Nas Folds Like A Metal Chair…But NOT REALLY.

19 10 2007


Nas is crackin’ me up right now. He is getting his Kelly Clarkson on by bucking the system. However, this is pretty retarded if you ask me. Tomato, tomato! Potato, potato! I vote we just call this whole thing off (as in this title PERIOD):

In the face of mounting controversy, Nas has changed the name of his next album from “N*gga” to “N*gger.” The rapper says the project will be released Dec. 11 via Def Jam, although that date could not be confirmed with the label at deadline.

“You ain’t got no business worrying about what the word ‘n*gger’ is or acting like you know what my album is about without talking to me,” Nas tells about the negative response to the album title from public figures such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Earlier this week, quoted a “source close to” Def Jam chairman Antonio L.A. Reid as saying the album was not on the label’s release schedule. “None of us knows where that came from,” Nas said.

The new album will be the follow-up to last year’s “Hip-Hop Is Dead,” Nas’ Def Jam debut. The set has sold 743,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (source)

So basically, nothing’s changing LOL. Cause really, one version is how black people say it. One version is how white people say it. He trying to stir up some shiznizzle!

And I love how L.A. Reid was trying to do damage control with the press, but you just NOW he was bangin’ on Nas’ door like, “Nigga what you DOIN’!?” Cause L.A. Reid looks like he will cuss a dude out, lip glass and all. Don’t play with Daddy’s money Nas. He will have you out on the strip workin’ for that ringtone money ROFL.

As far as calling out Jesse Jackson, Nas’ should ride on him like David Banner did Al Sharpton and then do a pay-per-view special debating their viewpoints. I’d pay for that download that from the Internet for free!

Nas tryin’ to stir up some ish! I love it. He gonna get Cheri Dennis-ed (yes I made that a verb) if he keep playing though.

What would Old Dirty Bastard do?

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12 responses to “Nas Folds Like A Metal Chair…But NOT REALLY.”

19 10 2007
reeinKC (09:43:44) :

Hear the akward pause of those who are not suppoesed to say it pausing…and then looking around for the black person in the room for approval before saying it. Nas knows exactly what he is doing and I love it.

Nas perfoming ” You better not say It” from his upcoming album….N***ER!!!

Too ironic.

19 10 2007
cg (09:50:22) :

you are right - extremely ironic from the guy who has been getting a bad “rap” already this year from the WHITE MEDIA.

he is really telling o’reilly to shove it. N*GGER WHAT!

19 10 2007
pooht2 (09:57:24) :


19 10 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (10:36:52) :

Nas is taking the wrong approach. He should have jst called it F.Y.T and I would totally buy it. (Dont act like you dont know what FYT stands for)

19 10 2007
TINY (10:46:44) :

All I have to say is don’t get mad when yt’s like DON IMUS start using the word!! Cause that’s when everbody want to get all civil Rights an SHIT!!!! And if he is just promoting this for publicity just to sell more records… I hope it FLOPS!!! NOW I SEE WHY HIP HOP IS DEAD!!!

19 10 2007
lacyd (11:16:31) :

@ The IPS

I’m new to AHM, but I just love reading your commentary. You are soooooo funny to me!! Keep em comin!!!

19 10 2007
Stu (11:29:19) :

Moving to Def Jam was a bad move in my opinion.
You can’t control Nas’s music, or it will fail.

Let the album come out, sounds interesting.

19 10 2007
lovin the d (12:03:57) :

He only sold seven hundred thousand! That’s why he’s changing the name. He knows that this title will bring lots of controversy to him and his project!

19 10 2007
S. (12:14:37) :

I think that it would be good if it was called “The N-word” written like that.

19 10 2007
GC (12:34:40) :

Hmm. Seriously though, how are white (or other races of) people supposed to talk about this album in the press? Like if Nas is on Leno or something, and Leno’s like “Nas’ new album, er … Niiiiiiiiyeah is coming out on the 7th… here’s Nas!”

19 10 2007
LADY (13:43:09) :

By changing the name of the album from “N*gga” to “N*gger” only guarantees work for Jessie Mouth-All-Mighty-and-Tongue-Everlasting Jackson and that dumb-ass Al Shapton!! The two of them thrive on public Black drama in a vain attempt to let YTs know they’re still alive and kickin’. Besides that, look at what started Jena and all the other racist bullsh*t that’s going on all over the country. If Nas wanted media coverage for this new CD that was NOT the way to get it. I refuse to buy the CD on those princples alone. Let the church say, “Amen”.

19 10 2007
~MJ (15:40:14) :

Uh…….. so what EXACTLY did he do?
He should exactly as Kelly Clarkson and just walk away! Just walk awaaaaaaaay!

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