading for the role and he feared for his job after selling UPN on the project.

“She was horrible. I called up my wife, I said ‘I’m dead. I just sold the network a bag of smoke.’” (BV)

And that’s just the beginning of what friends and associates of Brandy have to say on the upcoming “E! True Hollywood Story: Brandy”, which airs on E! June 23.

I personally cannot wait! Like many people out there, I have a love-hate relationship with Brandy and she’s had her fair share of drama over the past years. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Countess Vaughn, Shar Jackson, Chris Stokes, Mike City and David Foster all give their thoughts on the singer’s career highs and lows. Set your TiVos now, muh’f**kas!

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Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks engaged.

8 05 2007

Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks are engaged to be married, after the Drumline actor proposed to the Victoria’s Secret model Monday with the help of a jumbotron in Times Square, his rep tells PEOPLE.

The actor got on one knee with a 12-carat diamond ring immediately after they left the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala, when they were chauffeured in a Rolls Royce to Times Square, according to the rep. Projected on a giant MTV jumbotron were the words, “Selita will you marry me?”

“They got engaged last night,” Ebanks’s agent, Chris Gay of Women Model Management told PEOPLE Tuesday. “He took her to Times Square last night and did it in the center of Times Square. Then they had a party after the Met Gala to celebrate. The two of them flew to L.A. late last night because both are working.”

The couple celebrated at the New York nightclub Butter, with Cannon surprising Ebanks by flying in his mother, both her parents and best friends into town. As the couple made their way through the crowd holding hands, Ebanks was smiling from ear to ear. Upon coming up to one man, she exclaimed, “Nick! Have you met my brother?”

The couple left the party at 3 a.m. and caught a private plane back to L.A., where Cannon is working on his new film, American Son, the rep said.

In February, Cannon, 26, gushed to PEOPLE about his romance with Ebanks, 24, calling her “amazing.” “She changed me – I’m no longer a player. She changed everything.”

I don’t have the energy to hate on this. If he is being for real then congrats!


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Anika Noni Rose lands the role for The Frog Princess

20 04 2007

Disney has its new princess.

I have just learned that Dreamgirls starlet Anika Noni Rose has landed one of the most coveted roles among today’s leading black actresses and singers.

Rose will voice the 19-year-old-heroine in Mickey Mouse studio’s upcoming animated musical feature, The Frog Princess, a rep for Rose confirmed to me.

She will be the first black princess in Disney’s long line of blockbuster princesses.

Rose, 34, costarred alongside Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé as the third Dream in last year’s big hit, Dreamgirls. Before that, she won a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical for her role in Caroline, or Change.

As I’ve reported, Hudson and Alicia Keys also auditioned for the role. A source now tells me others who tried out for it include Tyra Banks.

The Frog Princess takes place in 1920s New Orleans. Randy Newman is writing the music.


Good move! I’m glad they gave it to her and not someone like Christina Milian. Finally my girl gets her time to shine!

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Hey, hey, hey… goooooodbye

18 04 2007

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Or did it? For a second there I really thought those Microsoft hotline workers were gonna let Sanjaya Malakar win “American Idol”.

He cried like a baby which is both hilarious and terribly sad.

I dunno why he’s tripping. I bet Koch, Jive, Bad Boy, Interscope, Motown, Def Jam and Rawkus have all already offered him deals. He’ll be #5 on “TRL” in two weeks. SMH.

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