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Melanin Deficient Sideshow Bob’s Booking Photo (Corey Clark)

That-One-Lightskinneded-Dude-From-American-Idol-That-Had-Relations-With-Paula-Arrested. Because honestly, no one cares about this dude…not that we really cared about him in the first place though!!

Umm…and I am upset that this is even news anymore.

Police said former “American Idol” contestant Corey Clark was arrested early this morning (July 31) in North Little Rock, Ark., on drug charges and for an outstanding warrant from Arizona.

Clark was disqualified after reaching the finals of the popular television show’s second season in 2003 for failing to reveal a previous arrest. He later claimed to have had an affair with “Idol” judge Paula Abdul and said she paid some of his expenses and promised to fund his career. Abdul denied his allegations.

Pulaski County Sheriff’s spokesman John Rehrauer said that Clark was being held at the Pulaski County jail pending a court appearance today. Rehrauer said that Clark was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia at about 2:30 a.m.

North Little Rock police officials did not immediately return calls for comment.

A warrant was issued for Clark after he failed to appear in an Arizona court on a summons stemming from an arrest last year for violating a court order and trespassing.

I wonder if Paula bailed him out? Paula is probably sittin back at home watchin her hilarious yet train-wreck of a show, trippin over her dog being like “Corey what? Corey who?” LOL.

Anyway, as the old folks say, “Give up the ghost.” This picture LOL, he looks like he forgot to flush the ya-yo like Erykah Badu.

Poor Corey. Poor America that this is news. Poor people in Arkansas that watched this news report on their local news last night — they will never get those 5 minutes of their life back. And neither will you or I from reading this post!

And North Little Rock? Did he bus fare run out before he could get to Little Rock? LOL! Kidding.

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Making the Band 4

Making the Band 4 - “I Want You (Exlcusive)”

Spotted over at Concrete Loop & Honorable Media and a bunch of other blogs! Everyone and they mama posting this song.

Well, ya’ll KNOW I watch the show like crazy. I been a fan since Season 1.

And let me tell you…when that negra ROBERT hit that RUN on last night’s episode, I GOT ALL CHURCH LADY ON MY TV!


I’m telling you, that negro can sing!!! And you notice at the end when they all had to choose their 4 people spur of the moment…who was in all 4 bands?


You know us Robert’s (that’s my guvment folks, keep it on the DL LOL!), we hold it down. Even R. Kelly, minus the pedo-ism and all that LOL!

And basically, I’m just glad to hear a B. Cox joint without some long azz piano intro in the first 45 seconds…cause ALL his songs were sounding the same for a hot minute.

I really don’t remember who sang which verse, but Robert’s voice and Big Mike’s voice are the ones that stood out the most to me, and I can hear them clear.

I like this song though…this beat is hot minus the random breaks they put in the track to try and break up the monotony that is that loop they are using.

I am excited…because O-Town was aight, but I love me some R&B…and these dudes definitely have great voices. Trust me, I know. But that Robert…jesus…that boy is a monster in that studio…

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Yep, she’s knocked up

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Nicole Richie will come clean about being pregnant (almost four months), her weight and her Hollywood peers in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer, airing on “Good Morning America” this Thursday.

“Yes, I am. We [she and Joel Madden] are. I’m almost four months,” Richie told Sawyer. (Source)

First Star Jones, now this. Thank you Captain and Co-Captain Obvious.

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This song goes hard! Tevin Campbell was the O.G. Chris Brown, cheesing all the time with those big beaver teef. Does that mean Chris is gonna get caught soliciting gay sex from a cop? Let me stop.

A mess at he and Tatyana putting that quarter on the train track. Don’t they know that shit derails trains?

That older Hollywood woman was wrong for pushing up on Tevin like that. She “Mary Kay LeTourneau‘d” him like it was nothing.

LMAO @ Tevin saying he’s on a rampage. For some reason that sounds zesty as hell. Maybe it’s just the context.

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The Fugees drama continues although I’m wondering if people still care. Scratch Magazine asked Wyclef about everyone’s favorite trainwreck (Amy Winehouse, take notes), Ms. Hill:

So what’s ultimately holding you guys back?
Lauryn is straight up the problem, bro. She wants to be a producer. Don’t come telling us how to chop up beats so you can get credit for it.

What makes you think she would take the credit?
We did a remix [with] Lauryn for John Legend, for the record “How High.” John Legend was saying our names. You know what she had [him] do? She was like, “Take off Wyclef and Jerry’s names.” Because she wanted people to think that she was the one doing the beat…I’m a producer and I’m a beatmaker with my cousin Jerry Wonder, and I’m a writer. She’s a writer, a vocalist, [and] a great [vocal] composer. And she’s great at picking out samples. She got 20 billion samples but can’t chop ‘em up to save her life.

So she hasn’t made any of the beats she got credit for?
It’s real simple, if you did the beats, where are the beats? Show us one beat that you did. If you bring ‘Clef to the studio, put an MP, put an SP, put a bunch of stuff, bring a bunch of cameras [and] say, “Clef, do a beat in two minutes.” The beat’s done! Bring Lauryn Hill in the studio with the same camera, say we give you three hours. Matter fact, fuck it, we’ll give you a month to do a beat. She can’t put it together! (Source)

This isn’t the first time Lauryn has tried to take credit for shit that she didn’t really make. And let’s be real, have you seen her lately? The only beats this bitch is making are her feet down the block for some more rocks.

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New Music: Cassie - “Is It You”

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This might be old, I don’t really know or care. All I know is it’s supposed to be on the Step Up 2 soundtrack (Aim low, Cassie!). So before you spam the comments talking about “THIS SHIT OLD!” “Y’ALL LATE!” just know I uploaded this mess for shits and giggles, so take it or leave it.

Cassie actually sounds a little better on this, and by that I mean she might be able to compete with Hilary Duff on a good day. I’m guessing she recorded this after she heard Rihanna’s “Shut Up & Drive” thinking that mess was gonna be a huge hit, but we all know how that turned out.

Cassie is probably going to be like the singing version of Meagan Good — a roach that will never die no matter how little or mediocre work they get.

Cassie - “Is It You”

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Lil’ Kim is desperate for press so she called up the blog Celebrity Babylon and told them she supports Lindsay Lohan, telling her to “hold her head” and likening Lindsay’s “struggle” to her own year-long bid in a Federal penitentiary in 2005.

Kim apparently didn’t care that Lindsay tried to blame her most recent shenanigans on a brotha — shown by the fact that she’s wearing the t-shirt “Leave Lindsay A-Lohan”. Clever.

It’s hard to believe this Kim and this one are the same person. SMH, how times have changed.

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Star Jones finally told the world she had gastric bypass surgery to lose all that weight. Any other BRAIN BUSTERS ya got for us, Star?

“The complete truth is, I was scared of what people might think of me,” she continues. ”I was afraid to be vulnerable, and ashamed at not being able to get myself under control without this procedure.” (Source)

I have to tip my hat to Ms. Reynolds for playing her cards right. She left this little morsel, no matter how obvious, unshared until the moment when her fame started to recede again. Snatch up the rest of those 15 minutes, Star! Get it girl!

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New Music: Yung Joc - “Play Ya Cards”

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc - “Play Ya Cards”

Don’t he look like he whispering “Wait till you see my…”


I don’t know, I kind of like this song. I recently had to accept “Coffee Shop” for what it was — a fun song. I don’t think you can take Joc to seriously, but this song is kinda cool departure for him. Not what I expected. This is supposed to be his next single. A Hot Mess brings the heat!

This song sounds like the kind of record T.I. was SUPPOSED to make. Or…actually…could this be a leftover? Makes me wonder.

However, he still doesn’t get a pass for carving them designs in his head. (see the Coffee Shop video) What, are the 90’s coming back? Next thing you know knee-grows gonna start pulling out their Motorola Timeports. Don’t ACK like you don’t know what I am talking about!

Motorola Timeport

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Lil Britney - Lipgloss

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I know this is everywhere and all but I wanted us to discuss it. Doesn’t Lil Britney look like Lil Mama? Is that her play cousin? I’m dead at there being 30 people in the back dancing! I mean the lip syncing isn’t all that on point but they are getting it in this!

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LL & Friend
LL Cool J and Special Friend?

So…got an anonymous tip that this dude on the left is L.L. Cool J’s “special friend.”

“Back up” is written on the pic because he, um, is standing pretty close.

Apparently, dude is a well known gay man in the industry, and is well taken care of by L.L. at parties, events, etc and they are always together.

Those in the know know what’s really good apparently, but he almost spilled the beans because his “friend” got into an altercation with another gay man at a party recently.

I don’t know what hood with this, but hey, don’t shoot the messenger! If it’s interesting to me, it might be interesting to ya’ll however — NO MEDITAKEOUT HERE. All the swingers need to watch out cause someone is leaking info left & right…

Trying to get more details to determine the veracity of this tip, so stay tuned?

Saint Lil’ Richard be a bottle of KY Jelly!

Please don’t stan us to death. Thanks!

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Allegedly taken days before she shaved her head.

Why is Britney Spears posing in some ripped up tights with her ass all out? Are they in a coat check or a dry cleaners? Where are her children? WHO IS THAT MAN?


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Obama covers Vibe

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Boo, ‘bama, boo! Vibe? Don’t he know that shit been played out for a good two years. Nah, I’m just playin’ (kinda), I’m happy that he’s covering magazines and doing it way big. Do you guys think he will get a presidential nomination? Would you vote for him? Hillary?

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Video: Eve - “Give It To You” Feat. Sean Paul

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Eve - “Give It To You” Feat. Sean Paul

My friend just emailed this to me at work — I don’t really like this song, but some of ya’ll might. It kind of reminds me of Eve’s song “Me & U” at the very beginning.

Eve…she is giving me the same looks in both of her new videos. Pouty, check. Pose, check. Thuggish, check. Seductive, check.

Frying chicken or whatever? UMMM OK.
Dating Sean Paul? GIRL STOP!

Her and Sean Paul would NOT have cute chilruns. I am about 99.95% sure of that.

I guess, this song is alright. I liked “Tambourine”, I thought she would have came harder than this. This reggae-love-ballad ish makes my behind itch! And why is she doing so much dancing lately!? This video is just kind of boring, to go with a bland, tepid medium song. This is album filler.

Where is another Gwen Stefani or Alicia Keys collabo when I need it? Or some DMX howling with her snarling back at him? That’s what she needs right now. Not this Sheila E. “Glamorous Life” B.S.

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Mark Morrison - “Return of the Mack”

Mark sho was a boogawolf, but I’ll be long tall sally if this wasn’t and still is the cut!! For real though, no idea what he is saying (I think he had Tanfasia & Anita Baker Cotton Mouf) but all I knew was “You LIED to me!” and “Return of the Mack! (ONCE AGAIN! HERE I AM!)”.

I always wondered — where did he go? Why is he returning? Did he leave again? Can we get a “Return of the Mack 2K7″ cause he’s been gone for a minute, and everyone needs a mack in their life. Don’t this song take you BACK though?

Why does he look like an ugly Tyrese or Malik Yoba though? LOL!!

Mark Morrison

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