Remember When R. Kelly’s Publicist Quit? Turns Out It Was About Her Daughter

15 02 2008


A while back, R. Kelly’s longtime publicist quit. Most speculated it had something to do with her daughter, and turns out, most were right. The publicist’s husband was on L.A. radio semi-blasting R. Kelly once again. Though this time, it was more about boundaries being crossed than you know, pee and children.

Chicago-based music retailer and industry veteran George Daniels has confirmed rumors that he and his wife, Regina Daniels, have severed all ties with 41-year-old entertainer R. Kelly because of a sexual relationship the singer had with their daughter, Maxine.

Regina Daniels, the singer’s longtime publicist, released a statement in November announcing she had quit her post with the R&B crooner, explaining only that a line had been crossed. Now, music retailer George Daniels is speaking out about the situation, confirming rumors about what led to the bad blood. 

“He crossed the line with my daughter,” Daniels said during an interview with Los Angeles radio station KJLH. “It didn’t get to the extreme of that [sex tape] video or else I wouldn’t be here, if you know what I’m talking about.”

Maxine, who was 21 when the relationship occurred, is still in college at Northern Illinois University and “doing very well,” Daniels tells KJLH’s morning show host Guy Black.  Though his daughter was of legal age, he says Kelly still took advantage of her.

“When you’re 21, and if you’ve been there already like I’ve been many years ago, you’re still 15 to 16 mentally. You’re vulnerable,” Daniels explained.

Daniels said he and his wife would hear rumors about her daughter and Kelly having relations, and it took a while for his daughter to come clean and admit it. When she finally did, Daniels said he immediately confronted Kelly.

“He denied it. He lied to me to my face,” Daniels said.

“The reason that I’m talking abut this, it’s not just for me, it’s not for my wife, it’s not for my daughter, but it’s for the public, “Daniels added. “It’s for other fathers and mothers because it doesn’t have to be a superstar, it could be the dude on the corner. There are guys who sit around and give your child a couple of bucks to go to school and then wait until they get a little older, then they set that trap. See, so I’m doing this really for everyone.” (Source)

So basically, R. Kelly paid for her schooling…and then tried to cash in. Ergo, he had been planning and plotting on that booty BEFORE she turned 21/18? Dirty old man! That is straight bitchassedness at its best!

And he’s not locked up yet…why? I mean, I hate to beat a dead horse (and this horse has been made into glue and lacefronts long, long ago), but we got to get this man either some help and or locked up. He makes me really ill.

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AHM! News Wrap Up

4 01 2008

Obama wins Iowa Caucus! (BET)

Ne-Yo Sues R. Kelly’s Promoter; R. Kelly Fires Back (Allhiphop)

Britney Spears in Hospital; Tries to Keep Kids From K. Fed in a Standoff (Yahoo)

Chris Brown sued for breach of contract by tour set designer (MTV)

Kanye likes Connect Four; Gets Beat By Beyonce’ (Concrete Loop)

Play from “Kid N’ Play” in car accident but is fine (Allhiphop)

Prodigy has a sex tape, but not really. (Crunk & Disorderly)

Auntie Viv has a sex tape?!?! (Sandra Rose)

Marion Jones wants probation (AP)

If there’s anything you’d like to share with the rest of us, feel free to post a link in the comments. I only go so much time in a day LOL.

For anything else, go R-E-A-D-A-B-O-O-K!

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R. Kelly Is Above the Law

21 12 2007

I decided I’m not going to post real pictures of him anymore.

R&B star R. Kelly was dealt another break this morning (Dec. 21) with the judge ruling on keeping the singer’s bond in tact.

As SOHH previously reported, Kells narrowly escaped being arrested yesterday, after missing a court appearance in his child pornography case.

Judge Vincent Gaughan had warned Kells yesterday that he’d consider revoking the singer’s bond and throwing him in jail. The judge also said earlier that he was “very disappointed” that Kelly, currently on tour, missed his hearing. But today, the judge gave him another chance.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, while the judge said he didn’t want to put Kelly’s employees out of work during the holiday season and disappoint fans who’d already purchased tickets to his concerts, he ordered Kelly to cancel a Jan. 13 appearance in Hampton, Va., so he doesn’t miss a Jan. 14 court date. Gaughan also admonished Kells for his tour bus getting pulled over for speeding through Utah, one of the reasons cited by Kell’s attorney for missing his Dec. 19 hearing.

Kelly apologized and promised to fly into town for his next court date, though he has a fear of flying.

“I’d like to say I’m sorry for this whole incident, and next time, I would get a plane,” he said

Gaughan also set a trial date for the singer’s five year-old case for May 9. Kelly is facing 14 counts of child pornography stemming from a video tape that allegedly features him engaged in sexual acts with a teenage girl. He was charged in 2002 and has pleaded not guilty. (Source)

Because who cares if a 14 year-old girl got pissed on when there’s fans waiting to step in the name of love and roadies who need to cop their Christmas dimesack.

I swear this judge is on Robert’s payroll. May 9, huh? They might as well set the trial date for 3026 A.D. because this shit is never gonna go down.

I’m laughing at R. Kelly sucking it up and saying he’s going to take a plane next time, even though he has a fear of planes. Bitch please! Next time I catch a case (just joking, I’m a good boy) I’m gonna tell them I have a fear of spiders and can’t go outside because there’s spiders in nature.

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Warrant Issued For R. Kelly

19 12 2007

…he was convicted of all charges and will now face life in prison. Nah, just kidding. The judge in his porn case, which seems to be going nowhere since they are letting homeboy go across the country touring and shit (WTF!), issued a warrant after Arra failed to show up today.

The warrant will take effect tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. when the singer is scheduled to appear again. What the hell, make that shit take effect now! Why is he getting preferential treatment? I’m really starting to get pissed off (no pun intended).

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Lovers’ Quarrel?

20 11 2007

Ne-Yo was kicked off of R. Kelly’s tour and he swears he doesn’t know why, but Ne-Yo’s lap-dog “business partner” Tango has another idea:

“The fans were really feeling his performances,” says Tango. “He’s good; maybe he’s too good - that’s the problem.” (Source)

I personally think it was a lovers’ quarrel. These two need to call up Kanye and 50 and go into couples’ therapy.

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I Found T-Pain’s New Roommate

5 11 2007

How R. Kelly gets to travel, have sex on his bus with groupies, smoke weed while getting his braids done, and eat bad hotel food is beyond ME. Dude has CHARGES. T-Pain locked up on house arrest. Eve and others wearing montioring bracelets! R. Kelly? He’s gonna be staring at some female children who’s dumb a** parents take them to one of his shows (cause you know SOMEONE will do just that!). Ay dios mio, Sweet Minty Jesus be a Sex Offender Poster!

R. Kelly is about to hit the road for his upcoming “Double Up” tour, which starts November 14, but that doesn’t mean his child-pornography case will be on hold for the duration of his trek. In a hearing on Friday (November 2), a Chicago judge ruled that forensics expert Dr. Sharon Cooper can testify at a hearing, to be held December 18, about the veracity of her methods to determine her claims that Kelly is the man on the sex tape. Cooper has claimed she could identify him through the veins visible on his hands, and the hearing will be used to determine whether that method is acceptable in the scientific community at large. Cooper will also testify about how she determined the age of the victim on the tape, whom prosecutors say was 14 years old at the time of the alleged taping. Kelly will be in between show dates in Sacramento, California, and Chicago, and thus able to attend the hearing. (source)

I know Keylolo Tittayballs, J. “Dental” Holiday and Go-Go are touring with him too. I might have to protest their records to show that this is some silly tomfoolery biznazz that they are going out with him! Let someone’s daughter show up missing  in Des Moines, Iowa and they will be packing their bags faster than you can say “Sex Planet!”

I love my R&B but I will not be seeing this show. I need R. Kelly to get somewhere and sat DOWN and quit flaunting our flawed legal system in our faces!

Something is wrong. Very wrong.


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Video: R. Kelly - “Real Talk”

4 10 2007

YouTube - Direct Video Link

R. Kelly - “Real Talk” Behind The Scenes (Spotted at C&D)

R. Kelly filmed this at his house.

He looks like Jim Jones in the beginning when he is intro’ing the video.


R. Kelly is a great songwriter and all that jazz…but come on, I do this ALL THE TIME. Sing/talk? I do that in my sleep. I be at work and go up to my co-workers and be like:

Me: “Suzy can I borrow your staplerrrrrrrrrrrrr, pleeeeeEEEEEEASSSSSeeeee, ohhhh yeah!”
Suzy: “Da hell?”
Me: “I need to staple my TPS reeeeeeeeeeeeeports, reeeeeeeeeports, whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaa yeah YEAH yeah.”
Suzy: “Security!”

That’s why I don’t work there no mo’.

But please everyone notice at the end when the copyright message comes up. THE LABEL PUT THIS OUT.

How ignorant is that!? They don’t even try to hide it. I’m sure that fight at the end was over who was gonna call the PYT Escort Service of Chi-Town. R-ruh was ready for his afternoon delight. Between him and Karrine *allegedly* sexing up Chris Brown, there should be a special place in jail for them, right next to Big Bertha and Diesel the Pink Wearing Murderer.

Step in the name of love!

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Video: R. Kelly - “Rockstar” Feat. Ludacris & Kid Rock

19 09 2007

“Rockstar” Feat. Ludacris & Kid Rock

I liked Kid Rock’s “rock scream” in the middle?

I was confused for a minute, cause weren’t they playing some lil bar at first? LOL I turned away for two seconds and it’s morphed into like, a concert venue.

I’m just over this R. Kelly album basically, not that I was really bumpin’ it in the first place. If he ain’t releasing “Sex Planet”[1] then I don’t care!
I was hoping though, for real, that’d he’d have Tommy Lee and Kid Rock battling it out in a mosh pit while he sang the song in the background. But alas, it was not to be.

Viva la YT crossover songs!

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[1] That was DEFINITELY a joke.

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Coming to a Cook County Courthouse in Spring 2008

6 09 2007

The latest “push back” date for Piss Kelly’s child porn (yes, child porn. Not a traffic violation or drunk in public but child porn) case is tentatively Spring 2008, according to a law enforcement source who spoke to The Chicago Sun-Times.

I have more faith in Mya’s album coming out than I do in this trial happening before I hit male menopause.


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Don’t look now, but R. Kelly’s trial got “pushed back” again

4 09 2007

Another year, another non-R. Kelly trial.

I think that will sum up 2007 after Judge Vincent Gaughan postponed the R. Kelly child porn trial once again, after it was scheduled to begin September 17.

Judge Vincent Gaughan had previously scheduled the trial date at a hearing on August 1 (see R. Kelly Child-Pornography Case Finally Going To Trial”), but changed his mind at a status hearing Tuesday, after taking into consideration that the lead prosecutor, Shauna Boliker, who recently gave birth, would not be able to proceed per her doctor’s orders. Boliker, the chief of Illinois’ Cook County Sex Crimes Division, had previously gone right back to work after the births of her two other children.

Per a gag order, neither side was permitted to comment on this new delay, the latest in a long series of postponements. The pre-trial phase alone has lasted longer than other celebrity trials, or even other child-pornography trials, which usually begin with a year or two of charges being filed. Many of the delays have been medical in nature, such as when Kelly needed emergency surgery for a burst appendix in February, and when Judge Gaughan fell off a ladder, causing multiple fractures, last summer.

A new date for the trial has yet to be determined. The next status hearing in the case is set for Monday. (Source)

So, how much is R. Kelly paying these people to fall off ladders, have three babies, etc. etc.? Next thing we know they are going to push it back because the court stenographer got Ebola virus. LMAO @ this trial getting PUSHED BACK like it’s Amerie’s album or something. I quit this bitch! THIS IS OUR AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM, PEOPLE.

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New Music: R. Kelly - “Ringtone”

22 08 2007
R. Kelly
I love that Photoshopped facial hair. WIPE HIM DOWN!

R. Kelly - “Ringtone” (Produced by Polow Da Don)

So this song was on the international version of “Double Up” and also comes with the album if you purchase it on iTunes. Since we can’t get it internationally (have you seen the conversion rate of pounds to dollars? THAT’S A HOT MESS!) and I mean, really, I’ve never bought an album from iTunes in my life, I figured I’d hook ya’ll up LOL.

I don’t know, I hate to admit it, but I kind of like this song :x
I like the harmonies on the “ringtone!” part LOL. That’s about it. I promise! OK, and maybe the part where he talk-raps at the end.

I don’t know though, maybe it’s me, but I expected T.I. to come out LOL. This sounds like a song that T.I. or maybe Weezy would have guest on. They would have murdered this beat!

He still going to jail! *throws R. Kelly’s album onto the freeway*

That’s the gotcha gotcha!

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R. Kelly Is Definitely Going To Jail Now

21 08 2007

R. Kelly Leaves Court Today / Tribune photo by Michael Tercha

Oh snap, it’s gonn get uglayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like Bubba Sparxx say (remember him?):

The judge in the R. Kelly child pornography case on Tuesday upheld his ruling allowing the public to view a videotape that allegedly shows the R&B singer having sex with a minor.

In a hearing held to discuss several motions before the trial starts next month, Assistant State’s Atty. Shauna Boliker again urged Cook County Criminal Court Judge Vincent Gaughan to bar the public from viewing the tape in court, which she said would be harmful to the girl portrayed in the video.

In 2006, both the prosecution and the defense asked the judge to limit viewing of the tape. Defense lawyers sought to bar both the media and the public from seeing the tape, saying it would hinder Kelly’s chances of getting a fair trial. Prosecutors sought to keep the tape from being viewed by the public.


Nothing says justice and serving your country in jury duty like seeing R. Kelly’s joystick bright and early on CourtTV with Starletta Jones. I swear on a stack of blueberry flapjacks that if she don’t cover this story, I am officially sending her a big tub of lard with some Lawry’s and a bottle of Krystal. THAT’S THE GOTCHA GOTCHA!

R. Kelly, the hand is starting to write on the wall. I wonder if he’s gonna get his Shyne on and release an album from jail?

Him & Mr. Biggs can release “Trapped In The Commissary” ROFL. Cause you know Mr. Biggs gonna be getting his 3 squares a day!

I hope they place Robert under the jail, otherwise he’s gonna come out missing half a buttcheek and singing in falsetto like Jackie Wilson! “Marvin Gaye of our time” indeed, Robert. Indeed.

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“Trapped In A Musical Rut” Premieres This Week

13 08 2007
R. Kelly
Fiesta, Fiesta = Molesta, Molesta

UGH this made me just upchuck my Fruity Loops & Mocha with Soymilk and a dash of cinnamon:

The new chapter of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” hip hopera will debut today on the Independent Film Channel’s (IFC) Web site. Chapters 1-12 are currently streaming on the site, as well as previews of Chapters 13-22. All 22 chapters will debut on the IFC cable channel as a feature film on Sept. 7 at 9 p.m. An exclusive interview with Kelly will follow at 10:30 p.m.

I hope that the network crashes and they instead show “Read A Book!”

I’m so tired of this ghetto drama business. I’m surprised Ronald “Mr. Biggs” Isley ain’t gonna do a preface from his jail cell, while Sparkle does a shoutout from her job at Jack In The Box. Great day in the morning!

*sets Tivo for September 7th*

Well, you know, I got to watch it. For ya’ll. But I’m not giving him the benefit of watching it LIVE. I’mma watch that ish 2 weeks later in protest. Take that, take that Robert!

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R. Kelly FINALLY Going To Trial - 5 YEARS LATER

1 08 2007
R. Kelly

Get ready for the CourtTV “Trial of the Century” — it’s about to go down! I can’t wait to see Star Jones Reynolds & Nancy Grace haggle over this one!

R. Kelly is finally going to trial! Like, really for real this time. No playing around.

I guess the stars must be aligning in the retrograde of Uranus because all these folks getting trials and serving time are finally getting what their a**es deserve. R. Kelly’s oft-delayed trial has been the worse, and black folk the world over have made a mockery of him for getting off for THIS long.

CHICAGO - R&B singer R. Kelly is scheduled to go on trial next month — more than five years after he was first charged with child pornography.

The judge in the case announced a Sept. 17 date for the start of a jury trial, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Read more…

Sweet Minty Jesus in the morning! So if R-ruh gets locked up, who’s going to make crappy remixes?

Oh, I forgot that T-Pain still roams the planet free. Someone throw that thing in its cage already!

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Uncle Rob Still Not In Shackles

24 07 2007
R. Kelly

He musta been listening to Mary Mary, cause he been dancing around that cell for quite a while now!

SOHH Soulful reports that R. Kelly is getting closer to being locked up. Yeah, if you count “closer” as still nowhere near to being on a stand. I guess you got to take what you can get, right? Lindsey Lohan has been to jail TWICE in the same amount of time it takes R-ruh to write a new dang album.

The jury selection process in the R. Kelly child pornography case is drawing near, as attorneys for both sides reportedly presented their jury questionnaires to a Chicago judge on Friday (July 20).

According to The Chicago Tribune, Kelly (born Robert Sylvester Kelly) was present during the brief morning hearing. Judge Vincent Gaughan set the next hearing date for tomorrow (July 25) where prosecutors and defense attorneys will present him with a combined questionnaire form to be filled out by potential jurors.

Assistant State Attorney Shauna Boliker called the pre-screening process “unique in Cook County,” but necessary because of the high-profile nature of the case.

As previously reported by SOHH, the singer is facing 14 counts of child pornography, stemming from a videotape released in February of 2002 by an unknown source, that was sent to the Chicago Sun-Times.

At least he bothered to show up.

Now, once he is behind bars, I think he should do a remix of “Locked Up” featuring all the people who he’s collaborated with since this “trial” started. What ya’ll think? That could be hot. Weird, but hot nonetheless.

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