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Kanye on SNL — “106 & Park” Skit

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Well, this skit summed up pretty much this whole episode — boring. Kanye parodied himself being a dick. Whoopee! LOL @ him stealing the award for the pumpkin though. “You’re young, you got more time!”

LeBron James was the host and Kanye West was the musical guest. Even the opening dialogue wasn’t that funny and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the episode.

I don’t know whose idea it was to have LeBron James host Saturday Night Live. I’m sure they lost their job. It was like watching a retarded person say “supercalifragilisticespialidocious” and then trying to spell it on a chalkboard. His dialogue was terrible. I mean, I’m sure he tried his best, but he had like, no comedic timing. At all. Po’ thing.

Kanye performed 4 songs by way of two performances with medleys. On the “Champion/Everything I Am” medley, he forgot his words and starting to freestyle. Nice attempt at a save, but I was just not interested by that point.

I Tivo this show because of the musical guests and etc. and it had been getting better, but if this is the season premiere, and I am a little scared.

The best host they had in a while I must admit was Justin Timberlake. That episode was CLASSIC.

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Nicole Performs “Whatever U Like” on Pepsi Smash

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If she really wants to do whatever I like, she will just stop this tomfoolery and go be a tour guide in Hollywood or something.


Nicole Scherzinger - “Whatever U Like” Live @ Pepsi Smash

Umm, as the old folks used to say, “Give up the ghost!”

What is the point of her running around all willy-nilly at the beginning like she was in her video? It didn’t make sense then and it sure doesn’t make sense NOW that you are doing it live.

I don’t know, I just don’t get this song. Maybe I am missing something. If I am, please, inform me. Am I falling off the good taste bandwagon? Is this just really hot and I am smokin’ that kush?! Let ME know.

I know it’s hard to sing and dance, but really, just…she was all kinds of out of breath and it was just taking away from her already more-than-mediocre performance. She sounds like Toni Braxton with the flu.

Sweet Minty Jesus be a Riiiiiiiiiicola and an oxygen mask!

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She opens up about dating?

I will leave that one alone.

I will say that Alicia has been looking GOOD  GOOT lately (not good, GOOT!)! Phew, I’m glad the “manly-I-wear-braids-and-sing-deep” has jumped off the deep cliff somewhere. I like “Thunder-Thighs-Coke-Bottle” Alicia much, much more. That song “No One” is still a screeching mess though, but I hope that she brings something else to the table when the album drops!

For the record, I am saying I like the curves. Before ya’ll start calling me a “hater”.

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Chaka Khan Performs “Angel” & Interview on Today Show

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LOL @ this interview. That reporter had been practicing all night making sure that “funk” didn’t come out as “fu$k” HAHAHHA. And…umm…did Chaka say EARTHLINGS?

Alllllrighty then. I thought she was off that good stuff now?!

This performance…ehh…I give it 6.85/10. Chaka has sounded better and there was some bum notes throughout this performance. Actually, lots of them. However, Chaka on a bad day is still GREATER than a whole lot of people.

Her new album though? “Funk This!” is exactly that — funky. I seriously haven’t turned it off for the past week or so. I’m going to get my copy tomorrow. I’ve got Rhapsody and I’ve been streaming it from there, but I want it in the car.

I posted “Disrespectful” a while back, but you have got to hear the songs “Will You Love Me?” and “Hail To The Wrong”. LAWDY these songs go hard in the funk playbook. Ain’t heard nothing this organically funky for quite some time!

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Hey, buddies. It’s been a long week, and I’m tired. Though the weekend is traditionally off-time for us, I love ya, and like Ciara when she sees some cocoa butter on Nickel’s nipples, I can’t leave y’all alone! Here’s a throwback for the day until I resume normal hours next week.

All late ’90s videos look like this. A dmily-lit room and some modern looking furniture. But I dunno about the apparel in this joint. Are they bumpin’ bodies at REI? Gettin’ ready to hit the slopes? And the video girls? It looks like they got every MTV Party To Go album cover model together for this video. I ain’t mad. This song actually aged decently well.


I’m about to head to my college radio station to spin some chill R&B and hip-hop for a couple hours tonight (September 29) starting at 8 pm Pacific (that’s 10 pm Central and 11 pm Eastern for the slow folks). So if you wanna listen, please please please check me out at UCLARadio.com. I’ll let you hold five dollars if you do it*. It’s easy to listen online (click the headphones!).

*Subject to me getting five dollars to hold my damn self

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will.i.am Covers Ave Magazine

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Click for full-size

I see he has transferred his love of Shrooms to Ave Magazine’s cover designer!

Those shoes are hot though.

“Sidesteps the haters” — that’s what we do here at A Hot Mess! Because everyone who comes here to call US haters, are ACTUALLY the haters. How bout that? No, I’mma change that to “Sidesteppin’ the STANS” ROFL.

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LAWD -MJ-, you a fool for this one!

I dedicate this to Eddie Murphy and Mel B. May his visitation’s begin soon!


B-Rock & The Bizz - “My Baby Daddy”

Lawd I forgot all about this song. Got to miss them Jerry Springer/Ricki Lake days ROFL. Whenever I hear this song, I think about them talk shows.

This was Ms. Peachez way before there was Ms. Peachez. ROFL, the OUTRAGE some people had over this song back in the day was hilarious…but it really didn’t paint us in a positive light.

But hell, white people have baby daddies, too. They just don’t call it that. It’s all, “Suzie’s father is not in the picture currently.” EFF THAT. “THAT’S JUST MY BABY DADDY!” hahahahahaha.

Thanks MJ!

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“M by Mariah Carey” Ad

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Why I feel like I am watching Skinemax late night softcore porn?

The part I fell out at is where she rubbing the little scent thingy between her chesticles. Lawd today.

Between her ad and Diddy having fake camera sex in his perfume ad, I think I will stick with the “Boom Chicka Wah Wah!” commercials. At least those don’t make me feel dirty.


That commercial KILLS ME DEAD everytime I see it. She start tootin’ that thang back in the produce section. *passes out*

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Always wanted to be in a Nelly video but retain your homely Christian good girl image? Audition to be in Nelly’s drumline (pun intended!). And no, Ashanti will not be your drum major.

Nelly is holding a nationwide casting call in search of an all-girl drum line that will perform alongside the rapper on his hit single, “Grillz,” a track from his last album, “Sweatsuit.”

According to his label Universal Motown, “Nelly is looking for girls that can play marching band snare drum, tri toms, bass drum, tuba and trumpet.”

Auditions will begin nationwide on Sept. 30, starting at 11 a.m. in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis and New Orleans.

“Ladies need to know how to march and move very well to the beat while playing their instrument,” (bwahahahaha!) the label states. “The final auditions will be held in Atlanta on Oct. 8, and the girls that make the final cut will be given the opportunity to perform with Nelly on the BET Hip Hop Awards to be held in Atlanta on Oct. 13.

Can’t make the auditions in person? Just post a one minute video to Nelly’s official drum line audition site: www.myspace.com/nellysdrumlineauditions. Look for Nelly’s upcoming release “Brass Knuckles” to be in stores later this fall.

“Brass Knuckles”!? Really? HAHAHAHAHA.

Alrighty, so, who from A Hot Mess! is gonna go and get the scoop at the auditions in their city? LOL!

However, I want to know why he is still performing “Grillz” — why doesn’t he perform his new single “Wadsyaname”? Not that I want to hear it particularly, but…”Grillz” is kind of old. I’m sure the marching band treatment will make it hot though.

What, Nick Cannon or North Carolina A&T weren’t available?

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Ja Rule Clarifies His Anti-Gay Statements

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Ja Rule just did a new interview with Spinner magazine and right off the bat, they ask about the statements he made to Complex magazine that stirred up controversy. Excerpts below:

S: Let’s get to this straightaway: You caused quite a bit of controversy with your comments in Complex magazine, saying — and I’m paraphrasing — that homosexuality is what’s wrong with America. Is it accurate to say that you suffer from some degree of homophobia?

J.R.: I’m a very avid speaker for all people’s rights and people having their own preference. I was taken out of context. My statement was more about where our mind state is as a people. We’re focused on the wrong things — like, our country is at war right now. These things are more of a problem to me. Like another case I just read about — young ladies being raped by six white men. These are the stories that should be popping up on my TV screen. That’s what I was talking about, and somehow it got spun into some other s—.

S: How would you react if one of your kids told you that he or she was gay?

J.R. That’s their own preference. I’m going to love them regardless. I have relatives that are homosexuals and, you know, they come over for Christmas, hang out. It’s something that starts with us. That’s why my album is named “The Mirror” — because everybody has to look at themselves and take it upon themselves to educate. It’s my responsibility to educate my children — not the TV. I think a visual is more influential than audio, but that goes without being said. You know, that’s the world we live in and people are tight in the collar about a lot of issues. It is what it is.

S: Where do you stand on gay marriage?

J.R. It’s really not my business. I really could care less. It’s not something that bothers me.

S: This seems to contradict some of the preconceived notions the public may have about you.

J.R.: People have a lot of misconceptions about me and it has a lot to do with me being a rap artist — me being a young black man. You know, I get it a lot when I do films. Sometimes, I come fit and they just automatically think that I’m going to be late or I’m not going to be focused because that’s what other rappers do on the set. I’m a hard worker, I come here to do my job and that’s what it is. There’s a lot of stereotypes that we get as rappers and young black men that are not fair.

S: Does that frustrate you?

J.R. Sometimes, but you gotta take the good with the bad. That’s life. I understand it. I know it’ll be a struggle for me — being a young black man in America. And it’s always been tough for me to get my point across as a rap artist. (Source)

Apparently, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation went hard on Ja too:

“No fair-minded person can look at Ja Rule’s interview with Complex magazine and believe for one second that his children could be more harmed by what they might see on television than by the vulgarity and prejudice that comes out of their father’s mouth.”


Ja Rule’s new album “The Mirror” hits in November.

Irv, get your pet gerbil a muzzle!

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FYI: Mychal Bell of ‘Jena 6′ Released

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Mychal Bell, a black teenager accused of beating a white classmate and who was the last of the “Jena 6″ behind bars, was released from custody Thursday after a juvenile court judge set his bail at $45,000.

Bell’s release followed an announcement from LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters, who said he would not appeal a higher court’s decision moving Bell’s case to juvenile court.

Wearing a blue striped golf shirt and jeans, Bell walked out of the LaSalle Parish courthouse a week after an estimated 15,000-plus demonstrators marched through Jena — a town of about 3,000 — to protest local authorities’ handling of the teens’ case.

“We do not condone violence of any kind, but we ask that people be given a fair and even chance at the bar of justice,” the Rev. Al Sharpton said outside the courthouse.

“Tonight, Mychal can go home, but Mychal is not out of the juvenile process. He goes home because a lot of people left their home and stood up for him,” he said. (Source)

That’s really great. While I’m not saying lil homie should go free for forever, those charges were EXCESSIVE. I just hope that he gets a free trial. This case has become a lightning rod for activists all around the nation, so hopefully this tragedy and mistakes that have happened lead to some changes being made nationwide.

Sometimes it takes something negative to happen to bring about a positive change for the greater good.

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New Music: Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz & Trina

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Trina - “Single Again”
Spotted at Kevipod

Trina, you had your time in the spotlight. Diamond princess? We know you sold all them diamonds for house note payments and runs to the chicken shack. She still spitting the same tired cliches, phrases and one-liners. People people people we gots to do better. We need to improve. In an age of music where people don’t have to buy a whole album anymore to get the one song they like, you need to come with HEAT.

This is a “wamp wamp” track. Weezy is somewhere being consoled by Baby because Trina broke up with him via wax.


Trey Songz - “Grub On” Feat. R. Kelly

Doing your best R. Kelly impression is not the way to set yourself apart Trey! And if you feature R. Kelly on your track, you have to make HIS song your own, you can’t let him outshine you. This is CLEARLY an R. Kelly-style song — produced by him, sounds like something he would sing…so you have to make it your own.

This song kind of reminds me of JS’ “Ice Cream” too. Come to think of it, I’ve heard R. Kelly freestyle this song before…

I don’t know…Trey seems to manifest himself to whatever producer he’s working with. He seems to vacillate between two extremes: smooth R&B thug crooner making mixtape joints & sensitive R&B balladeer. He hasn’t quite discovered his own niche yet…and if he doesn’t do it fast, I don’t think he will be around for another album.

Mary J. Blige - “Just Fine”

I hope this is a street single. Definitely not as grabbing as “Be Without You” or really any of the songs from the last album. This feels like Bonus Track material LOL. Sounds like some Keyshia Cole filler track. However, new music from Mary is always welcome. What happened to that joint she clipped on “Entourage”? That was a heater!

I’ve grown fond of Mary’s voice over the years, and her catalogue of hits is undeniable. So she gets a few passes in my book. Her and Jill Scott. Hopefully though, they won’t continue to use them up!

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J. Lo on the Cover of Arena

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Marc Anthony CANNOT be hitting that right!!

If she never opened her mouth again to sing, I wouldn’t be mad.

Jenny could really just model.

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FYI: Chicago Case Ends In Tragedy

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This is sad…sad sad sad. I hadn’t even heard about this though, so thanks MJ for giving me the heads up. I don’t know how I missed this one…I watch the news every morning. This IS Los Angeles though…*smh*

Body Confirmed as Missing Chicago Woman

Police Find Body Near Site Where Missing Saleswoman’s Car Was Found

The Associated Press


A body found Thursday near a suburban Chicago forest preserve is that of a 28-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative missing for more than a week, a family member and spokesman said.

Nailah Franklin’s uncle, Jon Merrill, and family friend and spokesman, Andrew Holmes, told WFLD-TV that authorities have confirmed the body is Franklin’s.

Neither Chicago nor Calumet City police would immediately confirm the identification.

Franklin’s family gathered Thursday near where Calumet City Police Chief Russell Larson said officers discovered a woman’s unclothed body. Chicago Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said the body was discovered about 4:46 a.m.

Franklin’s car had been found Friday night near an abandoned building in nearby Hammond, Ind.

She recently had filed a police report about threatening phone calls she received from a man she dated briefly. Chicago police on Monday said they had interviewed someone Franklin dated, but have not named a suspect in her disappearance.

The sales representative for Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly was reported missing Sept. 19 after she didn’t show up for a work meeting. Since then, family members and volunteers have papered the city with fliers and taken out a newspaper ad seeking the public’s help. The family also has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts. (source)

Ladies, please be careful. Carry some mace. Take a self-defense class. Every little bit helps!

Keep the family in your prayers and positive thoughts. Let’s keep our black men, women, boys and girls safe.

Do people still tell their children “don’t talk to strangers?” I be thinking that when I be at industry functions. LOL! “I don’t know you; don’t talk to me!”

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I thought this was mildly funny because I know people who be on Ebay all day faithfully, buying up all kinds of CRAP.

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