New Music: Nas - “Surviving The Times”

8 10 2007

Nas - “Surviving The Times” (Download)

Oh snap, did Nas sample my favorite movie ever, “The Wiz”?!

Yes, yes he did! RIP Nipsey Russell.

I’m a huge Nas fan, and I am guessing this is going to be on his upcoming “Greatest Hits” release. I like what hear. Team Nas!

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll go see Denzel’s movie and skip Jay-Z’s record, and buy Nas’ on the 7th of November instead.

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11 responses to “New Music: Nas - “Surviving The Times””

8 10 2007
Marvalus (15:58:02) :

I’m digging the song…but the intro was a little long…I kept thinking, “Is this going to be the WHOLE Nipsey Russell Wiz song or what?” Other than that, it’s cool…

8 10 2007
~MJ (16:17:12) :

Sampling The Wiz?


Can you! Feel A! Brand New Day!

It’s cool.

8 10 2007
hazel (17:15:39) :

Okay now I love me some Nas but throw in some Wiz and that’s a wrap!

8 10 2007
hazel (17:16:41) :

Now I love me some Nas but throw in the Wiz and that’s a wrap!

8 10 2007
Beyaki says... (18:26:54) :

The Wiz if my favorite of alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll time OMG I have this soundtrack yall

I can see them women in my head saying “What would I do…” that shit freaked me out when i was younger

But the song is hot.Ohhhhhhh Nas

8 10 2007
hazel (20:00:16) :

ummm what??? i’m coppin

9 10 2007
Adrianne (05:24:37) :

Oh YES!!! THE WIZ IS THE G.O.A.T!!!! Go ‘head Nas!!!

9 10 2007
cg (08:11:37) :

yeah hot track for Nas but word on the street is he bit the song from Wordsmith…remember that dude?

9 10 2007
Licia (08:32:18) :

LOVE IT! Nas will see my money….

LOVE THE WIZ…Still waiting for the sample of You Can’t win….
Cause them crows…They was sho nuff convincing.

9 10 2007
lele (08:49:47) :


9 10 2007
msantina (09:04:14) :

Yessir this is a hit! One up for Nas…

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