Lindsay Lohan denied entry to Oscars after party

Lindsay Lohan

It’s a celeb’s worst nightmare. To turn up at the flashest bash in town, only to get turned away by a couple of beefy bouncers. It’s happened to the best of them.. Alex Reid, Jack Tweed and not forgetting the time the Loose Women got turned away from Mahiki in place of Jack Tweed (LOLZ). Well now it’s happened to poor old Lindsay Lohan as she attempted to get into a super posh Oscars after party.

A fellow party goer tried to help Lindsay out by asking the doormen ‘Don’t you know who this is?’ To which they replied they knew who she was (we bet bouncers like Mean Girls and know all the words to Jingle Bell Rock) but that they weren’t letting her in (guess they didn’t like it as much as we thought…) leaving La Lohan out in the street, reportedly saying: ‘This is so humiliating.’ We bet it was, but probably not as bad as the Labour Pains opening night… Jus’ sayin.

The party was being thrown by talent agent Gus Oseary who works for the company that represent not only Lindsay herself but also Madonna and Demi Moore.

But hang on, Lilo is best mates with Britney who defo snogged Madonna once – surely that’s a trump card to play? Alas, Linds was sent packing, showing her star in Hollywood is most definitely not as bright as it used to be.

Maybe they were frightened the sticky fingered star might nick all the canapés.

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