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On the Verge: Deemi

Posted by J under New Music

Note from J: “On the Verge” will hopefully become a recurring segment here at A Hot Mess. As a music aficionado, I see a lot of new artists try to break into the game, get put on by a major label and maybe even have a video out there, and then — nothing. “On the Verge” will document such artists, who have the potential to be on the verge of stardom or on the verge of falling off.

I usually hate comparing up-and-coming artists to established ones, because I think it’s unfair to both artists, but in this case, the feeling I get is so strong I just have to bring it up. If Alicia Keys was raised in Bed-Stuy instead of Hell’s Kitchen, had a kid by the time she was 17 and survived an abusive relationship to tell the tale, she would be something like Deemi. Deemi’s first single, “Soundtrack Of My Life” (see video), even features the violin playing of Miri Ben-Ari, who famously played on Keys’ debut “Fallin’”. Their vocals are equally impassioned and both contain a gritty quality. And while Alicia has been a mainstream darling from the start and is embracing her reggae roots in her new efforts, Deemi is keeping her ear and voice to the street.

Background: The 27 year-old Family Ties/Atlantic Records beauty documents her struggle in music artfully, without the false bravado of growing up tough and all the honesty of street life turned ugly. “Soundtrack Of My Life” (also the title of her album) tells the most harsh elements of her personal life, from dropping out of school and selling weed and crack to get by (she says she smoked more marijuana than she ever sold) to an abusive relationship with the father of her children and the deteriorating relationship with her mother. On “Little Girl”, she strikes out at fake industry types over a dark, thumping beat with guest rap from Remy Ma. “If you always acting gangsta, then you’re fake, If you love money too much, then you’re a snake” she says while Remy adds “Chicks think it’s easy… but you can’t pay your mortgage with ass and titties.” The set is clearly dominated by Deemi’s experiences growing up in a less-than-nurturing environment, but she also offers up radio appeal without sacrificing her soul vibe on the second single, “On the Radio”.

The Song: “On the Radio” (produced by The Platinum Brothers), which samples the Toto song “Georgy Porgy” (which you may recognize from the Eric Benet track of the same name, or MC Lyte’s “Poor Georgy”), has been chosen as Deemi’s second single, probably in hopes that it can generate more interest for her debut than the first, more “in your face” single. Deemi invigorates passion and strength into this song with perfectly tuned vocals — no vocal gymnastics but nothing paper-thin, either. It’s “another sad love song” vibe makes it easy to relate to and is undeniably catchy, over the instantly recognizable beat and the love hungover bridge: “Don’t know what I’ma do, when my whole world was you, played me just like a fool.”

Deemi - “On the Radio”

The Problem: Deemi’s album seems to be in limbo because her label has been promoting the first single on-and-off since about April. It clearly has not captured enough of an audience yet — something it may or may not be able to do regardless of more aggressive promotion. In an era where R&B girls are expected to rap-talk more than they sing and often have beats that overshadow their own talents, Deemi rides productions that are infectious but not Timbaland-esque. This could present a problem for her because she is not overtly sexual and may be a bit too intimidating for the mainstream.

Can she make it?: 50/50. She has the talent and her album — if ever released — will most likely be a sleeper groove, similar to how Amerie’s first album made do with simple R&B — no gimmick beats or rap-talking — and went on to be considered a breath of fresh air after a slow start in fanbase and meager sales. Amerie, however, switched her style up and found much more success thereafter. I think, realistically, for Deemi to be successful in the long run, it will come down to whether or not she can find a smaller, more loyal cache of fans that enjoy this type of music (less glitz, more raw) to satisfy the label (think other similar-minded R&B acts like Jaheim, with whom Deemi also recorded a duet).

Please leave your own thoughts on Deemi, other artists you think should be featured, or this segment overall in the comments! Or you can e-mail us, too. Thanks!

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Video: Lil’ Mama - “G-Slide/Tour Bus”

Posted by The IPS under Videos

Lil’ Mama - “G-Slide/Tour Bus”

You know what, eff it. I like Lil’ Mama. Girl can dance, and she spits, and it makes me have fun watching it. It’s cute, age appropriate, yet she is still talented. Her flow is crazy! I mean, I ain’t the biggest hip-hop head, but to me, it sounds like she’s doing a pretty good job with them metaphors and spittin’ the way she is. If I’m lying, I’m flying.

I like her whole “magic” theme that she carries on from the “Lipgloss” joint, though I feel like this needs to be the last time she does that effect maybe LOL. And the little kids? TOO CUTE!! And they ain’t saying some inane something like “A Bay Bay” or dancing in a nasty 50 Cent video. Snap for the kids!

But the girl is getting her group dance on LOL, so I ain’t mad. I like this song. I’m sending this vid to all my lil cousins. No Pretty Ricky for them! It’s all about the “Voice of the Young People” even though her tail STILL don’t look 17.

I’m sorry, that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

I hope handles her right, because and don’t let her fall by the wayside for Bubbles AKA Chris Brown. They could market them together on some Teen Takeover-ish. Throw in Natasha (”Hey Hey Hey”), and Britney Spears as the anchor and they MIGHT could make some money! Or even package it up like a tour.

Why am I giving away all my secrets? Oops.


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Jill on the cover of her album “The Real Thing” and “The Real Thing Deluxe Edition” I don’t know if she’s trying to be ironic with the weave/wig/press she has going on here but she looks good. I bet my girls over at nappturality.com are having a heart attack over this one!  Album release date is September 25th. Sa Ra producing a track on here is enough reason for me to check this one out.

1. Breathe (Sa Ra)
2. Real Thing (Dre & Vidal)
3. Rightness (Dre & Vidal)
4. Hate On Me (Adam Blackstone)
5. Come See Me (JR Hutson)
6. Imagination (JR Hutson)
7. Crown Royal (JR Hutson)
8. My Love (Adam Blackstone)
9. Insomnia (Omari Shabazz)
10. How’s It Make You Feel (Stokely Williams)
11. Only You (Tyrone Goldstein)
12. Wanna Be Loved (JR Hutson)
13. Whenever You’re Around (JR Hutson)
14. Epiphany (Scott Storch)
15. Celibacy Blues (Jill & The Band)
16. I Don’t Know (Karma Productions)
17. All I (Adam Blackstone)

C&D and The Infinite Ink for sources

Posted by Erin T.

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Common (who has been stuntin’ on you hoes lately) and Q-Tip (who released some lame single a couple of months back I think) are getting together to form a group.I don’t believe you Johnathan Davis, you need more people!

In an exclusive interview with XXLMag.com, A Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip, reveals he’s forming a new group with Common entitled The Standard. “Me and Common [are] getting ready to form a group,” ‘Tip tells XXLMag.com. “We’ll probably run it through the Uni [Universal Records] joint because we’re both on Universal.” According to The Abstract, it was Common who suggested the two from a group. “It was more of his suggestion,” he says. “He was like, “We just need to do a record.” So I’m really excited about that.” While the two haven’t started recording together yet, The Standard will start churning out material once the two starting touring together in a few weeks. As far as the production on the album, though, fans can expect Q-Tip to handle the majority. “I’m probably gonna do a lot of it,” ‘Tip says. “And we’ll get Kanye [West] on a couple things, but you know, that cat is busy.”

‘Ye was like, “hoe please, I got T-Pain on my record. I’m too hot right now!”

I love me some A Tribe Called Quest, but really, I don’t think I’ve liked anything Q-Tip has put out (if he even has) besides that song. And of course, Common is killin’ them right now. I think this benefits Q-Tip more than it does Common.

I am just tired of all these supergroups. They use the same beats as everyone else, they rap about the same things as everyone else, just a little bit better.

Let’s put someone like, Yung Berg, Lupe Fiasco, Fabo (from D4L), Jeezy, Jean Grae and Diddy in a group. THAT’S a supergroup. All the great rappers can help the shittake rappers and the world will be a better place. Jean Grae can break out her “magical hip-hop glitter” and Lupe can beat hoes with his skateboard into lyrical submission. Diddy can shiny suit everyone to death as the stylist, and Yung Berg can bring the “lisp factor” to the hooks. Fabo can dance on his tippy-toes in the video with Diddy doing the “take that, take that” and holler all over the track with Jeezy, who can then do 16 bars about crack.

Get Ashitty and Assie on the hook and we have a ringtone winner!

OK let me quit ROFL. A man can dream can’t he?

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Tell ‘em why you mad Curtis!

“Its not possible for Kanye to beat me, I don’t know why I said that. Its like the teddy bear vs. the gorilla. Def Jam [West’s label] is going to buy about 200,000 of Kanye’s records. Kanye sucks, I’m going to be honest, he sounds like a robot, he has a robot record.”

Wipe him down with some vitamin water and please have Ciara put her breast in this dudes mouth because this has got to stop. He is just talking nonsense! I am too through with this! I wonder what Kanye has to say to that? I am mad at him thinking that Def Jam is the only record company that buys out albums. I guess he doesn’t realize that the more he says mess like this the more people are going to actually go out to physically buy Kanye’s album. You better believe I will be up at Best Buy coppin’ it for $9.99.

Posted by Erin T.

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The Hip-Hop Mork & Mindy

Posted by The IPS under Blah Blah Blah, Build A Bridge, Chris Brown

Basically, Bow Wow & Omarion are putting out an album where they can talk nasty and let their hormones run amuck easily. It’s basically Pretty Ricky, with some, well….pretty!

“We respect what R. Kelly and Jay-Z did, but that was what they created,” Omarion explained about the comparisons between Face Off and Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s Best of Both Worlds. “What we created is Bow and O. The topics most people think we wouldn’t talk about, we’re talking about.”

“In the past, we would make a song like we’re gonna take this girl to the restaurant Nobu,” Bow elaborated. “Now it’s gonna be, we take this girl to Nobu, then I’m gonna take her back to the Trump Towers and I’m gonna put her in my bed and I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do to the girl when she’s in my bed.”

Omarion notes that the fans who loved them during their younger years are older now and ready for more adult content, such as “Lights, Camera, Action,” in which the duo tell the ladies to get ready for their own private video session.

Oh yes, the LOL’s continue!

There is also some choice bits from Bow’s cocky Pro-Activ self, saying people are gonna run to the stores, he’s just getting started…blah blah. Go read the rest here.

Also of note, Jermaine Dupri is NOT involved with this project, despite the fact that it was his idea in the first place. I think JD knows what the hell he is doing. And so for him to be like, “Nah son, I’m good!” makes me afraid. He basically wanted them to keep it “PG-13,” and they trying to kick it up to “R”.

I don’t know, Omarion says something about him basically not peaking yet, and I kind of agree with that. “21″ was a decent album. But fact remains, neither one of them has had blockbuster sales. I don’t think either ONE of their recent albums even went platinum. BUT IF THAT BOY DON’T LET THEM BRAIDS GO!! My Jesus, where is Edward Scissorhands when you need him!?

Bow Wow, well, I think his time has passed. I liked him better when he was younger, he just had better songs. Period. “What’s My Name” with Snoop was and still is my jam LOL.

Who’s going to go buy this album? Say “I”!


Wamp wamp.

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Monica - “Like This, Like That”

I STILL don’t know who that dude rapping was or what the hell he was saying! I heard something about “sauce on the BBQ?” ROFL, Monica couldn’t get no one else to drop 16 bars? Dang!

Well, I still listen to “Miss Thang” LOL. “Angel” and this song and of course all the other songs still knock to this day. I see where Beyonce’ got her “fan game” from, ROFL. I bet you Monica was like, “Dallas, this is drying my good contacts out!”

And Monica in this video? I remember wanting her to have ALL my middle school (or was it high school?) babies back in the day. In the looks department, Murda Mo’ got Brandy beat by miles. But vocally and musically, I think Brandy makes more consistent albums. That’s my opinion.

She was all about vertical stripes in this video LOL. Was she trying to make herself look taller?

Thanks to *MJ* for the suggestion!

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Lil’ Kim FINALLY Pulled Over by the Fashion Police

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“Ray-J, baby boo. I need you. They tried to get me for ‘robbing the cradle’! Tell them how old you are!”


“No officer, I AM Kimberley Jones! That’s just an old picture of me with my real face back in ‘98! STOP LAUGHING!”


Though, that would have been Page 1 HEADLINE NEWS here at AHM! ROFL!

Kim was driving a Lambo in NY and got pulled over cause she ain’t have no plates…or a driver’s license:

August 31, 2007 — Lil’ Kim made a big scene on the West Side yesterday when cops stopped her for driving a Lamborghini without license plates.

Officers pulled over 33-year-old Kim (real name Kimberly Denise Jones) at about 6 p.m. as she was pulling into a gas station at 50th Street and 11th Avenue, and discovered she didn’t have her driver’s license, either.

The car did have a temporary out-of-state registration - and her lawyer, Bernie Jackson, came by to drive her and the six-figure hot rod off.

After Kim cooled off, she took time to pose with and sign autographs for a horde of fans. Source

Well slap my behind and call me Sweet Baby Minty Jesus, ain’t that Ray-J’s car? I feel like I’ve seen her perched up inside that joint before. I mean, Kim got enough dough I’m sure to be rockin’ her own Lambo, but…

I’m just sayin’.

I think Ray-J likes having sex with people who are ghosts of their former selves. Whitney probably gives good…education cause of her crackhead days. Lil’ Kim’s “plastic” lips are probably enjoyable as well or something. Eww. Jesus get my mind out the gutter!

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Chris Brown - “Kiss Kiss” Feat. T-Pain

Chrispy Brown is back with that 90’s haircut and he’s trying to ride the “T-Pain” train like everyone else these days. I tell you, T-Pain is on his way to doing a track for Sweet Minty Jesus…unbelievable!

This is more pop, lock and droppin’ it. I’m just not convinced that this 2nd record is gonna be hot. I will probably be superman-ing it out of window on the freeway. Sad, because I had high hopes for Crusty Brown! But the moment he stepped into the studio with T-Pain is the moment that he got the *gas face* from me. Chris Brown Bubbles (LOL!) ain’t even trying no more. Though I like the part where he is standing on a bus LOL.

Oh the lil girls love him (stans on alert!), so that will probably equate to about 250K in sales first week, then, he’ll drop faster than my testicles after seeing T-Pain’s predator-lookin’ self in this video.

And that part with all that exaggerated breathing?! I thought T-Pain was having an asthma attack and got happy! I thought my deliverance from “Teddy Penderazzdoun” was at hand! Alas, no. He was trying to be “different.” Great.

The only reason he got to “penderazzdoun” or whatever because if he didn’t, she’d probably be runnin’ for her life from that ole’ Monchichi lookin’ demon!

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears - “Gimme More” Produced by Nate “Danja” Hills


All the drag queens, break out your vogue! This song is for you! I want to see some “J-Setting” or whatever the hell ya’ll call it. The Young Madonna of our time has finally broken her musical silence. Some rejoice, some weep. Baby Jesus is still on the fence from what I hear.

Britney, them cigarettes kinda make her lower register smoky and sexy LOL.

I’m not mad, Brisky makes me dance. I just pity the studio engineer that was stuck working on this record hahahahaha.

I’m shamed to say ya’ll — I kinna like this. On the first verse, I was like, “YAHHH BISH YAHHH!” but by the time chorus hit, I was moving my shoulders, and then 1 minute later I was tapping my foot. Lil’ Timbaland does his thang.

It’s no “Toxic” but hey, you can’t expect everyone to make a hit every album.

Another song leaked called “Cold as Fire”. Not really feeling this one too much…but it’s still dancey, which is KEY for Brisky!

Oh and check out her official website, if you need proof that this is indeed the new song: http://www.britney.com/

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Sympathy weight?

Posted by J under Babies, On the DL, Usher

Usher was seen out with Mannish Meka looking a little bulgey above the waistband. I guess he is getting a head start on that “sympathy weight” that husbands sometimes gain when their wife is pregnant. I’m happy Usher feels comfortable enough to let himself go. I mean, let’s be honest, he’s not trying to impress ladies with that physique, anyway. He probably parades around the house with that gut hanging out screeching “Meka, girl, what you did with my Oil of Olay?!”

I still want to know how a drag queen gets inseminated but I think I’ll save that for another post some other time.

Props to Precious for the pic.

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Sister Keyshia Does Her Two-Step

Posted by The IPS under Videos

Keyshia Cole Performing “Let It Go” Live on Pepsi Smash

Sis. Keyshia gets her drank ‘n two step on in the ghetto-est looking club ever! No I am kidding LOL. Keyshia sang her hit song live for Pepsi Smash/Yahoo earlier this week.

She doesn’t sound too terrible minus a few notes here and there. She is KILLING me softly with that choreography. She’s needs to hire Laurie Ann “Boomkat” Gibson. She can barter with Laurie for some singing tips. LOL.

Them dances though, it looks like the ghetto cheerleaders at the ghetto high school who HALF do their routine. I don’t know about ya’ll, but my ghetto HS in the hood had some LAZY A-ASTERISK-ASTERISK cheerleaders. They would do the Roger Rabbit for 2 minutes, do some Cabbage Patch, smack they a**, and sit down to a nice big gulp of Coke. And then had the nerve to act like they just did something!


She really look like though she don’t want to be there. Which, that might not be the case, but I feel NO emotion nor do I see it. People compare her to Mary J., but Mary J. woulda been rolling around, grabbing her sides and lost her big dookie braid 2:00 minutes into the performance. Keyshia just is trying not to break a sweat and trying to look cute.

To each their own.

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Video Trailer for Trey Songz - “Can’t Help But Wait”

Wait, why are they releasing trailers now!? For music videos!?

Who is he, Michael Jackson? Is this the debut of “Thriller 2007″?! BOY STOP.

All I have to say to this is “wamp wamp.”

I didn’t really care about the song, and so I really won’t care about the video quite honestly. “ALT+F4″ Trey Songz!

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Man, this song is STILL the shit. This is my favorite era of hip-hop ‘92-’96. AZ is probably the most underrated emcee in the game. He deserves a lot more respect than he gets. Miss Jones looks tore up in this video. But I guess not any worse than she looks now. She did her thing on the hook, though, I won’t front.

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I saw this a few weeks back and meant to post it but ya know, sometimes a dude forgets. I’m debating whether or not it’s a good idea to subject you all to this madness now because it is just so foul, I can smell the yeast infection from here.

But eff it. It’s a slow news day and I need some entertainment. Miss Ladymam, who hooked me up with the link, says:

“this is the most atrocious pic i have seen in a long while. it. is. so. wrong. and really, it is the epitome of the reason we cant rise as a people. i first saw this on dlisted a couple weeks ago and it still haunts my nightmares. … i feel like doing violence when i look at this picture, which is why i thought it [would] be perfect for your mess o the year collection.”

I’m not even going to bother making homegirl “Mess of the Moment” because I think that would be giving Tamar Braxton more press than she deserves, which is probably exactly why she came out dressed like this. I mean, what other explanation is there? I know her sister is sending fraudulent checks to designers so maybe they are broke and she has resorted to ho’ing? I just don’t know. Lord compel me.

Got any pictures of hot messes or anything you want to get off your chest? Hit us up at ahotmessblog@gmail.com and do our work for us! Thanks again to Miss Ladymam.

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