Charlie Sheen’s Obituary in the Works in Major Network Newsrooms?

Charlie Sheen's

You can’t prepare enough when dealing with a guy like Charlie Sheen. Following months of epic parties, hospitalizations and unabashed drug use where he was “bangin’ 7-gram rocks and finishing them,” major news organizations including the actor’s home at CBS have begun preparing obituaries for the unraveling-before-our-eyes star, sources tell me.

“No one is wishing the worst but as a news organization for us not to be prepared for one of the biggest stories in a long time would be unprofessional,” a CBS insider tells me.

Preparing obits for celebs in meltdown mode is nothing new, of course, and the Associated Press reportedly got things ready in 2008 in case Britney Spears died.

Charlie called my friend Marianne Garvey and E! News this week and said his “Sober Valley Lodge” is filled with “babes and victories and children. Here, nobody panics and nobody dies.”

But it’s not just his words that are scaring those close to him. Charlie’s thin, pale and generally exhausted appearance has friends and family worried.

“All his friends and family are terrified,” a friend tells me. “No one knows what to do. Everyone tried an intervention and Charlie thinks we are all wrong and trying to hurt him and only he is right. It’s really out of control but no one at this point can save him from himself.”

As for drugs, Sheen told E! “It’s there if I decide to go back to it. What’s not to like? I see things in a different way. Sometimes life is boring and I’ve got to make it exciting.”

Lets all hope and pray the news orgs won’t have to run what they are working on for a long, long time.

source: popeater.com

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