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New Brandy?! “What Have You Done For Me”

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Brandy - “What Have You Done For Me”

I actually heard snippets of this last year, and there are some “Full Moon” references I think I heard…so I am not sure. However, the rap is new, whoever this dude is? So maybe someone got a hold of the full-length and just added their vocals.

Whatever the case, I stan for Bran-Bran Muffin Top Head and even the SLIGHTEST hint of new music makes me excited. Word to Sonya!

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I started making my funeral arrangements. I don’t want there to be any weeping. I want shouting and singing and someone make sure that lil’ Filipino girl sings “And I Am Telling You…” at my joint.

Whoever greenlit this needs to please proceed to the nearest firing range and step in front of a bullet. Thanks.

I KNOW this is real, because you can see it hanging up in their new video. Ay dios mio! Porque! Porque!

Arnold Schwarzenegger should sue them for copyright/trademark infringement! Mary J. comes out stuntin’, they come out with this…this…abomination.

Omarion and “the magic everlasting braids” make Bow Wow look like a cancer patient. Is he going to visit him in the hospital and sing “You Are My Sunshine”?! WHAT IN THE NAME OF BLUE MAGIC 8 BALLS IS GOING ON WITH THIS ALBUM COVER!?

*logs off*

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That Wig Is GREAT!

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WHAT! WORK THAT! Mary is stuntin’ on you hoes, ok?!

This shot looks like one of the 1980 Ebony Fashion Fair ads. All it needs is the cities the fair is coming to at the bottom!

I really love this. Mary is showing ‘em why she is the Queen of Hip-Hop/R&B Soul and I for one am giving her her props. Ole’ girl has come a long way, and this album is jam packed. Hopefully, it’s jam packed with wall to wall hits!

All Hail The Queen!

Beyonce’ take note: you don’t ever see Mary’s wigs looking a mess!

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Video: Bow Wow & Omarion - “Girlfriend”

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Bow Wow & Omarion - Girlfriend

I think Bow Wow is smelling himself wayyyyyy too much these days. I was watching the making of the video for this on BET and this dude is just like, all about himself. It’s just really annoying. Omarion called him the “Prince of Hip-Hop” and I almost shat myself! I am sorry, I can’t take any dude seriously that still puts parts in his eyebrow and you are not in middle school, when your mom does it because she thinks it’s “cute.” STOP! JUST STOP!

Even at the end of the video, Omarion says “Bow Wow!” and he was like, “ME!” I was just *dead* at the arrogance.

ANYWAY, this song is not terrible. I mean, clearly I am not the market for this joint LOL. I can respect their teenage hustle (even though they aren’t teens anymore, and all their fans aren’t teens either, but…w/e.), you know, collabing for the ladies. However, is anyone still interested?

Omarion could do so much better. I have hated myself for the past two days because I have had “Cut Off Time” stuck in my head, and then I listened to the lyrics, and that song is actually kind of vulgar LOL! But what else is new.

While O sounds decent, especially towards the end where he lets loose, I just wonder, why is Bow Wow even there!? I get why he is, but IMO, he really doesn’t need to be.

“21″, Omarion’s last album was slept on. Boy had cuts! “Entourage” alone made me stand up everytime I heard it. “Ice Box” was great.

I felt like, just for a minute, Omarion had matured. His material matured, though his hairstyle didn’t LOL. He was making great music for a minute, and this is just a step backward to me. Grown and sexy, yet still hip and kind of young, ya know?

Bow Wow outlived his usefulness after “What’s My Name?” (the song he did with Snoop?). Yeah.

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In a surprisingly candid moment, Arthur the Anteater Ja Rule admitted his newest album, Mirror, is being pushed back to “sometime in 2008″ (paging Mya!) because he can’t compete with the other fourth quarter releases, like Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and others. Mirror was originally set for release on November 13.

“The new year is fresh. It’s only a couple of months away. So, since everything is fresh and new, what I’m doing, I felt, I’ma let it linger. Plus, [there’s] a lot of traffic right now. It’s that fourth quarter traffic, you know what I mean? It’s gonna be real heavy out there so I’ma let all the heavy heavys do their thing and @#!* and I’ma kick it off real fresh in the new year and splash. That’s how I’m feeling right now with the project.” (Source)

Wow, Jeffrey, way to sound excited and confident about this project. I know all 12 of y’all out there who were waiting for the new Ja Rule are going to be disappointed by this, but for the rest of you, check out this parody ad for Mirror’s release:

YouTube - Direct Video Link 

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Lamar Odom Involved in Two-Car Accident

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Laker Lamar Odom was involved in a two car accident early Tuesday morning that gave him a concussion and sent a 37 year-old woman to the hospital with serious injuries.

Police sources tell TMZ they are investigating Odom for allegedly running a red light in his Mercedes and T-boning a Geo Prism driven by a 37-year-old woman. Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to extract the victim from the wreckage. The victim’s family tells TMZ that she is in serious but stable condition with a head injury and injuries to her left leg.

Sources tell us neither alcohol nor drugs were a factor in the accident, adding Odom stayed with the victim and was very concerned about her well being. (Source) (Additional info here)

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Well not only is Epic Records wanting to drop her because her sales are a hot mess, but now Jennifer Lopez’s Bordertown, co-starring Martin Sheen and Antonio Banderas, is scheduled to go straight-to-DVD. The film was booed at the Berlin International Film Festival and now the handlers are worried about releasing it in theaters. Damn! (Source)

This movie looks really insulting to Mexicans and Latinos in general — J. LO IS NOT ONE OF US, EVERYBODY. WE GAVE HER AWAY IN THE RACE DRAFT.

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Jay-Z stopped by David Letterman’s show to promote his album American Gangster that’s due out November 6th. I’m just mad at my boy trying to make a fashion statement with Beyonce’s doo-rag. Look at him! He knows he looks fine! Get it Camel Special Light. I ain’t mad.

jay3.jpg jay41.jpg

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I guess after publicly discussing paying Bobby Brown’s prepaid cellphone bill, letting Mike Tyson bite on you during sex, and the size of Eddie Winslow’s penis, I guess Korinna, Korinna figures she might as well throw effort out of the window and start saying even more off the wall mess.


In the next issue of Vibe Karrine talks about what it was like being with Bill Maher.


She said, “Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. I might as well have been a Muslim woman with my head wrapped, walking 10 paces behind my man. [But] I couldn’t be ‘Bill Maher’s girlfriend’ any more - not when I’m Karrine Steffans . . . best-selling author.



Wow. She sounds like Star Jones with that “best-selling author” mess! ( “Well, I’m AM a lawyer…”) I mean while it very true she is one, there is no need for it to be shoved down our throats all the time. There is no doubt in my mind that Bill wasn’t a prick but if I were dating someone that would get with Moses Martin if she had the chance, I’d probably treat her a little funny, too.


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OK, I wasn’t going to go for the obvious choice and post “Thriller”. I like to think I know a lil’ more about music to do that.

What ya’ll know about Rockwell (AKA Berry Gordy’s son)? LOL. One-hit wonder, po’ thang. And to make it worse, everyone liked your one-hit because Michael Jackson sang the hook! I think Jermaine was on the song too.

I don’t know, despite the cheesiness and obviously low budget for this video, the part where he was in the shower and that black veiled ghost-lady thing was twirling around ALWAYS freaked me out. I hate being in the shower and washing my hair too…

Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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Trey Songz, is that you?

LOL, Jim Jones shaved and bought a new wifebeater from the swap meet for this cover. He looks like he is looking directly at the Sun in this picture LOL.

That text looks SO cheap. Like, Photoshop 101.

QUICK: Whose braids are worse: Jim Jones or Omarion? You decide. Winner gets a prize — if you can meet at Ms. Chang’s Lousiana Fried Chicken & Chinese Food on Crenshaw & MLK in 2 hours!

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Mario Sings “Crying Out For Me” Live

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Mario - Crying Out For Me (In-Studio)

Mario…well, he started off strong, but he fell apart towards the end. Iono what happened. I was just about to post and be like “sang boy!” but then I just ended up doing a slow clap.

Does anyone else noticed how iced out dude is though!? Sweet Minty Jesus be a pawn shop!

This song has really grown on me though, and it has a KILLER groove. Too bad Mario couldn’t deliver through the rest of the song, because he doesn’t have a bad voice at all. He needs to let the headvoice rest a little bit and do some belting up in that piece!

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Well, I mean, were really REALLY checking for her anyway? No. Please go back to your group, stat! I’d rather see her shaking her money maker there with the other semi-fug girls because they make her look like a JOINT!

For the third time this fall, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger’s debut CD is being pushed back again, this time to 2008, confirms Interscope. Her Name is Nicole, originally slated for an Oct. 6 release, was first rescheduled for Nov. 6. Then, facing stiff chart competition from Jay-Z and Chris Brown, it was moved to Nov. 20. Scherzinger’s post-Pussycat effort, which has been in the works for more than two years and features collaborations with will.i.am, Sting, Snowpatrol’s Gary Lightbody, T.I., and Akon, was meant to launch Scherzinger as a solo artist on the same playing field as Interscope label-mates Gwen Stefani and Fergie. But after a lackluster response to the dance track “Whatever U Like,” and with her second single, “Baby Love,” nowhere near the Hot 100, insiders say Scherzinger’s team is “rethinking” the roll-out while leaving an option open for more studio time.  (source)

“Whatever U Like” was the joint though, right? Right?


Alrighty then, maybe if she steals The Dream & Bloodshy and Avant, then she might have a chance. Because any song that has a line like “wanna ride it like a Harley” is not gonna get blasted from MY $2 speakers, no ma’am, thank you very much!

Thank you Nicole, we have some lovely parting gifts waiting for  you at the bottom of the Billboard charts!

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OH HELL YEAH! I own this CD. ROFL, I loved Blackgirl!

Thanks Jessica G.!

Whaaaat. These chicks stayed blowing! I actually like, JUST took this out the whip, for real LOL. I used to always get the lyrics wrong though. “Won’t be up for set!” LOL, you couldn’t have told me I didn’t know the words to this song.

I halfway expected Teddy Riley to jump out with a vocoder in this video. This was straight new jack swing. I don’t think he produced this song. LOL @ them in front of that water with their JC Penney “Back To School” outfits on. Whose idea was that!? And right as they say the “sexy clothes” line. Girl stop.

Blackgirl was slept on majorly, they had great voices. I just died and went back to 90’s heaven. Calgon, take me away.

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That lil’ girl was stompin’ her foot like she was steppin’ on the Devil himself ROFL.

I REALLY WISH they would turn off the mics of the judges or whoever they are.

But this lil’ girl puts a hole in this song! I had to post this, it’s been making the rounds today.

Quick! Someone page Jennifer Holiday and tell her to hop a flight with her good wig! And tell J. Hud she might have to throw on the good girdle and make a new Youtube video, cause this lil’ girl is giving both of them the business in her own lil’ way, bless her heart.

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