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Celebrity Diet - Healthy or Unhealthy?

Famous celebrities are always in the spotlight. Whether they are filming movies or posing for the latest magazine cover, they are always looking spectacular. But what people may not know is that those famous celebrities follow a strict celebrity diet, which is sometimes unhealthy and not a good option for ordinary people to try. Many women try to start a celebrity diet to try to look like celebrities, but it can have an unhealthy effect on their body.

Many people wonder how famous celebrities stay so slim and gorgeous all the time. The answer is that they have the means to. Famous celebrities make millions of dollars each year; they can afford to stay in the best condition. Many famous celebrities have personal trainers, personal chefs and the time to work out around the clock. Everyday people go to work everyday and can’t afford personal chefs and don’t even have the time to cook a healthy meal, let alone exercise. That’s why most people turn to a celebrity diet. There are some celebrity diets out there that are plain dangerous. Some famous celebrities just eat one meal a day with a couple of boiled eggs to stay slim. Now that is a celebrity diet that should not be tried by anyone, even famous celebrities!

Many famous celebrities also take diet pills and laxatives in order to slim down for a new movie role or music tour. They also smoke cigarettes instead of eating. Celebs also work out for hours a day. Famous celebrities have the money to afford personal trainers that they spend up to 20 hours a week with. Normal women go to work and don’t have the time or energy to exercise as much. And everyday people also don’t have the money to afford personal chefs. Famous celebrities have personal chefs in their home cooking them the healthiest meals everyday. Now wonder they are always so skinny. But Hollywood puts a lot of pressure on actresses and that’s why many famous celebrities have admitted to eating disorders, like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie. Their celebrity diet consisted of barely eating, drugs and alcohol. Drugs play another major factor in a celebrity diet. For many actresses, their celebrity diet consists of diet pills, energy inducing Adderol  and even cocaine. But not all famous celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol. Beyonce was known to lose weight for a movie role by drinking only smoothies for weeks at a time. Gwyneth Paltrow also says she likes to do fasts and detoxes a couple of times throughout the year. These celebrity diets can be extreme and pretty unhealthy.

So remember, if you are trying a celebrity diet, try to stick to the ones that involve healthy eating and exercise as opposed to a celebrity diet that involves eating one hardboiled egg a day. No matter how much you want to look like the famous celebrities you see on television or read about in the gossip columns, you must realize your life is drastically different than theirs. You don’t have to go on a celebrity diet to get in shape. Healthy eating and exercise is a good way to lose some weight and still stay healthy. Learn to love yourself before losing weight to look like someone else.