Beyahweh May Retire?

15 04 2008

(spotted at bossip)

As much as I may want to pop champagne with Kelly, Michelle and Solange, I must not hold my breath until I see this manifest. Here’s what NY Daily News has to say about it:

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*Rings the Alarm on Def Jam*

19 03 2008

Rick Ross sold 198,000 copies of his new album Trilla last week, beating out Snoop Dogg for the #1 spot. Uh, Def Jam? You got some ’splaining to do.

Rick Ross comes out on top his first week, leading the pack of new rap releases that also includes debuts from Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe.

Miami rapper Rick Ross is “Speedin’” past Snoop Dogg to the top of the charts. His sophomore album Trilla sold 198,000 units domestically according to Nielsen SoundScan, putting Ross at #1 on this week’s Billboard 200. Trilla features production from J.R. Rotem, Mannie Fresh, The Runners, DJ Toomp and J.U.S.T.I.C.E League.

Snoop Dogg’s Ego Trippin moves 137,000 in its first week; a historically low sales debut for a studio album from the West Coast veteran. Despite the disappointing numbers
Snoop ranks #3 on the charts with his single “Sensual Seduction” still holding steady in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100.

Landing in the #6 spot this week, Fat Joe’s The Elephant in the Room opens with sales of 46,000 copies. Released independently under Terror Squad Entertainment/Imperial records The Elephant in the Room is Joe’s 8th studio album, it includes appearances from J.Holiday, Lil’ Wayne, Plies and KRS-One. (Source)

I can believe that people were sick of “Sensual Seduction”. Like, why buy the album when it plays on every station every five minutes? That I can buy.

But I’m supposed to believe Rick Ross sold 200,000 copies? Were the first 150,000 a door prize at FYE? “Thanks for shopping at FYE! Here’s a pack of gum, some buttons and Rick Ross’ album!”

Def Jam has been known to pad its sales by buying its own artists albums the first week out. I’m sure Rick is cheesing hard as hell right now because if he were still distributed by Slip-N-Slide alone, he and Trina would have had to hit up every Sam Goody in Dade County to “push it to the limit” (i.e., over the 10,000 mark).

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Gloria Allred Obviously Hasn’t Seen ‘Norbit’

14 03 2008

Melanie Brown’s lawyer Gloria Allred has blasted Eddie Murphy for not visiting or being a part of the life of Angel Iris Murphy Brown, his daughter with the Spice Girl. Eddie says he thinks Mel B poked holes in the condom to which I reply that the better defense would be: “Eddie? Having sex with a woman? I rest my case.”

After a National Enquirer report that Eddie Murphy thinks ex Melanie Brown tricked him into getting her pregnant, Mel’s lawyer Gloria Allred tells that the actor’s continued refusal to meet daughter Angel is “inexcusable.”

Allred didn’t comment on the Enquirer’s report that a source close to Eddie claims he and Mel only slept with each other three times during their relationship, or that she told him she was on birth control. However, the powerhouse attorney exclusively told us that regardless of the couple’s past, “I think it’s sad and inexcusable that Mr. Murphy chooses to punish his baby by refusing to visit her or be involved emotionally or in person in her life. It’s shocking that he continues to refuse to be involved with his daughter and that he has intentionally missed the precious first year of her innocent life.”

Melanie and Eddie’s paternity case over baby Angel Iris is still in the discovery stages, but a hearing has been set for May 21. Eddie previously claimed that the girl was not his, but DNA tests proved otherwise. (Source)

If you ask me, if we wanna keep little Black Candice Bergen “innocent” and “precious”, it’s probably a good thing Eddie’s not in her life. Po’ thang would grow up thinking her daddy dressed in drag wearing a fatsuit was as normal as playing catch.

As long as Scary Spice gets. that. money from Eddie (guess Johnny Gill will have to put that pilates class on hold) and treats her baby right, everything should be aight. I’m sure she and… that man she’s dating will be good parents.

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Things That Could’ve Been Brought To My Attention YESTERDAY!

6 03 2008

Dru Hill got back together for a hot second live on the radio and then Woody decided he wanted to go serve God again. As Khia would say, something in the milk ain’t clean with this. Sisqo was just waiting for an opportunity to go for his Best Actress Oscar and he got it here. It just seems too contrived to be real.

I just keep thinking of that quote from Wedding Singer where Adam Sandler screams “ONCE AGAIN, THINGS THAT COULD’VE BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION YESTERDAY!” That’s who Sisqo was channeling in this.

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Mathew Knowles Doesn’t Want To Talk To A Bey Bey Bout Ree-Ree.

15 02 2008


Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s dad & manager (Praise Beyaweh! May Her Mane Reign Surpreme Forever!) called out Fatback Taffy Auntie Ree-Ree! Ooooh! It’s about to be a….girlfight!

Mathew Knowles is a little upset over Aretha Franklin taking offense to his daughter Beyonce using the word “queen” during her Grammy performance with Tina Turner.

In a statement released Wednesday, Papa Knowles said he will not allow Beyonce to even comment about the uproar.

“As a manager I am not taking something this ridiculous to Beyonce,” Knowles stated. “Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as a ‘queen.’ Not queen of gospel, queen of soul, queen of blues, Queen of England. I consider my wife a queen and sometimes call her that. Does Aretha have a problem with that?”

In his statement, Mathew Knowles said: “Something this ridiculous – it’s childish, it’s unprofessional. And it’s a sad day when egos get bruised because somebody used the word king, queen, prince or princess.” (Source)

You better give Queen Tina her props, she looks like she doesn’t take kindly to pesants not giving her her respect. I have a feeling one day Mathew got crunk about doing the dishes and she hexed his forehead hair to be grey. That taught him HIS lesson!

I feel what he is saying, though, I mean it IS Aretha Franklin. It ain’t like Ciara released a statement about certain performers wearing not conflict-free Yaki and who used to be in girl groups. It’s ARETHA calling you out — she should know about that.

What if Creole Lady Marmalade Beyonce’ is rolling through her favorite Popeye’s and Aretha rolls through and there is an akward moment? Trust me, after this, it won’t be about who gets the last breast(s).

I mean we don’t see (Queen) Kang Latifah getting mad! Or the Dairy Queen. She ain’t released a statement either. Just stop.

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In The Name of Samwell, I REBUKE THEE! New Gnarls Promo Pics

13 02 2008

Wow, ummm………………………….

……………………..*blank stare*

Peep these new Gnarls Barkley promo pics for their upcoming album. Now, OK, I know Gnarls Barkley are supposed to be all eclectic and zen and WHATEVER, but whomever’s idea it was to put Cee-Lo in a wedding dress Dennis Rodman-style needs to be immediately taken out back and flogged. DO NOT WANT.

And it’s not that Cee-Lo is ZESTY per say, but this is exhibiting zestay-like TENDENCIES. I’m just saying.

Danger Mouse is Kevin Michael in 10 years ROFL. Cee-Lo WOULD be the one wearing the dress though! WHY LO!? WHY!? “Closet Freak” indeed.

I have no words. I am truly speechless. I’m sure this “represents” seem deep explanation of how they are married to their music, blah blah blah, but just…no.

Again, I ask: What Would Marvin Gaye do!?

*dies and cranks dat with Ike Turner*

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Arnold Found Himself Some Fresh Ginger Meat

12 02 2008

Gary Coleman married a 22 year-old woman in secret last August and is now telling the world about it. This article is just a mess and it’s so obvious they are gunning for a VH1 and/or E! reality show. I don’t think even they would stoop this low but I could see Lifetime or WE Network going for it.

Former child star Gary Coleman – who’s now 40 – married Shannon Price, whom he’d met on a movie set, last Aug. 28, her 22nd birthday, Coleman reveals to Inside Edition.

The onetime Diff’rent Strokes star also admits that this is his first-time-ever romantic relationship.

“I never got the opportunity to be romantic or feel romantic with anyone,” he says. “I wasn’t saving myself, she just happened to be the one.”

The couple’s nuptials happened, “on a mountaintop,” according to Coleman. “Nobody was around but the minister, preacher, the videographers, the photographer, the helicopter pilot and us. That was all that was there. There was nobody else.”

Not that the newlyweds don’t have their differences. “We may go a week and not speak to each other,” he says, while she claims, “He lets his anger conquer him sometimes. … He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction.”

She adds, “I don’t like the violence.”

Then there is the fact that he stands 4′8″, while she is more than 5′7″. But, says the bride: “He was 10 feet tall to me, because he was sweet and I really liked his personality.”

As for the 18 years between them, “I don’t have issues with age, I have issues with intelligence,” says Coleman. “She’s more intelligent than I am, and that’s what matters to me.”

Price handles the sale of Coleman’s memorabilia on e-Bay, and says that when she met him on the set of the movie Church Ball she wasn’t aware of his fame.

“I didn’t grow up with Diff’rent Strokes,” she says. “I actually didn’t like watching TV when I was younger.” (Source)

A mess at him admitting he’s never been with anyone else. I mean, some of you might clown, but I’m actually kind of surprised by this. I can picture some nasty groupies trying to get at Todd Bridges and settling for Gary. You mean to tell me he’s never found one of those freakniks who has a midget fetish?

He THROWS THINGS AT HER? That mental image is almost too funny for me to imagine. If Gary Coleman tried to get brolic with me, I’d put my hand on his forehead. I ain’t going out like that.

LMAO @ her saying she didn’t grow up on “Diff’rent Strokes”. Wasn’t that show already off the air by the time she was born?

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Apples Loves Her Some “Honey”!

12 02 2008

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

Boy, I kinda love how Erykah is embracing the ‘Net, and making her content available and easily postable by blogs.

Anyway, I think this is kind of useless, LOL, but hey, I’m posting it, and I am sure that’s what they wanted. I mean, it’s kinda cool! It’s short though.

I am excited about this album though, even though “The Healer” still gives me heebee-jeebies. LOL, can’t explain it, love the song though.

Go cop that album on the 26th before she changes the title again!

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Shawty Is Da Shit

7 02 2008

Now this is just NASTY. I don’t even know where to begin. Tyra Banks done went numero dos on herself.

Former New York “It” boy and Paper magazine blogger Fabian Basabe writes on his blog today that the supermodel turned TV personality, um, soiled herself at Fashion Week. Basabe was filming an interview in the W suite at the tents, and suddenly a whole cadre of people barged in and kicked him out. The reason? Tyra needed to change her clothes. Because of the incident. Apparently they had a spare change of clothes all lined up which makes him wonder if it’s happened before. (Source)

Knowing her stupid ass, this is probably going to be turned into a segment for her show. “What it’s like to have to wear adult diapers”. SMH.

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I Vote For “Chubb Rock”!

6 02 2008

This picture gives me a HEADACHE

Missy is being lazy and won’t put down those bags of complimentary Doritos to name her album, or at least that’s what I think!

Five-time Grammy Award winner Missy Elliott is giving fans the opportunity to name her new album, due out on Goldmind/Atlantic late Spring 2008. Fans can enter immediately via Missy’s website, The contest closes on February 20th and the winner will be announced on March 2nd.  The winner will receive credit on Missy’s new album and a $500 “Respect Me” adidas gift card.

Quick ya’ll! You know somewhere Tweet has stopped writing new songs for her album is furiously chewing on the end of a pencil trying to beat us to the punch! LOL, she trying to get new wardrobe for her next cover shoot.

So, I came up with a couple of ideas — you can vote below. Or, you can leave your own ideas in the comments, either way.

What should Missy name her new album?

View Results

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I just got one question — is the $500 for her addidas line or is it for WHATEVER you want from addidas? That would determine a lot LOL. Since I think her line is for women only, I guess that wouldn’t make much sense. I’d rather have some free Doritos. I HATE addidas.

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This Does Not Inspire Much Hope For The Danity Kane Album

21 01 2008

Aubrey O’Day is the new face tits of Famous Stars & Straps. She looks so desperate in these photos that Travis Barker probably paid her in clothes. Somewhere, Shannon is trying to get Aeropostale to look at her.

More after the jump, one is slightly NSFW.

(Photo Source)

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Ya’ll Quit Disrespecting Chingy’s…Kids!

4 01 2008

brightcove - Direct Video Link 

Chingy…OK. We don’t believe you…you need more people. LOL. Nah, he probably ain’t gay. When the lights on. It ain’t got nothing to do with the tattoo though…I ain’t never even thought about his tattoo LOL.

BTW, why come ya’ll didn’t go buy Chingy’s new record!? It’s only sold 44,576 copies since it was released on the December 11th.

Wow. Did anyone even bother to DOWNLOAD that joint even?!

I bet Def Jam is mad they spent that advance on signing him BACK from Capitol. I think Chingaling needs to start working on that real estate license ROFL. He can get tips from Ronnie from BBD/NE.

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Reggie and Kim Engaged?

2 01 2008

Well that is what OK Magazine is saying.

The pair were together in Miami on Dec. 31, where Kim hosted Mansion’s Tanqueray and Ciroc New Year’s Bash in South Beach alongside Reggie. While no diamonds were shining on Kim’s ring finger, she did admit to OK! that things are getting serious. However, she added, “One thing I did learn from ‘07 was to try to keep it as private as possible so I’m trying to hold that close to my heart but I’m here with everybody that I love.”

…And should Kim and Reggie make that stroll down the aisle, he should know he’s got some good home-cooking waiting for him. “I’m the best cook!” Kim tells OK!. “People don’t know that, but I cook all the time. My best dish is surprisingly my soul food meals. My fried chicken and my macaroni and cheese and my sweet potato souffle.

Anyway, I don’t even believe this and think that this is only coming out because they recently admitted to being together even though everyone has known that the whole time. I know a lot of Reggie Bush stans that are nervously wiping themselves down with vitamin water at the news but think about it…wouldn’t the reality show be hilarious? A show based around their marriage with Ray J busting in over there all the time after dinner to “get a plate.” DEAD.’

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Now Raz B Has Released A Music Video!?! WTF!

29 12 2007

YouTube - Direct Video Link 
“I’m Raz B” Feat. Ricky Romance & James DeBarge

What in the name of Samwell-what-what-in-the-buttedness is THIS foolishness!?

I can’t even…I don’t…I have no words….I just…ok I got a few.

1) Who is choking on their dime bag in the beginning?
2) Did Ricky Romance hold up the Ed Hardy store? Please tell me he doesn’t have “an endorsement deal.”
3) Raz B…ummm…you are NOT the 45th coming of Michael Jackson. Please stop.
4) Give your son back his Casio keyboard and quit making tracks to the “demo” song! WTH!
5) The sound effects are…like the 45% retarded Tourette’s version of Timbaland’s “baby cries” from “Are You That Somebody”
6) The video says that this song features James DeBarge. That better not be him back there dancing, or I’m calling El and Chico to come beat his TAIL.

I mean, this video is so bootleg to boot. It looks like they shot it on their Sony Cybershot that Chris Stokes gave Raz as a hush gift or something.

They are joking right? I’m being punked right? COME OUT ASHTON KUTCHER AND TAKE YOUR BEATING LIKE A MAN!

You have put the Internets through turmoil with your allegaytions, then recanted, then had your brother calling 911 like Wyclef & Mary, and now you put out a half-a** music video shot by your friend who goes to Santa Monica College. I thought this was a public access commercial LOL. “Don’t litter in Hollywood.”


*passes out from the idiocy and nignantcy*

Sweet Minty Jesus be a trip to Promises! This dude needs some help. He needs to listen to Twinkie Clark’s song “That Shall He Also Reap” and/or read Galations 6:7. I wouldn’t stand next to this dude in open field, God bout to hit him with that 8000 volt! LOL.

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New Nas Album Cover?

27 12 2007

I KNOW this can’t be real, much like the Janet-tron fan made picture LOL. I HOPE this isn’t real.

But if it is….OHEMGEE.

Umm…I have no words…except for that Nas looks…very scholarly? Which I am sure was purposeful being that the title is Nigger LOL.

Could you imagine the following exchange:

YT Man: *walks into record store* “Excuse men, can I get that ‘Nigger’?”
Black Store Clerk: “Yo, WTF you just say?! Did you just call me a nigger?!”
YT Man: “No sir, no, I just want to get a copy of Nas’ latest record ‘Nigger’!”
Black Store Clerk: “Yo homie, GTFO out of my store before you get stole on!”

Heads are going to roll next year. Don Imus might as well get out his confetti and streamers because he’s going to have a field day with this.

Here’s to hoping this is fake though. Maybe this is why Jay-Z quit LOL. He didn’t EVEN want to deal with the fallout from THIS album.

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