You’re Turning Into A Woman… Again

12 02 2008

Amy Winehouse looks like she’s finally cleaning up.

After turning in a pretty good performance at the Grammys, UK’s Hottest Mess stepped out looking… not so messy, and pretty grown in the chest. I ain’t mad! If you’ve seen the artwork from her first album (and pictures from that era), you know she has a body when she’s not on rocks.

I don’t know if she’s quite worthy of the “Hotties” tag yet, but I’m going to give it to her anyway for such a vast improvement. Get it!

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Westwood One Grammy Radio Remotes Event Pics

8 02 2008

I thought Cherish looked really cute actually, though I feel like they are all cousins of Shar Jackson with them faces.

There were some interesting…ummm….combinations and personalities going on at this event yesterday (2/7/08). I was really only going to post like, one or two joints, but then I noticed the level of hotmessness increased exponentially the more I scrolled down. So, a picture post is born! We’re gonna go in order from best to worst LOL.

More pics after the jump!

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Janet’s New Single Cover

7 02 2008

Janet Jackson’s return-to-form single “Feedback” isn’t getting the “feedback” they were expecting I’m sure, so it’s time to rush out the next single! Honestly, I like “Feedback” the SONG, but the video still befuddles me to no end.

This cover is CARAZAY LOL, but coo. I’m getting a Naomi Campbell/tortured soul vibe. How she go from Parade magazine to this though? Whew, Janet, let me find out you got another person in yo head like Erykah/Apples, Beyonce’/Sasha, Lauryn/???

Oh, is it Janet/Patty?!? Janet’s the freak with the “tittay peek” and Patty is the one that poses in the clear people’s magazine?

Between the lighting/effects/whatever of this cover and Missy’s 3-D boondoggle madness, these chicks are kicking my migraines into high gear.

What do we think ya’ll, hated it? DNW or Gimme More?

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Mess of the Moment: ‘Tasia Mae Is Channeling Pepe LePew

7 02 2008

From classy…


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Let’s Get…Rowdy! It’s About Time For Our Arrival…

6 02 2008

Christina Aguilera signs copies of her new “Back to Basics” DVD @ Best Buy in West Hollywood, CA - 2/5/08

I know Christina Aguilera AKA Xtina AKA Latincaucasia Melisma just had a baby boy, but ummm, she let the girls out to play last night. Just double-dutching around the edges of that shirt, yes they are. Who ain’t mad is ME!

I’m sure her husband has been enjoying those post-baby chesticles. WOW. She looks GREAT for just having a baby 3 weeks ago. I know females in the hood whose kids are 14 and they still trying to “lose that baby weight” at the Magic Johnson 24 Hour Fitness. I’m just saying.

“Moo Phi Moo Milk It Milk It!” Shout out to Hits from The Street, RIP his BET show LOL. My boy saw him in a Target in Culver City, CA trying to get recognized by the Icee machine :(

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Zoe Kravitz & Ben Foster Are Growing On Me

6 02 2008

I have to admit, like most people, when I first got word of this couple, it seemed like a big bowl of WTF. But after seeing these pictures I’m starting realize they look pretty good together, even though Zoe was born 18 hours ago and Ben is like 45. But whatever.

Zoe looks great in these pictures. I’m laughing because the photogs slowly but surely cut Ben’s ass until the limelight was all on her. I ain’t mad.

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Janet in Parade Magazine

6 02 2008

This “safe for old YT lady consumption” wig is NOT the bee’s knees! More like she swept the floor with it, threw it on her head, stooped and kissed JD, and ran out the house. Bleh!

Ya’ll know Parade, the old-school YT folk magazine that comes in the Sunday paper LOL. I guess they wanted “Perfect Patty” instead of “Miss Jackson (if ya nasty)” for this photo shoot. Janet is all covered up and homely. Yay! LOL. She looks great though, and healthy. I wonder where all that winter weight she was packing during the summer went!?

I feel like in the last 3 pictures she looks like she’s giving tips on how to dress for a job interview LOL!

More pics after the jump!

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Riddle Me This…

4 02 2008

Lil’ Kim and the girl she MODELED HER NEW FACE AFTER.

Riddle me this… between the new Far East phenotypes and the “Poison Ivy meets Bingo Night at the Senior Center” attire, WTF is going on here?!*

*I’ll tell you what, though, it still ain’t beating this on the mess-o-meter.

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There Are No Words.

1 02 2008


Either Andre Harrell was just really f**ked up on that Ciroc vodka or he thought he was going to a Kid ‘N Play House Party Pajammy Jam. WHAT IN THE NAME OF SWEET MINTY ALKA-SELTZER JESUS!?

Janelle Monae looks like she got warrants LOL. What’s really hood ma? I heard she just got signed to Bad Boy. Hmph, good luck with dusting that shelf with Cheri Dennis! She might want to sleep with one eye open…if her album comes out before Cheri’s there’s going to be problems up in Diddy Mansion.

Andre looks like his Momma dresses him and he’s ready for his after-school macrame and finger paint class with the other “special” children.

LAWDhasmercy. I can’t wait to see ya’ll’s captions!

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Unless You’re A Die-Hard Feminist, This Really Is Inexcusable

30 01 2008

Kelly Rowland showed up to some event sporting a little underarm mustache. You would think for someone who probably waxes Beyoncé’s upper lip on the regular that she would take some time to clean herself up, but I guess she was too busy promoting her smash hit album Ms. Kelly. Too busy starring in an off-Broadway play. Too busy watching 106 & Park? Shit, I don’t know.

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Rihanna’s New Haircut

26 01 2008

This girl rocks new haircuts like I rock underwear I copped at Ross for $10 (Designer names for wholesale prices, WHAT!). I’m basically posting this because it’s Saturday night, it’s raining, and I’m bored. I’m sure one or two of y’all will get a kick out of this and the rest of you can just clown in the comments.

It looks good on her. She’s blessed with being able to pull off tricky haircuts.

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Someone Call Ronald McDonald, The Kang & Wendy… Code Blue

25 01 2008

“ANTM” winner Jaslene Gonzalez needs to stop the madness and pick up a sandwich. This is OUTRAGEOUS! How are her people thinking this is OK for her to go out there looking like Goddess Bunny? She needs help for this anorexia and QUICK.

The worst part about this is you can tell by the look on her face she thinks she’s rocking it. SMH.

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This Does Not Inspire Much Hope For The Danity Kane Album

21 01 2008

Aubrey O’Day is the new face tits of Famous Stars & Straps. She looks so desperate in these photos that Travis Barker probably paid her in clothes. Somewhere, Shannon is trying to get Aeropostale to look at her.

More after the jump, one is slightly NSFW.

(Photo Source)

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AHM Picture Post: Ray J.’s Birthday Birthday

18 01 2008

I’s scared ya’ll.

That’s right, T-Pain’s “imaginary” boo Ray J. had a birthday party on Wednesday (1/16) night in West Hollywood. There was some choice hot-messness up in that joint, so I decided to take out 1 hour of my morning to do this picture post.

He had like, some real C-listers though…iono. No Lil’ Kim or Kardashian anywhere LOL. Maybe Lil’ Kim’s plastic surgeon made an appearance on her behalf?

More pics after the jump, and click for full size pictures of course.

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Mariah’s “That Chick” Album Cover

17 01 2008

Yes, this shit is called That Chick. SMH. I’d rather her call it Puca Shells and stick with the theme than try and go all “New New” on us. I love Mariah but she is trying harder now than ever to be “young” when really she should just be herself.

The cover is aight, I guess. It looks like an old magazine photo shoot to me.

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