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New Music: 50 Cent - “I Get Money”

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50 Cent - I Get Money

He gets money, while I get tired of him putting out songs that are terrible. I really wasn’t going to post this, but any opportunity I get to rail on something, I am going to start taking!

ALL of his songs released so far for “Curtis” have been about money.

1. Straight to the Bank - Pretty self-explanatory
2. Amusement Park - Only rich ni**as own amusement parks LOL
3. I Get Money - Again, pretty self-explanatory

If he ain’t talkin about how hardbody he is, or how much money he got, or his hoes that ride his magic stick, 50 has NOTHING interesting to say. I’ve concluded this. And he’s confirmed it time and time again with these wack singles. Cassidy needs to body the DJ/producer that made this beat cause 50 AIN’T SLICK. BOY STOP.

And this song sounds like some weak Tony Yayo ish.

Sweet Minty Jesus, give me a Casio and a #2 pencil and I could put out some trash singles too!

I’m with Cam’ron on this one, SHOW SOME COURTESY, CURTIS!

P.S. And if he is really dating Ciara, and I am going to go ahead and jump into the L.A. River. If you know anything about L.A., you know what I’m REALLY saying!

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New Video: Amerie - “Gotta Work”

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I am pretty sure no one else has this yet — Amerie’s “Gotta Work” video.

Wow, I have no comment. I mean, this song is a screeching mess to me. Too much going on. Vocally, she’s just hollaring LOL. I don’t know, Amerie…I just don’t know. I do know this though — whatever she’s doing right (or wrong in this case?) she ALWAYS looks hella good doing it! Amerie could get it 8 days a week, even with those man hands of hers! Them legs….Sweet Minty Jesus! Didn’t she get insurance on those? Good move A.

Maybe after this album flops she could be a leg model for black women church stockings, you know, the ones you get from Rite-Aid in the bubble cup for $.99. HOLLA BACK AT THAT IF YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

But yeah, this song is terrible really. I think that blind item I posted a while back was about her still!


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LOL I didn’t even KNOW what a lesbian was when this first came out — however, NOW I DO!

And well….

Anyway, I love this song. This is the only Total song I like actually. I’m sure there were others that other people liked, but honestly, they ceased to exist to me after this song, cause Total weren’t the best vocalists. Diddy laced them James Brown laced them though, and quite honestly, that’s what makes this song still slightly relevant LOL.

RIP Total!

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Monca The Makings of Me cover
Monica - The Makings of Me (October 3, 2006) - Sales to Date: 296,417

After the surprise success of the once-scrapped album “All Eyez on Me,” which was retooled into what eventually became “After the Storm,” Monica disappeared and went and had babies. Well, one. But it was some other drama in her life that caused her hiatus in recording. So me, being a huge Monica fan, was excited when I heard she was recording a new album.

Unfortunately, that album lead off with a single that was trying to capitalize on the dying “snap” movement. “Everytime Tha Beat Drop” SAMPLED “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” by Dem Franchize Boys. How you a sample a song that came out like a year ago? It was just wrong. Girl stop! J.D. was wrong for that.
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Video: Bone Thugs - “Lil L.O.V.E”

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Bone Thugs N Harmony Feat. Mariah Carey, JD, Bow Wow - “Lil L.O.V.E.”

THE BLACK MARIAH IS BACK YA’LL! She swoops in to save their declining record sales, which is a shame because the album is decent. MiMi thugs it out in her stunna shades and does some ghetto posturing and basically takes over their song/video LOL.

“Breakdown 2007″ anyone?

Anyway, I’m sad that BTNH have to bring in all these people to save their album. Akon (”I Tried”), Mariah, BOW WOW. Wow, do you remember when they didn’t need no one else? RIP “First of the Month”!

This joint is alright though, I don’t hate it as much as I hate that Akon song — Lord, pass me the knife so I can puncture my eardrums. I seriously loathe seeing Akon’s name on a record. It’s become as if him and T-Pain are the new Nate Dogg’s, Butch Cassidy’s, etc. Boy stop! But even Bow gets off a couple of good shots. And JD is just…there. As usual.

I have this BTNH record — it’s not terrible. At all. It peters out around the halfway mark, but the last track on the album is a rap version of the classic Gospel song “Order My Steps” featuring the omnipresent Yolanda Adams (cause you know, she’s the ONLY gospel female singer who can do guest spots!). Yo-Yo gets her blow on, and the raps are nice.

According to Soundscan, this album has sold 300,148. Go buy it….someone!

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Jay-Z dissing Wayne?

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I always wondered why Jay-Z never responded to the bullshit Wayne has been spitting about being better than Jay-Z and what not. It was kind of odd that he just let it roll off his shoulder like that but someone must have gotten him way too hype about it over some alcohol because we think Jay-Z might have let it all out on T.I.’s song “Watch What You Say”, a song that leaked from T.I. vs. T.I.P.

You swear these n***as was
dangerous / The gangsta sh*t they be saying / Lock em up in the booth with a half an ounce of that cannabis / Sit back, and watch the
outlandish sh*t they portraying

I hear you baiting me lately / I’ve been doing my best just to stay hater-free / Still, watch what you say to me / Sooner or later, I’ll take you up on your offer / And put you all in your place / Like I’m replacing your father,” Werd. “You talking to the author, the architect of The Blueprint / My DNA in your music / Mot**f***er you stupid.”

What do you all think?

Listen to the track here.

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Man, that whole Diary of a Mad Band album STILL goes hard! Nobody was messing with Jodeci in the ’90s. Boyz II Men was close second for me personally, though.

Bonus: Check out the kids from “Mickey Mouse Club” singing “Cry For You”.


I ain’t mad! They’re kind of getting it! JC Chasez was always a better singer than Justin Timberlake and I feel like not many people noticed/cared about this. Watch how Ryan Gosling just comes in and shuts it down. LMFAO! Did you even know he could sing? Well, back then at least.

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When I saw this picture of Meagan Good looking like a reject from the movie Rize I just KNEW her drug use was at an all-time high. Disappointingly, I found out it was for an upcoming movie role, where she will play a lesbian.

Meagan Good will take on the role of a lesbian in her new independent film, Sundays In Fort Green. The movie centers around two sisters desperately trying not to end up like their drug addicted mother. Meagan’s character also struggles with her sexual identity, as well as the best way to come out to her family. Sundays In Fort Green will be the second independent film Meagan has starred in and produced under her own production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment. (Brown Sista)

This looks, simply put, Academy Award-winning.

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TMZ reports that Vivica A. Fox got belligerent with officers after she was stopped and arrested for DUI in March.

The officer says in the report, after she was stopped, “Fox began to walk away, yelling at my [Hispanic] partner, ‘Brother help a sister — are you going to let this racist white cop do this … well are you?’

Fox was taken to the station where a breath test was administered. The report reads, “Fox then burped quite loudly and I then aborted the test.” She was also advised she could take off her 3-4 inch high heeled spiked boots, but “she told me she was a dancer and felt more comfortable wearing them.”

LMAO @ her appealing to the closest dark skinned person to her. I fell out when I read she burped. I picture Aunt Viv having some of those nasty belches that make you squirm and smell rank as hell.

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Spice Girls Kick Off World Tour In LA

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The Spice Girls today (June 28) confirmed one of the pop world’s worst-kept secrets when they announced they would reunite for a world tour.

The five-piece group will perform 11 dates in eight countries, beginning with a concert Dec. 7 in Los Angeles. The tour will press on to Las Vegas, New York, London, Cologne, Madrid, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Cape Town and Buenos Aires.

It will be the first time all five singers — Geri “Ginger” Halliwell, Melanie “Sporty” Chisholm, Melanie “Scary” Brown, Victoria “Posh” Beckham and Emma “Baby” Bunton — have performed together since 1998, when Halliwell left the group.

The tour will support the November release of a greatest hits compilation through Virgin Records. In addition, filmmaker Bob Smeaton (”The Beatles Anthology,” “Who’s Next”) will oversee an official documentary on the reformed band, which will be distributed worldwide at an undisclosed date.

Sweet Minty Jesus Simon Fuller, HOW MUCH MORE MONEY DO YOU NEED? I mean, American Idol/Pop Idol rules the world. You have like, a billion different versions of this show all over the world. WHY ON EARTH would he reawaken the beast that was universally-panned but loved (for some reason) Spice Girls. I hear they are getting $20 million EACH or something like that, too. Who’s gonna go?

And seriously, why did these broads bother with a conference? Everyone knew like, 2 weeks ago. They could have sent out a press release and got to work on them vocals. Because umm…yeah.

And I still think Mel (Scary Spice) is hot to def! Eddie Murphy hit that ya’ll! And I can’t stand that broad Victoria. She is always preening and posing. I mean, can we stop with the quickie tan as well? Lawdy.

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More pics & stuff below cut!
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For a girl who’s been gone for a couple years and has some stiff competition surrounding her these days, it probably wasn’t in Ashanti’s best interest for her comeback song to be about high heels. It DEFINITELY wasn’t in her best interest to, by the end of the song, basically let us know she will ho for some shit from Payless (”If ya budget don’t have it, I ain’t mad at Steve Maddens”).

All of that aside, this song is kinda cute or whatever. It sounds like “Grillz” which I guess means it might have a chance of being successful. Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath, though. I expected Nelly to at least have a verse on this. They’ve got a long way to go if they’re going for the whole B-list B & Jay thing.

“Switch” Ashanti (feat. Nelly)

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Reports from South Africa say Chris Brown tried to scoop “Khanyisile Mbau“, apparently a hot 21-year old actress, while he was visiting the country.

“I tried to pull away but his grip was just too tight,” Mbau reportedly said. “When Malcolm [X, my manager] pulled me away Chris asked if I was sure I did not want to come with him.”

Chris Brown denied the story to City Press though and said “They are fooling you, man. There is no such thing. I only know Malcolm X, the hero.”

Well, it sounds like either this chick is the Paris Hilton of South Africa or “The R&B Tupac” needs some macking lessons.

Props to Lavhee for the tip.

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Mess of the Moment: Brandy

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Brandy and Ray J at God knows where, I think after the BET Awards. I’m gonna need Brandy to stop letting Sy’rai apply her makeup with the Polly Pocket blush before she goes out. And let me find out she’s trying to bring the afro puffs back? Excuse me, braid puffs. Or afro buns. I don’t really know. Rage, copyright your shit.

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Usher and his surrogate mom fiancee Tameka Foster announced today that they are indeed expecting their first child together.

“We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together,” the couple said in a statement published by People. “We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives.”

I bet Tameka is just walking around googly-eyed and smiling these days. Don’t try to talk to her because all she can hear in her head right now is “CHA-CHING!”

With a Muppet for a father and a drag queen for a mom, that kid is gonna come out looking all types of wrong. Don’t get me started on the fact that its grandmother and mother are close to the same age and that its dad will probably be doing “special shows” in West Hollywood anytime now, if you get what I mean.

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I haven’t done one of these in a minute, but this is priceless. MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski is one Paris Hilton story shy of a mental breakdown… and her producer wants her to lead with the heiress’ release from prison. This is real, y’all! Homegirl looks a little “interrupted” by the media frenzy over the “news” about Paris and I for one hand it to her for taking things into her own hands and living up to true journalistic standards. She got gully with it! LMFAO @ the lighter and the way the man to her right goes “Whoa, whoa, whoa”. They were scared she was gonna pull a Left Eye.

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